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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

Progress Report

November 16th 2010 7:53 pm
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I hate to admit it, but all this working out is paying off - I'm really a lot stronger, leaner and meaner than I was! Now when Mom and I go for a walk, I'm the one out in front. And I'm TROTTING instead of dragging behind! And Mom can hardly keep up with me! I feel like a new dog!

I've had five physical therapy sessions, which includes swimming (!), my most UN-favorite thing and Mom has really been working me hard at home. The latest thing was setting up a series of hurdles for me to step over. The agility dogs have a fancy name for them that starts with C, I think; I don't remember what it is. But Mom, being something of a cheapskate, decided I would never enter the professional world of dog agility, so she would make them. After shopping around for something that would do the job and not cost much, she saw a worker in a craft store throwing away large pieces of styrofoam. Hmmm, she thought to herself, (she told me this later - I was waiting in the car again) I might be able to use these in some way, so after asking permission, she went dumpster-diving for the styrofoam pieces. Having scored big there, we went to that big store that starts with W and there she looked for anything that might work for poles. No cardboard tubes available, but... wrapping paper has cardboard tubes inside it. Since the cardboard tubes at the office store were $2.89, she was looking for a price that was lower than that. Aha, wrapping paper for $2.50 a roll - but let's see if we can beat that. It was starting to turn into a game show! In the Christmas department she found Christmas wrap for $5.00 for a 4-roll pack - now we're getting somewhere! But wait! At the end of the next aisle were $1 rolls! Way to go, Mom! So she piled ten rolls into her cart and we had the makings of our C-poles.

When we got home, she put each roll of Christmas wrap between two chunks of styrofoam to make a low hurdle and then set them up in the hallway so I would have to step over them instead of around them. I caught on right away what to do, except that I wanted to do it really fast like the border collies, but Mom wanted me to do it slowly, so I had to learn CONTROL. Don't you think CONTROL is a really hard thing to learn?

Thanks to George for the yummy cupcake! I won't tell Mom because I'm on a diet, you know.


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