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Angel Sassy Foxie's Tales

Royal Minutes ....

September 14th 2010 3:27 pm
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Rotties and Notties
Royal Minutes from Holding Court.....

Angel Foxie has entered her throne room to hold court for her loyal, loving Rottie and Nottie subjects.:-h:-h:-h She waves and throws tons of kisses,:xo::xo::xo::xo::xo: Everyone comes forth to kiss her silver paws......

Todays Royal subjects seeking answers about her life are Thunder, Max, Ginger and Zadie. They have ask her the following questions.....
1. Did she have skin kids to live with? How many?
2. Did she like water? Baths? Swimming?
3. Where was her favorite walk while on earth?

There were 2 skin kids. Oldest was a boy already been in college, 2 yrs. The youngest was a girl. She graduated high school the same time, I came to live with Momma. Then Both of them were in college. Rarely around.... They did let me play softball with them. I was always the outfielder. Momma said, I was her Empty Nest Baby!!!!! Later in my life: We had grandbabies.... 2 of them, a girl and then a boy. They were 6 and 3 when I went to the Bridge. I loved their visits and playtime with me. I was very gentle with them. We played harder as they grew....I miss them as much as they miss me!

I loved WATER!!!!! I wasn't to crazy about my type of shampoo... That's another story.... I was a Fantastic Swimmer. 10 m from where I spent my whole life is a big lake. Momma would take me with her... Sometimes, Momma would fish and I'd hunt and play in the water. I really liked it when we took our swimming stuff along. I loved to swim the 1st. time I tried it!!!! Swimming was the VERY BEST when other children would show up at the lake. They all loved me cuz, I'd play water polo with them. Ride on the tire tube. I'd swim and swim and swim... until I'd exhaust myself! Momma always had to watch and make me come rest ...I was never afraid of deep water. Loved to chase ducks and geese off the marshy wetlands at the ranch...Baby and I did that together. Baby never went to the lake...She never got over her fear of being thrown from a moving auto when dumped in the country. She would have major anxiety attacks when forced to ride. So we just didn't do that.... Momma had a big hot tub. Several times, I jumped right in it ... It was winter, she was in there. I wanted a SWIM!!! Guess what? She turned the temperature down on the Hot tub and let me swim away...
It was Pawsome!!!!!

My favorite walks were anywhere across our open prairies.... as long as Momma walked with me. I usually didn't walk... I ran, ran and ran... I'd zig and zag ... looking,sniffing,trailing and hunting... Sometimes, I'd walk home....Takes alot of space for beef cattle. I always had plenty of land to explore....When my Momma was real sick and in lots of pain.... then I quieted right down. I helped her get through all her troubles by assisting her. I walked really slow so she would just keep moving and trying to walk. I'd help her with her rehab. theraphy. I just loved on her day and night..... slowly her body healed up. I chased away the big bad blues that attack her while taking so much nasty medicine. When she'd walk the floors at night not able to sleep. I'd get up and keep track of Momma. I was Momma's constant companion my whole life.

Loyal subjects thank you for coming to see me today. I believe, I've answered all your questions. Now, as Ruler of the Rotties and Notties for the week: I must attend to other Royal Duties. Angel Foxie throws kisses as she leaves her court.


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