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From a decoration to a pet I LOVE the good life.

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One Year ago

August 16th 2013 7:55 am
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Hey Katana boy,
Its been one year since you went to the bridge. It seems so strange to not see you doing you hurry dance when you would see your gear. Your dad wont say it but he misses you. Tank is trying hard to fill your pawprints but he's still young and still learning.


Its been a week now

August 24th 2012 11:43 pm
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Hey Katana, Mom here. I miss you so much!!! I cant believe that youre gone bud. Maggie misses you so much. Daddy is in collage now and misses you too. Tank is starting his training to help dad out now just like you did. I am having a tough time right now just remembering how to breathe and not cry when I walk into your room. I know I was a pain when we would walk after you got done working. But you were my buddy my pal. I was thinking the other day about your grandpa Shake. He went to Heaven in March and I realized the other day why you went to Heaven. Grandpa Shake had a hard time walking because of his legs and God knew that you were a Service Dog and that you were just the perfect one for Grandpa Shake. I hope that you are helping him out until we can be together again. You were the best doberman I ever knew and I will always miss you. God Speed my friend. Rest well, You earned it. Love and miss you always


working at a corn maze

October 25th 2010 7:18 pm
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So saterday mom dad and my two skin brothers and Maggie and I went to a corn maze it was really boring but mom and dad are talking about going to another one this coming weekend. Also today dad got a phone call from the newspaper man who took my picture and did the article on dad and I for the paper. He brought mom and dad a picture of me that wasnt in the paper. plus he wants to do a story and a photo layout of us because of whats going on. I will be doing more work as things change but we will be moving sometime soon so mom dont know if we are going to be doing any training while we move or not. Oh and if I dont get around to posting anything new before then happy Howloween


Made the paper the other day

September 18th 2010 4:05 pm
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Thursday September 16 2010 my mom and dad took me with them to Evensville Indiana. Dad had an appointment at the VA Clinic down there and mom wanted me to go along so that she and I could do some training and so that she had something to do while dad was in the clinic because we did not know how long he was going to be. After a rough start mom made sure that we worked extra hard on my training and I finally showed her that I do know how to do a 'down'. We had lots of fun and I got to meet lots of people. Well as the day went on there was two people taking pictures of veterans. Well one guy took lots of pictures of mom and dad and I. I was on my VERY best behavior and had fun and worked hard but mom and dad talked to the picture taker and he asked some questions and mom or dad answered them and he took things down on his paper that he was carrying. Well Mom and dad didnt think he was going to put our picture in the paper but dad bought the paper the next day and then they looked at it and on page four of the paper was a picture of part of mom DAD and ME. There was even a part of the article about mom and dad and what is going on with us. and under the picture was a caption that told how I am being trained by my mom to help manage dads Post Truamatic Stress Disorder and his mobility issues. WOW mom and dad are so proud and I handled the doors at the VA Clinic perfectly and didnt mind when a man in a wheelchair came up and petted me after he asked mom and a man in a motorized wheelchair brought his chair right over next to me and I just stood there and looked at him and wagged my stump of a tail.


What a Night Shenandoah was AWESOME

September 4th 2010 11:28 pm
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I went with mom and dad to a concert at a festival in another state cause mom's birthday is coming up in a few days. Well dad found out where her favorite band Shenandoah was going to be and everything, we got in free and had a blast. I wore a vest that said on the sides I am a Service dog IN TRAINING and on the top I am friendly as to pet me. Dad is a preacher and I am training to be his service dog so people need to be able to pet me. Well anyway we went to the concert and there were no stoned or drunk people there, there were lots of people and I alerted dad to his stress and to some other things and I did something that mom said I was doing good but yet I think I did right because as we were walking along if there were too many people in a small space I would sit down and not move nor would I let dad move till the other people would get past us then we could go on again. Dad walked a little with out me at his side a couple times and I did a bad but mom says it was her fault. Dad handed me to her while we were waiting to talk to the band Shenandoah after they played mom and dad know them and I reared up to say hi to them all and got a pat from them all then mom got me to drop back on all fours there are either five or six guys in the group so I got pets from them all. But I did really well Mom and dad were both proud and we met a couple as we were leaving the lady part said she is a dog trainer and said that she had been watching me and she thought I was AWESOME. She couldnt believe it when mom and dad said I am not far along in my training. They both thought I was 4-9 months into it not the short time I am into it. so YAY me.


Mom and I are keeping busy

August 9th 2010 9:10 pm
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Mom has been working with me retraining me and getting me ready to take the Canine Good Citizens test. Mom has been working on my website too. Yeah that's right pups I have my own website. you should all stop by and leave a comment. We do enjoy reading posts from everyone. Yes I am Microchipped should I get lost. Mom has made up these cards to help us be safer when we travel. Mom and dad have to check into finding a hotel between now and next year when we have to go to Virginia to see my human sister's collage graduation. I wonder what that means. I wonder if I will have a "graduation" party when I become a full fledged Service Dog for my dad. I hope so. I am gonna ask for lots of homemade Frosty Paws. Those that mom makes are so GOOD. They are the perfect way to beat the heat. That and hanging out in the house with mom and dad and the rest of the family. We have a good time all the time. Maggie and I are gonna take mom and dad to a thing this weekend called Bark In The Park or at least we are gonna try. It depends on the heat. So until the weather cools off.. Stay COOL pups


My trip to the VET

August 6th 2010 4:37 pm
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I went to the vet today. I am happy to announce that I am perfectly healthy. I am heart worm NEGATIVE and sound. I am fit for duty to begin training as a service dog.. I am so happy and so is mom and dad. I thought mom was gonna cry when they told her that I am heart worm free. Dr. Nolting wants me to gain some weight but he says I am in good health and that I am a great dog.YAY for me!!! Mom and dad got me a burger to eat when they got their dinner well snack really. I do love my life.


What a day!

August 2nd 2010 9:15 pm
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Mom and I did some training today. I did good mom said so. I went for a brief car ride then got to get out of the car and we went to this big open field with a fence around it. Mom didnt take me off leash but I had to do things like sit and stay and then lay down and stay. At first I wasnt really big on the down stay cause it was kinda embarrassing but I saw how happy it made mom so I laid down and stayed. I did do a bit of a goof up but I got focused on mom again almost right away. She says I have a lot more to learn so that I can be dads Service Dog. I dont know exactly what that means but I do know that mom says I will get to go into stores and other places but I have to be a good boy. I think mom and dad are gonna take me and Maggie to the dog and cat food store tomorrow. Maggie says there are cool treats there. Mom says I may start on a new food the same stuff that Maggie eats. I hope so it sounds really yummy. Maybe mom can get me some of a different type but by the same company.


A new life and a new home

July 25th 2010 2:35 pm
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We got the best phone call in the world today. The old man I lived with once called and asked mom and dad how badly they wanted to keep me forever. Seems mom and dad have some things that he wants and he couldnt have me where he lives and he knows mom and dad wanted me. so he called and offered them a deal and mom said SOLD and so now here I am. I get to live where I really want to be!!!! Yay now its walks and treats and lots of LOVE for me for the rest of my nice life.


I DONT want to go back to HIM

July 22nd 2010 10:49 pm
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Mom is sad tonight. The one who left me all alone with very little food and water that was turning green and hot wants me to come back to live with him again. Mom went and got me a special chip to go under my skin between my shoulders so that if I were to get lost I could be sent back to her again. She is gonna see about taking me to the VET tomorrow to have me checked for heart worms and to get me a rabies shot and see if the VET can put the chip in me. She said that the bill for the VET is going in her and dads name not the one who left me alone. Mom hugged me tonight and told me she doesnt want me to go back. She is afraid that Ace will attack me if I get close to the kids. She and dad talked about seeing a lawyer to see if I have to go back or if I can stay. Like mom I dont want to go back I like it here I get love and attention and fed and walked and played with.

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