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It's a good life now!

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Mommy put me in a photo contest!

March 1st 2011 6:54 am
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Hi friends, there is a nice man on facebook, who does pet portraits, and gives away one for free in a contest every week or so. If your pawrents are on facebook, you can look up "Pet Portraits by Ron Krajewski". Mommy entered me! I am the gorgeous angel with his tongue sticking out. The photo that is "liked" the most gets a free 8x10 portrait. If you would like to vote for me, I would sure appreciate it. You have to "like" Ron's page first, then "like" the picture.

Thanks, everybody! By the way, do you like my angel wings that Tupper made? I think they are beautiful.

love Angel Ben


Angel Triboonal Special Session

February 27th 2011 10:19 am
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Convened by Angel Ernie George, on the day Angel Ben was going to heaven.

There is quite a hullabaloo up here in the heaven today. A flurry of glorious downy white wing-making is taking place.

We have a vacancy on the Elite Academy of Angels Power Squadron, Ernie George's hand-selected team of Furst Mates for Big Sailing and Power Boating Good Times. I need a very trusted furriend to be my furst mate.

I've been thinking, it would take a very special fur to be Ernie George's Furst Mate. An Angel of the Furst Degree. Someone who fulfilled his life's destinknees on the earth with the mostest grace and love and filled his peepoles heartses with JOY.

I would want the angel to be someone from a wonderfur fambly, who was gonna miss him terrorbully, and so when they looked up in the night sky and saw a shooting star, they would know it was me & my Furst Mate, streaking across the heavenly seas in our BIG CABIN CRUISER.

You know what would be great? If my Furst Mate were a FLUFFY WHITE POUFY BALL DOG! I think a FLUFFY WHITE DOG would offset my VERY LARGE ANGEL HEINIE QUITE NICELY.

OH I hope the Academy of Angels has an OUTSTANDERING CROP OF INCOMING FRESHPUP ANGELS! I just know the right angel is coming, soon. I can feel it!

Spike, what are you RRROOOOROOOOROOOOING ABOUT? Is it them crabs again? WHAT??? YOU HEARD WHAT???? OMD! OMD! OMD! He's coming? TODAY???



A tribute to Ben by JR Angel

February 27th 2011 10:12 am
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Subject: Ben's arrival in heaven

First of all we send our deepest condolences to the family of our Ben Ben. We are so sorry for your loss.

We have your Ben here in heaven and are happy to report on his arrival. It took me a while to type cos my stomach is so full of creampuffs and cannolis.

We were playing in the cow pasture when St. Frank came onto the path. 'Where are the BLC Angel Brigade?', he called, 'One of your guys is coming in.'. So we all started barking and flying right over the cows and came to the path.
Angel Coleman was right beside me and we flew down the path to the Rainbow Bridge.
By the time we arrived there, the clouds were parting and through the opening in the rainbow tinted clouds we saw Ben sailing right on through. St. Frank reached out his arms and caught him in the air.

He was crying and happy to see us! Uncle Steve came running up to us and had a pizza in his arms and we gave a slice to Ben who ate it right up! Sometimes the angels are hungry when they first arrive.

Then we all went to God's Throne Room so that St. Frank could present him to the Heavenly Host.
When the Lord of Heaven and Earth saw him, he got out of his throne and took Ben from St. Frank's arms.
'Ben, Little Ben....' the Lord murmured as he kissed Ben's dear little head. Ben arched his back and wagged his tail and licked the Lord on his cheeks.
'I'm glad you are here now Ben, bring me his wings', the Lord commanded.

Leonardo Da Vinci himself stepped forward and brought out the most beautiful wings you have ever seen. They are also the biggest wings I've ever seen for a small dog but when the Lord put them on his back, Ben immediately flew all around the dome of the Throne Room! Butterflies followed him and the sky began to fill with birds and even bees. The whole sky began to make an incredible sound like a musical instrument playing a melody! I have never heard anything like it. Then the Lord called his name again and Ben flew right into his arms!

'Ben, from now on you can visit your moms whenever they need you. You can fly to help anyone who needs help, whether man or beast on Earth. You are a helper angel and will assist in comforting my earthly creatures. Now go with St. Frank who has a lovely meal prepared for you.'

So we waved goodbye to the Lord and flew along the path with St. Frank. At first Ben hung on to St. Frank's shoulder, flapping his wings but then caught the scent of meatballs and sausages wafting through the air and took off with the rest of us. St. Frank laughed and Uncle Steve ran alongside us like he was flying a kite.

St. Anthony stood outside the kitchen, wiping his hands on a dirty towel. The tables were all laid with meatballs, sausages, chicken legs and a Viennese table with creampuffs, cake, cannoli and cookies including sfigiotelle. I think I saw an ice cream machine too but I didn't have any. I was too busy eating the creampuffs and cannoli.

This morning St. Catherine of Sienna came by and made us all pancakes. So we are going to go now to the big field behind the cow pasture and do some flying lessons with Ben. He is doing great with his wings and is going to soar better than the rest of us.

He sends down his most loving blessings on his moms and family and will snuggle with you every night. Just call out his name and he will be there.

JR Angel


I'm an angel now

February 25th 2011 12:53 pm
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Last night I told Mommy and Mama that I was ready to go to rainbow bridge. They listened to all my little signs that I gave them, and today with the help of our wonderful vet, Dr. Beth, I crossed over. I stayed in Mommy's arms the whole time. It was very peaceful and loving.

Mama made up a song for me, which she and Mommy used to sing to me when I was anxious. It was just a made-up tune with words, but it was the bestest song in the world. And anybody could sing it to their dog, too! It's totally shareable. It goes like this:

"I'm a Lucky Dog"

I'm a lucky dog
I'm a lucky dog

I've got a Mommy
I've got a Mama
I've got a sister
I've got a sissie
I'm a lucky dog
I'm a lucky dog

I've got a nice house
I've got a backyard
I've got a mutt hut
I've got a family
I'm a lucky dog
I'm a lucky dog
I'm a lucky dog
I'm a lucky dog

There were even more words and verses that Mommy and Mama would make up and sing, sometimes adding lots and lots! Mommy and Mama are the best pawrents in the whole world. They gave me such a fabulous wonderful old age. I love them with all my heart.

love always,
the newest angel, Ben


A letter from the rescue lady who found me

February 25th 2011 12:45 pm
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February 7th, 2011
Hi Sarah and Debbie,

Oh my, that is such sad news; I wasn't expecting it, and I know you weren't either. I wish there was something I could do for all you; if you need anything for Ben or yourselves, please don't hesitate to contact me/Heavenly Creatures.

The only comfort in this sad news is that we know he is loved, and will get to spend the rest of whatever is left of his life with you - please know how intensely glad, and appreciative we are that you have big hearts that welcomed Ben into your home last year.

Less than a year ago, Ben was a nameless pound dog on death row in a cold, concrete cell who was terrified, confused, and lonely. No one cared about him, no one even knew he was there.

As you're aware, he wasn't in great shape when we found him; his extremely matted coat, and his grossly overgrown nails were a testament to the kind of uncaring "family" he must have had previously.

The day I discovered him at the pound, I didn't know how easy it would be to find him a home owing to his age; I knew we would have to find a special family who would be willing to take on a senior dog.

Poor Ben was one of the most stressed, sad little dogs I have ever encountered at that pound; I just stood there looking at him and hoping that once HC got him out of cell, and had him cleaned up, that someone would come along to take his hurt away - I didn't know at the time that you were out there just waiting to scoop him up in your arms, and love him :):)

Despite this terribly sad news, I'm happy that I did grab him that day on Heavenly Creatures' behalf because it wasn't his time to go, and it still isn't.

It is said that people come into our lives for a reason; I believe the same is true of animals, and that this rule also applies to them. He was meant to come into your lives, and you into his.

You were the kind of people I dreamed about for him. Ben was meant to have two mothers to pamper him, and show him what it means to be safe and loved, to chase all the bad memories of his former life away.

Thanks a million times over for all you've done for Ben, and for renewing our faith in senior dog rescue. HC will continue to rescue dogs like Ben, and hope that there are more people like you out there who are kind enough to see beyond their years.


Second blood test today, all is on schedule

February 23rd 2011 4:51 pm
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Hi everybody,
today I had my blood drawn again, to check my levels after my first round of doggie chemo. All was fairly normal, my white blood cells level has gone down, which is to be expected. We have to keep on eye on them, by having a 3rd blood test before my second round of chemo in two weeks. But, we are all set and on schedule, providing those levels recoup a bit.

I have been in pain at night, but I have been refusing to take my pills. Mommy spoke to the vet and it is okay to start me on the appetite stimulant again. So that is good. It is much easier for me to take my pills when I am actually hungry and not nauseous. So Mommy gave me one of the pills today, and in two hours I was hungry again! BINGO! I ate my wet food no problem today, and even had some cooked chicken. Yesterday I refused almost everything except a little bit of sandwich meat (turkey) that Mom finally got me to take my pill with. I refused peanut butter, yogourt, chicken, wet food and cheese. Mom thinks my taste buds might be affected by the chemo. Oh well, at least I can take the appetite stimulant again. I like those soft milkbone chewy treats too. They are soft and I can eat them easily!

Mommy hates to see me in pain, and she knows she has to be patient while we figure out pain med dosages and stuff. Right now I am taking 1/2 of a torbugesic pain pill at night (that's a narcotic for moderate pain), but we may have to increase it a bit.

love Ben
DISCLAIMER: (very hard to write and read) please don't think that Mommy and Mama will have me suffer. The chemo is supposed to help manage pain. But if I get worse, or the chemo doesn't help, there will be some discussions of me joining Ernie George and my other friends at rainbow bridge. Mommy will not have me on Earth just to be her friend, even though she loves me more than anything. She cries to think about it, but she knows that the cancer may not go into remission. So while we are hopeful about the treatment, we are trying to be realistic too.


I started my chemo today

February 16th 2011 7:22 pm
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Thank you for all the prayers and candles on the Bichon Lovers Clubhouse homepage, at Schnauzers Rule, and on the people dogster called facebook. It means the world to us! Yesterday we got the results that my blood levels were good, so I was able to start the chemo pills today. I took the three of them like a good boy, Mommy hid them in vienna sausages, and I ate them up! Well, I gave a bit of a fight (she first tried cheese slices, but I knew those pills were in there and I spit them out!). Clearly the vienna sausages are superior pill hiders. Anyway, I have been sleepy tonight, but otherwise good, and I did not throw them up. I will keep you all informed about possible side effects, but of course we are hoping I won't have any. I have to go back to the vet next week for another blood test, to make sure the chemo pills are not affecting my liver or white blood cells.

Much love to you all,

p.s. here is the link to my candle lighting page! ng&gi=BLC


a prayer for tomorrow

February 14th 2011 7:39 pm
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Hi friends,
tomorrow I go to the vet to get my blood test. If my liver and white blood cell levels are good, I can start the chemo. The chemo consists of three pills every two weeks. I have to blood tests before and after each treatment to make sure everything is okay first. So, if you don't mind, saying a little prayer, or wish, that I get through this blood test okay. I am nervous at the vet, and I don't like being poked one bit!

I got this prayer from my buddy Copper's page; I think it is very nice.

O God,
Give me the strength to live another day:
Let me not turn coward before its difficulties
or prove recreant to its duties;
Let me not lose Faith in other people;
Keep me sweet and sound of heart, in spite of
ingratitude; treachery, or meanness:
Preserve me from minding little stings or
giving them;
Help me to keep my heart clean, and to live so
honestly and fearlessly that no outward
failure can dishearten me or take away the;
joy of conscious integrity;
Open wide the eyes of my soul that I may see;
good in all things;
Grant me this day some new vision of thy truth;
Inspire me with the spirit of joy and gladness;
and make me the cup of strength to suffering
souls; in the name of the strong Deliverer, our
only Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ


nice prayers

February 12th 2011 12:36 pm
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Mommy found these prayers on the internet, and thought they were really nice for any animal who is sick.

God of healing,
please comfort and strengthen Ben
during his illness.
Ease his fear and pain,
and guide the vet and all caring for him,
that he may recover fully.
Comfort us, too, God,
that we may better care for Ben
and make decisions that are best for him

God, please be with Ben as he struggles with his illness.
Grant him extra attention and love,
that he knows he is a beloved member
of your creation.

Read more at Suite101: Prayers for Pets: Prayer for a Sick Pet, Thanksgiving for a New Pet, and More a149045#ixzz1DmMC1HXd


considerations and decisions

February 8th 2011 3:50 pm
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Well pups, I had a really hard weekend, but I'm fighting! I was in pain and sick on Friday night and Saturday, and through Mommy and Mama's tears about my cancer, they had to get me to take my pills. I REFUSED. They tried everything. Then they finally got the antibiotic in me at supper time, and the pain pill in me before I went to bed on Friday night, but then I threw it up (the pain med). It resulted in a trip to see the vet lady to get an injection of pain meds on Saturday, because I just was not going to open my mouth for anything. Well Mommy was so worried, cause the pain pills were causing me to be so groggy. I just didn't want to eat then anyway. My dear Nanny and Poppy (Mommy's parents) and my other Nanny (Mama Deb's mom) came over to visit me. Poppy brought me some rabbit to eat, which I managed to eat a few tastes of, enough to get my antibiotic in on Saturday. The antibiotic is more important than the pain pill at this point, because the infection in my mouth is so bad, and that has to be brought under control.

Mommy is happy to report that I have been eating and drinking a bit better in the past two days. I am picky about eating, and I absolutely can't eat anything that requires much chewing, I just spit it out. Therefore getting the pills into me are tricky. I am getting the Very Best Foods on Earth, and the meatz! Oh the meatz! Rabbit, roast beast, chicken, salmon! It r 'mazing, the foods I am getting now that I am sick! Rudy and Izzy are green with jealousy, so I told Mommy they could have a taste of my yummy meals too. The vet thinks the antibiotics are making me queasy, as I refuse to eat in the morning at all, but I manage to eat a few bites at night. Luckily, today was day 5 of 10 of the antibiotics, and even though I don't want to eat, Mommy sees a big difference in me now, than over the weekend. She said I really scared her over the weekend, not eating and barely drinking.

Anyway, Mommy and Mama had a BIG DISCUSSION with the vet lady, and they decided to try some chemo pills for my lymphoma. They have to be ordered in, cause they don't have a supply of them here small enough for such little dogs!!! BOL. We are not committing to the chemo, we are going to try it week by week. It is a six-part regimen, over four months. Each part consists of taking some pills, and having some blood drawn to check my white and red blood cells, liver function and other stuff. There will be no iv's or anything that will be hard on me physically or emotionally. If there are a lot of side-effects on me, we will stop. It's hard for Mommy to think that this chemo is not going to prolong my life, as such, as it will make me more comfortable and possibly put me in partial cancer remission. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Our PRIMARY GOAL is to keep me comfortable. If we don't try the chemo, my cancer will progress steadily, and we want to try and keep it at bay a bit. Maybe it will make a difference. Mommy and Mama just want me to be comfortable and if the chemo helps, then we want to try it. We will try our first dose of pills next week, after I am done my antibiotics, and when it arrives at my vet's office.

Thank you so much for all the rosettes and POP's. It means the world to me and Mommy.

love Ben

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