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The Diaries of Jazzi Danz'r a Fur Danzer

I am Diary pick of the Day

December 7th 2012 7:11 am
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Dogster must of really liked my furry jingles songz...

Dogster picked me for one of the Diaries of the day.
I sharez my honor todayz with my specialz pal... Miz Dandi,
and I wanted everyfur to know it was her idea
to do a furry jingle songz.


Kongrats to all the DDP wienners todayz!!♥


My Tail Waggin Feature Story

April 12th 2013 4:47 pm
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Ms Lori from Dogsterz ask momma and me to writez
a storyz about my workz doing the Tail Waggin Tudor.


Yippee!!! I like my job, and momma is happy
two spreadz the wordz bout dis program.
Thanz HQ fore sharin my story♥

Sorry palz i'm snot on I can'tz reply two U'R comments therez.

You can findz my story hearz....

My Tail Waggin Story


Thanz to all Veterans today♥

November 11th 2013 3:17 pm
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Thankz to aul the many human Veterans, butt
alsew to aul the doggie palz tat help protect our Freedomz.
Without their help, I would not be able to have the Freedom to
tell you Thanz.


I hopez the Toofh Fairy isz nice to mez♥

April 16th 2014 8:25 pm
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I have a toofh problem like sisfur had.
A brokenz molar wiff rootz peeking oust.

I will to go two the doggie Dentist in june,
and she will dews
a root channelz on my molar toofh.....MAYBE!!..iff momma letz her.

I amz a good gurl, butt thesez dumb fingz still happenz.

Mez not afraid.....butt momma is.

Pawlease if you see momma.....tellz her I will bee jest finez
wiff everyfing.

Thanz palz.♥


surgery update

June 3rd 2014 12:32 pm
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I had my broken molar taken away,
butt no teeth fairy four mez...ore momma.
I never fur complainz bout nufing.
I was the bestez gurl there next to sisfur.
I am back two everdaz mischief again.




June 5th 2014 7:21 am
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mez a Diaryz pickerz todaz!!!
Thanz HQz♥


Thanz palz and PDPC♥

July 12th 2014 8:16 pm
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Thanz palz and PDPC four mez bestezt bifdayz everz.
I had loadz of funz in the poolz on a floaty.

PDPC welpedz mez celebrtz wiff makin mez a Royal todayz..thanz sew furry mooch!

Dogster willz snotz lefts mez two sendz thanz two palz....sorry!
Huggs anda lickz


Careful notez bout MERSA four TDI pups!!!

November 7th 2014 8:24 am
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Chezk dis linkz bout MERSA and pupziez....

Q: My pet is a therapeutic animal which visits patients (eg, nursing homes or health-care settings), do I have to take special precautions?

A: Yes. Because health-care environments may be at risk for MRSA infection and transmission, there are certain precautions you should take to insure the health of the patient, your animal, and you. There are guidelines for therapeutic animals in animal-assisted interventions (AAIs). The AAI guidelines recommend:

•That you consult your veterinarian as a good source of advice in handling your therapeutic pet
•Good hand hygiene by all who encounter the animal, both before and after touching the animal
•Licking should be prevented, as well as "shaking paws" – even if the animal's paws are clean before they enter the health-care facility, the floors may be contaminated
•Handlers are restricted to bringing one animal during each visit, and must keep the animal on a leash or in a carrier
•Animals should be restricted to interaction only with the patients and their families
•When placing an animal on a bed, a clean towel or absorbent pad should be placed between the pet and the bed linens
•No animals should visit patients in isolation units
•Although therapeutic animals are expected to be clean, bathing an animal prior to each visit is not recommended, unless the animal smells or is soiled.............

Wee nevfurz visitz anyz patientz in isolation placez....and TDI rulez us two always bee furry newlyz cleanz befur eacz vizitz.

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