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It's a good life now!

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oh dear, I have another mouth infection

December 1st 2010 6:12 am
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As Eeyore says "Oh dear." I have been rubbing my mouth a lot against any edge I can find, the mattress, the couch, the rugs on the floor. Mommy noticed right away, but thought maybe it was habitual from my old infection (I used to do that a lot). But then she noticed a really really bad, sour smell coming from my mouth. This was last Friday. Of course she called the vet and our good vet (we are only going to her from NOW on, after our last episode with the weird vet), and we couldn't get in until yesterday. So all weekend I had a really bad smell coming from my mouth, my saliva, and even when I barked, this smell would hit Mommy like a ton of bricks. Mama was worried too. Could it be I have infection in one of my remaining teeth? I am not so good at letting Mommy take a look, so nobody could be sure.

Anyway, we finally got our vet appointment yesterday morning. I was not even wanting to eat very much. Our lovely Dr. Beth checked me out, and yes indeed, I have infection in my lips, and gums. They are very sore, red and inflamed. How did it get this way? We have no idea. I don't know if it would be a food allergy? Right now we are doing acute care (antibiotics for ten days) to get it under control, and then we will have to see. It is frustrating for Mommy because last time she switched my food, even though she did it gradually, I got colitis. She doesn't want THAT to happen again.

Of course going to the vet was a big ordeal. I screamed and wailed like a banshee. Mommy had to hold my body while Dr. Beth held my head and tried to look in. I thrashed around and fought really hard, but then I just gave up and cried. Mommy says taking me to the vet is the worst thing she has ever witnessed, it is obviously so traumatic on me. All we can figure is that in my past life, someone must have done something really bad to my mouth. :( :( :( Mommy swears that will never never never happen to me again, and that if anyone ever tries to hurt me, Mama will have to visit her in jail cause she would HURT them bad!!! Hee hee, Mommy sounds so silly when she's trying to be tough.

I have had three doses of antibiotics now, and I'm already starting to feel better. I ate all my breakfast this morning, and the bad smell of infection in my mouth is starting to dissipate. Mom has had to do extra laundry (my bed, the sheet I lie on, the towels I use) because of the smell, but she says I'm worth it.

love always,
p.s. Mama went and bought me a Christmas tie! It is pawtacular! You will see it on my page soon.


I really am starting to relax

November 12th 2010 7:08 pm
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Well, I have been in my new home for a month and a half now, and Mommy is seeing some great improvements in me. First of all, I am more relaxed now, especially around food. It's like I know now that there will be another meal coming. That's good. I like to eat, but now I am not nearly as frantic about it as I used to be.

After much consideration, Mommy and Mama decided to get me some anti-anxiety medicine from the vet. It is really working wonderfully. I do not cry and whine in the middle of the night anymore hardly at all, and I am not up every 2 hours any more either. Our favoritest vet Dr. Beth Marshall said that I might be afraid of the dark because I can't see too well on account of the cloudiness in my pupils (the start of cataracts, I'm afraid). Also, I forgot where I was at night, and I would get in a big panic. That behaviour has also stopped, and Mama and Mommy are so happy, because not only am I able to sleep steady for 6+ hours, so are they!!! The anti-anxiety meds let me relax in the daytime too, so I am not consistently roaming the house anxiously, or crying at the top of the steps when Mommy disappears to do laundry. Now I wait patiently at the top of the stairs, but I do not panic.

There are some things that the prozac won't fix, because they are behavioural. And Mommy doesn't mind that at all, because she likes my little quirks, like rubbing my mouth against the edge of the bed (or couch, or chair, or mat, or rug): she thinks I do that because I had so much pain from my severe mouth infection. I also follow Mommy EVERYWHERE, which she says is fun, cause I'm like a "mini me" - whatever that is. BOL! I always have to have Mommy in view, because she's MY human, the one who rescued me. If I am lying on the bed in the bedroom, and Mommy goes into the study to work, I have to get off the bed and lie on the floor where I can see her. Mommy says she has to get used to having no alone time, cause I'm sure not going to give it to her! The bathroom and shower are off-limits, but I still wait by the door. That is not behaviour Mommy would try to change anyway, she thinks it is cute.

So dear friends, I am happy to say that I am relaxing a bit. I still get a bit panicky sometimes at night, which the vet suggested could be a number of issues: maybe in my old life I was in the dark a lot, or maybe I can't see, or maybe I just get confused. After all, I'm an older guy, the vet figures maybe 10, but possibly older, and dementia could be something that we have to deal with later on.

Meanwhile, I really like it here. Mommy and Mama spoil me rotten. Last night I got fresh cooked salmon on my pre-soaked kibble, other nights I get either cooked rabbit or cooked chicken breast. Today Mama went to the pet store and got me two new fleecy sweaters to wear, now that there is frost most mornings. I really am a lucky guy.

love Ben


There is a new treat that I can eat!

November 7th 2010 3:52 pm
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Mommy has had some trouble finding me treats that I can eat, on account of only having 6 teeth, it is very hard for me to chew, and I don't even attempt biscuits. Mommy was buying me some turkey jerky that was from a good company, but she likes her pups to have variety in their treats, and that is one thing I'm not getting a lot of right now!

Well, Mommy was having some social tea biscuits and a cup of tea after her supper today. I went right over, along with Rudy and Izzy, to see if what she had was tasty. Mom broke off a piece of social tea biscuit for Rudy, and another for Izzy. But what was she going to do for me? It would be a total sin if I could not have some of that tasty social tea biscuit too! So Mommy took the biscuit, and dunked it in her tea, and gave it to me. It was dunked just enough to make it soft so I could eat it. Boy, was it ever yummy! Mommy has milk and sugar in her tea too. Now, before anyone starts in about the ill-effects of caffeine, it was only a little taste of tea, and besides, I'm ten years old and I've had a rough life, Mom wants to spoil me a little!

I sure hope I get a taste of biscuit and tea tomorrow too!

love Ben


I have colitis :(

November 4th 2010 8:28 am
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Mommy and Mama got very worried about me on Monday, as I started whimpering when I was going to the bathroom, and trying and trying, but nothing was happening. There was also some drops of blood. They rushed me to the vet, and our regular vet wasn't there that day, so we saw a different vet. He examined me and I squealed like a pig. I HATE people touching me, especially in my sensitive area!!! Anyway, the vet couldn't feel anything wrong, but because my belly was bloated, and because of the blood, he felt he should do an x-ray. Of course, I was panicked at that point, with all my anxiety, so they had to give me a sedative so I would lie still for the x-ray. Then they gave me a reverse sedative needle, so I wouldn't be asleep for the rest of the day. The x-ray showed nothing unusual, so the vet sent me home with some psyllium husks to take with my meals, in case I was constipated. A $300 vet bill later and no conclusions. Mommy was mad.

Well, I wasn't getting any better, and yesterday there was more blood on the floor, and I was still straining. I was whimpering with my belly, and seemed quite miserable. Mommy called the vet again and demanded a second opinion, from our regular vet. Our regular vet is really nice and thorough, and she called Mommy back after looking at my chart and reading what the other vet had wrote down. She determined that I had colitis, and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. I didn't have to go in for another traumatic vet ordeal, and Mama didn't have to pay more money, for which she was glad. She doesn't think that the first vet did his job at all! At least Mommy called back and got that second opinion. Imagine, that first vet could have prevented me a day of bleeding and pain. GRRR to that first vet.

Anyway, after two doses of antibiotics, I am getting my apetite back, I have eaten two meals and have even gone to the bathroom. Mommy and Mama did the dance of joy! I am happy to be feeling better, and even curled up on the couch with Mommy while she marked her papers. I am so glad that I have such caring Mommies.

love Ben


new haircut, aka the dreaded grooming appointment

October 15th 2010 7:14 pm
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hi everypup! As you can see from my new pictures, I went to the groomer and got a new haircut! Mommy was concerned about my mouth, it was not getting any cleaner, and I am still very anxious about anyone touching it, so I am not good at letting her clean me up. We think that I am absolutely traumatized by that jaw infection that lasted so long, untreated. Well, now that I'm off my antibiotics, it was time to try again at the groomer. Mommy explained to the nice lady that I was a special case, and although I would likely holler like a banshee, it was REALLY important to get my mouth nice and clean. We know I am not in physical pain now, and that it is likely psychological, when someone touches my head (even really soft) I flinch and cry out. So the nice lady put a soft muzzle on me, and cleaned up my mouth and head. Now, don't get me wrong, I put up a good fight, and the manager groomer had to get another groomer lady to help her! But they got me clean, and you know what? The lady said that the hair around my mouth had curled inside my lips, and was actually over an inch long! See, I wouldn't let the groomer, or Mommy, or anyone, touch my mouth for a long time. So the nice groomer, this time, was able to get all that hair out, and I feel a LOT better now. Mommy says I have a "poodle" cut, which is not like the "bichon" cut, but for now, while I am still giving Mom so much difficulty in cleaning, I am going to have this haircut, short around my mouth and nose. Maybe we will let it grow out if I get better with letting Mom clean me.

What do you think? Do you like this haircut? I hope so. I don't want to look like a poodle, per se, but Mom was worried about my mouth!

For being such a good boy (and not biting the groomer even though I was terrified), Mom took me and me alone to the magic drive-up food window and we got some fries to share! Yum!

love Ben


Help me win!

October 10th 2010 5:48 am
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Mommy has entered me in dogster's photo contest, in the category, "Car Dog"! I would sure love if you would vote for me!

Vote for Benjamin

Thanks everypup!
love Ben


sleep is for sissies

October 4th 2010 7:46 am
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That's my new motto. Mommy has finally got a bit of a rootine down now, where I get a bit of softened kibble and a scoop of wet dog food at around 11 p.m., so I don't wake up in the middle of the night, whining to eat. So that works for my belly, but it sure doesn't work for my bladder! I am teaching Mommy my new routine, which is go out at 2:30 to pee, and then again at 5:30 a.m., which is when I want my NOMS! So Mommy is getting a lot of broken sleep. When I eat at 5:30 a.m., and then go outside, I am ready to come back in and sleep. Of course Mama is just getting up then, and Mommy says "why can't you sleep through the night Mister Ben? I know you can hold your bladder for 5 hours!!!" But nooooo, I've got to pee and that's that. Besides, sleep is for sissies.

Mommy says that some homicides are done by sleep-deprived women. :) Hmmm... better stay out of hur way!


For keeps!

September 29th 2010 5:16 pm
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hi again, it's me, Mister Ben! That's what Mommy has taken to calling me lately. She says it's a term of endearment. I don't know what that means, but she smiles every time she says it. I like that. I like having two humans who smile at me a lot. They let me sleep in their bed, and cuddle with them on the couch. They give me hugs and kisses, and I even give them a kiss back every now and then. I am starting to trust them a lot more. Rudy likes me pretty much, but Izzy gets kinda mad if I spend too much time with new Mommy. Mommy says Izzy is spoiled rotten and has to learn to share. BOL. I like my new house a lot, and have only had three accidents. Mommy said that all of them were perfectly okay, because we are in "transition." But guess what, the transition time is almost over! Yup, you heard right, Mommy and Mama have decided to KEEP me!!! I have found my forever home!!! The papers will be signed on Saturday, so my new "GOTCHA day" will be October 2nd. Mommy says a GOTCHA day is a big deal, and she is going to make me a cake. I think my new Mommy is the best. She even went shopping and got me some new soft treats (Turkey Jerky), and a halloween costume! EGADS! Rudy and Izzy tell me these costumes are no fun at all, but I only have to tolerate it for a little while while Mommy takes pictures. I am going to be a pumpkin! Mommy saw the costume and she just couldn't resist! I can't even pretend to be annoyed, because I've got a new forever home as of Saturday!

yours lovingly,


Some things to work on

September 25th 2010 4:36 pm
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Now that I'm living here, Mommy has had to interrupt her sleep in a big way. Rudy and Izzy sleep all night, from ten until seven. But me, no, I have to be let me out in the middle of the night, cause I can't hold my pee very long. Mom thinks my limit is about five hours. I had a urinalysis (Mommy had to catch my pee in a big clean yogourt container and bring it to the vet) on Friday, so they can test and see if I have limited kidney function. The vet may be able to do something for me.

So, anyway, Mommy wonders if she can train me to use pee pads so she doesn't have to get up at 4:30 a.m. But, Mom doesn't think I know what they are, and of course, I am about 10 years old, so is there any point in trying to teach me? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

love Ben


September 21st 2010 6:57 am
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hello! As you know Mommy is fostering me (and probably adopting me) and it is her first foster. I am 10 years old, have 6 teeth, a collapsing trachea, slightly elevated kidney function and possible arthritis. I LOVE to eat. I can't wait to get as much food in me as possible! I am still a trim 16 lbs. though.

Mommy's question is this. You see, I have been here two weeks, and I still cry at night. I whimper at around 2, then again at 4, and then I get up at around 5 or 6. Mom wonders if I am in pain? She took me to the vet, and I am on antibiotics for a jaw infection, but I am already 5 days into them. Maybe I have arthritis which is making me stiff? Either way, Mommy is really tired, because my whining makes her wake up. She doesn't know what to do. I also whine a LOT when I am hungry, which is about an hour before feeding time, and I don't quit until I get food!

Mommy had never fostered or adopted before, and she knows she has to be patient, but she doesn't know what to do. Do you have any ideas?
love always,
Ben and Mommy Sarah

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