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Growin up in the summertime is no fun

No Puppies for me and no more false pregnancies

September 28th 2013 1:05 pm
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Tundra said it first but we went to the vet and got spayed Tuesday and found out we are all healthy. I weigh 31.60 pounds so I am at a good weight for my size. The doc says we are husky,wolf,acd and goodness knows what all else. And like Tundra says if anyone would know it would be Dr. Aaron because he works with all types of wildlife. He even knew that Cheveyo was part wolf before mom said anything about it. He is really nice and he even had one of the other workers at his office to call mom to let her know that we made it through the surgery just fine. Mom was worried about the spot on my mammary gland but he checked it out and said it isnt cancer.


Growing up is hard work

August 31st 2010 9:30 am
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We pups are getting big now. we are almost 5 months old can you believe it? We arent the scared little balls of fuzz that mom and dad and mom maggie brought home to raise to keep Maggie company. We are bigger and more vocal and we are always wanting to play. The biggest thing is that we are cutting teeth now. oh and if Maggie didnt tell you mom has a birthday coming up next week.


Getting Big

August 2nd 2010 9:24 pm
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WE pups are getting bigger every day. Mom says we can be pretty naughty though. We got out of our kennel the other morning and were on the porch when daddy went to get the papers. So we got let in and got to wake up mommy. YAY. Maggie is the best adopted fur mom ever and Katana is a big brute but sssshhhh dont tell him I think he is cute.


Its too hot to play

June 28th 2010 12:49 pm
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Hey all Drizz here and I thought you would love for me to bark out a message. Its been really hot and so its no fun to grow up in the heat. I get to play in the water when mom changes it each day. But the water from the hose is COLD. Tundra dont like it though. We got our first shots the other day nasty needle things. But mom did it to keep us healthy. We are getting major big now. we are about 14 weeks old and playful. Mom is teaching us to walk on the leash and to sit down so far. We like to work for turkey jerky its so YUMMY.

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