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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

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Dog Blog

March 28th 2011 9:39 pm
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For anydog who's interested I've set up my DogBlog, although there's not going to be much on it for awhile. But if you wanna check it out, go to and you will recognize my happy face. You also can see on the map where I'll be living. AdHV (That's BOL in French for all you non-French barkers.)


The Bunny Runway

March 27th 2011 10:17 pm
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Mom felt really bad that it was so hard to play bunny on our slick new floors. When I slid and scrambled around chasing the bunny, it hurt my legs and I'd start to limp. So she bought me some carpet runners to stretch from our t.v. room, where we spend a lot of time, out into the kitchen. Now she can throw the bunny down the "runway" and I can chase it without sprawling all over the floor like Thumper on the ice. It's my favorite thing to do, even more than going for a walk, so I'm really happy to play bunny again.

In three weeks we leave for Paris. Today Mom spent a lot of time deciding what to bring along. I've been practicing staying in my airplane carrier and I do pretty well - I don't complain or scratch or try to get out, but I can't really relax in there. I just keep waiting for the time when Mom unzips the door. I really think the airlines are unreasonable to make us dogs sit under the seat the whole way, when they allow babies and little kids to wail and scream and annoy everyone. If I could sit beside my mom I'd be a really well-behaved, quiet gentleman, and I wouldn't kick the back of the seat in front of me, either.

I have my doggie passport ready to go with my health certificate, and my new microchip (European approved) has been implanted. Now that I have two - American-style and French, I can be identified on two continents. I also have a new id tag with my Paris address and phone number on it, but I don't plan on getting lost. I'm a velcro dog - I stick pretty close to my mom and never let her out of my sight.

I think my book is going to be too long to put in my Dogster diary, so I'll probably do it as a blog and put a link to it on my Dogster page for anyone who's interested. Soon as I get over jet lag.


It's About Time!

March 13th 2011 5:32 pm
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Mom has been so busy with the move lately that she hasn't had time to type for me, but now that she's down with a cold, I talked her into updating my diary.

We've been in our new condo now for about two weeks and I'm starting to feel at home. Some of our routines are different and we're still trying to work out some things, but I've been "goin' with the flow" and haven't suffered too much stress. I've made a few mistakes of the pee and poop kind, but I'm becoming more and more reliable. Mom still has the new area rug covered with plastic but I haven't gone on it. (I'm just waitin'...)

I didn't know I wasn't supposed to pee or poop in the hallway outside our condo, but I do now! When we go out our door, Mom hightails it to the elevator with me on a tight leash saying, "Go fast, Patch! Keep going fast!"

There's a girl dog who lives in this building that I met the other day. I impressed her by peeing right in front of her. She was pretty friendly after that - she wagged her tail in that quick way dogs do when they're really interested in meeting someone new and checked me out (if you get my meaning). She's a Havanese - don't think I've ever met one before - and awfully hairy. I think she'd look better with a tidy haircut. But you know how some girls like long, tousled hair. They think it looks sexy - I think it just looks messy. Her mom said she's a retired brood mom. I kind of got the idea she didn't really want to be retired.

It's a little more boring here than in my other place. It's not as good a place for playing bunny because the floors are all slick wood and I can't get enough traction. I'll be glad when the weather improves 'cause Mom said we'll go to the park to play bunny.

I got my new European micro-chip and another rabies shot last week. Mom sent in the form from the vet to be certified. Then I'll have to have one more health certification before we leave for Paris. Mom says it's going to be a long trip - hope I can sleep most of the time.

We're doing some research for my book, "Patch in Paris." It's going to be about living in Paris from a dog's point of view. Mom wants to add little bits of dog history such as famous French dogs or dogs of famous French people.

Mom bought me a new bed for our new living room - she said the old one didn't match. This one has zebra stripes to match the new zebra stripe chair. I didn't think that was necessary - I'm happy just sitting in the chair, but you know moms...

Speaking of which, mine says she's tired of typing and wants to take a nap, so I'll update you on the trip preparations later.

Au revoir!



March 1st 2011 8:09 pm
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Whew, puff, puff! Moving is really hard work! Our new condo is at the end of the hallway from the elevator. I must have followed Mom back and forth a hundred times moving stuff in. She told me to wait in the condo but no way was I going to let her do all that without me! We've slept here three nights now and it's going pretty well, but Mom hasn't had a lot of time to play bunny with me - although she did stop at the pet store to get me a new one because my old one lost two of his feet.

Mom says I'm being a really good boy. I haven't been needy or barked or anything, except when she was trying to put together some metal shelves and was making an awful lot of noise. There were crashes and clanking going on and I got pretty nervous and wanted to sit on her lap, but she said, "Oh, Patch, I just can't have you on my lap right now - I've got to get this done." I brought her my bunny and everything, but - except for giving it a little toss - she wouldn't pay any attention to me. Later she was taking her clothes out of a suitcase and hanging them up in the closet. I tried to be a little harder to ignore so I curled up in the suitcase - that got her attention. She said, "Oh, Patch, you're so funny!"

She did tell me that I'm doing a really good job of peeing on the pee pad, though. Except for that one time... Dang! I thought for sure that was a pee pad. It was the same color as a pee pad. How's a guy to know?

I have a little tiny balcony - just dog-sized. I like watching all the people down below going about their business. At our old house there was never anything to watch. This place might work out... we'll see.



February 22nd 2011 8:14 pm
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I finally got to scope out the new condo today. Mom took me for a long walk around the neighborhood first where I anointed lots of spots to mark my new territory. She thought that by doing this I would be less likely to pee in our new home on the first visit. She was right - it worked. Unfortunately, (I guess I must have had a nervous stomach) I vomited instead. In the only room that was carpeted. Mom had been prepared for pee by bringing along a pee pad, but she hadn't thought that something might come out the other end. (snicker) Sorry, Mom. So she had nothing to clean it up with. The real estate agent who had let us in was kind enough to run downstairs to get some napkins and newspaper because there wasn't even toilet paper in the condo yet. Poor Mom was trying to clean up the mess with itty-bitty napkins and talk to the window treatment lady and listen to the instructions from the realtor all at the same time - not an auspicious beginning.

So, after a false start (moving day was supposed to be last Friday), our new moving day will be Saturday. We're tired of camping out in our own house with everything packed in boxes, ready to be moved.

Lots of changes ahead - not only will we be living in a new place that you have to get to by elevator, but I have to change my vet. I hope my new vet doesn't give shots or clean teeth - I hope she only gives dog cookies. My old vet spoke softly and said reassuring things and then pinched me or poked me or took me away from my Mom. I hope my new vet doesn't do any of those things. Some dogs don't shake and shiver when they go to the vet - they must either be first-timers or stupid!



February 12th 2011 8:13 pm
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It's really been boring around here with Mom busy packing all day and not paying much attention to me. We haven't played bunny for days and it's been too rainy to go for a walk. I know a lot of you guys have had snow, but we've had so much rain that it's piling up under our house. We had to spend a lot of money having a sump pump put under the house for the new owners. The only interesting thing that's happened is that the workers found a really big 'possum under the house who was really upset with the ruckus everybody was making. I guess it's not a good thing to have a 'possum under your house, because every one was making a very big deal out of it and they finally decided to set a trap for him. 'Possums aren't the high scorers of the animal kingdom on the Intelligence Quotient but so far he's been smart enough to stay out of the trap.

Mom took me back to the SPAW for a swim yesterday since I hadn't been getting much exercise. It was good to see Melissa again, but I still don't like to swim. We're going to go once a week for a few weeks, just to stay in shape. Now that I've lost weight and have a waist, I have to be careful not to put the pounds back on.

Next Friday is moving day. I'll finally get to see my new home. Mom says I have to pick ONE place to pee and stick to it so she'll know where to put the pee pads. I might have to try out a few places, though, to see which is the best one.

Had my teeth cleaned this week - nice to have clean, shiny choppers again. Mom got a discount because I don't have very many of them. On Tuesday I have to go to the groomer again. It sure is a lot of work keeping up a good appearance.


Where's My Couch?

February 1st 2011 6:45 pm
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It's quiet. Finally. No one's here but Mom and me. It's been two weeks of chaos, starting with everything coming out of cupboards and closets and being "displayed" around the house. Then people came - lots of people. And we had to leave OUR OWN house every day, early, before the people came. Now, it's quiet and we're home, but...THERE'S NO FURNITURE! My couch is gone. My steps up to the couch go nowhere. The living room is empty (which is good in a way, because there's a lot more room to play bunny). Mom says when we move into our new condo we'll have all new furniture. She seems to think that's a good thing, but I liked the old couch - it smelled like me, and even a little bit of Tanner's smell was left on it.

I almost got to go into the new place, but I blew it. Mom and I met the real estate agent there so she could measure the spaces and I was finally going to get to take a sniff around. But just as we pulled up, I threw up in the console. I guess I was just so excited that I couldn't help it. Well, that little involuntary reaction caused me to have to stay in the car, so I STILL haven't had a chance to mark my new territory. I'll wait till Mom gets the new furniture moved in. ;)



January 19th 2011 6:55 pm
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WHAT IS GOING ON?! Every day now Mom is moving our stuff all around. She's taking it out of cupboards and closets, putting some stuff in boxes, putting other stuff on card tables - our house is looking more like a store with all the stuff lined up and out on display. Two ladies have been helping her and I don't like strangers moving our stuff around. Mom says we're going to have a moving sale because when we move to the condo we're going to get NEW stuff. WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR OLD STUFF?! She'd better leave MY stuff alone! I've been following her around carrying my bunnies so they don't go into a box or get sold at the sale. All this activity and strangers in the house have made me very nervous and I've been peeing all over the place. Mom understands what I'm going through, but her patience is wearing thin. She told me that just because she's going to have the carpet cleaned when we move out doesn't mean that I have to see how stinky I can make it before. At least she's leaving the corner where my beds are untouched for the time being.

Hey, Teddy and Casey, if things get too bad here can I move in with you for awhile?


Happiness Is a Warm Home - Wherever It Is!

January 10th 2011 10:06 pm
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Today Mom got a phone call and when she hung up she went crazy! She was squealing and shrieking and laughing and hugging me - she was so excited that I got all excited and I didn't even know what we were excited about! All I know is there was a lot of BOL! BOL! BOL! going on. I was just so happy that she was so happy! Then she told me why - she SOLD OUR HOUSE! Without even asking me! I don't know how I feel about that. We're going to live in a condo. (What IS a condo, anyway?) Will I like living in a condo? It will be smaller than our house, but we only stay in one room at a time anyway. It won't have a yard, but I don't like to go out in the yard anyway. I'll still get my dinner, I'll still have my bunny, and I'll still be with Mom - I guess it will be all right. Might take some getting used to. She says it's on the third floor, so I'll get to look out the window and watch what's going on - I might like that, but usually I'm more interested in Mom than anything else.

I don't really think about the future and not even too much about the past. The past stays with me in feelings more than memories. But I have a feeling that my "present" is going to be a whole lot busier in the future. Sorting, packing, moving, unpacking - and THEN...PARIS! It's enough to make a dog want dig a nest in his blankie and not come out!


Christmas 2010

December 25th 2010 6:22 pm
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This is Mom's and my first Christmas without Tanner and Grandma. so we were a little sad, but our good friends stepped right up and gave us the Christmas love that we needed. We spent Christmas Eve with Krysta, the person Mom picked out to have for her "daughter" and her family. They especially invited me to come too. Their daughter Jia, who is even cuter than I am, wants to be friends. I'm kind of shy, so I'm still getting to know and trust her, but I wanted her to know that I like her and I want to be friends too, even though I'm not very brave, so I gave her a green bunny just like mine! We played together with it - sort of. They had a Christmas tree with TONS of presents under it. I loved walking under it and around and over the Christmas presents; once I came out with lights on my head! Mom really laughed at that, but then I had to stop going under the tree.

They have two cats and two rats. One of the cats came in and looked at me and then went out. Then Krysta brought in one of the white rats. I checked it out briefly but didn't see anything special about it so I went back to sleep. The rat (who is named after me)kept bobbing his head and twitching his whiskers at me. That's all he did. I didn't see much point to him.

Then today, on Christmas Day, Mom went over to Aunt Connie's. She advised me to stay home because there would be lots of people and LOTS of kids, and twice as many feet to dodge. I wasn't thrilled about being left home, but I'm glad Mom got to spend part of the day with Aunt Connie, Poochini, and their family. I waited at the door to the garage, as usual, till she came home. She's finally remembering to open the door slowly so she doesn't bump me with it. I like to be the first one to greet her when she gets home (not that there's anyone else here).

So, all in all, it was a pretty nice Christmas! I hope everydog out there had a grrreat Christmas, too!

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