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I's Not Short, I's Just Untall!

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'Pawrade 'Pawparations

April 27th 2012 5:02 pm
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Well as Ebbers barked 'bout in her diary, tomarrow we's marchin' in the Fiesta Pooch 'Pawrade. Right now I's hidin' unner the bed cause Auntie just gots finished giving Ebbers a baf'. I's 'streamly 'lergic to bafs so I's hidin!

Anywho, Auntie gonna make 'Ebbers & me wear silly costumes. UGH!!! I's gonna be a red flower and Ebbers is gonna be a 'fudderfly! She has these big ole pink wings on her harness...BOL!!!

I's been 'formed that my Ma Letty will be bringing my 'brudder Pablo to the 'pawrade. He's old so she borrowed a stroller for him to ride in. Looks like the 'fudderfly and possie will be marchin' side by side! Whish will come in first---the possie or the 'fudderfly? BOL!


My 'Easer at the Ranch

April 11th 2012 2:45 pm
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Hi pups! It are me, Ceeley! I's a bit late tellin' you's 'bout how I's spended my 'Easer but better late than nevers! Wells, Ebbers & me went to the ranch to spend Easer with our Paw-Paw and my brudder Jasper (aka-Goose, as Ebby & Auntie call him). For those of you that may not knows it, Jasper is my 'brudder. He was my Ma Letty's 1st dog. Jasper has always loved Paw-Paw more than any utter human, so when Grammy went to heaven in 2004, Jasper packed his stuffy toy, his kibble and his blankie and said he was going to go keep Paw-Paw company. He never returned to Ma's. At the time Ma was just fostering me. Jasper's moving away, 'llowed her to 'dopt me 'pawmanent.

Anywho, back to my 'Easer weekend-it are pawfect! Ebbers already barked 'bout the gobbler the 'Easer bunny gaved us. Can ya'lls 'blieves it! Oh how I LOVES livin' heres! AND guess what else we gots?! Me, Jasper & Ebbers 'eash gots a egg from the ranch 'cluckers (hens)! A WHOLE EGG 'EASH!!! We 'eash gots to pick out our own egg from the clucker coop. Auntie tooked us over and told us if we walked up to the cluckers' gate and asked them nicely the cluckers might let us has a egg and that are 'sactly what we's does! 'Ashly Ebbers was the nice one. Ebbers & me walked up to the gate and at first the cluckers was 'skeered of us. They's runs round going, "CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK....!!!!!" Which translates to "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! A BLACK BABY WOLF AND A BLACK & TAN WEASEL ARE AT THE GATE!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!" Them dumb cluckers! I's doesn't looks like no weasel! I barked back insults at them till Ebbers reminded me why we's there. "Ceel we's must try the Rinky 'proach! We wants they's eggs so we's gotta be nice! You's stay back & calms down! I's handle this." Ebbers barked as she walked up the cluckers' gate. " 'Escuse ladies, but whish of you's is the head clucker?" she asked. "CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK....the baby wolf speaks!" clucked the cluckers. "Tee, hee...I's no wolf, but thanks for the 'compament!" said Ebbers (In the background, I angrily barked back-"And I's no weasel!") Ebbers asked the head clucker if she'd 'llow our Auntie to has 3 eggs for our 'Easer 'brefest and they said okay.
Auntie cooked our eggs Jasper, me & Ebbers each enjoyed hard-boiled egg for 'brefest that Sunday! Then we's ate a bowl of Gobbler for dinners! Life doesn't gets better than this!!!!


'Pitcher Perfect

March 28th 2012 7:58 pm
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Auntie took Ebbers & me to park this afternoon. She took a small point and shoot picture box to take our 'pitchers. I's in a good mood so I 'cited to 'coopawrate. "You's can takes me 'pitcher but be quick 'bout it!" I's told Auntie.

The park was full of possies and Auntie plopped Ebbers & me smack in the middle of them & started foty-graphing us. I even smiled for some 'pitchers just like Ebbers.

After several shots I's had 'nuff and took off. "Ceeley just a few more sweety." Auntie begged but I's told her, "No, that's 'nuff! I's wanna go for a walk now." Ebbers, on the utter paw, just kept posing & smiling! "Stop it!," I's barked, "You's just encouraging her!" But she just 'nored me and kept on posing & smiling! I's tell you...Ebbers is like that energizer hopper-beast...she just keeps smiling and smiling and smiling! Good grief!

Anywho, Auntie said we's did very good posing. We's earned our treats tonight!


I Got Slapped Today

March 19th 2012 5:22 pm
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Pups I gots slapped 'cross the face this mornings! I's wanted to call the ASPCA to reports the incident but I gots no thumbs so I can't dials the number! That cat, Diamond , better be countin' her blessings that she didn't get hauled off to the pound for this outrage! Oh she claims it was self-defense cause I's got in her face & blocked the bedroom door so she couldn't get out. Well, even if all that is true, I's in the right and she shouldn't have kitty-punched me! Snooty-Purr!!!!


I Tell You I's Not Plump!

March 4th 2012 8:48 am
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Auntie been staring me up and down this morning. She said she finds me to be so cute but maybe I's put on a pound or two since living heres. "Your Mama Letty warned me about letting you put on weight. I gotta start watching you more closely. You are looking a bit more...uhmm..plump."

"What?! NO I'S NOT! I's not fat or plump, I's just thick! I's tell you I's was borned this way! Now leaves me 'lone!"


Saturday 'Brefest

March 3rd 2012 9:10 am
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I loves living here! Ebbers & me's just had our Saturday 'brefest of half a scrambled egg with a slice of sweet 'tato mixed into our 'Taste of the Wild' kibble!



February 24th 2012 8:21 pm
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I's so 'escited pups! Auntie has 'ficially giving me a job 'pawmotion! I's the 'ficial 'truder shoo-er 'round here. Ebbers just isn't cuttin' it no mores! You see, ever since Wrinkles went away to the Rainbow Bridge, Ebby has just become so laid back. Oh she still a alpha dog like I's (once a alpha...always a alpha)is but she not as tough as befores. Lucky for Auntie, I's a alpha too! AND 'cording to the snooty purrs 'round here, I's even 'alpha-er' than Ebbers! Well, the word they uses to 'scibe me is 'a-noying' but I's take that to means 'ALPHA-ER!

Anywho, as some of you's pups may know, there are a black purr that lives next door to us. This purr loves my Auntie and everytime she sees Auntie out in the yard the purr climbs the fence into our yard! Oh the nerve! It are all Auntie's fault really. You see, my Auntie is a softly when it comes to animals. She's weak...WEAK I's tell you! Instead of shooing the 'truder away, she talks nice to it & sometimes gives it treats! Well I won't stand for it and I will bark my fool head off till this cat gets the point and finally climbs back over to her yard. I's so good at this that Auntie has given me a special 'signment. Whenever Auntie wants this purr outta our yard she says "Ceeley, you're shooing services are needed outside please!" That are my cue to 'let my alpha out'!!! I doesn't mind doing Auntie's dirty work...fact is I lives for it! BOL! Neighbor purr says I's 'a royal pain in her furry butt!' I takes that as a 'compament!


No More 'Pitchers!!!!

February 2nd 2012 3:16 pm
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Yippee! I's over here howling for joy pups! Why you's ask? Well, it 'pears Auntie won't be sticking her 'pitcher box in my face no mores! YEAH...I hates having me 'pitcher taken! And Auntie is relentless when it comes to pitchers. She will chase me 'round with her aweful box and flashy lights! I's told her overs & overs I's 'lergic to pitchers but she don't cares she photygraphs me anyways!

Well pups, it 'pears me pawryers has been answered! You see, Auntie lended her 'pitcher box to my Ma Letty so she could use it on her trip to Rinky's homeland (China). Well something happened to the 'pitcher box's eye (lens) and now it doesn't works!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I's so glad! Auntie said she will either buy another eye or maybe another pitcher box but only after she gets her tax 'turn back. She has a 'spensive camera so it are not that easy to replace. I's soooo happy!


OMD! I's Famous!

January 17th 2012 7:13 pm
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Look at the homepage everyones! I's famous! My face is plastered right there in the middle of the front page! How 'esciting! I has a huge goofy 'Ebby-like' grin on me face so's you may not reconize' me but IT ARE ME ALRIGHT!!! I's famous!!!


Watch my Video!

November 15th 2011 5:15 pm
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OMD! You pups gotta watch this awesome video put together for me by Nina my super-talented doxie pal! Somehow Ebbers musta snuck 'round me & Auntie and commissioned Nina to create this video for me! What an honor! Thanks so mush Nina I LOVE my video!!!

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