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Spiritual Awakening

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My Story has Changed!

August 23rd 2010 7:11 pm
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Today we learned.... the REST of the story!

Mama and Daddy took me to visit the vet. They liked me a LOT and Mama wanted them to see how happy I was! I was so happy when we got there! I wiggled and waggled and smiled great big!

Then we heard the story! I was at the vet for TWO MONTHS! Yep! I liked 'em! They were nice peeps!

I had an owner before, but Mama says since I didn't know my name, how to walk on a leash, what toys were, or ANY commands - THAT wasn't much of an owner!

Especially because my old owner brought me to the vet to be neutered and my back right leg was HUGE and obviously broken. I wasn't even using it! My owner didn't think anything of it. The vet people took me in for my leg, NOT for neutering!

I got a cool external fixation device with pins! Mama says she thinks I musta looked like Frankenstein!! Cool!!! My owner took me home with strict orders to keep me totally quiet. NO exertion.

Can you guess what happened?

I ended up back at the vet with this device all broken and messed up! My owner wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box.

The vet said they'd have to amputate. My owner said to put me down, but didn't come in and sign the papers.

I was such a good boy and a sweetie that the vet did the surgery and kept me until I was healed. Then they called my owner again. They told him they did the surgery and to buy them some food or something when he came to pick me up.

He said okay.

He never came.

Can you say, HOORAY!!!!

After I had healed and two months at the (super nice!) vet, they decided I had to go to PetSmart with the Humane Society.

At PetSmart, I won the lottery! Mama says it's a SMALL world. The vet is 45 minutes from her, and the town they found me in is just over an hour away.

Wow! Mama and Daddy are so happy to have me. So is Frank! And Joey likes me too! I'm a sweet sweet bug!

I had a long day in the car, standing much of the time. I'm pooped! Is it bedtime yet?

P.S. - Did you know last night I STARTED SLEEPING ON THE BED WITH MAMA, DADDY, JOEY AND FRANK?? It was AWESOME! Joey and Frank eventually went to their own beds. Mama says she's a shifty sleeper and they think that's bothersome. Not me! I stayed on the bed ALL NIGHT! Ahhh!

I repeat - is it bedtime yet? BOL!


People Love Me!

August 23rd 2010 9:05 am
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Today the vet office who took care of me when I was so sick called my Mama. It just happens to be her vet, too! They were checking on me! They said they loved me!

They were so worried I wouldn't get a good home and even told Mama they cried over me! They thanked Mama over and over for adopting me!

They wanted to hear about my weekend and how I'm getting along with my new pack!

Mama says that's nice of them. We're gonna have to go visit them and say hi! Mama says I need a microchip, but we'll wait a little while for that.

Maybe we can go visit before my training class!


Dogster is the BEST!

August 22nd 2010 5:04 pm
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I wanna thank all my new Dogster pals for being SO NICE and SO WELCOMING!! I've gotten a whole bunch of new furrends right away, I've even gotten presents and stars and flowers!


What a wonderfur community!! I love this place! I love my new home! I love it all! Wow!


People Bed!!

August 22nd 2010 5:02 pm
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I got to sleep on the bed today! They said it was a trial thing so we did it at naptime! I snuggled right up next to my Mama and didn't move a muscle for three hours! Daddy said our bed is SO comfy because it's a 'pillow top'. Hm! I like it!

I even snuggled a little with Joey!

Very nice! I think I'm in heaven! Do I get to sleep here a lot? Mmmm! I love cuddles!



August 22nd 2010 10:29 am
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Mama says I'm enrolled in a doggie class starting in just a few days! She says we're gonna get me the Canine Good Citizen award! She doesn't think it will be hard. I just gotta learn the small stuff, like sit and stay and stuff.

When I wake up I wonder, can this be real? This is a nice place! Daddy let me up on the bed this morning for a minute. I plopped down and looked up at him saying, "Is this a pillow-top?" VERY nice! The couches are comfy too!! BOL!


Day Two

August 22nd 2010 10:27 am
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Wow! What a place!

I slept great last night, I was worn out and tried to get everyone to go to bed early!

It's 10am and it has been such a busy morning! Daddy took Joey on a bike ride, then Frank and Joey for a walk. What about me? I stood by the door and jingled the bells. When they got back we ALL walked together! Yay!

We all got baths, that was okay! Mama says I smell better now.

I picked up a toy this morning! I've been watching Frank play with them, he says they are very fun! Lemme try!

I'm hungry! They say feeding time is soon... then? More nap time and pets! Pet me, please! I like to be petted. I like to just be touching someone. I'll stand by your side, furever!


I like this place!

August 21st 2010 1:12 pm
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Frank is my new furrend. He's showing me Dogster! This is amazing!!

My name is Buddha and I'm a Dugan! Life sure has been exciting and changing fast lately!

Yesterday I found my furever home! I was looking for owners with the Humane Society at PetSmart. This NICE lady bought me a bed! Nice lady! About 4-5 hours later she came back with a nice man and they took me home! She says they're to call them 'Mama' and 'Daddy'!

I am SO calm. I'm the calmest dog ever. Me and Frank like to play, he sure has something for biting cheeks! Mom and Dad say he's learning to be gentle.

Joey's a pretty dog. I can tell she's a little weird about me being here, but Mama says don't worry, she'll come around.

In the meantime, I'll be my calm, serene self. I think it's nap time...

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