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The New Life Of Neville

It's My Birthday And I Cannot Celebrate... Sniff!

July 8th 2011 9:10 am
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Yesterday was my birthday! I had a lot of friends congratulate me, which was really nice. On Monday evening this coming week we will have a birthday party for me, if my vet says it is okay. I think I am doing just fine.

I apologize for not have been Dogstering in a few weeks. The whole furmily has been caught up in various furry issues again.

For several months I have been having problems with my stinky glands. To me it felt funny and I kept licking my tuchis constantly...which drove Mama nuts. She had to take me three times to the vet to do something about that. Not a pleasant thing, let me tell you!

The last time really hurt baaaaadly, so Mama and the vet decided that it would be best for me to have those stinky glands removed, since they acted up constantly.

So I had surgery. I had no clue what they were going to do. Mama dropped me off and walked me to the "pre-surgery waiting cage", gave me one of my blankies and then left.

Before I knew it,I got some medication and wooooozed off into the Land of Milkbones and Hotdogs. When I woke up my tush hurt but soon Mama was back to take me home.

I have been recovering for two weeks now. Mama keeps me wrapped up like a diaper dog, so I cannot pull all the stitches out. They are supposed to be removed on Monday. I am wearing my special satellite dish, but have learned to snap it off by brushing against furniture. Yeah, I am SMART!

After three days, I managed to get the stitches out on one of the surgery wounds. Mama said it looked A-w-f-u-l, because it left a deep, gaping hole. Jeez, I couldn't see that!

All the meds, great strong painkiller, etc. certainly helped me to feel okay, but the healing slowed down.

So, on Monday, when the stitches come out on the other side, we will go home and then have a birthday party for me. YAY! I do not want to party looking like the diaper dog on all photos!!!

Mama has been worried to pieces the whole time. Besides me recovering, Dudel returning to his old self after having been shot with a tiny bullet, the other kittehs having something weird going on...
Mama never gets a break.

Now she is planning my b-day party. I love my Mama!


I Made A Big Booboo Last Nite!

May 15th 2011 8:30 pm
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Oh my Dog! I don't know what came over me. I am such a baaad doggie!

Last night, when Mama was already in bed and shnoozing, I was up on the bed with her by her feet. Dad came into the bedroom later, since the hoomin kids were visiting and he had stayed up longer with his son-in-law.

I don't know what bit me, but when Dad was in the bathroom, I crawled up closer to his pillows on his side of the to Mama. I like being close to her, although I am not supposed to be there.

Dad wanted to go to sleep and told me to leave. HELLO! Dude! He had been away...far away...for many months and is here now on a short visit only- and he wants to tell ME where I sleep? No way, Jose!I am Mama's boy and her Knight in Hairy Armor!

Dad could have asked nicely, but not in THAT tone. "Neville, off! Down! Neville, get off the bed! NEVILLE, NOW!"

Yadda, yadda, yadda... Talk to the paw, Dude, eh Dad.

I wanted to be with Mama, and when he talked in that tone, I thought he might be rude to her,too. He never has been, but I guess my attitude made me a little to bold.

THEN, Dad started to push me...and that pushed me over the edge.

I snapped...literally. I bit Dad on one finger and made it bleed. I did not know how much I hurt him, but it was clear that Dad was v-e-r-y mad at me.

Thank goodness, Mama was right there. She asked me to move and I did. I don't really know why I bit Dad. I know it was wrong, but he annoyed me and I felt like I had to show him that he could not be so pushy. Mama was very upset with me, too. I waddled into the study and stayed there ALL night.

Today I kept away from Dad all day long and was reluctant to go to close to Mama as well, although she was nice to me. Later in the afternoon I finally walked over to Dad and apologized. He accepted! I am still a little shocked about my own behavior, because I am afraid I might do it again. Mama thinks that Lucky injected his herding instinct into me. Whatever that means...

I will have to go to church and pawray that I stay strong. I bet when Dad goes back overseas, Mama will tell me to stay off the bed, so I won't become so protective of my turf. My furever home is sooo good. I live with kittehs, who adore me and another barky step-bro, who plays with me a lot. I want to stay here.

I will not talk back to Dad like that again. No, no. He will be gone for almost a year before I see him again. I want him to love me! I love my Dad A LOT!

Yeah, Dude, I do love ya. Giggle, giggle.


Going To The Vet Can Be A Baaad Surprise...!

April 3rd 2011 7:45 am
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Hi Fellow Furries,

I have to woof you my recent trip to the vet.

You know..."vet" sounds so much like "pet" or "pat"...and I am usually very excited when I go. There are always other furries, and the hoomin assistants there (females - smile!) are all so nice!

I greet efuryone, and they love on me and tell me that I am the greatest! Who doesn't like THAT??! This time it wasn't different. Efuryone hugged me...aaah, it feels so good!

The fact that Mickey, my bro, was not with me, did make me a little nervous. I like it much better, when we go together. He wanted to stay home, since he did not have to see the vet and was not volunteering to escort me.
Pffffffffffff! Some kind of brother!

Anypoo, there was a doggie in the room next door to mine, where I was waiting for the dogtor. He was not happy and was whining a lot. That made me even more nervous. I was only there to get my ears checked out (or so I thought) because Mama couldn't get them clean and needed a special med for that.

All that commotion in the other rooms drove me barking nuts, while I had to wait my turn. Waiting is always bad. None of the nice assistants came to hold my paw. Mama did, but I wanted one of the girls.

Finally, the door opened and the very tall Dr. B. made his way into the room. Weeell, before he had his second foot inside, I had already run out through his legs, took a sharp turn to the right, trying to chase after Lisa for a big hug.
Jan, another very nice female, took me back to the room, giggling all the way. I had "bumped" the doctor when I "ran for my life" through his legs...and Lisa was startled, thinking a mean dog tried to attack her. Jeez, this was a strange encounter...

Oh, Dogtor B. is a very nice man, don't get me wrong. When one of us is ill, he pawrays with our hoomins over us for God to heal us, and stuff like that. But he can be intimidating, when he stands over me, because he is soo tall. Makes me feel like a wittle wabbit.

Yah, yah, I am getting to the point now. Be patient, all at its time. Shhhhht!

He checked my ears and found only one to be schmutzig with yucky stuff. Squeezed some ointment in there, rubbed my ear and explained it all to Mama. That was easy, I thought. Let's go!

But THEN he put on rubber gloves!!!

He had never done that before. What the heck were those for??? Mama seemed to know, and so did Jan, because she went to hold me still in a firm hug. Heeeeeeeelp!

And then the dogtor's hands came c-l-o-s-e-r!

No further details here, dear furries. Some of you must have had THAT treatment in the past. Something about glands? I don't care what that was called. I DO NOT LIKE IT! No. Oh, no! He will never do THAT again. Had I known what was coming, I had "bumped" him on purpose, when I tried to run away...

On the way home, Mama was talking about a funny smell in the car and that she needed to find some "Eau de Tush" for me. Thanks, Mama! How uplifting after such a disgraceful treatment...

The best thing that whole day were the treats I got after returning home - and of course the many hugs and rubs from my favorite hoomin.

She is a great Mama after all! Yes, she is!


Shoo-Bee-Doo DOO-DOO...

August 22nd 2010 8:37 pm
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I have been a bad boy!

That's what my Mama is saying. She is not really very mad at me but for some reason she does not like the presents I have left a few times on her Turkish rug in the study.

Doesn't she understand that it takes extra effort to go upstairs (I hate stairs!) to hide those gift for her, when she is not looking??? Huh?

Okay, okay...I am still a youngster but I do understand already that hoomins are not thrilled with special deliveries.
I do not understand WHY they feel that way, but they just don't.

And I felt so good whistling and singing while tap dancing around in her study..."shoo-bee-doo...Ooops, doo-doo...shoo-bee-doo"!

Maybe next time I borrow Mama's tissue paper and wrap it???
I am sure glad that Mama cuts me some slack in learning and adapting to my new Forever Home.

Life iz good herez! YAY! Shoo-bee....oh, forget it!


I Adopted My Forever Family!

August 12th 2010 10:46 am
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In two days I will have lived with my Forever Family for one week! Oh, that is soooo exciting!

I had lived at Greener Pastures, A No Kill Animal Rescue for a good three months. That was a nice place, too...but there were so many furbies, I could never get enough attention.

Yeah, I know, I wasn't the only one needing a gentle paw, but hey, I am a young doggie and I am not supposed to be selfless at this age!!!

Samantha, the foster mommy for all of us, is a super nice hoomin. She took good care of me and was always very, very sweet! The best thing she did for me, though, was when she introduced me to Mickey Blue Eyes and his two hoomins. They came to visit us at Greener Pastures.

That was the bestest day of my life!

I got a little carried away with Mickey. HEY, I was so stinking happy to meet that guy, that I just got all jumpy...and a little humpy...but it can't have been so very bad, otherwise I would be HERE now. Right? RIGHT!!!

My new hoomins give me good food and I eat more now than before. I must have been starved or something at the old bad place...which I do not remember anymore. Sam says that I had ticks and all kinds of weird stuff, when she got me (and now I am pawsitive for Lymes, yikes!). I am still a little bony but I like the food very much.

I learned how to play now too. Sam had told my hoomins that I did not play at all or want any treats like chewies, raw hides, and such.
Well, that has changed. I love ALL that stuff now. How a nice home can change everything!

I AM A VERY HAPPY DOOGLE, uh, dog. Smiling all day long!

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