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January on the Prairie

January 14th 2011 2:31 pm
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Howdy furpals....Here it is, almost the middle, of the 1st. month of 2011. What can I say, about this current winter????? It's Going to be another BAD ONE! I'm Positive..... this is the Total Truth! The last 3 winters have Not been a Picnic..... All of them have been pretty tough! No wonder, I NOW PIDDLE on the PATIO!!!! Spent most of my life always going into the hay yard in the winter to potty....I Never wanted to make any extra work for Grandma. Cuz, I was so thrilled to be rescued from abuse...

This winter I've left enough frozen piddle on the patio to make an ice skating ring....A dogster pal, suggested selling tickets to skate! We really didn't think there would be any takers! So, when it warms up ... Gma chips it all off with an Ice Bar. She said, she does this so she won't slip,fall and bust her hiney! I know, she really does it for me....So, I have a clean place to potty.

Day 2 of Quick and Fast warmer temperatures. Made 20 above before the temperature started falling. Snow in the forcast for tonight through Tuesday. We had 3" this morning! The new snow wasn't suppose to arrive until during the night.... They missed that by 12 hrs. It has stopped snowing for now. More coming... We've had more snow in the last 3 winters, than in most of the winters of my life, rolled together! Getting a picture?

Gma was suppose to go to town for a BP check. Tried to do this 2 Fridays in a row. Weather prevented her from going both times. Last week the driveway blew shut and couldn't get out with the car. This week, she was walking out to the car and ready to go. Neighbor swung in with tractor parts for Gpa. She ask, "how are the roads?" Reply, I-94 is good. The county road out here is a total white-out. I couldn't see a thing. I almost hit the snowplow! He is 20 yrs. Gma's, junior.
This was enough for Gma...She turned around and went back into the house. She is monitoring her BP here at home as instructed.

Gma called and cancelled. Gma said, "if, she fought white-out for 10 miles, her BP would be in the twilight zone! Thanks, but no thanks!" It's only slightly, elevated... She still thinks it is elevated due to higher physical pain level. As well as, it is winter, Not OUR season! Some stress with all the equipment breakdowns... Since her BP has been waxing and waning for 20 yrs. due to her chronic pain level. Never has been truly high BP... I bet, if Gma took My BP with that fangled thing: on a bitter,windy,sub-zero day.....Mine would a G-Zillion for sure!!!!! The only thing, that makes me Happy on All those days is: Ear Rubs, Sweet Nothings Gma says to me, grilled Vension, my beef, tiny mini flavored bone biscuits, snuggling into my new velvour bed.... Plus, I Love those homemade Peanutbutter Biscuits.... Gma, can now see a cataract on the other eye. I now have a matching pair... I'm a little hard of hearing, vision a little cloudy and sniffer isn't what it used to be....Aging is for the birds! I still have the Sweetest Nature..I'm Never Crabby at anyone.....How many puppers can say that??????

Another neighbor was here for coffee. He said, he read somewhere,long range... We are suppose to have 10 hard, tough winters... This being number 3, we have 7 to go!!!! Gma said, "if we, have 7 more like the last 3....her and Mazy will be spending them somewhere warmer than North Dakota. Boy! She meant it!" As for me, I THINK the guy who wrote the article is All WET! Since I'm a senior,senior pupper.....don't think, I have to worry about trying to battle 7 more??? I mean REALLY! They can't even predict the weather correctly for 3-4 days at a time... Are weathermen, guys who can't do anything, else????? I could do, weather! I can tell you, how cold it is: by how long, it takes my Piddle to freeze!!! I'm better looking than alot of the weathermen,too!

Since it did warm up ...Gma made me walk around,stretch my leggers and get some fresh air... I wasn't impressed! It is still winter...I did it, to humor the old gal! However, I know fresh grilled vension is waiting in the frige. I better get my nap in before supper.....BTW- I heard on the news this morning 47 of the lower 48 states have SNOW! Only Florida, didn't have any.... and Hawaii of course...Alaska, of course gets snow every winter... What are the odds on that happening, every year??? Just wondering?????

I'm dreaming of Spring wild purple pasture crocuses.....Anyone, want to guess, when they bloom this year?????
Kisses and Hugs, Baby


yIpPy..... A New Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 29th 2010 7:03 pm
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Yippy!!!!! I have a brand new pillow bed! I can stretch out better. More padding and soft velvour material. I am much more comfortable.... I think, it Helps my aches and pains of old age?

When Grandma asks,"Baby do you like your new bed?" I snuggle in tight but my tail is a wagging! Yes, yes, I love my new bed! I haven't had a new one in many years....Since, I don't play with toys anymore....they thought, I deserved something special. They are always trying to make me a little more comfty....

We had 2 days in the 30's but gone now. Wind is blowing, temperature is dropping....another storm is rolling in on us...
Actually two storms with small break between them...(if, a few hours is a break?) Sounds like the rest of the week will be crappy....Lots of snow,cold and blowing. Back to crossing my paws! Grandma never finished the shoveling from the last time around....Oh my! She gonna have plenty more to shovel now....

Grnadma spent most of the day cutting and wrapping our vension for 2011. Mazy and I are set! She has a package for every week of the New Year for us. Still had 2 pails for making sausage and all the tenderloin steak to grill. Grandpa only eats the homemade sausage. This is 50% pork... They make it later this winter with friends. One long day of sausage making. About 150 pounds for 3 families.

Grandma is baking some Alaskan Salmon ths weekend. Grandpa's sister brought us Salmon, Halibut and Cod. All from Alaska! All caught by her boys and hubby. Yummy! Us puppers, don't care if Grandpa still doesn't like Salmon.... Well, maybe he still doesn't....He said, he'd try it again...Since it has been years!
If, he poos it, Mazy and I get to help Grandma eat it...The other fish he likes..... so, little opportunity there.

Well pupper and purr pals ... I'm off to finish my after supper nap... Hoping Grandma gets caught up with her work again...All us furs want to catch up on our diary reading. As well as, looking over new pictures. We want to Zoom around to All our groups and see what is going on....I think she said???? "Not working New Year's Day, except to care for us Furs. Cook for Grandpa. Make her bed...." Oh yeah,right!!! This old gal don't believe it, until she sees it!


Scoop the Poop with Ya.....

December 27th 2010 4:40 pm
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Hi there furpals- 1st. off I said, I'd get back to ya with the verdict on the pupper treats Gma made us. (I can't remember but I think, I haven't done that?????) Well, what can I say????? Those Peanutbutter Pupper Treats are absolutely Top Notch! I'll give them 10 STARS! So they rate with both Mazy and I as a 10 outta a possible 10!!!!!

Real simple recipe: 2 c. of whole wheat flour, 1 tsp. of baking powder, 1 c. of peanutbutter and 1 can 15oz. of beef broth.
Cut the peanutbutter into the flour, as if making biscuits. Then add the can of beef broth. Mix all this together. Make a workable soft dough. If too moist add a little extra flour
(1-2T.) if too dry add a little water. The dough should be like a soft playdough for kids. Flour a surface. Break dough into 1/3's. Roll dough out. Cut with biscuit or cookie cutters. Don't have that....Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!! Can cut with a scissors or knife. Bake 20 minutes at a preheated oven 350 degrees. Cool on pans. Then package. Gma had a very small biscuit cutter and a small teddy bear cookie cutter. Makes alot! We had 3 quart bags. We didn't know how good they would keep leaving all of them out. So Gma froze a couple bags and left just a few out. Don't have to worry about spoiling.....

Anyway... they are Awesome! I have NO problems chewing these with my old toophers! They are semi-hard, but not overly crunchy...There are very few commerical treats, that I eat these days.
Most are a problem for me to I just pass! I'M SO HAPPY TO HAVE COOKIES IN MY DAYS AGAIN! Give these a try..... This old gal says, you won't be disappointed! Unless you have a wheat or peanutbutter allergy.... Then these are not for you. Gma says, she thinks oat flour would work just as well. She had the whole wheat in the house....We chose this recipe off recipes found at dogster... We will be trying some other recipes. Will keep you posted!

Sunny and clear today! A one day heatwave of 34. I sat on the patio and soaked up the Sunshine! Wind is back tonight after blowing all night last night! We are hoping the temperature today will put a crust on our feathery snow. Our ditches are full. Our ranchyard is full.... the snow around the house is a good 2 feet deep on the level. We have drifts here and there. Snowplow has been through 3 times in the last 10 days. A Big storm is forcast for later in the week. Sounds like it will be snowing and blowing for New Year's Eve?????????


December Is.....

December 17th 2010 3:24 pm
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December is turning out to be a month filled with surplus....
I have a surplus here of Fluffy feathery snow! Everywhere, I go there is deep snow.....Our county snow plow has been out on our road 2 times in 7 days. He even plowed our driveway to help us out. If this doesn't stop the county will have all the snow money budget spent. Lots of winter to go!

The last snow was 7-8", we think.... could have been more! We are going by the depth on the Big patio. Gma keeps shoveled for me to get out for business. Hopefully not slip and fall. A couple nights ago...she went out at 8 p.m. and shoveled again for me. The moon had everything all bright for her to see.
A little freezing drizzle came before the last snow. Made the patio real slippery.

Our pattern seems to be: warm a little and snow alot! Several days to clean up the mess around our ranchyard. Then the weekend comes and turns bitter cold. The wind kicks in and the blowing starts. Then we start all over again....
A day here and there the temperatures are comfortable for this old gal. I go out and have a little extra fresh air. Mostly, I stay snuggled into my pillow bed. I 'm not running but hobbling carefully out for business. Hurry and get it done. Hurry back...

I'm still playing the cross your paws game. Gma doesn't like it, when I don't drink my water. Cuz, I don't want to go out.
I passed on, Mazy's offer for the potty pad. Sometimes, when I finally decide to go out: it is all I can do to clear the landing and 3 steps. All of which have outdoor carpeting on them. Makes it nicer for getting in and out without falling.

I heard Gma say this weekend she is using a dogster cookie recipe to make us some cookies with peanutbutter. Yum-yum! Sounds pawsome! Can hardly wait to try them... I'll let you know, if they are any good or not...I'm pretty fussy about my treats and meals these days. If, an old pupper likes them....then I'll share the recipe with my pals. I'll do the taste testing 1st....

Well, I know Mazy and Precious have things that are more Fun to share. Gma has been busy with baking,cards and regular work...So we are all behind on our diaries and groups. She promised to juggle her schedule so all of us can catch up with our pals....

I'm off to take a quick nap before supper. I spent some time outside today before the temperature really started falling. Now, I'm only agreeing to my potty breaks... Believe me.... No one is picking me up and carrying me outside! We'd All be on the ground....

After supper, ALL us furs are gathering around the Puter to see what Everyone has been doing... I sit back and let Precious (Eagle Eyes) read to me....Mazy still stumbles over her words... cuz, she is only 3. Anyone want a semi-load of Snow???????


It Was A Surprise For Me

December 10th 2010 3:01 pm
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Yesterday it was 38,calm,sunny and bright. It felt so good on this old pupper! Gma made me go outside,walk around and enjoy the day. I even sunned myself on the patio. I did My Happy Dance Yesterday!

By evening, I knew this day wasn't to repeat itself. Phooey!
And double phooey! Okay Furs, put on your Christmas list:
Stop the Snow on the Prairie for Old Baby!!!! I'm just NOT liking this!

Today, one of those yucky, Alberta Clippers started rolling across us. It was pretty nice this morning. Calm, no sun, but about 15. Tolerable...

After dinner, the wind showed up and has been building ever since. Now it is blowing and snowing! Snowing and blowing! The temperature is falling faster than my paws can type! Extra Cookies are not helping! Back to crossing my paws, until my eyes cross. I Hate going outside in this stormy weather!

Suppose to be a totally yucky weekend with 2 to 5 inches of new snow. Gpa still doesn't have his loader tractor repaired. We do have the parts now. There is lots of snow he needs to be moving away from our buildings,corrals,gates and our house. Moved some with old farmhand but taking it easy. We need that tractor to carry the big bales to the cattle.

Yeah!!!! The new propane stock tank heater arrived. At least Gpa won't have to chop ice for the cattle. Poor Gpa is out in the winter weather almost all day. He is a tough old bird! Gma is sure glad she shoveled snow and did the outside chores before dinner. Took Mazy out to sniff around.

Hoping the weather at your house is better than my house.... Well, maybe, I'll eat just one cookie? A nap before supper, might take my mind off the cold. I saw, Gma lay out vension.
A fresh batch of steak! Boy, I sure hope, we don't run out of steak! It's going to be a very,very, long winter....


What A Day!

December 3rd 2010 3:18 pm
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We had very heavy,large snowflakes all day. Finally stopped about 4p. We now have a good 4-6" of new snow. Gma, Mazy and I just came inside. Gma had to shovel about 6" off the landing and steps. So I could get out to potty. The snow is dry and feathery. Good thing there isn't any wind. If there was it would be a Blizzard! Gpa shoveled the steps just before 12 and lunchtime. As long as we were there, Gma shovel the whole patio. Now I have somewhere to walk around.

It's cold, Gma froze her hands through her gloves. Mazy ran and jumped in snow deep piles! Young puppers are just Crazy that way! Sure hope this is the last of it for awhile.

Gpa did try and push some with his farmhand. He is feeding the cattle. He has to walk in the deep snow with the grain pails. The loader tractor allows him to put the buckets on the loader and drive to each corral. Hope the parts for the loader tractor arrive soon. Also, hope our new LP stock tank heater arrives by Monday. Chopping ice off tanks is for young guys. Not us old folks...Stuff breaks or wear out in the weather, when you need it the most. Never a good time.

You know it was nasty, when Gpa spent the afternoon reading newspapers and watching TV. He is almost always out doing something. I'm so grateful we put all new windows in the house 2 years ago. House stays alot warmer now. Got rid of all those nasty drafts!

Please Santa, please bring me some warmer weather for Christmas!
I'd sure like to send snow to some of my southern pupper pals.
Sure they'd enjoy playing in it. It would melt in no time. This is here to stay until Spring. I guess, I'll get back to my napping.... Huggies, Baby


Who me? Ruler of the Week.

November 28th 2010 8:01 pm
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I was so surprised to be chosen Ruler of the Week of the Rotties Rule. Nov. 28- Dec. 4 I've always been a follower and not a leader. This is such an honor for an old gal like me.

My days as a senior,senior pupper are pretty quiet. I spend my days now trying to stay snuggled into my fluffy bed. Winter has arrived. I no longer embrace this season, as I did when I was young.

Most of today was pretty nice. No wind and the temperature was
33. (So I went out this morning and Gma scrubbed up the entry for me. Cleaned and fluffed up my bed.) I did walk around for awhile. Then I guarded the back steps until the floor dried. About 4 pm the temperature really started to fall. Now it is 20. Probably close to 0 with the windchill. The wind came up and the air is very moist. More snow is in the forcast.

I wait as long as I can, to go outside. There is a big snowbank where I usually potty. I've been having a hard time making it to the driveway, before I potty. Our large patio is covered with big yellow frozen puddles. Gma said, not to worry about it... the snow would cover it up, real soon. She said, by the time she is my age, she was pretty sure she'd need diapers.

The cold makes my old legs so stiff. Going out isn't Fun like it once was. I used to follow Gpa for most of the cattle chores.
I'd sniff out rabbits. Roll in the snow and make pupper angels. The last 4 years, each winter is tougher for me. We've had a couple rough winters out of the last 3 yrs. Now I just wait in the house for Gpa. Sometimes, when he has coffee I get pieces of cookies.

I was glad today was Sunday and the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was over. All the extra excitement really cut into my nap time. I so enjoyed the turkey as a change of pace for a couple days. Tonight, I had vension with my canned beef and turkey/rice kibbles. I love those grandkids loving on me... However,they have so much energy and make a lot of noise! I miss alot of my nap time when they are here.

I better go...I see it is almost time to fight the wind! My last trip outside for the night. I'm doing o.k... I don't have to get up and go outside during the night. Pretty darn good for 17 plus years....Sweet dreams,pupper pals!


I'm Having Turkey!!!!!

November 25th 2010 8:44 am
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I was awake as soon as Grandma stumbled into the kitchen and turned the oven on. I could smell the coffee dripping. She let me out, right away. Usually Gpa lets me out. He wasn't even out of bed! Wow! It was supper cold out and very windy! I sure didn't stay any longer than necessary!
Gma said, "Old Baby, your having turkey today!" Yummy! I like turkey! I'm sure I can snag a cookie,piece of fruit bread or a dinner roll.... Just roll my Big Brown Eyes at those Grandkids and they will save me some!
You see they do not know any other doggies, that are as Old as I am! For some reason, they think that is really Cool!
Well, Grandpa is done with feeding the cattle. He is cleaning up. Gma already brushed me and washed my face...
I better get another quick Nap in, before the 3 kids and 2 grandkiddies show up... Gma has to check the turkey. Start cooking the potatoes soon. Everything is pretty much ready to go....

Wishing All My Furpals and their Families the Very Best Thanksgiving Ever!!!!!! Thank you so much for being my friend....May God Bless each and everyone of you!
Huggies, Baby


Sub-zero Before Thanksgiving....

November 22nd 2010 3:43 pm
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BBBURRRRR! The weather really took a Nose Dive over the weekend!
Snowed off and on all weekend. Sunday the sunshine was out and it made 22. G-pa went deer hunting for the afternoon. Didn't see to many deer.

About 4p., the sun disappeared. The temperature, fell quickly! By 6:30p., when G-pa and G-ma went to Bismarck shopping it was barely 10 degrees.

The snow from the weekend left about 3-4". Today it snowed all day. The low last night was 3 and the high today was 9. Windchill factor made it -5.

G-ma went out to shovel the patio and the steps. Mainly it was the steps, she was concerned about. She's afraid, I'll slip and fall...if, there is too much snow on the steps. The snow for today was about 4".

Weathermen say, we will be having snow off and on through Thanksgiving Day. We are in a winter weather storm watch. I hate those! means this could turn into a Big Winter Storm....

I've been outside about 4 times today. I try and wait as long as I can. I don't like the wind, the cold or all the new snow.
I nap alot, try not to drink so much.... then Cross my Paws until my Toophers are about to Float away. Then I ask to Go outside. I take care of business and beat it back inside....

This is just too Early for Winter to set in!(My Opinion!) However, winter is probably here to stay. May have 10 to 12" on ground by Thursday. GGOOOOIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG, to be a Very Long Winter!
BTW- Did I mention???? This Old DOG HATES the Cold!!!!!!

Hope it is warmer at your house, than at mine...
Happy,Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!
I'll make the Week...thinking about the plate
of turkey breast with my name on it! Yummy....
Hugs, Baby


Prairie Winter May Be On The Way

November 19th 2010 1:42 pm
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Hi Furpals-The weather hasn't been the Best this past week. Very little sunshine, cold,gray,damp and windy. Yesterday we had a very cold wind out of the Northeast. Today it is colder and the wind is coming from the Northwest. Temperature is hanging at about 20 and last night it was 12. Today the sun is shining but with the wind it is cold.
The cold front coming down from Canada is suppose to be carrying snow. Sounds like the ground could be white for "Thanksgiving". Forcasts vary but sounds like we could have several inches on the ground before the weekend is over.Suppose to have sub-zero night temperatures in a couple days. BUUURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody ship me some Heat, up North!

This is NOT GOOD news for me. I hobble out to go potty and beat it back inside. The cold makes my legs so stiff. Walking is much harder for me. I don't look forward to the arrival of winter. Late enough now, that the snow will probably stay this time.

I got over the ear infection. This took a couple weeks. Last weekend, I had a bloody nose. Just one nostril.Not severe, but a drip,drip thing like a cold. My eyes have started watering alot. So G-ma washes my face every morning.I've had a couple of my spells this month. They still past in 30 seconds or less. I know where I am and what is going on. I haven't lost any physical functions. I've also thrown up my food 3 times this month. I certainly haven't lost any weight. I've always been an easy keeper. Not a very big eater....I never gobble my food or treats.

G-ma just doesn't know, what to think???? I eat good and usually have no problems with my food. I go potty o.k. I nap alot, but that's nothing new. I still have small bursts of energy. I am alert, when I am awake. I appear to be in no major pain. G-ma knows my arthritis has to cause some discomfort; because she has it. I'm kind and loving with Mazy...Even when she is a big burst of bouncing energy. I never get crabby with her. I've never been crabby with anyone in my forever home.

I still like to be loved on and talked too. I like it when G-ma works in the kitchen most of her day. Cuz, I can see what she is doing. G-ma will talk to me as she works. The entry is attached to the kitchen and dining area. G-ma just doesn't know, if I can take another cold winter? G-ma doesn't want to hold me here, if it is time for me to go. G-ma would like the best scenrio...that, I go to sleep one night and not wake up in the morning.

I have the best possible care. I'm just suffering from being extremely old. My body is wearing out. I'm counting on G-ma knowing, if I'm handling the winter o.k. or not? If, other health issues become too much for me.

In the meantime.....I nap on my soft pillow bed. I eat, what I want and leave the rest. If, I'm fussy with my food..G-ma just cooks something she knows I'll eat.... I enjoy all the conversation with my family. I really like ear rubs. Sometimes a back or belly scratch... I'm not fond of brushing anymore. We still do keep me brushed just not daily...

I hope all my furpals have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I am excited because Turkey Day is here....It means I'll be having some turkey... plus a little this and that! The grandkids usually don't clean their plates...G-ma will give me what I can have off their plate. "No pickles or olives! I think, they are Nasty! Must be G-ma food?"

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