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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

Arts, Crafts, and Greyhounds

August 8th 2010 8:55 pm
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On Furriday, Mom, in her on-going effort to socialize me, decided to take me with her to the arts and crafts fair in a town far, far away. She knew that I would not be able to walk a long time and also that I'd get tired of looking at ankles and dodging feet all day, so she took Grandma's wheeled walker out of the garage and fixed it up for me to ride in. It has a basket and a seat, and although the basket is a little too small for all of me to sit in, it worked pretty well to sit my bottom in the basket and put my front legs on the seat. Mom had the basket lined with a comfy cushion so I wouldn't get grid lines on my derriere. When we were practicing with my new mode of transportation, I got nervous and bailed out a couple of times, so Mom put a harness on me and fastened me to the bar. I got used to it pretty quickly and was able to relax and enjoy the ride. We were quite the attraction at the arts-and-crafts fair - everyone thought that Mom had a great idea and that I was very spoiled - NOT! Sometimes I'd get tired of riding and Mom would let me get out and walk for a while. There were so many people and dogs to look at and the food smells...I wish Mom would stop taking me to these places if she won't let me eat the food people drop on the ground! All in all, it was pretty successful; I really am feeling much more relaxed in new situations.

Good thing, too, because the next day there was another new experience waiting for me. (Where does she come up with these things?) We drove very far again, this time in the opposite direction, to a birthday party for greyhounds! Mom took me along as an honorary greyhound because we had lost our Tanner last May. I was the shortest guy there (and the furriest) among all these wasp-waisted, needle-nosed really-tall hounds who all wanted to get to know me at once. They recognized that I was an outsider right away, and I had to put a couple of them in their place. (Good thing they don't know I'm missing too many teeth to be much of a threat. My snarl is so scary it's all I need.)
There were greyhounds of every imaginable color and lots of different sizes. At first they were running in packs and chest-bumping each other; after a while they slowed down and each kind of did his own thing. Some dug holes in the sand and lay in them, others napped on one of the beds or just strolled around getting acquainted. There was a LOT of peeing going on.
A dog psychic was giving readings; I was very skeptical about her abilities, especially when she kept calling me "she" and "her," (if she can't see what's right in front of her, how is she going to "see" what I'm thinking?) but she did say that there was going to be a BIG EVENT in my life (Paris?) and asked Mom if she did any writing (my book?) That was a little spooky... And she also said that she "saw" a lot of wings, a lot of angels' wings hovering over me, protecting me for the time that Mom would come and get me. I kind of liked that.

The two best things that happened were that I got a BIG piece of liver cake with cream cheese frosting and an ice cream cup! I was actually given two pieces of liver cake, but Mom took one away and said one was enough - bummer! Then, the lady who gave the party gave me my own T-shirt with Pooh Bear and birthday balloons on it! I was one happy dog! Socialization is GOOD!


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Barked by: Teddy (Dogster Member)

August 10th 2010 at 9:32 am

Hey Patch, Sounds like you have quite a ride, a few flags and streamers and you're all set to be in a parade. Teddy

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