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I am Diary pick of the Day

December 7th 2012 7:11 am
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Dogster must of really liked my furry jingles songz...

Dogster picked me for one of the Diaries of the day.
I sharez my honor todayz with my specialz pal... Miz Dandi,
and I wanted everyfur to know it was her idea
to do a furry jingle songz.


Kongrats to all the DDP wienners todayz!!♥


My Tail Waggin Feature Story

April 12th 2013 4:47 pm
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Ms Lori from Dogsterz ask momma and me to writez
a storyz about my workz doing the Tail Waggin Tudor.


Yippee!!! I like my job, and momma is happy
two spreadz the wordz bout dis program.
Thanz HQ fore sharin my story♥

Sorry palz i'm snot on I can'tz reply two U'R comments therez.

You can findz my story hearz....

My Tail Waggin Story


Thanz to all Veterans today♥

November 11th 2013 3:17 pm
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Thankz to aul the many human Veterans, butt
alsew to aul the doggie palz tat help protect our Freedomz.
Without their help, I would not be able to have the Freedom to
tell you Thanz.


Furry Badd Foodz!

January 6th 2014 9:21 am
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Herez iz a listz furry badd foodz four uz puppsiez!!
Pawleaze copy n pastez four U'R puppsiez gud healthz.

Chart of all the dangerous foods for your dog♥


I hopez the Toofh Fairy isz nice to mez♥

April 16th 2014 8:25 pm
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I have a toofh problem like sisfur had.
A brokenz molar wiff rootz peeking oust.

I will to go two the doggie Dentist in june,
and she will dews
a root channelz on my molar toofh.....MAYBE!!..iff momma letz her.

I amz a good gurl, butt thesez dumb fingz still happenz.

Mez not afraid.....butt momma is.

Pawlease if you see momma.....tellz her I will bee jest finez
wiff everyfing.

Thanz palz.♥


surgery update

June 3rd 2014 12:32 pm
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I had my broken molar taken away,
butt no teeth fairy four mez...ore momma.
I never fur complainz bout nufing.
I was the bestez gurl there next to sisfur.
I am back two everdaz mischief again.




June 5th 2014 7:21 am
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mez a Diaryz pickerz todaz!!!
Thanz HQz♥


Thanz palz and PDPC♥

July 12th 2014 8:16 pm
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Thanz palz and PDPC four mez bestezt bifdayz everz.
I had loadz of funz in the poolz on a floaty.

PDPC welpedz mez celebrtz wiff makin mez a Royal todayz..thanz sew furry mooch!

Dogster willz snotz lefts mez two sendz thanz two palz....sorry!
Huggs anda lickz

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