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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy!

May 24th 2010 8:31 pm
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Well, she did it. Mom went to the dog show and came home with not just a dog, but a TERRIER! What WAS she thinking? He's a pretty cute little guy, I guess, for a terrier - my size, my color, but he doesn't have much hair! The worst of it is, he's only FIVE MONTHS OLD! All along, Mom's been talking about finding me a friend who's mature and sedate, someone I can relate to, who's perhaps had some of the same experiences I've had, and what does she do but the exact opposite! His name is Rudy, and he doesn't know ANYTHING! He barks at every noise, puts everything in his mouth, and you should have seen his leash manners! You should see him at dinnertime - he doesn't want to eat his food but he does want to eat mine and Mom has to lock him in the other room when she has dinner because he's in her plate!

Guess what was the first thing he did when he came into the house? He stole my bunny! Luckily, I have two, but now one of them has terrier spit on it. I show him very clearly what I think of him whenever he gets close to me. I curl my lips and my whiskers quiver, and if that doesn't do it, I snarl. He has the advantage of youth, however, and he can jump like a gazelle and climb like a mountain goat, so all I can do is threaten him with empty snarls. (He doesn't know I don't have many teeth.)

I heard Mom tell her friend Connie tonight that he's not working out :) and he's going to have to go home. Ha! Maybe those snarls weren't so empty after all! So that means another really long ride in the car, because he's from Chehalis, wherever that is, but it will be worth it to have him out of my life. Maybe the next time she decides to get me a friend, I'll get to vote on it.


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