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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

Mom Knows Best???

August 1st 2010 6:27 pm
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OMD! I thought humans were the high-intelligence mammals! Let me tell you about the last couple of days when the decision-maker in the family apparently had a bad case of brain-fade.

On Friday we went to Starbucks for Mom's mocha fix and it was too hot to leave me in the car, so she thought no one would notice if she just casually walked in with me, and no one did until I peed on the floor in front of the counter while she was ordering her low-fat very berry coffee cake. Then when the man in front of us stepped in it, well, it all hit the fan! Mom was unbearably embarrassed, there was a lot of uncertainty about who was going to clean it up and then...the manager came out. To her credit, she kept a smile on her face all the time she was explaining about the rules of the Health Department, and someone FINALLY came out with a mop bucket, and we paid our bill and skedaddled out of there, apologizing all the way. (Later we gave them a big tip.)

Problem was, Mom forgot to let me relieve myself before going into a strange place - she knows how nervous I get.

The next day was even worse! Because I've been a stay-at-home dog and Mom wants to get me used to new situations (e.g. Starbucks), she decided to put me in the shopping cart and take me into Big Lots with her and Aunt Connie. I was doing my best to be brave and only shaking a little bit - Mom kept telling me what a good boy I was. Then Aunt Connie, who is a little vertically challenged, asked Mom to reach a dog bed on the highest shelf for her. Mom said, "Sure, but watch Patch for me." Well, instead, Aunt Connie watched Mom take the bed down and I bailed out of the shopping cart! I was surprised to find out how far down it was to the ground! After I shook myself off, nothing seemed to be seriously hurt, but I sure got a lot of attention! Good thing I have a little extra padding! Mom was horrified, Aunt Connie was remorseful, and I was glad to get out of there! I hope I survive Mom's mission to de-sensitize me to new experiences!


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