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Angel Sassy Foxie's Tales

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The End of Rainbow Bridge

August 23rd 2010 12:38 pm
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Hi There Furs....I'm just starting my diary. I wanted to share with you a wonderful poem about how AWESOME Rainbow Bridge is...
What to expect, if you're heading this way. You see, I've been here 3yrs. I was waiting in line for my own special wings. You see, it's been pretty busy up here. The Angels couldn't keep up with wings for all us, Beloved pups and purrs. So they recruited a few earthly firends down here to help them out. Cali's Crew made sure I have these beautiful wings. Allowing me to travel even faster, than I do, when I run. Flying is so much FUN!!!! Takes awhile to get used to the wings. We are doing all kinds of silly Zoomies, all the time...I remember, my Momma saying, that I ran faster than any of her other furs. She clocked me at 30 mph., more than once... I WAS JUST STRETCHING MY LEGS AND RUNNING A HERD OF DEER. 5 miles was just a good workout for me! I'm a Terrier! All Terriers are known for having plenty of Energy....most needing plenty of exercise.
Nice to meet ya,
Hope you'll find your way back here again.
Remember we are watching over our families,
Love to all, Foxie



When I Woke up this Morning I Felt Very Odd
I Don't Know Why, but I Felt Close to God
The Sun Was Shining, the Birds Were Singing
The Music Was Soft, the Bells Were Ringing
And Puppies Were Romping at Play
What a Pleasant Start of a Wonderful Day
I Remember Laying down to Take a Nap
I Remember I Had My Head in Her Lap
I Remember the Sad Look in Her Eye
I Remember I Had Never Seen Her Cry.
I Remember I Wanted to Ask Her Why
I Remember Hearing Her Say, Goodbye
I Wanted to Say Don't Cry for Me
I Wanted to Say, Just Remember Me
I Wanted to Say I Remember the Toys
I Wanted to Say I Remember the Joys
I Wanted to Say, I Love You So Much
I Wanted to Say, How I Loved Your Touch
Oh Please Let Me Hug You
Oh Please Let Me Kiss You
Oh Please Let Me Tell You
What an Angel You've Been
Oh Please Let Me Thank You
for Showing Me Him
I Knew When I Woke up
There Would Be No Pain
I Knew If I Wanted to
I Could Play in the Rain
I Knew That I Would Remember
the Love You Gave Me Forever
You've Taken Care of Me
All My Life You've Guarded Me from Trouble and Strife
You've Taken Care of Me thru Good and Bad
You've Always Stopped Me from Feeling Sad
You've Given Me Treats and Given Me Care
You've Told Me What to Expect When I Got There
So Please Don't Cry, Wipe the Tears from Your Eye
I'll Look down upon You and with a Woof and a Sigh
I'll Gather My Courage and March up to God and Ask Him
When You Get Here to Give You a Nod
for You Were My Master and You Were My Friend
and I'll Be Waiting for You at the Rainbows End.

Author Unknown


Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

September 5th 2010 2:06 pm
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A new diary entry was added!

Status: draft Date: Sep 05 2010 1:53 pm

Entry Title:
Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Entry Body:
Hey Darlin' Foxie- Your Momma again finds herself thinking about you....Taking a trip down memory lane. Fall has arrived. Three years have passed since I brought Mazy into our lives. She was a tiny little pup of just barely 8 weeks. She was so small...I was afraid of stepping on her. Grandpa wasn't so sure about a new puppy. Mazy immediately wormed herself into his heart. You LOVED everyone, but it was clear I held a higher place in your heart......

She could fit into my two hands. I'd never started with a pup that young or that small. Her 1st. collar was the size of a silver dollar. The collar now fits on her muzzle. She could run under All the furniture. Didn't take long for her to figure out I couldn't reach her without moving stuff. Mazy used this to her advantage. She is just like you! Srong willed, smart as a whip, an independent thinker. She also adapts easily to changing daily schedules. Good thing because, our schedules are constantly changing. Mazy is totally devoted to both Grandma and Grandpa.

By labor day weekend,(2007) I was asking myself: What was I thinking?
I'm fourteen years older now. I'm not sure, I have the energy to raise another pup? How long will I have to get up multiple times a night? An angel one minute, a little devil the next. How can anything that small get into so much mischief?

Mazy had wormed herself into my heart, weeks before she left her litter. I went every week to visit the litter of 5. Three girls and 2 boys. (2 black/tan and 3 red) They were tiny,fat, lively little doxies. I played with them. Observed their Mother's nature and disposition. (She was calm,quiet,easy going)

I looked forward to the trip south of town after my weekly Bible Study. The time was my sunshine for the week. The time
in which I hoped, I could go on with my life. My deep grief subsided for a little while. I'd cried more tears that summer, than with all the tradegy life had thrown at me. I was terribly depressed. People didn't want to talk to me anymore. I was only interested in talking about you. Everyone wanted me to just get over losing you and move on. (Irritated me, that people thought their was a magic time frame on grief)

I had spent all the years of your life depending on you to encourage me to fight my health issues as hard as I could.
You took to the job, as if it were your destiny. You kept me exercising. Kept me as active as I could be at that point in time. When I hit bad stretches, you stayed by my side. You loved me, even more. I'd walk the floors in the night with pain levels that were driving me crazy. You'd get up and check on me.
You gave me more than I could ever give you in a dozen lifetimes.

Mazy and I have both survived puppyhood. She has started to mellow a little. Of course you didn't mellow until you were 5 years old. I've never worked so hard to train a puppy....
I needed Mazy to be able to adapt to many enviroments. All in all, she has been an excellent student....

I know Foxie,you are always watching over us. So you also know that Baby will join you soon. She has so many issues:cardiac, stomach, intestinal, arthritis and seizures. Losing her hearing and her eye sight is failing. All of her issues are totally age related. The old gal is just wearing out.....

Baby grieved so much for you...I never thought, she'd make 3 more years. The weather is so hard on her...she can't take the cold or the heat. How much of our year is her ideal temperature of 60-70? Very little and not enough!

I pray everyday, that God will take her in her sleep. Last couple winters have been a real struggle. I don't know, if she has another winter in her? She is Enjoying the fallish weather. My heart thinks, this is probably her last fall....

I know when Baby meets you at the bridge....she will be so Happy to be reunited with her fur-sis. Thanks my darlin' girl for letting me, yet again, bend your ear....


Heaven's Doggie Door

September 8th 2010 6:44 pm
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We found this poem at Light A Candle Group.... Just spoke to us.
We hope this reading finds its way to those who need the reassurance that God takes care of our Furs who we dearly love until we can be together once again....

Heaven's Doggie Door

My best friend closed his eyes last night,
As his head lay in my hand.
The doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.
The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled him in my arms,
Were of his younger puppy years,
And Oh... his many charms.
Today there was no gentle nudge,
With an intense "I love you" gaze.
Only a heart that's filled with tears,
Remembering our joy-filled days.
But an Angel just appeared to me,
And said, "You should cry no more,
God also loves our canine friends,
He's installed a doggy door!"

~ Jan Cooper '95


Ruler of the Week?????

September 13th 2010 2:30 pm
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I was so surprised to open my p-mail and discover: I was chosen to be RULER OF THE WEEK (SEPT.12-18TH) OF THE "ROTTIES RULE GROUP". Yep, real surprised.... Who me????? Not a drop of Rottie in me. I'm not even Black and Tan like most of them. My two fursissies are both Black and Tan...(If we stretch them both...they could pass for a Rottie in a pinch.) Well, maybe not???? How do you make a mini doxie look like a Rottie????Of course, I am silver,gray and brindle in coloring.... No even close. Except, Fox Terriers really have some BIG Teeth!(I had perfect teeth until I chipped 1 playing chase with the vacuum cleaner. When I was older the Fur Doc had to take that toopher out.)Piece of Cake! Try wearing a Cast for a broken leg all through a wet springy calving season. There was a challenge!

Actually the group is Rotties and Notties. There are alot of Us who admire the Rotties, but sure don't look like one...We are members too! What a Terrific Group of Furpals......

I want to Thank the whole group for being chosen your leader for the week. Thank you so much for All the p-mails and pressies. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

What one of my duties for the week....I must answer questions about me. Anything my subjects would like to know about me. No question too big or too small to answer. It's pawsome and awesome to take a trip down memory lane. Examine my life and it's history.

POP OVER THERE AND CHECK THEM OUT...They are the COOLEST bunch of PUPPERS to Know.....

While you're there you can find out things like: What did I like to eat? Favorite places to sleep? How I came to dogster?
Things I liked to do... So much to share about a life that was packed with action. So little time....

I've been doing Zoomies All over the place since last night. I was just so surprised and excited....Sleeping is optional for us Angel Puppers....Catch ya later... Gotta check for new messages from my subjects....Sassy Foxie


Royal Minutes ....

September 14th 2010 3:27 pm
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Rotties and Notties
Royal Minutes from Holding Court.....

Angel Foxie has entered her throne room to hold court for her loyal, loving Rottie and Nottie subjects.:-h:-h:-h She waves and throws tons of kisses,:xo::xo::xo::xo::xo: Everyone comes forth to kiss her silver paws......

Todays Royal subjects seeking answers about her life are Thunder, Max, Ginger and Zadie. They have ask her the following questions.....
1. Did she have skin kids to live with? How many?
2. Did she like water? Baths? Swimming?
3. Where was her favorite walk while on earth?

There were 2 skin kids. Oldest was a boy already been in college, 2 yrs. The youngest was a girl. She graduated high school the same time, I came to live with Momma. Then Both of them were in college. Rarely around.... They did let me play softball with them. I was always the outfielder. Momma said, I was her Empty Nest Baby!!!!! Later in my life: We had grandbabies.... 2 of them, a girl and then a boy. They were 6 and 3 when I went to the Bridge. I loved their visits and playtime with me. I was very gentle with them. We played harder as they grew....I miss them as much as they miss me!

I loved WATER!!!!! I wasn't to crazy about my type of shampoo... That's another story.... I was a Fantastic Swimmer. 10 m from where I spent my whole life is a big lake. Momma would take me with her... Sometimes, Momma would fish and I'd hunt and play in the water. I really liked it when we took our swimming stuff along. I loved to swim the 1st. time I tried it!!!! Swimming was the VERY BEST when other children would show up at the lake. They all loved me cuz, I'd play water polo with them. Ride on the tire tube. I'd swim and swim and swim... until I'd exhaust myself! Momma always had to watch and make me come rest ...I was never afraid of deep water. Loved to chase ducks and geese off the marshy wetlands at the ranch...Baby and I did that together. Baby never went to the lake...She never got over her fear of being thrown from a moving auto when dumped in the country. She would have major anxiety attacks when forced to ride. So we just didn't do that.... Momma had a big hot tub. Several times, I jumped right in it ... It was winter, she was in there. I wanted a SWIM!!! Guess what? She turned the temperature down on the Hot tub and let me swim away...
It was Pawsome!!!!!

My favorite walks were anywhere across our open prairies.... as long as Momma walked with me. I usually didn't walk... I ran, ran and ran... I'd zig and zag ... looking,sniffing,trailing and hunting... Sometimes, I'd walk home....Takes alot of space for beef cattle. I always had plenty of land to explore....When my Momma was real sick and in lots of pain.... then I quieted right down. I helped her get through all her troubles by assisting her. I walked really slow so she would just keep moving and trying to walk. I'd help her with her rehab. theraphy. I just loved on her day and night..... slowly her body healed up. I chased away the big bad blues that attack her while taking so much nasty medicine. When she'd walk the floors at night not able to sleep. I'd get up and keep track of Momma. I was Momma's constant companion my whole life.

Loyal subjects thank you for coming to see me today. I believe, I've answered all your questions. Now, as Ruler of the Rotties and Notties for the week: I must attend to other Royal Duties. Angel Foxie throws kisses as she leaves her court.


A Heart MUch Like My Own

September 25th 2010 1:24 pm
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Howdy Everyone... We Hope You All enjoy this prayer poem we found... Since we came to dogster last spring: There have been so many illnesses with our furs. Many ongoing dieases with their human caretakers. We pray that those God wants to touch will see this poem and it will speak to their hearts. We truly understand the pain of a fur who God called home, when we desired our companion to stay longer in our fold.
Angel Foxie,Baby,Maz and G-ma Keda

BY: Denise A. DeWald

Dear friend, I'm at the Gate of Prayer-
Right now, this very hour-
Petitioning our God of love
To touch you with His power...

To show His grace and love anew
At this time in your life,
A fresh reminder of His care
In times of pain and strife.

I pray he'll also show to you
A glimpse of deeper things-
A precious part of His own heart
To cause your own to sing.

Great truths are often times revealed
Through sufferings endured;
Look back on what He's done before...
Of His strength you are ensured.

And finally, I pray for peace.
For such are seeds you've sown,
And healing salve for one who has
A heart much like my own.

God Bless Each and Everyone and Their Families,
Mazy,Baby and Angel Foxie and G-ma K.


The Path of Faith

October 15th 2010 10:00 am
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The Path of Faith
By: Shirley W. Langley

I know not why that on this path
My feet were made to trod.
I only know my destiny
Is best left up to God.
He does not lead me week by week,
Nor even day by day,
But step by step my path unfolds
As He directs my way.
The path that I am following
Is called the Path of Faith.
The strength I need to walk this path
Is drawn from God’s own grace.
It matters not how far away
My feet are made to roam,
I rest assured the Path of Faith
Will one day lead me home.


Saying Goodbye is Never Easy....

October 17th 2010 11:37 am
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Below is a poem a furpal shared. We are posting it here so other furpals may see it. While, I left this world in Momma's arms...Very quickly and very unexpected. Major shock for Momma.(I had a major stroke) I was Momma's only fur to arrive at the bridge this way. Her other precious furs had cancer or kidney failure. They were in pain and suffering. They told her, when it was time for her to let go. She didn't want too ... It would have been selfish to have done anything else. A piece of Momma's heart has went with each and everyone of us. We have all found each other at the bridge. We wait for the day that Momma will join us. Susie(toy eskimo spitz),Tootsie(mini.schnauzer),Princess(cocker spaniel), Teddy(llasha apso) and me of course, Foxie(wired hair fox terrier). Everyone of us lived a very,very long life... We were loved,spoiled,and very happy. We enriched Momma's life. Made her a better human being. Taught her to love more deeply....

There isn't a day, that comes and goes that Momma doesn't think about each and everyone of us....She Thanks God, that He has so richly Blessed her life with all us puppers...


You're giving me a special gift,
So sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days,
Your courage makes me proud.
But really, love is knowing
When your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts
Will only be in vain.
So looking deep into your eyes,
Beyond, into your soul,
I see in you the magic, that will
Once more make me whole.
The strength that you possess,
Is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done,
For it's the only way.
That strength is why I've followed you,
And chose you as my friend,
And why I've loved you all these years...
My partner till the end.
Please, understand just what this gift
You're giving, means to me,
It gives me back the strength I've lost,
And all my dignity.
You take a stand on my behalf,
For that is what friends do.
And know that what you do is right,
For I believe it too.
So one last time, I breathe your scent,
And through your hand I feel,
The courage that's within you,
To now grant me this appeal.
Cut the leash that holds me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady dog,
My pain and struggle done.
And don't despair my passing,
For I won't be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I'll stay.
I'll be there watching over you,
Your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I'll run,
... a young dog once again.


What's In Your Sponge?

October 26th 2010 3:39 pm
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This is from our furpal,Minister Misty. We felt this spoke to our Souls. We wanted to post this and share it with ours. We know there is alot of Squeezing in Our World on a regular basis.
Our attitude as a Christian makes a tremendous difference in how we address the day to day of this world. We plan to check ourselves regularly to see what is in our SPONGE....


There are 5 sponges laying on your kitchen counter top. Each member of your family has been cleaning up different areas of your home, but all the sponges look the same. You are curious as to what was cleaned in your home, but you can't tell by looking...they all look the what do you do?

You squeeze each sponge to see what comes out. As you squeeze the first sponge, you see that cola comes out, and so you decide that someone cleaned the kitchen with that one. Upon squeezing the second sponge, you find tub and tile cleaner - that one was used to clean the bathroom.

Next, in the third sponge, you find motor oil -- hubby was cleaning the garage!

In the fourth sponge, baby powder puffs out when it is squeezed -- yep, the baby's nursery was done with that one!

And finally, in the last one, is floor wax -- that was the one you used on the hall floor!

As you lay the last one down, you look again at their similarity - and they all look the same until they're squeezed.

Christians are the same way. As life squeezes us, different things come out - anger from one, a need for revenge from another, tears from one, remorse from yet another - also greed, untruth, lust - and finally, from one saint, pours forth the love of Christ.

Just like the sponge, we can only squeeze out what is put in - stay in the Word daily, and be in continuous prayer, so that when life puts the squeeze on you (and it WILL), Jesus, and Jesus ALONE will shine forth from you!

Have a blessed, squeaky clean day!


A Beautiful Prayer Sent To Me

November 5th 2010 4:01 pm
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My people are so precious, Lord;
I know you think so, too...
And I believe you put me here
To love them just for you!

They take such gentle care of me
And have such tender hearts...
Please use me, Lord, to comfort them
Whenever teardrops start.

They face a lot of battles
As they live and work each day...
They need me, Lord, to make them smile
And show them how to play!

The world is full of people,
But sometimes real friends are few...
Please let my love and loyalty
Remind them, Lord, of You.

And when my final moment comes,
Lord, tell them as we part...
I was a made-to-order gift
From Your great and loving heart!


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