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Birthday Happenings

July 7th 2013 9:22 am
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Sweet,sweet PALS! I LUV U ALL! I was so overwhelmed by all
the p-mails,pictures,birthday pressies here at dogster.....

I left on my page, a picture of my tree and 6 little squirrels.
I just love this Toy! The squirrels are just the right size to
catch in my mouth. Run real fast without anything draggin' behind!
It's made by PLUSH PUPPIES and very sturdy....I'm hard on my toys!
Cost is middle of the road. I've had the tree and 3 squirrels
a long time. Gma ordered me another 3 babies and that makes 6.

I played and played and played with my squirrels....I even
took one to bed with me.... I had a scrambled egg for lunch.
Regular kibble breakfast. Some banana cake and a molasses
cookie for snacks. Venison steak with my supper kibbles.
The EATS were Pawtastic!!!!! I do have a sweet toopher!
Everyone in this house does.......

The BESTEST part of my birthday was: Gma took the day off!
She made the bed and cooked for us. We played,we sat in
the sunshine,we read a book AND they didn't go to the
Crackerboomer show at their furiends! They were tired
and they stayed home with me!!!! It was a good thing!
There were crackerboomers and thunderboomers in our
neighborhood. We didn't get any rain... We crawled into
bed and watched an old black and white movie on ME TV.
Gma didn't make me take any birthday pictures! YIPPY!
We even slept late this morning! Gma and I got up, Gpa
left a note....He went to help a neighbor haul his cattle
to a summer pasture with stock trailers. So, Gma and I
are hanging out...Resting to start a new week!

BTW- This was the 1st. week in 2 mos.,we only had to
MOW 1 time! YIPPY!!!!!! If this continues, we may have
a little extra time until veggies are ready to pick?
The squash grew like 2 feet this past week...I can
hide in them. Gma will have lettuce this next week...
LOOKS like another day of sunny,cloudy,sunny....The Flies
are nasty and very thick! We have fly catchers all
over the Ponderosa.

Be seeing ya,soon I hope! Gma says, we have some inside
chores. Then water all the flowers and pull some weeds!
Hope the weather clears off,as we've been trying to use
the gas grill for 3 nights AND weather wouldn't let us!
We have sirloin to grill with baked potatoes tonight....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



July 4th 2013 3:34 pm
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THUNDERBOOMING STORMS! Well, that storm actually delivered
all noise and 20 drops! The next night, out of a clear sky
came a hard pounding rain! The last week of June left 2"
for our place. Our flowers are just bootiful! We spend alot
of time watering all the stuff in pots. I guess, alot of
the pots will come inside, when Fall rolls around. OUR FLAG
has been flying for awhile now...Gma sure is happy to have
it up.....

Mowing,hoeing,weeding,watering,laundry,cooking and cleaning
continue to monopolize Gma's time. After 6 mos. of winter,
we spend alot of our time outside,even if we are taking a
break. I have a cushioned lawn chair in the front and the
back just for me! Cottonwood is heavy and flying badly!
Little baby Elm trees are poppin' up everywhere after a
windy day! So, we pull and pull and pull some more! They
make an ugly adult tree, but the seeds sure sprout easily.

Gpa finished with calving the heifers yesterday. He went out
to feed his baby moos their bottles AND the last 2 heifers
were trying to calf. Ended up pullin' those 2 calves. This
past week, he pulled 4 calves. We have another one on the bottle!
Bottles,bottles,bottles EVERYWHERE! 3 times a day! It's a
wonder, Gpa can manage to make hay around the MOOS! They start
crying, if it is about din-din time! They are very noisy!
Haying will take him all summer by himself. This year,the
broom grass is waist tall.(all the extra moisture) Seems
to take a little longer for the grasses to dry for baling.
Sure looks wonderful across the pastures and hayfields.
Wonderfully green and lush! Nothing like last year, when it
was so very dry.....

Yep, the weather has warmed up now....It's JULY and usual does!
Gma pulled the 1st. radishes from garden today. The garden has
been in 1 month on the 7th. Despite having pea size hail a
few nights ago...the garden looks o.k. Except the potatoes!
We can't find them????????Only 1 plant has come up! Even
the parsnips, that take so long to sprout, are poppin' up!

I got to go for a car ride yesterday....didn't end up at
the Fur Doc,either! It was Pawsome! We are using our outside
grill alot. Yummy! Gma baked a banana cake today..She said,
it was my birthday cake. I turn 6 on Saturday...OMD! That
seems so very OLD! Where did my puppyhood go ?????????
I've had a bath,nails,ears and eyes done (all this week)
So, I'm good there! So, if my birthday is Saturday???
Where did she hide the pressies???????? I'm a snooping
here and there and everywhere.....But,I haven't sniffed
them out just yet! Maybe,I should try to get in her closet?
She keeps lots of good stuff in there....

CRACKER BOOMERS TO MY PAGE! They are the very best kind,
NOT scary, like those the hoomans in the hood shoot off!


HAPPY 4th. of JULY TO YOU ALL!!!!!




June 25th 2013 3:32 pm
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FOR PITY'S SAKE! We worked in the house today,instead of the yard! We thought we could come and play awhile with our pals...It's 87 right now and a HOT EAST wind.....ND weather bulletin just did their BEEP,BEEP and more BEEPS!The Thunderboomers are here again! Heavy rainfall and hail.... So far,we've missed the hail and the torrential rains of 5-6 " and one place 12" in less than 2 hrs. Did have 1+" on Saturdays storm.(I don't like Thunderboomers!!!!)I do like the stress treat, I eat when they are coming!!!!!
Gma keeps hauling all her potted flowers into cattle room. If we have hail,she will still have flowers. If it hails the garden out.....then I get my dogster time back!!!!!!! Come on HAIL!!!!!!!!What's wrong with frozen vegetables???????

There was an 80% for Thunderboomers for tonight. We had that Saturday night!After mowing all day, to try and beat the rain. We still couldn't finish. So everything is ready to mow again. Gma weeded in her garden yesterday from 9:30-4p. Then she watered the flowers around the house for an hour. It was 85 and she was HOT! She even ate under a crab-apple tree....Made me stay inside until 4 p. Said it was too HOT for me....
No shade in the garden. Besides Gpa was mowing the hay yard with the big hay mower......Those sickles are 9 ft. each and 2 of them make a double mower!

The FLAG is UP and flying...24/7
for those who serve,have served,will serve and
on the Elephant Ears we planted around the flagpole. The marigolds look nice.

The CAR is finally clean inside and out. Must have been 50 lbs. of mud under the Impala. Took Gma 2 days, 1 on the outside and one on the interior. The PITS we don't have a local car wash anymore.

ALL the FLOWERS are finally planted! Yippy! Lots of watering almost daily with all the hard wind. Even with the surplus of rain.

EVERYTHING in the GARDEN is up and looks good except NO POTATOES OR PARSNIPS YET. GARDEN has only been in 2 wks. (This will be week 3)

HAVE hauled away lots of weeds,branches,sticks,bale strings and doodles of hay to clean up the ranchyard. Sprayed for bugs in the yard and car garage. Sprayed around buildings to kill all the stuff out. makes the mowing for Grandma easier. She's walk mows as it is easier for her than the riding mower. Too much turning with so many trees and stuff like that...All the rain we are having, we mow 2-4 times per week. Most of this month it has been both Gma and Gpa mowing to keep up. Gpa has serviced the equipment and is now in hay making mode....

Well, new bulletin...........storm is only about 25 minutes away. It is moving pretty quickly. Our TV has already went off once. I'd better sign off and shut my puter down....No time for puter problems!
Saturday night we lost our power and had to use flashlights for awhile. Gma fed us early as they knew the stormies were coming......
I don't like to use flashlight instead of regular lights.

So many storms everywhere! Stay safe pals!
Huggies and Kissies, Mazy


'Tricity and Tranformers,What Gives???????

June 12th 2013 5:54 pm
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Last Sunday we woke up and had no Electricity!
What the hey,was goin' on????????? Gpa called the
company to see if the outage was reported. Yep, it
was....Crew was out lookin' for the problem. We were
out of juice for 5 hours! Do you have any idea how
ugly it is to see hoomans, not have their mornin'

I didn't need 'tricity to have my breakfast! Yippy!
So my breakfast was on time! It had rained again,
during the night...Gpa thought maybe all the water
was a problem???

Nope, it wasn't water....It was a crazy Raccoon!!!!
Showing off for the other wild critters! She decided
to hold a circus act,walk the powerline,like a trapeze

Somebody forget to tell the coons, that isn't a very
smartie thing, to do. She touched a bare wire and
she fried herself. She was totally toast! She took
the 'tricity out for a whole neighborhood. So much
for showin' off for the other critters...

They fixed the mess she made and we had our power
back. It figures,Gma was too tired to wash her
hair the night before,when she showered. They had
a benefit to go to. She had to have the power to
look pretty to go visit. What? Yeah, I thought it
was crazy too! I don't wash my fur to go visit!

Now this mornin' the electric guys came to our
house and.......... Gpa ran in and ask what she
was doing???? She was washing all those yucky
yard clothes and drying a big load of towels.
Only because it had rained yet again......

Seems the guys needed to kill the 'tricity! What
again? Coons???????? Nope! Lightening hit our
power transformer by the shop. It burnt out
some important parts. We still had power...
They shut the power off and changed the parts.
Only down about 30 minutes. But...they told
Gpa it was a good thing...the brackets that
hold the transformer were bad...The whole thing
was barely holding on...Way up on that big pole!
Whoa! That was close!

Seems,way back in 1980,lightening blew a hole
the size of a basketball in their transformer.
The sparks ran down the wires. Burnt their big
shop and machinery building to the ground. The
fire burnt up all Gpa's tools and some small
pieces of machinery. Burnt the hoses and bulbs
on the fuel barrels. Torched a bunch of corral.

The only reason it didn't explode and burn their
house down was: the fuel barrels were filled the
day before. They were full and could expand....
The hooman kids were little and here with a sitter.
They were selling their quarter horse colts.

Two rural fire departments came to fight the fire.
It was a very long night. Gma said, she used a
flashlight to make sandwiches and snacks for them.
Someone had to be awake for a whole week. Watching
smoldering grass seed. A very big mess and took
a long time to clean up. Rebuild and buy all those
important tools once again.

Sure glad I wasn't here then... I would have been
so very afraid. Gma said, her Aunt and Uncle, 1/2
mile away came and got the kids and the sitter.
We have lots of reasons here on the prairie to be
afraid of fire and storms. In 40 yrs. They had
3 big fires and 1 tornado....All 3 did plenty
of damage. My hoomans are pretty tough prairie
stock. They picked up the pieces and moved on.
What else can you do???????? Angel Baby and
Angel Foxie were in the tornado. They were
afraid of thunderstorms,rain,hail,lightening
and all that stuff, the rest of their lives.



June 10th 2013 5:03 pm
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MY SNOUT IS IN HOG HEAVEN.....Let me explain.
Gma has been after Gpa for 3 years to put her mended
flag and new rope on the flag pole. (It's not up yet!
But she's gettin' ready!)Stuff is all here to go!

We dug out a 4 foot circle around the flagpole. We
are going to plant all new flowers in there. We took
away the bricking. A big job to trim around it....
I HELPED!!!!! I did alot that day....I dug in the
moist soil to help Gma. She shook the dirt out of
the roots of all the grass,weeds and plants.I had
so much FUN! Dig Mazy Dig! I did too!!!!!

My Really Important Task was sniffing out,digging
up and counting all the earth worms...There were
Zillions! I guess, they like all the rain we've
been having???? Nope, I don't eat them! I just
dig,throw them to the surface,count them and
send them on their way....

I did get very dirty! I had to have a tubby
before supper that night. Nope, I didn't get to
help plant the vegetable garden this year.
Say what??????? Gma said, they were 2 wks.
late with planting. No time for me to be diggin'
the spuds up, as fast as she put them in the holes.

She also, did something different this year. She
put down landscaping plastic where all the started
plants went. Hoping to reduce her total weeding
time. The peppers,tomatoes,cabbage,cauliflower
are all clothed in black. Today we added grass
clippings on top of that.

There was an Oopsie on the started plants...What are
we going to do with 15 cabbages????????? The 1 box
was suppose to be broccoli...but it's not!!!! Now,
she has to try and track down some broccoli babies.

Gpa has to go to Bismarck for a pump on a tractor.
Gma is going to sweet talk him. Then he'll bring
back some broccoli for her. Took 3 days to plant the
garden. Due to rain,wind and being too wet!

It's in NOW....We have potatoes,onions,tomatoes,green
beans(bush and pole),yellow beans,2 kinds of cucumbers,
peas,5 kinds of lettuce,red and white radish,parsnips,
cauliflower,cabbage,yellow bell peppers,orange peppers,
assorted peppers(that could be interesting?)We also have
orange,red,purple and white carrots. Corn,butternut squash,
summer crookneck and zucchini squash. Last we planted some
cantaloupe. Now we'd sure like plenty of sunshine mixed
with all the rain we've been having. Keeping my PAWS crossed!

Besides Worm Digging....I appointed myself in charge
of catchin' and killin' June Bugs! I can't tell ya, what
it is about them that drives me crazy????? They fly
into the floodlights,are blinded and fall on my steps.
I catch them,throw them all over,leave them as road
kill...I don't eat them! I don't want them buzzing around
my front door...

Hope to be back soon?????Gma is so far behind,we think,
she is ahead of herself.... Time to fry some chicken!
Yummy...chicken for supper! I had some New York strip
for dinner...I'm sure,we'll have a big thunder-boomer!
Snack time, I had vanilla ice cream...They are workin'
this little doxie to a frazzle!I'm wastin' away to nothin'!
I tell ya! They each get a little slower with each
barkday! Yeah,Gma had one this past week...They want
me to be speedier than ever before....I'm having a
barkday every year too...What ya think is up with that??????

Huggies and kissies,Mazy



May 26th 2013 8:18 am
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We think Gma's guardian angel tapped her on the
shoulder this morning. She remembered out of the blue
that we had an old photo of her Dad with Angel Foxie
as a puppy. Also his silver schnauzer Sugar Baby,age 13.
This was taken in 1994 at our place. The year our daughter
graduated from high school. Foxie came from a retired
Navy couple in Indiana. Was brought by travel home to me
in North Dakota. We would fish for 2 wks. every June.
As the northern pike came off the spawning beds.

We posted the picture on our fur babies pages to share.
Dad is honored today with all the others who served
their country through the military. Dad served 32 years
in the U.S. Army. He retired in 1981 from the military.

He then built his retirement home. Landscaped and planted
a beautiful yard with a variety of trees. Enhanced by
all Mom's endless varieties of flowers. They raised a big
vegetable garden every year. Learned to make some very
tasty wines. He carried mail for the U.S. Postal System
for a decade.

Dad re-did all my plumbing and electrical in my old farm
house. Remodeled the house extensively. Built on an additional
2 bedrooms. Allowing everyone to sleep on the main floor.
He also helped build my sister's new home. This was years
after remodeling an old home for her.

He took up furniture making as a hobby. He enjoyed a few
years of some very large projects. He built for me: solid oak
living room furnishings. A large china hutch,entertainment
center,end tables and lamps. He built end tables and coffee
tables for his grandchildren. A library table for himself.
Dad lost his eye sight and was blind the last decade of his

You see, everyday as I go about a normal day....I will think
of him. He did so much here at my home. He taught me to fish.
I was 6 yrs. old when I was given my 1st. bamboo cane pole.
We camped and fished in the state parks in Alabama. Fished for
little sun fish. He'd clean them all,no matter how large or small.

One summer when the 3 grand children were 8,9 and 10. Also
one great-niece. Mother and Dad took them on a trip of a
lifetime. The southern states all the way to Disney World
and back to Indiana. Can you image, 3 adults and 4 kids, ages
8-10???? I was the 3rd. adult.... We had many challenges along
the way. The kids have never forgotten the trip.

Wishing Everyone A Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Remember the ones who serve today with your prayers.
Take a minute to thank those who served our country
and her people in the past.
God Bless You All,
Mazy,Angel Foxie, Angel Baby,Precious and Gma Keda


Grandma is Finally HOME and other Prairie Stuffies.....

May 25th 2013 8:51 am
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Yippy, my Grandma is Home. She arrived last Sunday at 4:30 a.m.It had stormed that night.Just poured heavy rain. We are grateful for the rain,as we were very dry here.
Great-grandpa went to be with Our Lord and Savior.
We are all doing o.k. We have our memories to cherish of all the good times together.

Thank you for all the prayers for our furmily. Thank you for all the little notes,gifties sent to us. We can feel everyone's prayers.Slowly Grandma will try and catch up on our correspondence.

Will be awhile before I can play much around dogster and my groups. I miss everyone so very much. It was still wintry when Gma left the prairie. Now spring has finally sprung!

It has rained all but 2 days since she came home. Leaving us with 5 plus inches of rain. Suppose to be a very wet Memorial weekend. Fog this morning,so heavy that it appears it rained.

So none of the springs work is done. We are trying to work in the yard and flowers. Have a good start but much to do. Our garden isn't sprayed,tilled or planted. Very few have their veggie gardens in.
All the dirty windows,blinds,siding on house and big garage await cleaning too.

Grandma was so Blessed by her daughter and grand-kids. They came and cleaned house before Gma arrived. Gpa makes a very poor bachelor. Of course he is still calving. Now has 7 bottle calves to bottle everyday. He did rake up all the sticks, branches and haul away. Hard winds almost everyday. So Gma had to rake alot of the yard again. We are hoping the fog lifts today. The rain holds off....let's us mow everything down. After all the rain, it is 5-6" in places. Messy cottonwoods leave us extra chores too.

Precious and I were very very good! Gpa made sure I was outside with him a couple hours everyday. Sometimes longer. Even with all the treats,I lost a few ounces from the extra exercise. I ate too many cookies this winter! Almost became a cookie butt! One day it was 94 and the TAR Baby that's me! The TOAST AND ROAST girl, even ask to go inside! Can you believe it? The weather turned nice the day Gma left and went downhill 2 days before she came home.

Gpa is sssssssssooooooooooo happy Gma is here to
take care of him. He has especially enjoyed Gma's meals this week. Precious was happy to see Gma too!
Well,gotta go...doing laundry and cleaning before lunch.
God Bless All of YOU,
Amazing Grace(aka mazy)
Angels Foxie and Baby



April 24th 2013 7:39 pm
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Hell-o Pals- Just wanted to let our pals know that Gma's Daddy is very very ill. He isn't going to get well. Prayers are appreciated.
She is leaving us to go be with him,her Mom and sister. She will be Indiana. She is leaving before the sun rises on Friday and will be gone a month. Maybe longer. Depends on how things go there and here at our Ponderosa.

Precious and I promised to be very good for Gpa. He is busy calving. The grand kids will come to visit us. Gma thinks she can hire them to help Gpa with his housekeeping.

OMD! She has so many lists to make to leave him.So he knows where everything is. Important stuff,like my treat stash. All the foodies Gma lined up for him. (He even gets to eat stuff, Gma won't let him eat often when she is here) Maybe this means I'll get more treats? Gpa's more generous with the goodies and forgets how little I am.

Tomorrow, she spends the day packing,canceling her May appts. Checking and rechecking all the
to-do's. Has to teach Gpa how to use the new washer.

You know Gpa can't turn a puter on. Gma really won't have much free time. Maybe once a week, she can find her way to a puter to check in? Don't know.

BTW- we still have snow on the ground.
Friday it is suppose to be 70. Sure and Gma
won't be here to enjoy it! She'll believe it,
when someone tells her it really happened.

We will miss you all...
Luv Our Pals,
Mazy and Precious



April 21st 2013 1:18 pm
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SUN IS SHINING! Yippy! Had a few drizzles this morning but
NO SNOW so far! The forecast for today was Snow...It is in the 40's
but windy and chilly. Today is the warmest day since the snowstorm.
Friday,we saw our 1st. pair of doves.No songbirds here yet.
The geese are very few when flying over to Canada. Normally
come in the 1,000's. Haven't been many yet! Still cold there.
Maybe Spring is slowly creeping into the prairie.

Gpa is still having his share of calving troubles. Now have 4
on the moo-bottles.... Several moos were born when it was pretty
cold at 10 degrees. Gpa had to get them up,warmed up and something
in them. The newest baby,he thinks is a twin. When Gpa took him
a bottle he was very hungry. Gma worries about Gpa's long days.
All the walking in the sloppies,liftin' and carryin'.He looks real tired.

Gma isn't out there with him but she is draggin' too.
Probably the weather is draggin' her down.
It sure keeps her aches and pains in overdrive.
Suppose to be warmer this next week. Let's hope it
takes the snow away. Their friend came and took the extra bed.
We did it early in the mornin',so things were still frozen.

Room is all cleaned up for our bed. As soon as it dries up
enough to have the big truck deliver new one. Gma's sure hopin'
the bed will help her feel more rested. She's wonderin' how we
will every do everything,once nice weather is here to stay????

I've had a tubbie and blowdryer 3 days in a row! I was naughty,
couldn't resist and rolled in critter poop... After Gma said, I
was gettin' a tubbie...I LOOK at her and rolled in it again!
Gpa laughed! He said,"well, she might just as well get her
monies worth....."

Saturday is was only 10 degrees in the mornin'. SSSoooooo,out
came the soup pot and we made German Kneophla Soup.(It is
potatoes,dumplings,carrots,onion,celery,chicken broth
and cream.) Help keep Gpa full,stick to your ribs comfort
food, while stayin' outside all day. This mornin' we made him
2 big pans of caramel rolls. We froze a bunch for other days.
Gma had to cook a new batch of venison steak for us furs. I
sampled, while she cut it up to bag and refreeze some,ready
to go. Precious and I only have about an ounce at night. Now
if they had given it to me....I would have eaten a whole
caramel roll! I did have 1 little bite...Sometimes,I think,
I need glasses to see my little bites?????

We have a little touch of spring color in the house. Last
fall just before Gma was going to bring some yard pots in
for the winter. We had hail, her 2 ferns and 9 geraniums
were all broke up and knocked full of holes. She drug them
in,pinched off all the bad stuff. Shook her head and said,
"I don't know if they will come back or not?" They did!!!!
6 of the 9 are covered with bright red blossoms. They
brighten the sunroom. Will all go back outside when possible.
The ferns have to go to the front yard this year. They were
so pretty on the patio.The barn kitties decided they make
cushy beds for nappin'. Several times they broke them down.

Gonna zoom around and pop into my groups. See what's happening?
Enjoyed a few pal diaries and pictures earlier today. Precious
still has cabin fever! She is goin' out a little everyday now.
She is still being very naughty! Climbin' and surfin'.....
A couple days ago she started slappin' me in the Snout! NO reason
at ALL! Gma got real upset with her last night, when she
started pickin' on me! She told her,better watch out....Mazy's
only gonna let you do that so many times AND she will
decide to defend herself! I've been trapped for months too!
How come she's the one gettin' on every hoomans nerves?????
Even Gpa's...He's tired and she wants you to sit and hold
her all the time. My hoomans have a lot to do,sometimes
they just need a little space! She's awful pushy,but she's
a CAT!

catch ya later,mazy



April 17th 2013 12:33 pm
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OMD, there are Blizzards,gizzards and lizards...
What you say? Well the Blizzard was this past Sunday.
April 14,2013 The only blizzard at my house this winter!
It left 18.8" of very wet heavy snow! The wind blew
for 30 hrs. beating on my little prairie house. Followed
by snow,snow and more snow! The snow was nothing compared
to the pounding wind! By Sunday afternoon, I couldn't
see out my windows. We couldn't see the barns and Gpa
couldn't go out anymore to check the Moos!

I was warm inside and we prayed the cattle would be okay.
I wasn't that upset,cuz...Gma and Gpa had to spend their
40th. anniversary with me! Instead of leaving me behind!
So much for the fancy supper out with the kids and grand
kids. Hooman-bro made it to his sister's house late on Friday.
They had grandson's confirmation and dinner on Saturday.
Gma and Gpa had 4 hrs. to spend with furmily. Son took
his quarter of beef and bugged back to twin cities. They
said, everyone else bugged for home too! Gpa needed to set
up shelters for the baby moos. Very short visit....

Gma always has a back up plan. So they tried not to worry
about the cattle troubles that would come. She made them
a crab-shrimp seafood pasta and salad for supper. Jaxcen
had sent a box of chocolate cake home with them for dessert.
Gma had delivered all their mini fruit breads and new stash
of cookies for their freezer. They shared a nice bottle of
wine and watched a movie with us furs.

They will remember this year because of all the snow they
shoveled. Gpa used a big tractor where he could. Monday
while we were cleaning up the mess, it made 45. Tons of snow
melted,but alot to still go! Gma shoveled for over 3 hrs.
I went in and out for a good 3 hrs. I got myself stuck
in the snow...Lost my then I didn't need it!
Now we have water holes, slushies,muddies,big snow banks
and piles of snow everywhere.

Two baby moos born during the storm. They are okay! 1 is on
the bottle just because his Mom doesn't want him. Gpa says,
the cow is going be Burger King burger! She has had 2 nice moos
but doesn't want to grow them up. Lost a new baby moo today.
So far, the herd isn't sick after the storm. The corrals are
a big sloppy mucky mess. We don't know how Gpa can tromp in
that mess everyday????

Gma was cooking gizzards after the storm! Oh wait, it wasn't
gizzards....that's off chickens,right? It was heart from the
beefer we butcher! They were both so sore from all the shoveling
they wanted to put off the supply run for the barn kitties.
Gma cooked them 1/2 a beef heart and chopped it up! Made 2 quarts
of meat.... She wouldn't let me taste it! I danced, yodeled
and nothin' honey!

As to the Lizards...those little green guys,I have in the summer.
Same time I have froggies all over the place. Will I ever
see one again???? Will I get to chase one again???? Will they
disappear from the Ponderosa????Will the snow ever go away????
Squirrels went back into their nests,up in old cottonwood trees.
They aren't coming out ... Gpa said," he did saw a little
striped gopher run across the road yesterday." I bet, he was
shocked to see all the snow piles??????????? He must have
been a dumb gopher??? Where is he???Let me at him! After
8 months,I'm having D.T.'s from not chasing gophers.....
I'll catch him!!!!! Gma, when can you take me gopher hunting?
She says, "not now, she has a couple appointments and I can't
go again! The wait is too long for me...."
I think, that is an Excuse! Well I guess, I'll go lay in the
sunroom. Catch a few rays before the sun disappears again!


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