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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

Just a-Strollerin' Along...

August 21st 2010 11:09 pm
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Today Mom asked me if I wanted to go along with her to the Bite of Bellingham. Well now, anything with "bite" in it sounded pretty good to me, so she loaded our "new" stroller in the van, picked up Aunt Connie and Poochini and off we went.The Bite consisted of a lot of white tents with all different kinds of FOOD! There was pizza and Indian food and pork sliders; there was creme brulee and custard tarts and carrot cake - why, oh why does she do this to me? She did give me a bite here and there, but I noticed she kept most of them for herself.

The new stroller worked great! At first Mom thought we wouldn't need it, but after dodging feet and fending off agressive dogs, she changed her mind and we went back for it. It's very comfy - I can sit (forwards or backwards)or lie down, and it has a convertible top that not only provides shade, but has a porthole so I can see Mom through it. Mom liked it because people made way for us - just like the parting of the Red Sea, she said.

You'll never guess what we did next! Aunt Connie wanted a pedicure, but it was too hot to leave Poochini and me in the car, so she asked the lady at the desk if we could come in too, and the lady said Yes. It was a very strange place, all these ladies sitting around with their feet in water, and the smells weren't nearly as good as at the "Bite." In fact, I didn't like them at all - they tickled my nose. But I was very well-behaved, as usual. I lay quietly beside Mom while a lady rubbed her feet and legs and then painted this red stuff all over her toenails! She asked me what color I would like, but I wasn't having any of that! I do have my dignity, you know. Poochini was making a fool of herself, as usual, barking and jumping around. At one point she lost her chewstick in her mom's footbath and when the lady saw it she pulled her hands out of the water and said, "What's THAT?" But it was only a chewstick.

Finally, Mom and Aunt Connie were finished having their legs rubbed and feet massaged and toenails polished and we got to leave. They didn't even give us anything to eat. Although, I have to admit, I did score pretty well today - a buffalo chip, a Cruisin' Coffee biscuit, a chewstick from Aunt Connie and a few bites from Mom's lunch - better than the average day.

So, after the smelly place we got to go home, right? Wrong! Then Poochini and I had to stay in the car, which had cooled down by that time, while our moms went shopping. We waited and waited and waited...I was so happy to see Mom when she finally came back that I had to pretend-attack her and squeal. She always squeals back and tells me she's excited to see me, too. Gotta love my mom!


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