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I's Not Short, I's Just Untall!

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September 12th 2010 11:43 am
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Hi everypup, Ebby Ursula Gonzalez: Alpha-dog here! Well Mommy been posting 'pitchers on Ceel's page & I picked out Ceeley's song! BOL! I's great at finding the right song! Anywho, I's gonna be keeping you's updated here until Ceel arrives to live with me.



September 18th 2010 5:25 pm
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OMD! I's can't believe I has my own dog-page! Complete with song, my history, pitchers, and a diary! Ebbers told me she done it ALL by HERSELF! She sure is smart & talented! The bestest part of all this is that I even have dog pals! Thanks everypup for being my friend & thanks for all the gifts & welcome messages!

I's over at Auntie's & Ebbers for the weekend. Ma dropped me off this morning. She & my brothers Pablo & Monty were gonna go spend the day at Paw-Paw's & she told me Auntie wanted me to spend the weekend with her & Ebby. This is why I's here today.


I'S B-A-C-K!!!

October 3rd 2010 11:12 am
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Hello pals, you's miss me?! Well I's back! I's arrived yesterday. Ma dropped me off at Auntie's in the morning. Ebbers was real happy to sees me, she said she's had lots to bark to me 'bout.

EBBY: Finally, you's here!
CEELEY: You's miss me?!
EBBY: Somewhat! Mainly, I's hungry & now that you's here we's gonna feast.
CEELEY: REALLY!!! Where the kibble?
EBBY: Kibble shmibble...we's gettin' special treats cause we's celebrating you's Gotcha Day & your diary pick selection.
CEELEY: Wow! Is that why there's some many prezzies on my dog-page? My dogster pals is so nice!
EBBY: Yes, you's be sure to send out a thank-you bark to alla' them okay?
CEELEY: Thanks everypup for all the prezzies & kind comments!



October 3rd 2010 10:18 pm
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Ebby's been tellin' me 'bout some sneaky, naughty pup called Not Me. It all started when I's discovers some of my 'quacker' snacks amissin'. Ebbers told me it musta been Not Me who's comes when I's asleep & took my 'quackers!

EBBY: "Ceel you's needs to be more careful wit you's yum-yums. I's never leaves MY treats ungaurded. My dogster pals has told me that Not Me can show at anytime & take your stuff. It's your fault for not being more 'lert."

Does Not Me have a dog-page?! I's wanna make a complain! Gimme back my 'quackers'!



October 16th 2010 2:50 pm
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My 1st contest! Auntie entered some of my 'pitchers in the dogster contest! Some are 'pitchers she's taken of me 2 years ago for Ma's 'Kissmas cards. Everypup please votes for me if you's likes my 'pitchers.

Vote for Ceeley in the World's Coolestdog pictures & breed info



October 17th 2010 7:59 am
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Ebbers & me was laying in our beds just resting. Ebby looks at me & says: "Ceel, tells everypup you's story. How you's ends up with your Ma?"

Well I's doesn't think 'bout it much anymore cause now I's lucky 'nuff to have 2 homes that wants me (Ma's house & here at Auntie's). Plus I's has 2 moms - my Ma Letty & my Auntie-mom Lulu. I's also has my 'brudders Monty & Pablo plus numerous foster siblings that I's known over the years at my house at Ma's. Anywho, it wasn't always like this.

You's sees I came from a pound in a town called Corpus Christie. I was there with my brother who luckily got adopted but noone wanted me. (Sniff, sniff)

I sat in that cage at the pound hoping someone would want me but noones did. I's guess they's thought I's ugly or 'sumfin.

EBBY: "Ceel, Mommy says there no such thing as a ugly dog or kitty. And why woulds anyone thinks you's ugly?" (Ebby gently licks Ceeley's face.)"

CEELEY: "I's 'spose it was cause of my cherry-eye."

EBBY: "What?! You's has a cherry in your eye?! How that happen? You's eat a cherry seed or 'sumfin?!" (Note to self: Never eat cherry seeds or cherries will grow in your eye!)

I's doesn't know, but that's what the humans there says I's has. Many people looked at me & turned away. Soon my time was up & I's scheduled to be put on death row (Ceeley shudders at the thought). There was no more room at the pound.

I's 'spose some kind person at the pound saw that I's a good dog that deserved a fur-ever home. That nice person called a rescue group called Diamond Dachsund Rescue to see if they's can take me. Lucky for me they's said yes.

The rescue group took me to the vet & a simple procedure took care of my cherry-eye. Soon after, a lady member from the rescue group took me home to foster me. That lady is my Ma Letty. Eventually, she saw what a great dog I's was & decided to keep me 'pawmanent. I's one of the lucky ones, some poor pups not so lucky.


I's Here 'Pawmnent!

October 30th 2010 8:00 pm
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Well pups, it 'ficial, I's now gonna live with Ebbers & Auntie 'pawmnent! I was only gonna be here for a week but Auntie said I's could stay. Two weeks ago we went and stayed at my house at Ma's for a week cause she was outta town & we's had to go dog-sit my 'brudders Monty & Pablo. Then when the week was up & Auntie was packing to go back I's ran to the door with Ebby & wanted to leave too. That's when Ma said, "Awhhh Fatty (that's what she calls me) don't you wanna stay here?" I's loves my Ma Letty so I's lowers my head and walked back to her. Then she said, "It's okay Ceeley, I just want you to be happy. You can go with your Auntie if that's what you want. You will be coming back to visit anyway. Go, it's okay." She gave me a kiss & I's gave her a lick. Then I runs over to Auntie so she could load me in the jeep.



October 31st 2010 8:44 pm
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I's so tired...getting sleepy but must stay awake. Ebbers & me is taking turns gaurding our treats from them tricky treaters. Ebby is resting now but I's noticed she's got one beady eye half open. I's must be 'lert so's I can sound the bark alarm if any tricky treaters shows up. Oh I's getting sleepy...can't wait for my shift to be up. Ebbers told me I's got to stay 'lert.


The Rebellious Fur-Child

November 9th 2010 5:20 pm
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That what Auntie call me! BOL! She says I's the rebel & Ebby is now the Goody-Two-Paws of the house. Ebby is the well-behaved one while I's the sneaky rebel. For 'esample, we's not 'loud on the couch or bed. Auntie says that's why we's has our own beds, pillows & blankies. Also, several years ago I's had major surgery on my back & was told I's shouldn't be jumping 'round alot. Anywho, Auntie 'cuses me of sneaking onto the couch when she's at work! "Ceeley you know you are not allowed to jump onto the couch." she says. "Now I have a feeling you have been doing that! Bad girl Ceeley!"

BOL! Well Auntie I's innocents till proven proven guilty! Hee, hee, hee! (Ceeley gives her sneaky laugh.)


Letter to my Ma

November 11th 2010 4:53 pm
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Auntie sent the following 'paw-mail to my Ma Letty! Oh the nerve!

"I think you need to have a 'talk' with your fur-child Ceeley! She's been naughty! Although I
haven't been able to catch her in the act, I know she's been sneaking onto the couch when I'm at work.
She never does it when I'm home or at night. Only when I'm away. Also, she has been bullying the cats by barking
at them to try & get them out of their cat house! Once in a while she'll chase them around the yard. Luckily, they are not afraid of her but they have voiced (or meowed) their complaints to me! I've tried to talk with her about this but she just looks at me with her beady eyes, wags her tail & then just prances off to the bedroom to play with Ebony! I swear it's like she's saying, "You's not my Ma! I can do whatever I wants here!"

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