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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

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My Biggest Grrripe!

June 20th 2010 8:51 pm
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Why can't humans be more like dogs? If I want to do something, I do it. Now. Immediately. Mom, on the other hand, asks me if I want to go for a walk and when I look happy to show her I do, she asks me again - "Do you want to go for a walk? Do you? Wanna go for a walk?"

You had me at the first "walk," you don't need to ask me again. So then I feel the need to assure her that I do, indeed, want to go for a walk, so I pat my feet on the floor, spin around in circles and squeal with excitement! Then she acts surprised. "Oh, you do? You really want to go?"

Ye-es, let's go, already! But, no, she's NOT ready. She asks me where my collar is. Well, she should know, she's the one who took it off.

"Where's your collar? Where's your collar? Want to go for a walk? We've got to find your collar!"

She finds my collar, I'm squealing, I'm dancing, she's trying to put my collar on, and we're ready to go! Right? Wrong. She has to find the leash. I follow right on her heels, bumping her with my nose to remind her that I'm still here and what our plans are.

Got the leash! Great! Ready to go for a walk! But, no, Mom has to get her jacket. Got the jacket? Good! Pant, pant, squeal, spin, let's go! Whoops, forgot the poop bags. Aw, Mom, can't you hurry up? I follow right on her heels but when she makes quick stops and U-turns, I nearly get stepped on. I'm going to be tired before we even get out the door!

If we dogs were this disorganized and slow to get going, the cat/squirrel/bird would be out of sight before we were ready to give chase. Just sayin'.



June 14th 2010 10:10 pm
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So it's no road trip for me. Aunt Cindy decided it would take too long to drive to Missouri and back, so she's decided she and Mom would fly there, pick up the puppies and drive back in a rented car. That leaves me out. :( Mom says I'm going to go to DOGGIE CAMP for a week, and that it will be FUN!! I've never been to camp before, but I have lived with a lot of dogs and, as I recall, it's every dog for himself! She says this will be different because it will be supervised and I'll be introduced to the other guests slowly and make new friends. I won't have to fight for my food and I'll get personal playtime and treats. Sounds good, but I'm not sure... It means I won't see Mom for a week, and I'm pretty sure I'll get homesick. She was trying to sound really upbeat and cheerful when she was telling me all this, but I sensed some sadness in her mood. If I don't like this camp, I may have to give her the silent treatment when I get home.


Road Trip

June 7th 2010 8:04 pm
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I'm gonna "get my kicks on Route 66!" thanks to Mom's latest BIG IDEA. Actually, it was my aunt Cindy's idea and Mom is just going along with it. Aunt Cindy is adopting two Tibetan terriers that live in - are you ready? TIBET! No, just kidding. They actually live in Missouri, but that might as well be Tibet as far as I'm concerned. That's a LONG car ride!

So, they're trying to decide how to bring these pups home - fly? drive? fly and drive? If they decide to drive, I'm going along. It will give Mom and me a lot of together time and the exposure to new experiences will do me good, even though it might be a little scary from time to time, but as long as Mom's there with me, I know I'll be all right. The worst part will be traveling home with two homesick little babies that cry all the way. I hope they don't get any ideas for me to play "mommy;" that's where I draw the line!


Say Cheese!

June 2nd 2010 8:44 pm
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Today I had my paw-trait taken by a professional photographer! My mom had to have her picture taken for the church directory and she wanted to have me in it with her, so afterward the photographer wanted to photograph me by myself (sorry, Mom). So I put up with this posing business for a few shots and then I'd had enough. The photographer kept trying to get my attention with a BABY RATTLE, of all things - like I cared about anything that wasn't a bunny. She wanted a few more poses, but Mom saw that I was getting sweaty around the eyeballs and starting to hyperventilate, so she called a halt to the photo-shoot. I'm so photogenic, anyway, that one shot was all she needed. So, Mom ordered an 8 X 10 paw-trait of me in the most expensive finish. It's quite handsome, even dignified, I'd say. When it arrives, Mom will put it on my Dogster page so everyone can admire it.


Going, going, GONE!

May 29th 2010 6:26 pm
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BOL! I'm an only dog again. After my experience of last week, that's a good thing. If only Mom had checked with me first, we could have avoided a very challenging week. A five-month old toy fox terrier is NOT a good match for a ten-year old shih tzu. Mom thought he was really cute - entertaining, she said. Lively and funny, she said. She even tolerated his maniacal barking at himself in the mirror at 6:00 in the morning when WE wanted to sleep later.

She finally realized that he was not helping me feel better, so we drove all day yesterday to take him home. It was a really long car ride, but totally worth it! Now I'm much more cheerful and my tail wags all the time! I think Mom has decided that I'll get used to being an only dog and we'll just make the best of it together.


Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy!

May 24th 2010 8:31 pm
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Well, she did it. Mom went to the dog show and came home with not just a dog, but a TERRIER! What WAS she thinking? He's a pretty cute little guy, I guess, for a terrier - my size, my color, but he doesn't have much hair! The worst of it is, he's only FIVE MONTHS OLD! All along, Mom's been talking about finding me a friend who's mature and sedate, someone I can relate to, who's perhaps had some of the same experiences I've had, and what does she do but the exact opposite! His name is Rudy, and he doesn't know ANYTHING! He barks at every noise, puts everything in his mouth, and you should have seen his leash manners! You should see him at dinnertime - he doesn't want to eat his food but he does want to eat mine and Mom has to lock him in the other room when she has dinner because he's in her plate!

Guess what was the first thing he did when he came into the house? He stole my bunny! Luckily, I have two, but now one of them has terrier spit on it. I show him very clearly what I think of him whenever he gets close to me. I curl my lips and my whiskers quiver, and if that doesn't do it, I snarl. He has the advantage of youth, however, and he can jump like a gazelle and climb like a mountain goat, so all I can do is threaten him with empty snarls. (He doesn't know I don't have many teeth.)

I heard Mom tell her friend Connie tonight that he's not working out :) and he's going to have to go home. Ha! Maybe those snarls weren't so empty after all! So that means another really long ride in the car, because he's from Chehalis, wherever that is, but it will be worth it to have him out of my life. Maybe the next time she decides to get me a friend, I'll get to vote on it.


Spa Day

May 21st 2010 5:46 pm
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I AM GORGEOUS! I had to wait a long time for my grooming day after I ended up in the drainage ditch - good thing Mom got most of the gunk off right away. I have a lot of empathy for the animals caught in the oil spill!

Mom posted some pictures of me with my new haircut - LOOKIN' GOOOD! I am so-o-o relaxed after my spa day, as you can see in one of my pictures. My pal Poochini had a hair day today, too. Mom kind of shuttled us back and forth.

Mom's thinking about looking for a friend for me, now that Tanner is gone. I'm so afraid of riding in the car alone, but I do feel better when Poochini is with me. I'd like a pal, I just want to be sure that I won't get any less attention with someone new in the house.

I'd write more, but I'm still kind of sleep-y...


Thank Dog for Rimadyl!

May 13th 2010 10:02 pm
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I'm finally starting to feel normal two days after my misadventure, but, boy, was I stiff and sore from my very long walk. I did a lot of sleeping and groaned a little whenever I had to get up or down. I'm starting to recover my good humor and playfulness - it sure is good to be home! Mom's trying to get me used to going in the car again - she takes me for short drives and sometimes lets me get out with her and other times leaves me in the car alone, but only for a short time and scatters treats around the car to take my mind off being left alone. I'm gradually getting better, but I'm always REALLY glad to get back home again.

Today we went to see Grandma in the nursing home; all the grandmas there want to pet me because they really miss their own dogs, so I try to be friendly even though it's hard. They reach out their fingers and I lick them a little. They talk to me in soft voices and I know I'm safe. I especially like going there right after they've had lunch so I can help them clean up under the tables.

Tomorrow Mom says I can help her work in the yard while some strangers are working inside our house. She says we're having an Open House on Saturday, whatever that is. I'm a little concerned because if the house is open that might mean that strangers can come in. Mom says we have to do something about my fear of strangers - if I hadn't been afraid to ask for help when I was lost, I might have gotten home a lot sooner.


Patch's Not-So-Excellent Adventure

May 11th 2010 6:43 pm
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I'm OK! But this is a day I won't soon forget. Mom left me home alone this morning at 8:00 for the first time since Tanner passed away and I panicked. I'm not sure what time it was when I found a way out of the yard and went to look for her. I went to the park and a lot of people saw me and called to me, but you know how I feel about strangers, so I ran away. Apparently they called the police, because Mom was able to track me (it just took her a dawg-gone long time to catch up to me!). A lady told her she had seen me around the Heritage Apartments, but when she didn't find me there, she called the police again, and they told her someone had spotted me heading down the Hampton Rd. toward Northwood. She was incredulous because that's out in the country! She said, "Are you sure it was a LITTLE black-and-white dog?" So she drove down the Hampton Rd. AND the Northwood Rd. AND back again, and stopped at two places to ask if they had seen me. One said no and his dogs hadn't either, so she knew she had gone too far. She drove way back to the park and started over again, this time stopping at a place where she saw some people coming around from the back of place that looked a field office. A young man said, Yes, he had seen a little dog who was going down the road and then went into a raspberry field. So Mom said she drove into the field and walked and walked, and the young man and his wife and brother helped her look for me. I was lying in the grass, on the other side of a drainage ditch, too exhausted to go on after swimming across the ditch when I heard her call my name. All I could do was raise my head, but she saw me and told me to stay there. Like I could move! The young man, our hero, whose name was DOUG DAVIS, took off his shoes and shirt and waded into the thigh-high muck, came across the chest-high water in the ditch and rescued me. Mom and I were so happy, but I think we were both in shock. We were also very stinky - do you know what's in a drainage ditch? in cow country? Among other things, fertilizer in its raw form. I hope Doug was able to get all the stink off, but I know that I've had two baths and I still have something of an "aura." Mom used a loofah on herself and threw away her shirt. I don't think it smells that bad - I would have rolled in it anyway, but Mom's going to make an appointment with the groomer tomorrow.

By the way, for dinner I got...CHICKEN!!! in hand.

Well, Mom learned her lesson. She won't ever let me out of her sight again unless she knows I can't possibly escape. That's OK with me - my legs are tired and my pads are sore. An eight-hour walk is too much for an old, fat dog like me!


Prince Tanner

May 10th 2010 4:44 pm
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I wanted to share some pictures of my BFF Tanner in his better days, when he was feeling good and liked to goof off. He would also tear around the living room (hard to get a photo of that) in tight circles for about 5 minutes, somehow avoiding all Mom's precious decor. I guess he was used to a circular track, but must have thought it was really compressed!

I went out to help Mom in the yard today - we pruned trees and pulled weeds. I had to be on my leash (grrr) because I like to explore outside the yard and she doesn't want me to. You know how Moms worry - but my yard is no fun. I already know all the smells - I made them myself.

On Saturday Mom took me in the car with her friend and her friend's dog, Poochini. Poochini didn't like me at first and wasn't shy about telling me so, but when the Moms got out of the car, all we had was each other, so we managed to work out our differences. Mostly we just ignored each other, but it was nice to have company in the car again. The Moms took us for a really long walk along the boardwalk to Boulevard Park. I had very good manners meeting all the dogs that were on the walk, but Poochini growled and snapped at everyone. Poochini weighs about 3 pounds, so most of the other dogs just looked out of the corner of their eye and said, "Yeah... right." I like meeting other dogs, it's just people I have a problem with. I'm not really sure I can trust them, so I'm very cautious at first... and second... well, actually for quite a long time. I like to stand behind Mom when strangers are around.

I'm sending loving thoughts to Tanner, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

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