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October Brings Webbed PAWS.........

October 18th 2013 10:56 am
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Thank Dogness, it is Friday! Gma can go get a massage and
stop being a Crabby Abby! Rain mixed with high winds and a tornado
watch last week: made Gma cancel 2 wks. in a row! Suppose to
rain today and Sunday...Tornado watches in October are not
very weird!!!!!

OCTOBER 2013 is NOT going down as our favorite Fall month!
Every time we turn around it is RAINING AGAIN! The temps.
are running about 20 degrees cooler than normal. Lots of
strong wind....1 day this past week, it made 59. 60's are
normal for this time of the year. 1.5" rain on Monday....
rained ALL day! Drizzles on Wednesday. Way over 5" this
month. We are pushing 30" of moisture for 2013. NEED

Sunshine has been limited to a couple days. The gloomy
gray,cold,wet is dragging our HOUSE DOWN! Makes the
outside work very difficult. Ground is so soft, Gpa is
having a hard time moving and hauling hay bales off the
fields. Gma and I are having a very tough time with
our yard-work,windows and spraying for bugs. We are sure
our PAWS are webbed and we are looking very duckish!

MON.- rained, crazy woman drug the canner out again!
She canned 21 jars of spicy tomato sauce. She sent
25 lbs. to a girl friend up the road. She sent apples
to our house. WAS A VERY LONG DAY! Only about 3 dz.
tomatoes left ...Yippy!

TUES.- I was on guard duty,while they made a daytime
supply run to Bismarck. Too WET for Gpa to do his
work. Wasn't dark when they returned. The old folks
weren't POOPED OUT! They returned with pup treats!
It was cold and gray, so I slept ALL DAY and was
ready to PLAY the Evening away.....

WED.- Spent the morning peeling,slicing and freezing
apples for pies,bars,cake,breads and muffins. We
bundled up and went outside. Worked 3 hrs.
Cleaned off the patio and 2 sets of stairs. They were
plastered with sticks and soaking wet leaves. Then
we picked up sticks around the yard. We have filled
25 bushel and half tubs full of debris in the last
2 wks. (Wed.-10 tubs was all we could do)60 yr. old
cottonwood trees make a HUGE mess!
I was muddy and had to have a tubby...Yippy!!!!!!
I love the Blow Dryer to warm me up!

THURS.- We stripped our bed and changed the sheets.
Did laundry and All our big cleaning for the week.
We hauled stuff to the basement to store for the
winter. Gma rearranged and cleaned 2 freezers. We
hauled some begonia to the basement. Great-Gma says
let them dry out and sit the winter. Water toward
spring and our beautiful double red,yellow and coral
flowers will bloom another year. (Never tried this,
but Great-Gma does it all the time)

FRI.- We started the day with 28 degrees,gray and
cold. Drizzles......Spent our time today,catching
up on snail mail,business calls and some online
shopping. I didn't see any PUP stuffies being ordered.
Also Gma was messing with a Christmas scarf and
Santa cap.....Trying to figure out, how to do a
picture of ME! Time is slippin' away and will need
to order my pics soon...Several pals are signing
their cards already! WOWZER! Gma thinks my card
should have Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas and
New Year's on it! Then if, she is still poking
along.... My card will cover all of 2013...It's
somethin' we're thinkin' about.... Well, it's
lunchtime and then her appts.

SAT.-catch up all the laundry and chores still
not completed.

SUN.- More rain is coming....they are leaving me
to keep an eye on Precious. They are going to sneak
away for a few hrs. Instead of staying here and
workin' on their fix-it list. Gma says,"they
both need a break!" Grand-kids are stayin'
the last weekend of the month. So their Mom
can go to a scrap booking weekend. Always FUN
for ME!

I hear Gpa....gotta go and snag some lunch!
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


I SAVED HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

October 13th 2013 2:49 pm
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As you know pals, I told you, grandson and his Mom were
comin' for a sleepover visit. We crawled out of bed early
to do the big moppin' and scrubbin' on Saturday. We Zipped
through, thinkin' about playin' games and takin' a badly
needed weekend. A Rest and Recuperate session. Rain made
it possible for Gpa to take a break too! Ground too soft
for haulin' bales.

It was a little after 10 and we headed outside. Hoping
to pick up sticks before lunchtime. The rain and wind
on Friday had again plastered our yard and patio. We hung
with it for 90 minutes. Didn't finish....Gma's squatter
wouldn't squat anymore. It was only 45, she was froze
out! I had on a sweatshirt but kept runnin' to the door
wantin' in.... About time for lunch, in we went!

Gma was washin' her hands at the kitchen sink and I
raced across the kitchen...grabbing something off the
floor....under Gpa's kitchen chair...I shook myself,
threw it, across the kitchen,ran to grab it....Let
me have it again,was all I could think about!

Gma said, "Mazy, what have you got????" She turns on
the lights and jumps back! She screams! OMD,OMD! A
GARTER SNAKE IN THE KITCHEN!!!!! How did it,get in here?
She had everything moved to vacuum and mop the floor.
Gma is backin' up, I'm grabbin' the snake,bitin' it,
shake it and throw it.....What FUN I'm havin'!!!!!

Gma is shakin' like a leaf and back peddlin'! She backs
up and shuts the doggie gate......OMD! Gma, the snake is
the size of a pencil! The doggie gate won't stop the snake!
Silly OLD GMA! Then Gma says,"I don't want you to take it
into your cave....That's underneath a chair in the livin'

After I threw the snake a dozen times, Gma is still
screamin' " LEAVE IT!" So I back-off, she slowly
approaches with a fly swatter:pokes at the snake....
EWH! It's not DEAD!!!!!!!!!! It MOVES and she jumps back!
Her heart is racin' and she is shakin' and I'm yappin'

The way the old lady is carrin' on, you'd think this
was a Cobra out of the Indiana Jones Movies...about to
bite her! She's so FUNNY! Slowly she creeps up with
swatter,slides it under the snake...NOW WHAT?????

She wiggles the swatter....snake is playin' dead....She
grabs a red solo cup and slides it in. Puts a stretchy
cover on the cup. Sits it on the counter. She wants to
show Gpa and then he can get rid of it... He's not gonna
believe this!

Gpa comes in, Gma is still shakin',heart racin' and red
in the face. I'm struttin' and yappin' and tryin' to tell
him what's goin' on! Gma tells him, he doesn't believe
her.....she says, look in that CUP! He looks and WOWZER
it is a garter snake. Only the size of a pencil and maybe
10" stretched out....

They decide to leave it in the cup and show Jaxcen when
he arrives. They sit down and have a bowl of soup. Jax's
comes, listens to the story...He looks in the cup,so does
his Mom....are you sure we want to sleep over?????

We sit the cup on the counter and start playin' games.
Later Gpa and Jax's are goin' outside to do chores. Gpa
wants to know where Gma's PET is????????Gma says,"in the
cup?" He says, No,there is nothing in the cup!(The guys
were goin' take it outside and release it.)

Gma thinks, they are pullin' her leg,goes to look and it
is GONE! The plastic stretchy wasn't a tight fit. Gma
didn't think, it could crawl up the side of the big cup.
Especially after the way, I worked it over!

They start movin' stuff and lookin' around the counters.
Gma could have put me on the counter, my snout would have
found it ASAP! Anywho,the snake had crawled into a plastic
basket, that holds some kitchen thingies and a zip bag
of milk-bones and busy-bones. Gma and my hooman sis are
havin'a hissy fit NOW! Gpa catches it and takes it out...

We have no idea how it got into our kitchen??????? All
Gma's drama is due to her snake phobia! When she was 6,
the neighbor boy put a garter snake down her shirt. Her
shirt was tucked into her shorts! She FREAKED! Almost
all snakes in Alabama were poisonous...She had some
encounters with cotton-mouths,water-moccasins and rattlers
when growin' up.....SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO,she isn't rational
where snakes are concerned!

I'm her HERO cuz, I didn't let the snake get her! I didn't
let the snake get away,either! Gpa rewarded me with
venison nibbles for lunch, while they ate boring soup!
Took Gma a couple hours to get over the EWH FACTOR!!!!!!

Had a FUN-TIME with Jaxcen....We played Pass the Pigs,
Farkle,Dominoes and Skipp-o. We made the vanilla popcorn
and they even shared with ME! Ya'll know,what a sweet
toopher this little doxie has. Nobody shared their pancakes
this morning....I HIT the JACKPOT! There was 1 strip
of bacon left and they gave it to me! Pretty PAWTASTIC
WEEKEND! Snuggle and playtime,sweets and treats,chased
a few cats and had some crisp cool fall air.




October 11th 2013 10:16 am
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Hi There Pals-Princess of the Ponderosa,
Reportin' the Prairie News. Last weekend
was Gpa's 63 rd. Barkday! He is older than
prairie dirt!I didn't get any cake! Gma made
a nasty chocolate one. I did have pumpkin
cookies and busy-bones.

Gpa had down time...was able to take it EASY!
We had a Big Blast of winter! The temps. went
from 70's to 50's to 30's in 2 days. The SNOW,
yes SNOW,missed my house by 25 miles. Capitol
city had 10". Our moisture came as RAIN. We had
2.6" with lots and lots of high winds. Leavin'
our yard plastered with sticks and branches.
Saturday, the 5th., Gpa's B-day, we lost our
power for 3 1/2 hrs. Due to wind tearing power
lines down. There went the TV Gpa was watchin'.

It was only 35 outside and the house turned
COLD...Gma and I snuggled under 3 of my blankies,
sat by a window and read her library book.
Saturday night, it dropped to 30. Our 1st.
FROST here at my house. Kinda late!

We drug tomatoes into sunroom before the frost.
Gma had 15 catfood flats filled. They ripen
quickly through the big windows. Gma gave
away a bunch and also canned some this week.
We have another bucket ready to can. Yep, she
had put canner away...but dug it out AGAIN!

We have picked up 12 big tubs of sticks this
week. Raining this morning and the wind has
plastered the yard once again! We just did
the job,late yesterday after finishing our
cookie and bar baking. Grand-kids and Gpa both
out of cookies! We spent 1 1/2 days this week
baking cookies. Made 32 dozen and 1 pan of
crispy peanut-butter bars. Grandson and Mom
are comin' tomorrow to visit. After Jaxcen
plays a football game 130 miles from home!
They are stayin' over for games and such.
Jax's ordered chicken strips,fries,cucumber
salad and corn for supper. Requested Gma's
pancakes and bacon for Sunday brunch.

Kenzie won't be with us this time. She will be
in Minot with her other Gma, at her Aunt Amy's
house watching the twins. They were 1 yr. in July.
McKenzie has now caught up with Gma and is
5'6" and only 11 yrs. old. Her basketball is
almost over and lost only 1 game. Gma and Gpa
froze their butts at Jax's football game on the
3rd. Yippy they WON against Gpa's home town!

We spent 2 days washin' windows and have 1 day
left to go! The garage is still waiting for its
big cleaning. The usual laundry,meals and cleanin'.
Gma took me to the Vet for my nails.Rode to town
with her and rode home with Gpa in the pickup!
1ST. for auto switcher-roo.... They both had errands
and both had to have a FLU shot. Then Gma went on to
the hair appt.,library and grocery store. Gpa and I
came home and piled up more plants in the garden.
I caught a garter snake,a mouse and some big hoppers!

Today is laundry day before Gma goes for her massage.
She cancelled last she wasn't goin' out in
the hard rain and 45 mph WIND! We don't know where
all our time goes?????????????? We are pickin' away
at the fall list. We know we are makin' progress but
it just seems so SLOW! Gpa sold 50 yearlings yesterday
and they did really well...We are so Happy!

Both Gpa and Gma are Pooped out, but pluggin' along!
Myself, I'm nappin' alot.....Wearin' t-shirts and light
sweaters........I don't much care for the cooler temps.
September was beautiful and warmer than normal. So far
October is cooler than normal and WET!

We send our prayers to all those in South Dakota that
received the 3 and 4 feet of snow last weekend. Gpa
heard of 1 rancher who lost 200 stock cows in the
blizzard! We know of at least a 1,000 homes who are
still without electricity. We heard on the news that
the repair to power lines and poles would cost:
as the Toast and Roast Doxie,I am so Happy the
SNOW missed my house....Dryer just buzzed!
Gotta Go! Gotta Go! HOOOOOOOOOOOTTTZZZZZZ clothes!


Pirate Day Sunk..... By Pulled Toopher and Puppy Patrol

September 23rd 2013 2:30 pm
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Pirate Pals-The Ponderosa Pack of Angels Baby and Foxie,
Precious and myself,Amazing Grace want to Thank all our pals
who sent those Pawsome Pirate Flags to our pages. Huggies
and Kissies to All for Prettying Up Our Little Corner of
Dogster and Catster.

While ya'll were having Pawsome Fun with Pirate Day, I was
Pouting Away! The Old People left me here by myself,very
early in the morning....No one was around,Puppy Patrol
was Boring! Precious ran outside before they left...
Traitor CAT that she is,jumped Ship! I had NO ONE to keep
me company!

I couldn't surf and play with pals...cuz, that mean old Gma
always Plugs the Pull on the Puter! I had alot of really BAD
puppy thoughts about Gma that day....Until they returned
home....She looked a little puffy and pale. She wouldn't
pick me up and snuggle me!

She Had that Bad toopher Pulled...She wanted to just put
the few things away and sit down. She finally told me,
she didn't want to pick me up,cuz...she was afraid,I'd
bump her face.

She said, it wasn't a BAD experience,since they gave her
sleepy stuff. She slept through the whole thing! Took
over 3 hrs. for her face to thaw out... She took some
pain medicine and rested awhile. Then she got up and
made supper for us.

I remember, when they took my impacted baby canines out.
It were NOT FUN!!!!!!!! They put me to sleepy land too!
After I thought about that, I wasn't MAD at Gma for leaving
me home by myself!

After supper I crawled up on her lap and kept her toasty.
Gma only needed pain meds. for 1 day. Gpa slept in other
bedroom a couple nights. Didn't want to turn over and bump
her face.

On the UPSIDE: she had very little swelling,no bruising,
no problem opening her mouth...All her other toophers
stopped aching! She isn't so tired All the time now....
A 20 year crowned toopher doesn't leak and decay underneath
over night. Everyday the rest of her body is feeling a
little perkier! She's glad that is taken care of!!!!
Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts......

A BIG PLUS FOR GMA: We've had 4.25" of rain in September.
So nice guy that Gpa is: went and pulled all the plants in
the garden for Gma. She can't have dirt in her nose or mouth,
it could affect her 2 weeks of healing. She finished her
antibiotics. Gma still has sweet potatoes,carrots and tomatoes
in the garden. Everything else is out! WE HAVEN'T HAD A FROST

WE Picked sticks, did big fall cleaning on cattle room. The
laundry all day Sunday,baked biscuits,zucchini bread and
paid bills. Today we did our Big house cleaning. Tomorrow
we have a big box of ripe tomatoes to make chili base and
pasta sauce. We had company 3 times this weekend and so I
had lots of extra Pats and Praises. Gma made a huge pot of
vegetable soup she has been eating for lunches. Most things
she can eat. The oral surgeon had a few things on a list to
stay away from. She does these weird salt swishies,several
times a day. Wednesday we are hoping to start washing the
windows and blinds. Gma made it to granddaughter's basketball
game. Kenzie won and scored 12 points. I'm going to start
a petition, cuz,puppies can't go to basketball games! I'm
such a Pawsome Cheering Squad! I am much better behaved
than many big people, who yell as the refs. all the Time!

It's now officially FALL so my people have to work a little
faster! So much outside work and so little time! Rain in
forecast....Phooey! cuz, the new carpet for the back outside
steps hasn't been done yet! Gpa has been fixing fence and
pounding posts with his bad shoulder. He hasn't started moving
hay bales yet. Next week, Gpa will have another barkday!!!!!
WowZer,2013 sure has zipped right by!

Kisses and Huggies, Mazy



September 15th 2013 1:47 pm
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HEY THERE,PALS!!!! Mighty tough around here to just check
in with all my Pals! Just when I think things couldn't be any
Crazier,they ARE!!!!

Since we checked in last:we have canned 4 dozen tomato products.
We have harvested the onions,cantaloupe,butternut squash,potato
sweet potato and peppers. We still have oodles of green tomatoes.
Our carrots are still in the ground........
All the garden plants need to be cleaned off too! Would pull
easily now,since we had 3.35" of rain in the past week.
However, we HIT a Big Snag!!!!!

Gma is sick.... She ended up with a UTI and 2 crowned molars
blew up on her,all at the same time! Last week, there was 1
trip to the clinic,2 dental trips for evaluation. 1 tooth needs
to be extracted. Two others are up for grabs! On antibiotics
for the issues. Hopefully, this week the extraction appointment
can be made?????????Then see if, the other 2 teeth in question
will settle down????? These trips of 100 miles each, wear her

Gma is a CRABBY ABBY! She finally started taking pain pills
to sleep at night.Still trying to clear up the infection in
the mouth. The other problem,seems to be under control. These
2 things are, the 2 that, Gma has NO Tolerance for.

Her Energy level was on Low it is on Empty!
We are struggling, but keeping the laundry done,our meals,
and a little cleaning to get by. The fibro and ritis boys
are not Happy! Making the total problems worse! Anything
that hits her body, drives the other issues into the Twilight
Zone! The draining infection keeps Gma nauseous. She has lost
a couple pounds this past week....Sounds like we will up
the high calorie desserts???She baked a carrot cake today.
Hoping to tempt her appetite... If not, I volunteered to
help Gpa eat the Cake!

Gpa and I just went and picked tomatoes for Gma. He had to
fix a livestock well today. He has 2,000 bales to stack and
haul home before weather sours on us. Running Gma to appts.
isn't helping his list of To-Do's!!!!!! They did manage
to see Jaxcen and McKenzie both play a basketball game.
Jax's lost and Kenzie won....Another game on Tuesday! Gma
hopes to be there. She took pain meds to do the other game.
You can see that I've been Alone and guarding stuff,way too
much for my liking!

We baked a winter squash the other night. Could only eat
half of it. I LOVE IT! Just as sweet as sweet potatoes!
I'm also helping to Eat Cantaloupe....We donated a bunch
of squash and melons to the County Senior Center for their
meals. Also took, melons to our grand-kids school for their
lunch program. Squash to my hoo-sissies nursing home, for their
meals. Extras for the employees to take home. I wonder how
many PUPS like garden veggies,as I do????????? I will BEG
for fresh carrots,green beans,sweet potatoes,squash,melons,
corn and peas....I Pass on: tomatoes,cabbage,cauliflower,
peppers,cucumbers (unless you give me ranch dressing!)
Onions are a Big NO-NO for Pups! Grandson only ate 1/2 his
steak at the restaurant...... So,they brought the other 1/2
home for Precious and myself to share!!!! Sure glad he
ate a piece of pizza before playing his basketball game...

Well pals, I'd better run...Gma thinks,we have to go to the
car garage and bring some melon to house. Clean it up for
supper. We're having baked pork chops,baked potato,finger
size carrots,ranchy cucumbers,tomato slices,melon and cake
before bed....Yummy! Huggies and Kissies,Mazy


Prince,Prince,Where Is My Prince??????????

August 26th 2013 2:25 pm
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I'm back, but just briefly....Today,low 80's but 98% humidity
and light sprinkles but not enough to measure....Turned HOT! 103
was the highest, other days have been 95-98!Gma and Gpa work in
this weather, but make me stay inside! Being black,they say I over
heat too FAST!

Searhin' for my PRINCE! Gma and I read this book...about a Prince
that was turned into a Troll. A Princess with magical powers, in
an enchanted forest...She did this, cuz, he was going to attack
her pawrents Kingdom!

Gma said, "Mazy girl, I've heard of kissin' alot of frogs to
fine a Prince, but Never kissin' a Troll!" Clever girl, that I am,
I started searhin' our garden for my Prince! Once it quit
rainin' and things got real dry......the garden was where
a bunch of froggies moved too! They like some moisture!!!!!

I've worked the foilage up and down and all around! I managed
to lick a couple of those froggies......BUT, NO PRINCE came
forth! I caught one, to do a better job of kissin' him and
Gma made me let him go! How can I find a Prince, if I can't
hold them in my mouth??????????

Gma said," they are eatin' some of the buggies, that bite her
when she picks veggies! I have to leave them alone and not
hurt them!" I decided,that there are lots of boy pups at
dogster and they are all PRINCES! The search is over! I'm
still chasin' the froggies,plus a plague of grasshoppers!
Gma lets me attack the grasshoppers ALL I WANT! Cuz, they
damage her plants and the veggies!

Now reportin' on Gma and Gpa: Gpa just baled the hay of the
ditches on Sunday. He has a couple meadows to do and bales
will be all done. There are about 2000 of them! Now, he has
to go out there and stack all the bales into piles. Haul them
all home before winter for moo-moo food. Alot of work for 1
old guy! The professional poop haulers came and spent 2 days
here. Cleanin' all the corrals,haulin' it out and spreadin'
it on a big field. Moo-moo poop haulin' has become real
pricey! Almost $3,000 smackeros! That would buy treats for
all my pals and then some! Gma said,"just another reason for
Gpa to retire!" Gpa says,"1 last winter and he is selling
all the cattle!" Gma says,"Believe it when I see it!"
He's told all the friends and neighbors that is his plan!
Maybe he is really serious?????????????

Gma's veggie freezer is almost FULL! We have 2 for beef,
pork,fish,poultry,venison and baked stuff. 1 for our veggies...
Since we last snuck to dogster: we have picked and picked!
We made 64 jars of assorted canned pickles,plus 5 gals. of
assorted refrigerated pickles. We froze cabbage,cauliflower,
bell peppers,yellow squash,zucchini,peas,green and yellow beans.
We had our 1st. ripe tomatoes yesterday....We have oodles of
butternut squash in the garden. Cantaloupes are lookin' fantastic
and plentiful!We have carrots,onions and sweet potatoes.The corn
Gpa's bottle calves are eatin'. It was planted mostly for
a windbreak.... Weird corn! Each plant made like 5 or 6 stalks
from 1 seed! The ears just didn't fill as they should!
Gma has never seen corn do this?????? We have tons of tomatoes
to ripen. We will make pasta sauce,chili starter,salsa
and can whole tomatoes.

Alot of veggie harvest is still left to do.....Gma picks
3-4 times per week. We also take extra veggies to our county
Senior Center where they use the vegetables in their menus.
We have given away alot of veggies too....After the harvest
we have the garden to clean off and haul away.

We still haven't washed the CAR! This was planned for today.
Too humid to do it. Also too buggy! We can't wash windows yet!
We have been plagued by flies and nats all summer! Cleanin' the
corrals didn't help! We have to wait until frost comes and
kills off a few Zillion bugs, before we do these jobs.
Sticks are fallin' from the big cottonwoods. We pick some
up as we walk through the yard. We are slowly pullin' or
cuttin' off flowers that have done their thing!

Gma and Gpa just take it 1 day at a time....otherwise, they
are overwhelmed, by all they must do before winter rolls around.
Everyday...I can see their energy fuel tanks are quickly
drainin'! We do alot more snugglin' around here, than we do
playin'! Despite all the one here, is excited
about Winter! The ART and RITIS boyz are really pesterin'
my Gma and Gpa.... They just keep on tickin' like the old Timex!

I can't believe, it is almost Labor Day Weekend...I Do
wish all my pals a pawtastic holiday! Hopefully, your house
doesn't have to work that day! Fire up the BBQ and tell
the pawrents to throw some meatz on for ya! Grandkids will
have their 1st. school vacation for Labor Day. They went
back to school on 15th. Tell me pals,how did you spend your
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Thank Dogness Tomorrow Is Friday.....

August 15th 2013 5:22 pm
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Thank Dogness tomorrow is Friday! Gma has been sayin'
that for 2 days....Fridays she is still going to town for
a massage,library books and sale stuff at the grocery store.
The massage is a continued effort to undo a little of the
fall-out from her week. So she can regroup to take a stab
at the new week....Still sleepin' 1000% better in that
new memory foam bed. All 3 of Us LOVE IT! Of course,I'll
sleep wherever my old people drop!

Since last Saturday, we have picked peas,squash,cucumbers,
yellow and green beans. Not once but 3 times. Last Saturday
and Sunday: we canned 12 jars of garlic dill pickles,5 pints
of sweet pickles and 7 pints of bread and butter pickles.
We also made 2 gallons of garlic dill hamburger slices, a
gallon of spicy bread and butter and 1 gal. of sweet pickle
chunks. These didn't take as long because they are kept in
the refrigerator. We have 50 jars of canned pickles now. If
we do anything else, it would be a batch of pickle relish.

We have washed lots of veggies and processed for freezer.
Cabbage,squash,beans were done 2 times. We took a bunch
of fresh veggies to the County Senior Center. Have also
been supplying some friends with fresh produce....It's
been taking us better part of 2 days to water the garden
each week. WE are pouring the water on! As the butternut
squash for winter and the cantaloupe require alot. So do
the peppers and tomatoes(which are still all grass green).
We are waiting on the other 5 cauliflower to make heads.
The pole green beans are just blooming now! We've had so
much cloudy weather and unseasonably cool temperatures.
It looks like, we will be dragging stuff to the garden
to cover plants,when nightly frost becomes an issue.
The winter squash and cantaloupe are growing while you
stand and watch them. It's Amazing! Sure if, we were having
the true HOT temps. of August...things wouldn't be doing
anything at all! Peas are a cool weather crop and the little
short row of about 12 ft. is going crazy!Flowers required
the hose 2 times this week. Dry here! Neighbors are
harvesting small grain crops.... Not too many are bragging
about yield. The 3 wks. of HOT HOT HOT(July)plus the 6 wks.
without rain.... The heads are not.. fat,juicy and plump as
they would have liked them to be.

We made 14 dozen Monster cookies today.(That's a 1/2 batch!)
The set up,baking,cleanup and putting it all away...Kills
most of the day. We've done laundry 3 times this week.
The big housecleaning was sandwiched between veggie processing
days. Suppose to turn HOT! (This was a good week ago and
it hasn't) They say,Saturday will be 94! We hope so! Gma's
car is dirty and needs washing! The well water is only 40
degrees. We try to do it when it's HOT! So Gma's hands take
the de-bugging and de-tarring better.(Alot of scrubbing)
I curl up in the box of thirsty bath towels for drying.
I don't like the cold well water!

Gpa is still haying! Today he had a flat tire on the big
dumprake.(42ft. long) Plus he had to rebuilt a wheel on
the wheel rake. He has needed to treat foot-rot on a bunch
of cattle this summer. They make this dart rifle gun......
You can put the medicine in the dart and shoot the cow,calf
or yearling. Ends the trying to sort off a couple from the
herd to treat them. The need to run them home for a corral
to work in. Eliminates the danger of the cattle working
Gpa over! Gpa ordered his own gun this week. The neighbor
has been bringing his gun over to help us out.....The
foot rot has been triggered by all the WET between
May 15-June 29. Then the 3 wks. of Hot July stuff, they
went and stood in water holes for comfort. Makes for more
hoof problems.
A few saved Vet Calls will pay for it. Sure glad doxies
don't get their shots that way...Those darts are BIG!!!!!!!!
Just like the dart guns you see on the wildlife shows....
My people think, it is a great tool to have for safety
reasons alone! When you're young you think, you can out
run cattle....When you're OLD, you know you can't!'s 7:30p and Gpa just started feeding those
bottle moos...Do his cattle grain chores and check
all the stock tanks for water level.Then Gma can make
supper! Looks like another night of leaving the kitchen
after 9p.

I HOPE to be back soon to tell you about, my Hunt for
a Prince. Doesn't every Princess, need a Prince??????????
Hugs and Kisses,
Princess of the Ponderosa



August 13th 2013 5:00 pm
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HI there Pals- Thank you for the prayers...Ashton was touch and go on the trip to Kansas City. They are NOW on their way back to Joplin.... GREAT NEWS! ASHTON DOES NOT HAVE CANCER! WE are praising GOD for answered prayers.

He has been seen by the very BEST Internal Specialist. I might add,also a very expensive specialist! The Vet has diagnosed him as having a GI disease that happens in Labs 6 and older. He will be eating a home cooked bland diet, the rest of his life. Sounds like NO Treats are in his Future. Ashton is suppose to eat chicken and rice or hamburger and rice and nothing else.....They now have to cook for him...I wonder what Copper,Haro,HD and Lucy will think of this?????
This is his new diet...sounds like it is long term....I don't think the other Kirk Pups are gonna like this!

There is alot to this Story....We will LET Momma Shawna fill you in on this Huge Scare they have had.....So many things were done in the last 2 days. Hang in there,Momma Shawna promised to post in Ashton's diary VERY SOON!The Fur Doc really wanted to keep him another night but agreed to discharge Ashton! The cost per day was like staying in the RITZ!

PLEASE FORGIVE US FOR WORRYING SO MANY OF OUR PALS! WE DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE, IT HAD BEEN A MONTH SINCE WE WROTE IN MY DIARY. Our days are pretty much blending 1 into another. We only know what day it is by looking at the calendar every morning, when we have coffee.

On another NOTE,don't worry about our house. I'm Fantastic! Gma and Gpa are pooped, but plugging along with the work of the growing season. Both of them are fighting with shoulder troubles. They will push through it. Their workload, doesn't look like it will change until Snow Flies.....Phooey!
The weather hasn't co-operated with their workloads either.
Garden is Fantastic! Gma is processing our food. I'm now the Protector of the Produce! Hunting grasshoppers in the garden is Big FUN!
Also the Queen of cucumbers,summer squash,peas and beans....
Made oodles of pickles!Cabbages weighed 10 pounds each!See what building up the soil, can do for your garden???????? Gpa now admits he was WRONG about what soil preparation was needed for a good garden!

Several times, we have tried to come to puter just to check in.... Then the rural electric was down due to storming or routine servicing. Has happened about 6 times in the last month. My secretary's hands are very challenged with all she is doing right now....So the last place you will find her is at the puter. Her hands and wrists are toast by suppertime. Which lately has been 8:30 to 10p. She just can't cover all our bases right now.

WE ARE SO FAR BEHIND WE THINK WE ARE AHEAD OF OURSELVES! They do get to go to a BBQ for a 60th. Birthday on Sunday. Just down the road a mile....First time they will be with friends socially, since last year this time. So Gma has to cram baking into the week too....Every 2 days we pick vegetables and process.

Grand-kids go back to school this week...The 15th. of August. We've only seen them briefly 3 times since last spring.... They are sssssooooooo busy! Last time we saw them....They stopped for 3 gals of cucumbers to make pickles. They were here on a FEW minutes. They had been to Bismarck 1st. for the last of their school stuff. Plus returned empty cookie boxes with NOTES....They said,"Gma we love you! We need Monster Cookies!"Hopefully a rainy day will show up soon to fill that request????????
We hope you understand. We miss you ALL!

We will try and do a diary or two about all that has been going on around the next few days. The weather records we kept are really strange! Even for the prairie........

BTW- I come into the office and lay on the pillows by the Puter...staring it down....hoping, I can figure out how to run this techy thing without a secretary! You see, not coming to the puter...also cuts into my snuggling time!
Gma is still reading at night to be able to unwind before trying to sleep. She escapes from the day to day reality for awhile! Gpa just
drops into a Snoring Mode within 2 minutes TOPS!

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy and Gma Keda



August 12th 2013 5:25 pm
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Birthday Happenings

July 7th 2013 9:22 am
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Sweet,sweet PALS! I LUV U ALL! I was so overwhelmed by all
the p-mails,pictures,birthday pressies here at dogster.....

I left on my page, a picture of my tree and 6 little squirrels.
I just love this Toy! The squirrels are just the right size to
catch in my mouth. Run real fast without anything draggin' behind!
It's made by PLUSH PUPPIES and very sturdy....I'm hard on my toys!
Cost is middle of the road. I've had the tree and 3 squirrels
a long time. Gma ordered me another 3 babies and that makes 6.

I played and played and played with my squirrels....I even
took one to bed with me.... I had a scrambled egg for lunch.
Regular kibble breakfast. Some banana cake and a molasses
cookie for snacks. Venison steak with my supper kibbles.
The EATS were Pawtastic!!!!! I do have a sweet toopher!
Everyone in this house does.......

The BESTEST part of my birthday was: Gma took the day off!
She made the bed and cooked for us. We played,we sat in
the sunshine,we read a book AND they didn't go to the
Crackerboomer show at their furiends! They were tired
and they stayed home with me!!!! It was a good thing!
There were crackerboomers and thunderboomers in our
neighborhood. We didn't get any rain... We crawled into
bed and watched an old black and white movie on ME TV.
Gma didn't make me take any birthday pictures! YIPPY!
We even slept late this morning! Gma and I got up, Gpa
left a note....He went to help a neighbor haul his cattle
to a summer pasture with stock trailers. So, Gma and I
are hanging out...Resting to start a new week!

BTW- This was the 1st. week in 2 mos.,we only had to
MOW 1 time! YIPPY!!!!!! If this continues, we may have
a little extra time until veggies are ready to pick?
The squash grew like 2 feet this past week...I can
hide in them. Gma will have lettuce this next week...
LOOKS like another day of sunny,cloudy,sunny....The Flies
are nasty and very thick! We have fly catchers all
over the Ponderosa.

Be seeing ya,soon I hope! Gma says, we have some inside
chores. Then water all the flowers and pull some weeds!
Hope the weather clears off,as we've been trying to use
the gas grill for 3 nights AND weather wouldn't let us!
We have sirloin to grill with baked potatoes tonight....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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