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I Think Spring Has Arrived????

April 8th 2011 3:46 pm
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The temperatures this week have hung between 48 and 56...Alot of snow has melted...Now we have mudholes,slushy piles and snowbanks. Sunshine mixed with partly sunny or total overcast like today...

The corrals are defrosting and very sloppy...The smell of melting manure floats through the air! If, I was still a young pupper: I'd be in those corrals looking for high protein treats!
Alas, those were the days of my youth!

I have been sunning myself a little each day. Today, rain is in the forcast but only saw a few sprinkles early this morning.Gpa has been selling yearling steers and hiefers the past 2 weeks. This will help with the corral muck. Also reduce the amount of hay and grain used to feed cattle everyday. Took alot of extra food to feed the cattle this winter. This was due to such a long,cold,hard,snowy winter.

We still have all the fall calves here. They will go green pastures as soon as pastures are ready. The spring calving started about a week ago. We have a few new calves everyday.
We hope all the snow will be gone in another week or two.
Alot of snow still piled into the shelter belts and low ground.
Hope the prediction for 2 storms in April are way off base!

I'd like to mention we found a SENIOR DOG FORUM here at dogster... Thanks HQ! The seniors have alot of unique issues as we age. Pretty sure, I'm one of the older puppers at dogster?
Nice to have an area where we can see what's up with the other seniors.

This week my arthritis seems to be bothering me more than normal. My appetite hasn't been constant. Somedays, I eat 3 mini-meals in a day. Other days,like yesterday....I finally ate, 1 time in the evening. I just wasn't too perky! I was peppy enough this week to announce strange autos at our place. As well as raise a stink over cattle in Gma's yard! However, by the time they were back home the cows had stomped Gma's yard...Looks like someone used a tiller in it...Gma is most Upset! Big mess and will make mowing the yard alot of extra work...Cows used their sniffer radar...Found a gate Gpa forgot to shut.....Oopsie!

Well pals, looks like I survived another BAD winter! I think, Spring is here to STAY! Hopefully, we will have a very long,long,long growing season.... By Easter, I should have green grass in my yard...I wanna roll in the new grass!

Hugs, Baby


Reporting on Precious and Odd Stuff......

March 30th 2011 1:50 pm
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Old Baby reporting for Gma, Precious and Our Pack. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers. Thank you for all the kind notes and pressies sent to Precious…. We appreciate each and every one of them….Gma and Gpa are calving now and a freezing rain is in tonight’s forecast. Gma doesn’t know if, she can write each FUR a personal thank you note. Our pack sends Big Licks, Butt Wiggles and Meows to each of you!

We’d like to report that Precious is eating, drinking and taking care of her business. We are so pleased! She has the glittery sparkle back in those deep large green eyes. Amazing what a mega dose of big gun antibiotics can do to knock an infection back and break a fever. Of course, this only helped the old kitty, because, WE HAD ALL THOSE POWERFUL PRAYERS IN OUR CORNER. BTW- Gpa was most upset that he didn’t know she had been bitten….Since, she spends her evenings on his lap snoozing….
He wonders which mature barn kitty had the kahoonas to take the Queen of the Ponderosa On?????

Shaving one’s hip and part of their tail makes things look worse than they are….The two 1” incisions are nasty looking. They are still draining which is good. They do not stitch them up, so they will drain and heal from the inside out….Choosing to use a shot of antibiotics instead of daily pills for 10 days. Takes the infection down faster…..Also, Precious is a stinker even with a pill popper, when it comes to oral meds….We have pictures to post as soon as we can work it into our day.

By bedtime last night…she knew, she was home. She was thirsty and hungry. We gave her a little water and food. She spent the night curled up on the loveseat in the sunroom.
Her appetite isn’t normal (usually that of a LION!) but she is eating….

She is upset with Gma because, Gma has her contained in the Sunroom. (14x20) She can not roam the house with the drainage. We will have a good size mess in the Sunroom in a few days. Either this or sit in the medium size dog crate… She Hates to be Crated! She can’t go into the dirty cattle room due to the open wounds….She wants in there to climb up into the open rafters and sit in the fiberglass insulation. Gma thinks fiberglass in those wounds would cause new problems. She is not pleased with Gma! Gma also wants Mazy to let her rest and take it easy. Mazy is mad because the door on the Sunroom is shut.
Gma said, “it is better that Precious and Mazy, be Upset with Her than with Grandpa…” You know the Momma figure, always has to be the bad guy, when it comes to the unpleasant stuff….

I’m a little extra WARM due to the closed door….which allows more heat to stay in the Entry which is my bedroom. However, this old gal knows, nothing is done in this House without a Good Reason…. It was 39 for the high today. I laid on the back steps awhile to cool off! Freezing Rain Tonight!!!! Will Winter Ever End? Still lots of snow on the ground…. Gpa has been trying to sell beef calves for weeks and weeks…. The weather and breakdowns keep the job from being done. This family is a bunch of tough old birds….Just like Timex watches…Stomp on them and they keep right on ticking!!!
What Awesome Pawsome Pals We have! Love You All…..Kisses, Old Baby



March 24th 2011 6:41 pm
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I am a beauty...look at what a couple clicks did to my everyday picture.... I like it!


Rough Night, No Power and Bloody Nose....

March 24th 2011 2:33 pm
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Eight inches of snow followed the freezing rain. We lost our power for 17 hours. Precious, Mazy and this Old Pupper All had different issues with the storm. I was having trouble getting outside to potty. Due to the icy landing and blowing snow. I couldn't was so pitch black! Gpa held a big cattle flashlight up to help me...

I always have a nightlight in the entry and the sunroom has two large plant lights. I settled into my soft bed and went to sleep. I couldn't see a thing! I napped awhile,then I woke up! I didn't know where I was?????
I let out a yelp! Gma found me stumbling around the kitchen...
I had banged my nose on a dining room chair! That's why I yelped! Gma didn't know that until morning...when they found, I had a bloody nose! A small trail of blood droplets on the floor. Nothing major... The dark and my cataracts frightened me....
Gma heard me, cry out... she guided me back to my bed with flashlight. I stayed there until morning...It was chilly in the house by morning,about 50.... The wind howled and the snow blew all night long!

Mazy, however was really afraid! She yapped at the harsh wind. She barked, when I was stumbling around very lost and confused! She jumped in and out of the big bed All night long! She'd nap and then think, she heard something...Jump up,go prowling in the dark...See what was after her?????? Precious settled into the loveseat and slept through most of the storm.

We were warm enough...No one had a good nights rest! Gma and Gpa were awakened by the Mazy and the storm! Precious and her cat vision just laughed at Mazy and I....I didn't laugh at her when she had a bellyache for two days. Boy she has some Big
Cat Attitude!

The rest of the week is: breezy,snow flurries, 20's with partly sunny... I wonder if, all those geese want to turn around and head south, again?????????? I'm still watching for spring... Alot of snow still on our ground. Even after all the melting last week. The almanac says, a couple storms in April for our part of the Prairie....So, Great-grandma told US.... We wish she had her keep that a secret!

Some of my pals in Missouri are mowing their lawns!!!! Green grass! I wanna smell green grass,again!!! Great Grandma has blooming daffodils in Indiana (all their snow left)...Gma and I are doing our Best to make another winter.... Both of us are showing some slight winter burn-out! The time change has been real hard on us this year. We think, it is because it is still way too wintery ????

The pack here is gathered around the Puter....So, we are going to check out what all our pals have been up too? I'm hoping everyone has wonderful spring stories to tell....
Hugs, Baby


Thunder, When You have Sleet???????????

March 22nd 2011 3:49 pm
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Now, we are a couple days into the calendar season of Spring....
The geese that started showing up a week ago...Must be really confused??????? Last week, after the clean-up from the blizzard: The weather turned very springy! The temperatures warmed up into the 40's. One day it was almost 50... We had sunshine! The county road dried off...Giving Gma and Mazy a place for outside walking. Since the ranchyard is a mix of slush,dirty snowbanks,icy waterholes,mudholes and other assorted sloppy stuff!

Then those silly weather persons started spouting off about another winter storm.... The wind arrived late yesterday afternoon. Blew and pounded all night long. We woke up to rain sprinkles and dropping temperatures. Freezing rain combined with sleet most of the day. This afternoon we had some major thundering noise, while it was sleeting.... This old gal sure doesn't understand this combo of weather????

My landing and steps, along with the patio are ALL iced up! My old ears and nerves have to listen to those Thunder-boomers! I HATE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the TORNADO in 1999....
Now the icy rainy stuff has stopped and we are having fine snow. This storm is suppose to last until Wednesday evening.... Who knows?????? Nothing is normal anymore!

I just know that Everyone is so burnt out on WINTER.... We have had snowcover that stayed, since 1 st. week in November. The snow in October did melt off... We are ready for lots of sunshine and warm days. All this ugly,dirty wet stuff to dry up and go away!

I'm being very careful, as I slowly toodle across the icy patio to do my business. Thank goodness the thunder-boomers have stopped! I sure Hope, they are gone???? They cause this old pupper to have anxiety attacks...I guess this is all the news I have.....I did enjoy sunning myself those couple nice days!

Off to catch a Nap before supper... I was given roast beef for lunch! I washed my bowl, clean as any dishwasher could ever do! Grandma made a big pot of vegetable beef barley soup for lunch... She had way to much leftover roast beef.... Thank goodness, I was here to help her out! Grandpa gave me a piece of fresh biscuit with strawberry jam....There are PERKS to being a senior,senior,senior pupper!!!!!

Sure Hope my pals are having better weather than we are??????
BTW-The children involved in the school bus accidents during the blizzard will all be a 100%...... They had cuts, scratches, bruises and a couple broken bones... but they were minor injuries.
Hugs, Baby


Spring or Winter ????????????

March 12th 2011 3:26 pm
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Spring or winter?????? I'm so confused!!!! Friday morning, I went out and strolled the ranchyard. Did a little sunbathing on the back steps....Water was dripping off the house. The barn sparrows were holding a concert on the patio. One sparrow was trying to build a nest in the downspout of the rain gutters.

Gma scrubbed up my entry,cleaned my beds,washed my bowls and put everything back. I came in and had a nap. Ate lunch and took a nap.... Woke up about 2:30 p.m., asking to go outside.

Gma opened up the door..... And, I thought I'd been shot into the Twilight Zone! (Remember that old wierd television program?)
The calm,sunny, warm 41 degrees had been replaced with: Chilly rapidly falling temperatures. New snow and blowing snow! The wind was horrible! I struggled down the steps and did my business.... Gma met me at the door with a big towel. She wiped me off and rubbed my ears.... I looked at her like I was totally lost! Where was I? What had happened to the lovely Spring day????? Could I be dreaming????? Then, I had one of my little spells... A few seconds later, I was my old self again!

I went to my bed and took another nap....Surely when I woke up, I'd realize I had dreamed the whole thing???? About 5:30 p.m., I ask to go outside again... OMD!!!! I wasn't dreaming!!! It was still blowing and worse than before. I pottied quickly about 20 ft. from the door. The wind blew cold snow in my face...I couldn't see! I started turning circles, trying to figure out, where I was??????

Gma came to the cattle room door and was calling my name.... I don't know, if I could see her or I just followed the voice????? How could I hear her over the 50 mph wind????? I plowed through the snow and made it to the cattle supply room. Gma greeted me with a warm big fluffy towel. She carefully brushed the snow out of my eyes. Between the snow plastered on me and my cataracts, Gma didn't know how much, I could actually see??? Dried me all off.... She gave me a towel massage while we talked about the ugly weather!!!!!

I was all done in....just a couple minutes of total confusion on the patio. I took another nap, knowing suppertime would be soon. Gma had made some bean soup to use up left over pork roast. She had more meat than she needed.... She cut up the pork roast and warmed it with my kibbles for supper. It was just pawsome to have a special supper after playing the abominal
Snowbaby again....

I went out at 7:30 p.m. and the wind was a little better. The snow on the steps and patio was so deep. Gpa had taken a snow shovel and made a pass across the patio. I had a strip to walk on. 10ish the wind was dying down and Gpa shovel the landing and steps so I wouldn't fall.

I woke up this morning and the storm was all over.... We have one big mess around here. Gpa pushed a little snow with the tractor. We have areas that are so deep and hard from the high winds that our tractor can't push through it. Winds varied from 30 mph to 75 mph during the storm. Gpa has lived his whole life here. He said, he has Never seen the snow pile up on the westside of our home,shop and driveway like it is now!!! He thinks, we have to call the guy with the payloader, again!!! Yep, our 1/4 mile driveway is blown shut and packed hard.....

See Mazy's diary, if you want to know about the closed roads,stranded people,activating the National Guard and all that stuff....Today it was in the high teens. The sun was shining. Finding a place to do your business was a problem.... There are big,deep snow drifts everywhere! Some are 4ft. deep or deeper.... Mazy was out chasing bunnies and she could walk over the top of the 4 ft. chain link fence in the frontyard!
She went bunny hunting 2 times ... She had bad cabin fever from yesterday... The bunnies were out,too! She ran and ran, across deep snowbanks. I think, she will have very achy little leggers tonight....

Wait til you hear the weather forcast for the new week. Next week will bring a whole new set of problems. I'm exhausted and need a Nap! Almost time for supper...We sure are glad our place doesn't calf in March! Any babies born outside yesterday would have froze....

I sure hope the weather isn't a problem at your house. Alot of places are having awful weather....Anybody out there, have real Spring, yet????????? Spring is sssssssssssooooooooo close, I can almost Smell it!
Hugs, Baby


Another Week and It's Still Winter!!!!!!!!!!!

February 28th 2011 2:40 pm
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I'm sure hoping that Spring Shows Up Soon! Winter showed up early and without warning... It would be Pawsome, if Spring was both lengthy and came early. This Old nose, longs to smell green grass once again!

This Old gal is sure tired of the roller coaster ride of winter weather extremes.... Saturday we awoke to a Bitter -25 without the windchill...Saturday was windy,cold,gray and blustery all day. Sunday it was 28 above zero,sunny and pretty calm. The temperature changed 50 degrees. This is NUTS,even for the Prairie! Average temperature should be 34 above....

Oh yes! Where was I? I drifted off for a minute! I snuggled into my plush velvour bed and napped away my watch... If anything was going on,while Gma and Gpa were making sausage.... Little Miss Mazy's Sonar would pick it up and Alert me to stand guard! She can hear a mouse sneeze a mile away....She will bark as a leaf drifts to the ground....

Maybe, that's a good thing???? Since my hearing isn't what it once was.... My cataracts leave me with Fuzzy vision, as if, you're looking through a coca-cola bottle....I gotta tell ya, there is Nothing wrong with my Nose!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, 2 chocolate labs from a few miles away visited our place. Two times in the same week. Since, Gma didn't know these furs... She wasn't letting me out, while they were up by the house. When I did go out, I smelled them!!!!! I spent alot of time...sniffing out every inch they had run and walked on, up by my house.... I didn't know where they had went, but I knew I'd had visitors!

We found out where they do live. Also, that they are harmless. The boy is about 5 yrs. and the gal is only a baby of 6 mos. The guy that owns them is gone long hours....And Hell-O! Puppers Seek Companionship and Need Exercise! They were lonesome and bored, so they went exploring... several miles from home....A few days later they were even farther from their home at another neighbors......

Anyway, Gma wasn't taking any chances with me... I'm not too speedy anymore. No match for a much younger, heavier and faster
animal. I've never been a scrapper,either... Isn't that Sweet? Gma did want those puppers to have a chance to hurt me!

Well,it's a new week with the same old stuff happening around here...I'm gonna Zoom around and play in the groups awhile. Catch a nap before supper... After supper....all us furs can sit and look at new photos and diaries of our pals....
I'm hanging in there.... If, we don't have something Green here by April...I demand my Furpals seen me an envelope of Green grass, before I forget what it smells like.....I'm Older than Dirt! I could have a touch of dogtimers?????????????????
Hugs, Baby


I Know,I Know....I'm Not Senile!

February 21st 2011 1:49 pm
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I know,I know,I'm not senile! Yep, I write about the weather alot... Cuz, if your a senior,senior,senior pupper...The weather becomes a Big part of your daily life! You don't like cold, wet, snowy, windy Winter weather! You also, do not like hot,dry, windy weather that comes with the dog days of Summer! I prefer temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees. Summer is easier to adjust too than the winter cold. I just lay by the
air-conditioning vent. Lay in the shade outside. Enjoy the early mornings and long evenings of the prairie. I stay in during the heat of the day. Usually 1 to 5 p.m. A plus of Summer on the Prairie is: we have very little humidity....

Last week we had the 4 days of beautiful weather. Not too Hot and Not too Cold. I laid on the back steps and sunned myself. I strolled through the ranchyard. I hadn't done this for several months now. I thought for just a moment...maybe, an early Spring???? There is always a payback..... for such a break in the middle of winter. Alot of snow did melt. Now easier to get around. All the ice melted off the county farm to market road. We had Never seen 3" of ice on that road before. We still Do Not have mail delivery.... This is starting to tick Gma off.

Today the sun is finally shining and it is 6 above. Tolerable to go outside and not try to break my neck getting back in a flash! Thursday through this morning it was bitter cold...-25 with the windchill. Not a speck of sunshine. Overcast,gray and general ucky! The humidity was high over the weekend. We experienced the bone chilling cold the Eastern part of the U.S. is known for... Where once you are cold, it is all the way to your core. You can't get warmed up...The bizzare wind of the past 3 days has moved eastward. Watch out pals!!! It's coming your way..........

I stayed huddled into my pillow bed as much as I could. I went out only when necesscary. Right back, inside! Even that crazy little doxie,Mazy only lasted 5 minutes on Sunday. Long enough to run to the stocktank with Gpa and back to the house.

Gma thinks my arthritis must have been in orbit....Cuz, I didn't have my usually appetite through the worst of the weekend. Yesterday, my appetite returned and I ate all my
mini-meals. My tummy does better since Gma feeds me 3 mini meals instead of 2 larger meals. If, I turn my nose up enough times.....Gma makes me something special. Yesterday morning I had scrambled eggs with meat and potatoes in them. You bet! I ate those right up!

Please, stop by my page and sign my guestbook, when you have a minute or two. I also have some really cool music there...
Thanks to Momma Shawna and the Kirk Pack. We did zoom through dogster and catster over the weekend. Read all our pals diaries. Looked at all the new pictures. We tried to visit our groups and play games too. Gma and I needed some extra rest...We pooped out before we completed our mission. Today's another day...We will just pick up where we left off...Still waiting for some pal to send me a picture of some Green grass!
I'm praying everyday for an early Spring!

Hugs, Baby


Beautiful .........

February 14th 2011 2:51 pm
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Beautiful weather here for Valentine's Day! Last 3 days has been in the 40's. I've been out sunning myself and walking around everyday. Dripping and slushing all over the place. A little slippery by dark... Enjoying every minute....

I've been running around helping my pal Copper set up the Gumdrop Stop at Christian Dogs and Cats. We are having so much FUN! Building a place our furs can come and hang out.

The place is similiar to an old time soda shop. We have treats to eat. Games to play. Like hide and seek. Sophie Claire won the 1st. game of find the BOBO.... We read,color and listen to Pawtastic music. Little Georgi brought and shared her favorite song "If I were A Butterfly!" Such a Happy,happy song....

We have bean bag chairs.... The young puppers just love to jump in those! We saw the older puppers helping the puppies color and read. Since it is Valentine's Day....Copper and I ordered all kinds of treats for the Gumdrop Stop...I think, Copper is having a little surprise party for all the Furs....

Well, I'd better go see if those deliveries have arrived yet????
Everyone have a Pawsome Valentine's Day!!!!! I heard something about Cake already being there. I'd better go and grab a piece before the babies start snacking....

Kisses and Huggies to Everyone!


February Happenings

February 8th 2011 10:16 am
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Last week,Mid-week... we had 3 days of defrost temperatures. It felt so Good on these, Old Bones! The icicles were dripping off the house. The snow was crusting.... this will hold the blowing down.... I was just settling into a new and improved comfort zone AND.....POW! It was gone!!!!!!

We had freezing rain, Friday during the night....An arctic front started rolling in and the temperatures hit the toliet! I woke up to: about 3" of solid ice on my patio,landing and three steps...
It was just awful!!!!! I was ever so Shocked,when I fell down the steps...NOT ONCE, but Three times on Sat. I skidded across the huge patio... to Potty! I tried to squat to potty.... my hiney leggers,went WHOA!!!!! What's happening, here?????

It was like the fawn in the movie, Bambi...1st. time, he tried to stand up...All four leggers were going different directions!
I was so embarassed!!!!! I tried to crawl back across the patio to the door...Finally, made it! Gma couldn't even help me! She couldn't stand up at ALL! I used my sharp nails to dig into the ice a little.... Absolutely, not dignified! Sure glad there wasn't a camera.....Gma was So worried, I'd break some bones! I'm tough....I managed to get through it...Gpa had to use an ice bar and chop all the ice off the patio!

My poor Gpa...Before the freezing rain and new blast of cold arrived.... The melting on the roof and around the rain gutters caused water to run into our Sunroom....Yep,again! So,Gpa took the rain gutter down....Beat all the ice out of it. He found a place behind the gutter where moisture was getting in on the nice days and then refreezing. When it warmed up, it melts and runs into the Sunroom. Middle of week was spent fixing that mess.... Warms up again this weekend.... We will see if, our problem is fixed??????

Still,No cattle sold....either way too cold Or warms up... Then it is to sloppy for sorting and loading ... Getting snow out of our way is still a big problem....Gpa was lining someone up with a payloader to remove snow.... Gpa needs to open the 2nd. big hay yard. Haul some snow into the open fields to keep our driveway open. County plow spent an hour opening our drive this past week. Strange winter....doesn't seem to be any middle ground....

Gma loaded up the car, her suitcase, a bunch of stuff and disappeared on Sunday. She isn't back yet...I heard her mumble something to Mazy. Sounded like: take care of the old gal, Mazy....Make sure, Precious isn't counter surfing.... Watch out for Gpa! You're staying here so: Gpa has to come to the house for a break....Where did that crazy old lady go???? It was -25 below,icy,blowing snow...even with raw temperature of 19. Gma hasn't been away from here over night... but 1 night since she brought Mazy home. She will be 4 in July.....This is really strange..... Keep ya update furpals....Back to my afternoon nap!
Kisses, Baby

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