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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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April 24th 2013 7:39 pm
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Hell-o Pals- Just wanted to let our pals know that Gma's Daddy is very very ill. He isn't going to get well. Prayers are appreciated.
She is leaving us to go be with him,her Mom and sister. She will be Indiana. She is leaving before the sun rises on Friday and will be gone a month. Maybe longer. Depends on how things go there and here at our Ponderosa.

Precious and I promised to be very good for Gpa. He is busy calving. The grand kids will come to visit us. Gma thinks she can hire them to help Gpa with his housekeeping.

OMD! She has so many lists to make to leave him.So he knows where everything is. Important stuff,like my treat stash. All the foodies Gma lined up for him. (He even gets to eat stuff, Gma won't let him eat often when she is here) Maybe this means I'll get more treats? Gpa's more generous with the goodies and forgets how little I am.

Tomorrow, she spends the day packing,canceling her May appts. Checking and rechecking all the
to-do's. Has to teach Gpa how to use the new washer.

You know Gpa can't turn a puter on. Gma really won't have much free time. Maybe once a week, she can find her way to a puter to check in? Don't know.

BTW- we still have snow on the ground.
Friday it is suppose to be 70. Sure and Gma
won't be here to enjoy it! She'll believe it,
when someone tells her it really happened.

We will miss you all...
Luv Our Pals,
Mazy and Precious



April 21st 2013 1:18 pm
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SUN IS SHINING! Yippy! Had a few drizzles this morning but
NO SNOW so far! The forecast for today was Snow...It is in the 40's
but windy and chilly. Today is the warmest day since the snowstorm.
Friday,we saw our 1st. pair of doves.No songbirds here yet.
The geese are very few when flying over to Canada. Normally
come in the 1,000's. Haven't been many yet! Still cold there.
Maybe Spring is slowly creeping into the prairie.

Gpa is still having his share of calving troubles. Now have 4
on the moo-bottles.... Several moos were born when it was pretty
cold at 10 degrees. Gpa had to get them up,warmed up and something
in them. The newest baby,he thinks is a twin. When Gpa took him
a bottle he was very hungry. Gma worries about Gpa's long days.
All the walking in the sloppies,liftin' and carryin'.He looks real tired.

Gma isn't out there with him but she is draggin' too.
Probably the weather is draggin' her down.
It sure keeps her aches and pains in overdrive.
Suppose to be warmer this next week. Let's hope it
takes the snow away. Their friend came and took the extra bed.
We did it early in the mornin',so things were still frozen.

Room is all cleaned up for our bed. As soon as it dries up
enough to have the big truck deliver new one. Gma's sure hopin'
the bed will help her feel more rested. She's wonderin' how we
will every do everything,once nice weather is here to stay????

I've had a tubbie and blowdryer 3 days in a row! I was naughty,
couldn't resist and rolled in critter poop... After Gma said, I
was gettin' a tubbie...I LOOK at her and rolled in it again!
Gpa laughed! He said,"well, she might just as well get her
monies worth....."

Saturday is was only 10 degrees in the mornin'. SSSoooooo,out
came the soup pot and we made German Kneophla Soup.(It is
potatoes,dumplings,carrots,onion,celery,chicken broth
and cream.) Help keep Gpa full,stick to your ribs comfort
food, while stayin' outside all day. This mornin' we made him
2 big pans of caramel rolls. We froze a bunch for other days.
Gma had to cook a new batch of venison steak for us furs. I
sampled, while she cut it up to bag and refreeze some,ready
to go. Precious and I only have about an ounce at night. Now
if they had given it to me....I would have eaten a whole
caramel roll! I did have 1 little bite...Sometimes,I think,
I need glasses to see my little bites?????

We have a little touch of spring color in the house. Last
fall just before Gma was going to bring some yard pots in
for the winter. We had hail, her 2 ferns and 9 geraniums
were all broke up and knocked full of holes. She drug them
in,pinched off all the bad stuff. Shook her head and said,
"I don't know if they will come back or not?" They did!!!!
6 of the 9 are covered with bright red blossoms. They
brighten the sunroom. Will all go back outside when possible.
The ferns have to go to the front yard this year. They were
so pretty on the patio.The barn kitties decided they make
cushy beds for nappin'. Several times they broke them down.

Gonna zoom around and pop into my groups. See what's happening?
Enjoyed a few pal diaries and pictures earlier today. Precious
still has cabin fever! She is goin' out a little everyday now.
She is still being very naughty! Climbin' and surfin'.....
A couple days ago she started slappin' me in the Snout! NO reason
at ALL! Gma got real upset with her last night, when she
started pickin' on me! She told her,better watch out....Mazy's
only gonna let you do that so many times AND she will
decide to defend herself! I've been trapped for months too!
How come she's the one gettin' on every hoomans nerves?????
Even Gpa's...He's tired and she wants you to sit and hold
her all the time. My hoomans have a lot to do,sometimes
they just need a little space! She's awful pushy,but she's
a CAT!

catch ya later,mazy



April 17th 2013 12:33 pm
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OMD, there are Blizzards,gizzards and lizards...
What you say? Well the Blizzard was this past Sunday.
April 14,2013 The only blizzard at my house this winter!
It left 18.8" of very wet heavy snow! The wind blew
for 30 hrs. beating on my little prairie house. Followed
by snow,snow and more snow! The snow was nothing compared
to the pounding wind! By Sunday afternoon, I couldn't
see out my windows. We couldn't see the barns and Gpa
couldn't go out anymore to check the Moos!

I was warm inside and we prayed the cattle would be okay.
I wasn't that upset,cuz...Gma and Gpa had to spend their
40th. anniversary with me! Instead of leaving me behind!
So much for the fancy supper out with the kids and grand
kids. Hooman-bro made it to his sister's house late on Friday.
They had grandson's confirmation and dinner on Saturday.
Gma and Gpa had 4 hrs. to spend with furmily. Son took
his quarter of beef and bugged back to twin cities. They
said, everyone else bugged for home too! Gpa needed to set
up shelters for the baby moos. Very short visit....

Gma always has a back up plan. So they tried not to worry
about the cattle troubles that would come. She made them
a crab-shrimp seafood pasta and salad for supper. Jaxcen
had sent a box of chocolate cake home with them for dessert.
Gma had delivered all their mini fruit breads and new stash
of cookies for their freezer. They shared a nice bottle of
wine and watched a movie with us furs.

They will remember this year because of all the snow they
shoveled. Gpa used a big tractor where he could. Monday
while we were cleaning up the mess, it made 45. Tons of snow
melted,but alot to still go! Gma shoveled for over 3 hrs.
I went in and out for a good 3 hrs. I got myself stuck
in the snow...Lost my then I didn't need it!
Now we have water holes, slushies,muddies,big snow banks
and piles of snow everywhere.

Two baby moos born during the storm. They are okay! 1 is on
the bottle just because his Mom doesn't want him. Gpa says,
the cow is going be Burger King burger! She has had 2 nice moos
but doesn't want to grow them up. Lost a new baby moo today.
So far, the herd isn't sick after the storm. The corrals are
a big sloppy mucky mess. We don't know how Gpa can tromp in
that mess everyday????

Gma was cooking gizzards after the storm! Oh wait, it wasn't
gizzards....that's off chickens,right? It was heart from the
beefer we butcher! They were both so sore from all the shoveling
they wanted to put off the supply run for the barn kitties.
Gma cooked them 1/2 a beef heart and chopped it up! Made 2 quarts
of meat.... She wouldn't let me taste it! I danced, yodeled
and nothin' honey!

As to the Lizards...those little green guys,I have in the summer.
Same time I have froggies all over the place. Will I ever
see one again???? Will I get to chase one again???? Will they
disappear from the Ponderosa????Will the snow ever go away????
Squirrels went back into their nests,up in old cottonwood trees.
They aren't coming out ... Gpa said," he did saw a little
striped gopher run across the road yesterday." I bet, he was
shocked to see all the snow piles??????????? He must have
been a dumb gopher??? Where is he???Let me at him! After
8 months,I'm having D.T.'s from not chasing gophers.....
I'll catch him!!!!! Gma, when can you take me gopher hunting?
She says, "not now, she has a couple appointments and I can't
go again! The wait is too long for me...."
I think, that is an Excuse! Well I guess, I'll go lay in the
sunroom. Catch a few rays before the sun disappears again!



I'm So Jealous I Could Spit!

April 9th 2013 4:20 pm
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I'm so JEALOUS,I COULD SPIT!!!!!!!!!!!Here's the deal:
SPRING is coming way to slow to the northern prairies.
I have snowbanks,ice,slushies and tractor ruts. Stuff is
still frozen! I can't play outside,my paws gets too COLD!
Gma can't take it either...Shoots her into another universe
with her chronic pain.

I understand all my pals in the southern states like
Olkahoma,Texas,Florida,Missouri having Green Grass.
Even the Ohio River Valley has Spring! Green grass and
blooming,growin' stuff! Okay, they are way south of me!
I get it! I understand my California pals have little
cold weather and greenish most of the time....

My malti-poo pup pals,Baby Zane and Romeo...Plus my
Poodle pals Nora and Jeannie, they have GREEN GRASS!
I saw a picture of baby Zane playing in grass! It
was in the 70's there and 80's today! WOWZER! They
live in Pennsylvania! That's in the NORTH,isn't it???
When did Pennsylvania get up and move??????

I'm so JEALOUS ...I COULD JUST SPIT! How come it
is almost summery there? I can't even find Spring?
I want to play outside.... I want the snow to melt
in my yard...We want to clean the yard. Use the gas
grill. Dig in the dirt and plant our vegetable garden!
Winter just won't leave and go away!!!!!

The highlight of my day WAS I RAN TO GPA'S PICKUP...
AND DROVE BACK. I ran back into the house and jumped
in the clean hot load of bath towels.....Gma and I
are almost ready to pack our bags and move away!

Wonder what Gpa would say, if we weren't here on
Sunday????It's suppose to be a special day, they
are married 40 years...That's like forever! Now
instead of 40-50's like we should have....We are
having the 20's. Hey, Nothing is melting!!!!!!

Baby Zane, I think, I'm coming to see that Peep
Factory...Real soon! Now, where do I find a chauffeur?
Grandma doesn't drive long distance anymore....
Any fur pal out there Run a Taxi Service?????
This could be one very long FARE! You'd have
treats Forever and Forever! How many treats
does it cost to make the East Coast?????????


Pokies, Marshmallows,Moos... And Other Weird Stuff!

April 4th 2013 3:34 pm
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I just don't know where to begin? Ever have one of those
weeks where everything happens at ONCE??????? Yip, I'm sure
you know all about how confusing that can be!

Well,it all started with the Easter chaos and snowballed from
there. Gma finally had good weather to keep her annual Doctor
appointment. A whole day away means,cram more into other days.
They worked on her owwie on her foot. Poked her for blood and
left a brusie...I Hate, when my Fur Doc does pokies! I have to
go for my spring heart worm test. So, I can go back on my stuff
to prevent those nasties! Here in the frozen north, I only have
to take it 5 months a year. I get a pass for another week due
to other stuffies on calendar. Yippy!

Sorry! They also found a bed, but won't have it for a couple
weeks. I'm not so sure about this new bed thingy! I like our
bed! Gma says, it will be like sleepin' on marshmallows ????
I have eaten marshmallows, but never slept on them! Does that
mean, I can EAT the bed???? Real confusing....somethin' about
latex,memory foam,gel and fabric stuffies all thrown together!

Out in the barnyard, Gpa is gettin' some baby moo-moos. He
had a truck come and take away a bunch of yearlings.....
No time yesterday to play in the slushies,muddies,icies with
me! How dare he???? He had to slop in corrals and sort the
moos.... Of course, it had to be a perfect day of 56 with no
wind,bright blue sky and sunshine! Gma was not sloppin' on
the her sore paw! Today he is gone to watch cattle sell.

Gma,put on boots and slopped around so I could go outside!
It is only 35...I ran in the water,mud,wet hay and all that
jazz! I sniffed coyote poop,saw squirrels runnin' up and down
the big ole cottonwood trees. A bald eagle showed up and
was resting in my trees! Lookin' at me,like I was supper!
I stayed real close to Gma while I played. She carries a big
bad stickie with her!Maybe Spring is truly here now?????

Came in,had a tubby,then a beggin' strip to hold my tummy
until supper. The repairman for the washing machine recall
came and put a new brain in the washer! I didn't know, the
washer had a brain?????????

Precious is being a pain, since she is Cat of the Month at
PDPC. Stickin' her butt in my face and stuff like that! The
Angels Foxie and Baby are being featured at PDPC because
it is April. So they had all these pretty pictures for their
pages. The new game, Wheel-A-Verse at CDAC is doing well.
This keeps me pretty busy,taking care of it......

The past 2 wks. Ooodles of pals have had special days. Like
birthdays,bridge days,special days in groupies and stuffies.
I'm meetin' myself comin' and goin', tryin' to look at all
the Very COOL Springy Stuff! I hope to catch up soon! So,If
I missed your special day: I's so ssssssssoooooooorrrrrryyyyy!
I'm surfin' as fast as my paws will go! LUV U ALL, Mazy


SPRING,IS IT HERE????????????

April 1st 2013 3:57 pm
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HAS SPRING ARRIVED???????Maybe,it is finally going to happen?
We've had a week now of slightly warmer temperatures. Mostly 30's,
a couple of 40's. Some sunshine that always makes it feel warmer.
Several days of very heavy fog. Not so much FUN!

Now we have snow,slush,ice,standing water,some muddy spots,wet
hay & sloppy manure around the place. I've been outside with Gpa
sniffing and snooping several times without a coat. Today Gma
took me for 30 minutes after all the laundry. Today was the 1st.
time,I had to have the paws and tummy showered off. We have been
able to just wipe me off! Looks like spring is finally trying
to unfold! Yippy!

We are hoping we will not have any snow in April! There are a
lot of Aprils where we have had heavy snow. Even snowstorms!
We will be in full swing of calving in about 2 weeks. Last
year on Good Friday it was 81. This year is was 38. Last year,
alot of peeps had potatoes and cool weather vegetables already
planted. This year the ground is still frozen. Ice hangs in
the rain gutters. Last year we had an outside BBQ for Easter.
This year we had Easter Dinner all cooked inside!

We do need rain this spring. As we do not have the subsoil
moisture we had as reserve in spring of 2012. Last year Gma
had washed all the windows inside and outside. Raked the yard
and cleaned up sticks and branches. This year,NOT even
close to warm enough to do so....

We had a Pawsome Easter and we hope all our pals did too!
Thank you for all the Easter Eggs and other Spring pressies
sent to my furmily. Our pages are so very pretty! The
grand children were here. No Easter Egg Hunts this year.
They think they are getting TOO BIG.... No one ASK ME,
if I wanted to pass! I LOVE sniffing out plastic
eggies with my own personal treats stashed inside. We
didn't do it! Gma and Gpa are trying to shake colds.
All the preparations to be ready for the day. Just wasn't
any extra time.

We had a yummy fried chicken dinner,bacon augratin potatoes,
green beans,creamy cucumber salad,green vegetable salad,
relish tray,crescent rolls,lefsa and apple and lemon pies.
Precious and I had chicken for Easter dinner too! I also
tasted the lemon pie. I've Never had that before...I Loved

The kids played toys with me. Granddaughter washed all
the dishes for Gma. I volunteered but was rejected! So
Jaxcen and I went off to play with my stuffies. The peeps
played a whole game of double dominoes. This is 12 rounds
and took all afternoon. It was then time for them to go home.
I was sad to see them go! The kids had school today....
Their school had given a few days off for the state
basketball tournaments.....They had to give up Easter Monday.
I slept in this morning,as I was a pooped pup!

Tell me about your exciting Easter??????
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



March 26th 2013 2:44 pm
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Holy Blood

He walked the way to the garden -
And blood fell in that place;
Bounded before the rulers,
His blood streamed down His face.

No mercy, grace or pardon
Was granted to Him, here.
But, God was, then, providing
The price for all the years!

My sins were, there, upon Him;
Blood red, then sparkling white!
My hope in Him, eternal,
Brought Heaven into sight!

How can that bright red blood
make white?
I do not understand.
But this I know, we'll never need
Another sacrificial lamb!

He is so very beautiful,
More worthy than any words.
I cannot think of the abyss,
Were His name never heard!

The tomb is but a vacuum,
Drawing earthly souls to Him!
The blood has done it's mighty work
And we are cleansed from sin!

© 2000 by Joan Clifton Costner



March 26th 2013 12:15 pm
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My playground is full of BIG DOGGIE FLEAS!
I can't post in any of my groups. I can't update
games, where I am an Admin. I can't send paw mails...
I sent a message to HQ with the problems. Did they
receive it?
I can't send rosies to birthday and sick pals.
I can sign in and out of dogster. I can read articles.
I can't comment! I can do a diary draft.....Weird?

This is Easter week and our time is very stretched.
This couldn't happen at a worse time for our house.
Precious is Princess of the Week at the PDPC group.
She can't even answer her questions,that fellow furs
have left for her. Absolutely is a big bunch of Phooey!

I tried different browsers,dumped all my cache
and history. Just doesn't matter!!!!!!!
Still can't get into play with my pals!!!!!!
I am so upset, I could just Nip someone.....
I'm not a growly pup!


Sunny Saturday

March 16th 2013 2:47 pm
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We have a very sunny Saturday! Only a skiff of snow so far!
It is cold with NE winds. Went from 50 a couple days ago to
sub-zero again at night. Barely the teens or low 20's for
daytime. Will spring ever come? Snow is in the forecast and
these low temps. for a week.

Gpa went to watch the grand-kids play basketball in a small
tourny today. Gma and I stayed home. Gma was real tired from
the lefse making. She made 84,left out a big package and
froze 10 pkgs. Gpa is ssssssooooooooooo happy! Gpa thought
it turned out great! Even when Gma hasn't done it for years.
She was using up the last of the potatoes from the garden.
I tasted it and thought is was o.k.o!

Gma didn't want to go out in the cold today.I was happy, I
didn't have to spend the day by myself. We did up our laundry.
So I had Hot stuff to lay in.... We did some cleaning.
Lined up all the stuff for our Monster cookies. Gma will
spend the whole day tomorrow doing that. We are baking and
freezing for Jaxcen's confirmation dinner and celebration
the middle of April.

Just wanted to zoom by and wish all my fur pals a very happy
Saint Patrick's Day. Hope all is well at your house? Hopeful
the very BAD weather will dip around us! I'm being extra good
since I found out that Easter is at my house! This means I'll
have Easter dinner too! I'll have plastic eggs to find with
my treats,too! Not just the grand-kids...Did they laugh
last year...I sniffed all of them out of the hiding places.
They are still wondering, how I do that???????They just don't
understand the strength of a hound's snout!!!!
hugs and kisses,mazy


March,Marches On........

March 13th 2013 4:19 pm
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Hi there pals. Can you believe it is mid-March already?
We've done the dreaded time change? Now it isn't dark until
after 8 p.m. way up north. Supper of course has been messed
with too....Gma and Gpa are lucky to be eating by 8ish. This
of course, means my venison or other meatz nibbles are later
too...Gma and I can't get to sleep at night. We also, can't
start our day as early as Gpa. Sure glad, he doesn't need
Gma to do his breakfast!

Saint Patrick's Day is just about here. I hope, whatever
Gma makes that day has my name on it too. Easter isn't
too far away. Lucky for me, Easter will be here. I won't
be left alone for the day. I will have an Easter dinner
too! We hide plastic eggs with goodies for the grand kids.
Last time, they hid eggs filled with my own treats for
me to sniff out. OMD,I had the best time!So much FUN!

Gma planned the Easter menu last night after finding out
she was the COOK for the day. We will sit and play games
through the afternoon. We aren't having Ham because,Jaxcen
the grandson is confirmed on April 13th. His Mom is making
a ham dinner after church for both sides of the furmily.
So with all those extra peeps,I'll have to stay home.
Human-bro will be back to ND for the weekend. He is Jaxcen's
Godfather. The next day, Gma and Gpa have been married
40 years. The kids are taking them to the capitol city
for supper. By then we are calving. So they are hoping,
no problems with weather or cattle. Gma would be very
disappointed, if she had to stay home and cook her own

Gma is busy baking for Jaxcen's special day and for Easter
too! Also to fill grandkids and Gma's freezers with goodies.
Once we can work outside, Gma doesn't have much time for
the big baking. Believe it or not,both houses have eaten
all the other stuff. In fact we made 3 kinds of cookies
this week. Had to fill Gpa's jars on the counter.

Gpa redid Great-Grandma's Lefse board with a new pastry
cloth today. Gpa wants lefse for Easter and just any old
day. Gma hasn't made lefse in years, but she is going to
give it a whirl. A tiny package in the store is over $6.
Do you pals know, lefse?(It's a flat round potato bread
and it's Norwegian) She is planning on apple and lemon
pies for Easter. She promised Gpa some homemade caramel
rolls. She made him huge man's sized biscuits,double
batch and froze half. Gma had 1 and he ate the other 11.
I think, Gpa is as SPOILED as I am!!!! If you go to you can type lefse in and see pictures.

Gma finally made it to the dreaded big mess in the
basement. Gpa hauled all the old boxes to the garbage
building and they came today. She managed 1/2 of the
project. Dryer pipes came apart,blew fuzzy,dusty
bunnies and other gremlins ALL over the place. Just
plain nasty! Cobwebs up in the ceiling and around
all the furnace pipes. She was a major Piggy, when
she hit the shower!Precious ran down to snoop but
I stayed on the main floor. I knew she was on a
mission! OMD, when that happens,just stay out of
the way....

It was only 2 when I woke up this morning. It did
make 30. I've been outside a little more but still
can't stay long. We need the snow to melt and go away!
Gma and I are so tired of winter! Well pals, time for
me to eat. Gma fixed 5 stuffies this week.....
so much FUN to have new squeakers in some of my
Catch ya later,Mazy

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