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Thank You's From The Bridge......

April 3rd 2013 2:43 pm
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Thank you pals for all the lovely Easter pressies
sent to me. My page is ever so beautiful! Nice to know
us angels are remembered....

We Hope Every Fur House had a Very Blessed Easter.
We know Spring is starting to unfold around the
world. Some places it is taking longer than others.

We sent Gma a few signs that Spring is unfolding on
the prairie. It is 50 degrees. A big bright blue
sky with full sunshine. The snow is melting and
things are wet and slushy!

She KNOWS it has truly arrived because: Today one
of the Bald Eagles showed up. He's sitting in an
60 foot cottonwood tree just north of the house.
Probably a couple more around there? We made sure
we tapped her on the shoulder....She saw him out
the window while washing lunch dishes.

Gma get your stick out! Cuz, Mazy is NO match for
a bald eagle! One of the reasons our little half
pint fur-sis isn't ever out alone.....We see you
are venturing out with Mazy a little now. We promise,
spring will be in full swing shortly!

Love You Mom, Angels Foxie and Baby

Love ALL Our Pals TOO......



March 26th 2013 2:46 pm
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Gods Only Son

He was God's only Son, who came here, for us, to go to Calvary.
It was the only way to wipe away our sins and win the victory.
He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our sin,
And it's with His stripes, Oh Lord,
that we are healed and well again.

He shall grow up as a tender plant, a root out of dry ground.
It is said, 'He hath no beauty we should desire.' But, a Savior I have found.
He is despised and rejected of men;
a man of sorrows, I read,
And from Him men's faces were hid.
Let us plant good seed.

He offered up His dear life to pay for our sin on Calvary, that day;
Walked up a hill, with thorns in His head, for our sins He went to pay.
I love Thee, Oh, my Lord.
Thank you for taking away death's sting.
And, in believing in His only Son,
true freedom it will bring.

Thank you for bearing my grief, when Thou were not esteemed by man.
You carried our sorrows. We esteemed Him stricken, smitten, in the land.
All like sheep have gone astray. Even as He gave His life, all went away.
He was oppressed and afflicted, and opened not His mouth a word to say.

He conquered evil, through the Cross, upon Calvary that awesome day.
So, let us pick up our cross and follow in His footsteps, all the way,
Looking for a brighter tomorrow; up there with the Father and He,
Who bore the heavy old cross and gave His sweet life, there at Calvary.

© 2001-2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker



March 23rd 2013 1:25 pm
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This week brought my Gotcha Day. I'd like to thank all
the furs who sent greetings,pressies,pmails and remembered
me in my groups. My page is ever so pretty and Mom was
so blessed, that so many fur pals sent greetings.

I have to snitch on Mom and say, until Mazy popped on
dogster,she had forgotten my Gotcha Day. Not because,
it wasn't a very Special Day for both of us! The day,
we chose each other. Began the road we traveled in life
together for so very many years. She forgot because,
finally her HEART has mended from us parting suddenly.
As well as, way before she was ready to let me leave.
Mazy, the little Imp, made that possible for her.
She finds it hard to believe, that I've been gone 6 yrs.
this June.

Now,I'd like to tell you, how I spent the day....Well,
Baby ask what I wanted to do???? Always so much going
on up here. Sometimes, it is hard to choose. Over the
hill from Rainbow Bridge, is a stretch of Prairie. It's
almost like being at HOME!

Baby and I spent the day there.....I flushed and chased
rabbits...just for the thrill of running like the wind!
Baby and I double tagged a couple skunks...I gotta tell
ya, up here, they DON'T STINK! Even if they are being
cute and spray us! Then, Baby even agreed to go swimming
with me,down at the small pond. You know, she isn't
fond of water. We barked at some geese,ducks,pelicans,
and even chatted with some swans. Just like, if we were
home! I so loved Summer at home! We had so many creatures
who came to stay, just for the growing season.....

We did some cloud hopping,slid down some rainbows.
Sniffed out flowers, listened to the birds sing. Took
a couple naps to rest awhile. We met all our fur-pals
for ice cream. The Perfect day couldn't be perfect with
out a big game of softball. I played outfield, because I
love to run.......I'm doing fine here,always busy.
Mom's whole pack from her lifetime, helps me watch
for the day, she will be here with us. We welcomed
another fur pal into our group this week. Miss Tosha
being a beagle, loves to go hunting with us. We were
so happy to meet her fur to fur!

Before I forget, thanks for the balloons. The dogster
and catster furs handed them all those furs
who never had a forever home. Slowly they are learning
that many humans are very loving. They didn't have a
home down there....Someday,someone will choose them
to join their pack up here.

May All Of You Have A Blessed Easter,
Hugs and Kisses,
Angel Sassy Foxie


Many Thank You's From The Bridge.....

February 21st 2013 1:42 pm
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All the furs at the Bridge, would like to thank the pals
for remembering us around Valentine's Day. We so enjoyed
all the messages and goodies. So Pawsome to know, we
are gone, but not forgotten. We enjoy keeping watch on
all of you.....

Sending Angel kisses to all of YOU! May God guide,
protect,provide and bless each of you.

Hugs and Kisses,
Angel Sassy Foxie
Angel Baby


January Doings......A BIRTHDAY TOO

January 16th 2013 12:55 pm
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SSSSSSooooo much has been going and I'm busy,busy,busy....
The Bridge is always filled with activity. Parties for the
Holidays. Watching and greeting new arrivals keeps us very
busy. We show all the furs around,help them settle into life
here. Playing games,teaching the young pups who didn't have
forever homes all about being loved. Seeing they have plenty
of toys,other furs to play with and anything they want to
Birthday Celebrations are held daily here. As many of us
furs share the same day or week. We have such a good time
playing. I love games so I often help with the games.
A couple days ago, I had a birthday too! I wanted to
play a game called bobbing for apples. I loved water and
swimming. Putting my face in water. I always liked a good
sweet apple too. The parties this week have been pawtastic!

I want to thank all those pals who prettied up my page with
pressies. Thank you for all the mails,cards and greetings.
Thank you for all the cakes,cookies and biscuits left...
I sure hope everyone took goodies, as they visited my little corner.
The balloons were a big hit with all the pups and purrs up here.
Especially all those young pups and kitties,who left the earthly
world way too soon. They are so surprised by all the love
that dogster and catster hoomans have for everyone.

The older pups and purrs passed out balloons to the young ones.
They played and played until they had to take nappies. So much
FUN to see them having a pawtastic time.

A Birthday at the bridge doesn't mean I aged...(I only aged
by earthly time) I'm in my prime,fit as a fiddle...Snacks
and goodies don't make you fat! We are never sick, we don't
have any pain. Our bodies are restored to perfect health.

We spend alot of time, watching over our furmilies. Hoomans
and furs sibs. We send Angel Kisses wherever they are needed.
We visit your hearts and dreams often. So while we wait,we
are never far away.

This past week Angel Baby and I recruited help from our
Bridge pals to watch over our little fur-sis Mazy. She had
a surgery last week. She is healing. Having one's days
turned upside down is hard for the earthly pups. We're
dusting her with angel dust to help her adapt to her
restrictions until she is mended. We sent extra strength
to Mom(Gma K).Doing whatever is needed for Mazy to heal
without problems.

Mom spent time in bed with Mazy thinking about my life.
I had a broken leg at age 4,a broken pelvis and dislocated
hip and torn bladder at age 9. Abnormal thyroid all my
life. Hot spots the last couple years of my earthly life.

I dedicated my life to keeping Mom going. Fighting her
health issues. She took very good care of me through out
my life. When she thought, how was she going to handle
all Mazy's little snags with this surgery??? I sent her
dreams of my broken leg....The cast,spring and mud,bread
bags on my front leg, to go outside. Being able to run as
fast on 3 legs, as I could on 4(by the time the cast was off)
Having a pup's front leg casted straight out is a tough one!
We sailed right through it....

She woke up and said,Foxie girl...."We Never camped in the
kitchen. You would have liked it! Mazy hasn't had to go out
in the cold to potty,either!" After the trips down memory
lane....Mom wasn't so worried about something going wrong
with the healing process. She hasn't allowed a situation where
things would fall apart. Another week, Mazy should be good
as new...

Angel Baby and I laughed,as we watched you put clothes
hampers on all the living room furniture. The big queen
mattress against the couch.Close off all the other rooms
in the house.

How Clever,Mom! So Mazy could leave the imprisonment of
the kitchen. Stretch herself out,play a couple hours in
the living room. Run around the furniture with stuffies.

She really was Happy....Eyes sparkling,tail wagging
and she perked right up!Too much napping and bored!
She wasn't pouting in the kitchen...She had a big case
of the blues. Angel Baby can't believe, she has ONLY
barked 6 times. We sure didn't know, until this past
week...she is both a Houdini and a Yoga Expert....We
are having a Pawtastic Time watching her give you a RUN
for your money! We see you and Dad laughing at the
things tries to do...She is a Funny little IMP! We
would have had a ball together! Mom, I Love you BEST!

Gotta go....Love to Everyone,
Angel Sassy Foxie


Old Photos Are A Treasure.....

December 29th 2012 2:38 pm
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Foxie's Mom here,known as Gma K. these days.
Great Grandma was doing some cleaning in Indiana
and found puppy pictures of Foxie.

We lost most of the pictures we had of Foxie.
These old photos are the greatest gift, I
could have been given.

They arrived in a card for me. Memories of years
gone by, rushed through my mind. I had to replace
my 11 yr. old digital camera the week of
Christmas. I wondered with all the new technology
if I could photograph the old pics???? If I
could, then I could load them here on her page.

We gave it a whirl...We are Amazed at how well
they turned out. I'm so happy to have them
here to LOOK at whenever I want to......

Here they are for our pals to see how beautiful
Foxie was in her youth. The couple pics I did
have of Foxie were the last year of her life.

Well, Sweet Foxie....I know you're watching me!
I know, you know how precious you are....You
dedicated your life to assisting me in my battle
to conquer and survive serious health problems.
We loved each other with every fiber of our being.

I will always hold you close to my heart. Someday
I'll meet you at that bridge...All the pups of my
lifetime, will be waiting with you to embrace me.

You have a birthday coming up in the middle of
January. I just can't believe that you've been
gone since June of 2007. Where has the time gone?
McKenzie was 5 when you left us. She will soon be
a teenager! Time does unroll faster on the 2nd.
half of Life's Toilet Paper....Love,MOM



December 23rd 2012 8:32 am
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Angel Baby and I are so sorry this is late. We've been
so busy watching over the furmily activities. Watching
those grand-kids we love so very much! Baby and I can't
believe how Big they are! Seems like just yesterday
they were babies.....We're so happy the furmily had
a great Christmas with lots of furmily time.

We both heard our hooman sister say, they are building
another car garage! They have a double already...She
said, a couple years McKenzie will be driving! What?
Kenzie Baby, driving???? She's too little to drive!

Anywho, her Daddy doesn't want his farm machinery
building full of autos. All I can say Mom is
sure glad you don't have to clean 5 stalls of
garage! You can barely keep 1 garage and your auto
clean. They don't live on a gravel road so a
little easier.

Jaxcen is so Big! He is learning to hunt! WowZer!
He was only 3 when I left for the bridge...He is
fishing with you and Gpa. He was afraid of water
back then....I so loved to swim in the lake....

I wish he had been a little older while I was there.
Baby and I were happy to follow them anywhere
they wanted to go....Play whatever game they liked.
Kenzie was old enough and remembers playing
hide-in-seek with me. Mazy has learned well the
game of hide-in-seek. Oh did Baby and I laugh
when Mazy was hunting Easter Eggs with Jax's
and Kenzie last spring....

While you've been down there thinking about years
gone by... Baby and I have been doing the same thing
here at the Bridge. The years went by so very fast!
I know how much you miss all the family that has
gone before you around the Holidays.Someday we
will all be together once again......Well Mom,
Baby and I are off to greet the new arrivals at
the Bridge.

Show them around and introduce them to everyone.
Teach them how to use their wings. How to watch
over all their furmily they have left behind.
Of course, we have to teach them all the games
here at the bridge. Show them the endless banquet
tables filled with anything we want.

Mom, We Will Always Love You
Angel Sassy Foxie
Angel Baby



December 2nd 2012 9:40 am
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We're so proud....Baby and I just wanted to tell
our pals about our kitty fur-sis Precious. ID 1157407
She was CAT OF THE DAY on DECEMBER 1ST. We don't
know how to do a link, so you could see her page.

Even with DOGS rule and Cats only think they do.
We are very proud of her. We wanted to share our

Angel Abby's fur-bro Buddy,just a baby of 8 months.
He was a DDP yesterday. Yippy! Today he is the TOP
DOG! He is DOG OF THE DAY! Could it be any better
than this???? His ID is:1266398. Zoom over there
and take a LOOK....

The secretary for the Ponderosa Pack needs to find
some fur to teach her how to do a link....You can
find Buddy on the Bark Board.....

Mazy, you little doxie imp! You better not be naughty
or Santa Paws won't bring you the pressies this
Christmas. We heard you half-heartedly give some
condogulations to Precious.

We know she strutted her stuff and rubbed it in your
snout....Let it go! She's a kitty cat and they do
love to do that! Just like her teasing you into
playing and your all ready to go....Then she's DONE!
Off to Gpa's lap to take a Nap!

23 Days till Christmas.... So you better mind your
P's and Q's! Or you'll find coal in your stocking.

Angel Baby and I want to wish all our pals, pups
and purrs, a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Remember
there is a reason for the season.

We LOVE YOU MOM and miss the Christmas Cookies
you'd treat Us with.... We see, you now make
Pupper Cookies just for Mazy. Lucky little imp!
She doesn't have to share with anyone...

We also saw you've sniffed out a recipe for
kitty treats. Going to try and make some for
Precious. We know she is a fussy eater, so
good luck with that!




November 27th 2012 10:30 am
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Thank you HQ ....I was one of DDP's on Sunday. I was so
Proud. Gma missed the whole thing cuz, she wasn't home.
Thank you pals for the p-mails and pressies. I felt ever
so Special and not forgotten.

Angel Baby and I have been spying on Gma and Mazy girl.
They have been busy this morning baking. Special baking
for Mazy's Secret Santa Pal. They found a bone shaped
cookie cutter at super Target. There was a recipe included.

Gma decided she'd try that biscuit,even when she has
others she makes for Mazy. Actually Gma thought the
recipe was high FAT. Made it anyway...Christmas is
special time for some extra treats. The batch made
57 biscuits.The cutter is 3" x 1 1/4". Large for
Mazy but a nibble for a Big Pup!

This recipe had oil,eggs,peanut-butter,flour,oatmeal
water and cornmeal. Mazy put her seal on the 1st.
cookie. Hasn't tasted the 2nd. cookie,yet.

After those were made...Gma decided to invent a new
biscuit recipe. She was going for flavor but not
high fat. She used oatmeal,flour,pumpkin,little
honey and some peanut-butter. Made 35 of those.

After that, Gma found a box for Mazy presents
to mailed in. Gma started filling the box to see
if everything would fit. Mazy saw the goodies
and a couple toys. She went crazy! Gma gave her
a sale toy from Halloween! It's a blue bat! The
squeaker didn't last 5 min. The rest is made very
nicely. Looks like Gma will have her needle out to
replace the squeaker.... She may be little but
she plays hard with her stuff. Just the way I did!

I guess Baby and I have spied on the prairie long
enough. We'd better go down to the bridge to meet
new furs arrivals. Welcome them and show them around.



November 21st 2012 4:47 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving



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