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A New Look On Life

Started A Group N Your Invited To Join

September 18th 2010 6:46 pm
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Hi there furiends and none furiends:
I have started a group here on dogster and I would really like it if you would come join the group I do believe you will enjoy yourself at my group. So please do join and please ask your friends to come join the group as well. We have a lot of things to do here are just a few of the things we have in the group: Introduce Yourself, Birthday Gotchaday,Suggestion Corner, Restaurant,chit chat place and we have games for you to play. Here is the place to where you can find your way to the group just copy and paste it in your browser. community_village_dpcv-18024

We look forward to seeing you joining the group and playing with you as well.
Pawz N Headbuttz
Moeglee N Chewie


New life for meeeeeee

August 9th 2010 3:10 pm
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On June 14 2010. I was walking my sister in-laws dog, it's around 6:30 pm I took the sis's dog around the block and when we were headed back to my house their was a man across the street that yelled something to me, I did not hear what the man said so I pick up the sister in-laws dog and crossed the street to find out what the man had yelled at me. This man was sitting on a bench in his front yard and there he had Mugslee Now known as Moeglee tied to the leg of the bench and he said to me blankly do you want this puppy before I tie it up in that tree over there and hang the little F**k. I told him to give me ten minutes to walk this dog back to my home and that I would be back with my husband to take Moeglee off his hands...
Got back home with the in-laws dog,told my husband what this person was going to do to this sweet little puppy if no-one would take him that night, my husband said lets go an safe his life. My husand and I walked over to where this man lives and picked up Moeglee and all his belongings and walked him home to his new happy life. Once we got home we checked over him to see if there was any broken bones or sore spots on him...
To tell you this man that had him was also beating him. His tail at the tip has a break,on his right side there is a broken rib that sticks out a bit. I took Moeglee to the vets to have him looked at and they are the ones that told me that he has both breaks and that he has been beaten more then once and I should report the man to the police and have him charged,I did, and I'm pleased to tell all that are reading this that the man has been charged and is not allowed to own any sort of animals or even look after and friends pets.

I am pleased to tell you that Moeglee is a happy go lucky puppy and that he loves all the attention he gets and that every time he is on one of his walks and he sees the man that beat him he moves real close to my side and wants me to pick him up and walk one block pass the mans house before I can but him down to continue our walk. Moeglee is doing great in our home he is a happy lil boy that we love dearly.

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