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September 23rd 2013 2:48 pm
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Pirate Pals-The Ponderosa Pack of Angels Baby and Foxie,
Precious and myself,Amazing Grace want to Thank all our pals
who sent those Pawsome Pirate Flags to our pages. Huggies
and Kissies to All for Prettying Up Our Little Corner of
Dogster and Catster.

While ya'll were having Pawsome Fun with Pirate Day, I was
Pouting Away! The Old People left me here by myself,very
early in the morning....No one was around,Puppy Patrol
was Boring! Precious ran outside before they left...
Traitor CAT that she is,jumped Ship! I had NO ONE to keep
me company!

I couldn't surf and play with pals...cuz, that mean old Gma
always Plugs the Pull on the Puter! I had alot of really BAD
puppy thoughts about Gma that day....Until they returned
home....She looked a little puffy and pale. She wouldn't
pick me up and snuggle me!

She Had that Bad toopher Pulled...She wanted to just put
the few things away and sit down. She finally told me,
she didn't want to pick me up,cuz...she was afraid,I'd
bump her face.

She said, it wasn't a BAD experience,since they gave her
sleepy stuff. She slept through the whole thing! Took
over 3 hrs. for her face to thaw out... She took some
pain medicine and rested awhile. Then she got up and
made supper for us.

I remember, when they took my impacted baby canines out.
It were NOT FUN!!!!!!!! They put me to sleepy land too!
After I thought about that, I wasn't MAD at Gma for leaving
me home by myself!

After supper I crawled up on her lap and kept her toasty.
Gma only needed pain meds. for 1 day. Gpa slept in other
bedroom a couple nights. Didn't want to turn over and bump
her face.

On the UPSIDE: she had very little swelling,no bruising,
no problem opening her mouth...All her other toophers
stopped aching! She isn't so tired All the time now....
A 20 year crowned toopher doesn't leak and decay underneath
over night. Everyday the rest of her body is feeling a
little perkier! She's glad that is taken care of!!!!
Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts......

A BIG PLUS FOR GMA: We've had 4.25" of rain in September.
So nice guy that Gpa is: went and pulled all the plants in
the garden for Gma. She can't have dirt in her nose or mouth,
it could affect her 2 weeks of healing. She finished her
antibiotics. Gma still has sweet potatoes,carrots and tomatoes
in the garden. Everything else is out! WE HAVEN'T HAD A FROST

WE Picked sticks, did big fall cleaning on cattle room. The
laundry all day Sunday,baked biscuits,zucchini bread and
paid bills. Today we did our Big house cleaning. Tomorrow
we have a big box of ripe tomatoes to make chili base and
pasta sauce. We had company 3 times this weekend and so I
had lots of extra Pats and Praises. Gma made a huge pot of
vegetable soup she has been eating for lunches. Most things
she can eat. The oral surgeon had a few things on a list to
stay away from. She does these weird salt swishies,several
times a day. Wednesday we are hoping to start washing the
windows and blinds. Gma made it to granddaughter's basketball
game. Kenzie won and scored 12 points. I'm going to start
a petition, cuz,puppies can't go to basketball games! I'm
such a Pawsome Cheering Squad! I am much better behaved
than many big people, who yell as the refs. all the Time!

It's now officially FALL so my people have to work a little
faster! So much outside work and so little time! Rain in
forecast....Phooey! cuz, the new carpet for the back outside
steps hasn't been done yet! Gpa has been fixing fence and
pounding posts with his bad shoulder. He hasn't started moving
hay bales yet. Next week, Gpa will have another barkday!!!!!
WowZer,2013 sure has zipped right by!

Kisses and Huggies, Mazy and Precious
Angel Foxie and Baby


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