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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

SPAW Treatment

October 27th 2010 12:40 pm
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So much has happened since my last diary entry, I hardly know where to begin. Mom has been spending most of her time putting my book together. It's almost finished. It's my diary entries illustrated with pictures of me and my friends and our adventures.

I had to go to the vet last Friday for a lot of x-rays to see why I was limping. I went to sleep for a while and I don't know what happened while I was out but I sure was sore when I woke up. And it took me a long time to wake up. I was still kind of groggy on Saturday, so Mom, being the worry-wart that she is, called the vet to see if that was normal. He said that often OLD DOGS take longer to come out of the sedation. I was pretty miffed at that, but Mom said to get used to it - she gets that a lot.

Well, the x-rays showed just a little arthritis, nothing really serious, so the next day we went off to the SPAW where I was evaluated for a hydrotherapy program for weight loss and muscle tone. When we got there I wasn't sure where I was - it didn't really smell like a vet's office but it sure wasn't somebody's home. Melissa, who will be my therapist, took us into a back room and asked Mom a lot of questions about me, including when was my birthday. We didn't know the answer to that one, so we just made it up - it will be my adoption day, July 5. Soon the doctor came in and he was a BIG MAN. You know how I feel about men, and this one did nothing to endear his species to mine. He grabbed my back legs and pushed and twisted me around like a wheelbarrow! As soon as I could get loose I ran under the bench Mom was sitting on and hid behind her legs.

Next we went into the hydrotherapy room and looked at the exercise pool. Do you know what it had in it? WATER! I don't like water! I'll have to walk on an underwater treadmill and swim against jets. Don't you think that's going too far? But they think I should still lose more weight and get stronger so my legs won't hurt. I thought I had done pretty well by losing three pounds, but they weren't impressed. So this is my program: walking on the treadmill in and out of the water, swimming (my favorite thing - NOT!), a variety of muscle-building exercises including crawling, high-stepping, digging, push-ups (yeah, right), and some stretches that Mom will help me with. In fact, I'm not doing any of this without Mom. She told me she thought I should do the work and she would sit and watch, but let me tell you, a little activity wouldn't hurt her either.

So we started today. She gives me these miniscule liver treats (crumbs, almost) when I work hard. But the aroma of them drives me on. Part way through I had this great stroke of luck - the phone rang! Listen up, all you pups, when your mom is on the phone, you can get away with ANYTHING! I walked up my exercise steps onto the sofa and found the rest of the training treats! I got a scolding when Mom was off the phone, but it was totally worth it! But now I have to work without treats for the rest of the day. :(

Give me a month and I'll look like a doberman pinscher!


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