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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Yippy.... It's NOW Crusty!

February 21st 2011 2:43 pm
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Hey Pals- I have the BEST news EVER! Last week, when the temperatures soared... We had melting and dripping going on everywhere! Made some messes and things were pretty sloppy! I ended up with a full tubbie! I LOVE the hairdryer.... I had so much FUN getting really piggy outside....HeHe

The Big News is: The SNOW finally has a Crust on it! Boy,boy! Those bunnies are in Big Trouble, Now! I can follow them into the shelterbelt. (FYI, you city puppers) A shelterbelt is an established set of trees....ours planted many,many decades ago. They hold the wind back, as well as trap alot of the snow.....

Now, I can scoot across snowbanks that are 3 to 5 deep...I DON'T SINK DOWN! Those bunnies were just shell shocked! They think, I have found some magic snowshoes.....The race is on!

I caught a bunny on Saturday. Gpa heard him squeal! He told me "Release" I had to let him go.... Gpa is my hunting buddy... I can't make him, mad! I wouldn't have anyone to hunt with when it is cold.... Gma always went with me... She's been having a very hard time with the cold this winter. Gpa walks around and does odd chores, while I hunt.

Sunday was the worst day after the nice weather. It was so windy and -25.... I ran to the stocktank with Gpa for him to shut the water off. I ran back to the house.... Maybe, I lasted 5 minutes?????? Gma met me at the door with a Hot towel....

So, Gma and I played hide-n-seek with several of my toys. I found them all! My sniffer is 5 stars! We played fetch and return.... Then, my favorite! I have get it! I know, I can play Gma out..... but really, I don't have any other little furs to play with... Precious likes to start stuff. Gets me all excited and ready to romp...Then she just quits! What am I suppose to do?????

Once Spring comes...Gma and I are outside about 75% of the time. So we both get plenty of fresh air and exercise. In fact, I have even been known to take a nap or two... I can't hardly wait for spring to come. Have all the snow melt and go away.
Help Gma dig in her flowers, rake leaves and pick up sticks.I love digging up some earth wormers.....Then Gma put them on the fishing pole! I like the lake....Still learning to swim....

She's been looking at seeds in a magazine. She says, we are going to raise alot of our vegetables. (She used to have a big garden,long before I came along) I don't know what a big garden is????? Is this going to cut into my "ME TIME?" She said, my job will be: keep bunnies and gophers out of our vegetables!
Rodent patrol! This assignment, I understand!!! I'm going to chase,chase and chase some more ...... This will be just heaven!
Then, I get to eat the vegetables, too....Yippy!!!


Zooming In

February 14th 2011 3:43 pm
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Hi there pals- February has been filled with lots of FUN stuff! I've been having a BLAST! Sending stuff to my Secret Cupid. Receiving stuff from my Secret Cupid! Just a Pawsome Time! I've never had Valentine's before.... I just LOVE it! I also had mail from alot of pals. Sure helped take my mind off the bitter cold and snowy stretches.

We had tons of FUN trying to keep up with everyone's birthdays, pressies,photos,diary entries and new happenigs. Playing games in our groups. Chattering around with our pals. Sure has been a Wonderful distraction from the stretches of Ucky weather, way up north. We tried real hard NOT to miss anyone's important day... We Hope, we didn't...but very hard to be sure of that???

Gma came home! She was Off caring for the grandkids. Their parents were on vacation in Mexico! We were freezin' our hineys here! She had to stay at their house, so they could go to school.
She left me Home to care for Gpa and Baby. Keep Precious out of trouble. She also said, it was a TEST...See, how I'd do with Gpa caring for me for several days. Cuz, Grandma has elderly parents and they live very far away. She wanted to know, if she traveled there...would I be okay????

Gpa and I did just FINE! We had a Blast! I was glad to see Gma but Gpa let's me do stuff.... Gma doesn't let me do...SHHH.... don't tell, Gma!

BTW- The human siblings came back from vacation and it turned Nice! Temperatures shot up into the 40's. Bunny hunting has been great...Now we have some slushy around the place. Don't worry still plenty of snow pack on the ground! Now I have some Tubby after being outside. I come back with gritty stuff...

Made some new furpals around dogster this month. This is always a Blast! Been helping to add some new things to Christian Dogs and Cats. Takes alot of time with the behind the scenes stuff for any group....

Heard Gma say, she has a Valentine surprise for me! I wonder what it is???? Maybe a new BOBO??? They are my all time favorite toys... I put some new pictures on my pages. Gma has a bunch in the camera of All the Snow around here. Some of me, walking the huge Snowbanks...Just need an afternoon to dig them out of the camera....

Gotta Zoom! I promised to Help Gma with the Special Supper for Gpa tonight.... It's grilled chicken breasts...Yippy! A little chicken to go with my vension... Happy Valentine's Day! I loves you all!!!! Kisses, Mazy

Sweet Treats for All My Friends


Anyone Seen My Grandma?????

February 8th 2011 12:21 pm
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My Grandma packed a bunch of clothes, some food, coffee and stuff on Sunday.... Gma and Gpa both went outside....Didn't let me go along???? Gpa came back in a few minutes......Gma didn't??? Where did my Gma go????????

She told me, "I had to stay home and look after Old Baby!" (What, watch her sleep????) "Not let Precious, counter surf or sun bathe on the dining table." (I can pull her off the table...cuz, I can get up there too! How am I suppose to get her off the kitchen counters??? My leggers aren't long enough!)
I was also suppose to keep an eye on Gpa! Gma said, "if I was here, he'd have to come to the house for breaks....get outta of the cold awhile."

Since Gma left it has gotten much colder... When this Cold, there is No bunny hunting...Windy today....suppose to be -35 with windchill. Sun is shining....looks like a hunting day to me!

I lay on the loveseats,Gma's rocker and I look out the windows, but I don't see any Gma coming!!! Where is my Gma???? Who took my Gma????? If, she isn't home soon.... I think, I'm gonna have to use my Sniffer and Hunt my Gma down!!!!! I've never been away from my Gma like this...She sure better bring me something Very Special for watching over everyone!!! Jeez, I would have rather went riding in the car with Gma...There was lots of ice,cold,blowing snow on Sunday...where would my Gma go in weather like that???? She doesn't drive much in the winter...

Somethin' else, that is Strange.....My Gma hasn't called on the dingie-ling????? Was she afraid, I'd not put kisses on the phone?? Like I do for Great Grandma and Momma Shawna???? (they always talk to me on the phone....)HUMMMMM! There better be some really good treaties for All this Babysitting, I'm stuck doing!

Well, if any of you furs see my tell her to get her hiney home and A.S.A.P.!!!! Gpa is Pawtastic ... but there are things that just Gma and I do....I had to sneak onto the Puter!
Put a bulletin out... Wanted : One Prairie Gma Sent Home!
Back to watching out the window...Maybe, she'll show up soon???

Huggies, Mazy



February 3rd 2011 9:15 am
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I'm leaving candies and toys here for all my FURPALS... Take whatever you want....Happy Valentine Season!!!! I think, this is my favorite season.... Cuz, I'm a Impossible Romantic! I have a Big Heart!

I won the Pupper Toy Lottery.... I can't possibly ever play with all these stuffies! So many puppers are having poopie weather, like way up north...So, let's pick,play and party hardy with our toys...while the Humans clean up the messies!

By Noon today, the temperature will have went from -50 to +30 in 24 hrs. This is insanity, even for the Prairie.... I've been having cases of cabin's fever....

Gma took me with her to town... It was cold -25 when we went. We had food,survival kit,water,blankets,car phone and our hiney warmers in the new car.... Gma pulled a Sneaky on me!

Took me to the Vet for declaw and nail trim.... Then, she left me there while she went for haircut. OMD! I was not happy with her!(She thought, I'd sit and cry the whole time...) I didn't...
I huddled in my crate and was Quiet as a Mouse...until she came back...Then, did I let her have it! I cried,wailed,screeches and doxie howled..... GET ME OUTTA THIS CRATE AND THE FUR DOC'S OFFICE A.S.A.P.

Enjoy the treaties! I Love you all! Thank HQ for choosing me as one of the Daily Diary Picks....Anyone found some Green Grassies to send me??? Old Baby---is still mumbling about needing to see Green Grassies....I'm trying to find her some! I dug holes in the snow banks... but no green grasses there! Help me out... Who has Grassies????
kisses, Mazy




Having Sooooooooooo Much FUN!

January 29th 2011 4:30 pm
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I'm having so much Fun in one of my groups.... We are playing Secret Cupid! We were matched up with a secret pal.... We are sending our pals: poems,riddles,pictures,rosies,cards and all kinds of Cool stuff...Let me tell ya: with so many areas having such miserable winter weather... I'm thinking this game is going to save alot of SaNiTy!
My Gma had a real Tough week! As in, we want to Hiberate until someone can show us a blade of Green Grass....
The moments that we steal away to dogster/catster Keep us from developing a very short fuse!
Warmed up to defrosting temperatures 4 days this week. Created a whole new set of problems. Major ice to break off the roof and rain gutters. Shovel roofs and steps. Now shoveling around the house foundation. (Don't want water in the house!) The 4 days gave us a leak in the living room above our front door....
Gma is not a Happy Camper! Those walls were redone just a few years ago.....
To top it off, the snow made a hiefer barn roof collasp. Another old building is now Toast! It was old, but useable....
The rural mail will not be delivered to us, until sometime in the spring. You want your mail??? It's a 10 mile drive to go to post office and claim it.
On the Upside.... Gpa has one of his tractors repaired and doing the feeding with it again. The other tractor has a few hours of work left on it.
I stole a stuffed lamb out of the upstairs today.... Gma said,
"I could keep it!" It is Bigger than I am! A mouth full, when I run, trying to drag it along.... I guess, it used to belong to Kenzie our granddaughter, when she was a baby. It's ALL MINE now! A early Valentine! I found it ! I'm keepin' it!
I'd better go...It's time for my supper!!!!!
Kisses, Mazy

Happy Valentine's Day


In's and Out's and other Cool Stuff

January 23rd 2011 7:09 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! January is almost over and February is coming real soon! I'm so excited about Valentine's Day....cuz, somewhere out there,I have a Secret Valentine....
Whoever, sent me those beautiful Red Roses....I was SSSSSOOOOO surprised! I just LOVE them,so very much!!!!!!!

This is my 1st. year on dogster....I've been learning the in's and out's of each calendar holiday..... Something new comes with each new Holiday.... This is really COOL, when we are struggling through such a hard winter. Sure Helps to have something to look forward to with so much ugly weather. I've spent more days inside this winter, than the 4 winters, I've been on this earth. Phooey!

Gma said, "since we gobbled up those beef-peanutbutter dogster treaties, she made we are Never Fed.... she'll make us some more treaties just for Valentine's Day..." Jackpot!!!"
She's thawing meat right now to make beef jerky in her dehydrator for Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. I'm trying to talk her into making Baby and I some jerky, too....I heard her say, "she's baking more Ginger Snaps to send to Great-Grandma." I'll keep ya posted...

Gma caught Precious on the dining room table drinking out of her water glass.... I sat in my bed giggling away! I saw her coming down the hallway! That darn cat,better get her hearing checked! She's always getting caught making mischief....HeHe!
Serves her right, she's always trying to get me into trouble with a capitol "T"! Special Treat this past week. Gma cooked some Alaskan Halibut.... Yummy! It was a huge 9x13 pan full. Such big packages brought to us. So, Gma and Gpa shared their fish with us furs...Baked...very healthy for all of us....

I chased 6 bunnies this past week.... Decent temperatures 2 days of the whole week. ...Over a 100 feet of our quarter mile driveway is completely blocked tonight from the southwest wind. It was wide open when they came home last night with All the supplies.... Can you believe it? I checked every single bag...There was NOT 1 single NEW Toy in all that mess...Oodles of kitties foods for the barn kitties....NO TOYS!

Well, I'd better finish up here.... My Grandma is dragging tonight. I'm gonna have to get her ready for bed. Then snuggle up, make her owwies feel better. Tomorrow is Monday. We have a very long busy day ahead of us. Poor Gma! The grandkids, ages 6 and 9 badly beat her in 2 games of Dominoes this afternoon...

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!Now,I have a Guestbook on my pages..... Will you stop by and say "HI"?????? Thanks, Kirk Puppers and Momma Shawna for the beautiful guestbook.... Thanks, Felix and Daddy Jim for my Pawtastic Valentine Photo.

Have an Awesome and Pawsome Week! I'll be catching up with ya very soon.... Kisses, Mazy


OH NO....I Need the Net!

January 16th 2011 8:48 am
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OMD!!!! I'm up extra early this morning. Gma and I jumped into our chores. It has warmed up a now it is Snowing, again! Just keeps coming!

We came to Puter to read our mails. Scurried over to dogster, see what our furpals are All up too...Outta the Blue! No Internet.... OMD! What will we do??????

We let the new PC run diagnostics.... Or somethin' like that....
Then Gma knew we were not receiving our signal. Better than sitting here, guessing What's UP????? This is kinda Cool! We checked our TV. It was having an issue, too. We watched news this morning. We followed the instructions for re-setting our router and net connection. This of course, didn't help!!!! Cuz, it was a Problem with our provider.... We sure know, whatever it was...They fixed it FAST! We were only Down about 30 minutes.

Gma was getting bent outta of shape.... When it Snows and it's Yucky cold...She needs the Puter to NOT feel cut-off from the World! I NEEDZ's it TOO!!!! I have to know what my pals are doing....No Sunshine,today! Good day to surf around, look up as many pals, as I can....Sure hope there weather is better than mine....

Gpa should be done feeding cattle soon. We're having brunch today. Scrambled eggs,bacon,hashbrowns and whole wheat english muffins.... Gma makes extra eggies so Baby and I can have some,too!

Well, I'll be back.....Off to supervise brunch! BTW- We baked a cake this morning....Yippy! It is a white one... Guess, who will have some cake in the next couple days????? Reward for letting the bunny go yesterday....How can I work this into a regular thing??????


Messing Around On Saturday

January 15th 2011 12:25 pm
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What a Hoot! I'd like to say that the farm animals and I built this Two Paws of Snow....But,alas that would be a lie! Why would I have a taxi cab in my ranchyard???? Some HuuuMans have just too much time on their hands! Gma said, "if they followed Gpa's steps in a day....they move and shovel snow, the way we do. Just make a pile and move on!" Pretty Funny,anyway! So thought my pals would like a Peek?

It's cold here today but sunny! High was about 1 above. I managed 30 minutes of hunting. I caught a bunny in the fence. Gpa said, RELEASE...I let the bunny go! Minus a little Fur from his Puffy Tail...After that, I had a Big lunch, I was starved! Chasing all those rabbits!

Gma said, "Come summer, they are Vermit! I can catch as many as I want! Especially if, they are lunching in Gma's vegetable garden." Yippy!!!! Come Summer, Come Soon!!!! No catch and release when Summer Comes....

2 feet of Snow 2011


It's Friday...So,Down the Temperatures Go!

January 14th 2011 3:52 pm
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Hi there furpals- We're caught in a weather loop! A couple warm days per week. If, you can call the teens, WARM???? By Friday night..temperatures are dropping,a new cold front is arriving! Snow in forcast through Tuesday....3" of new snow this morning!
Came down really fast... Rest of the time... it is just Super freezing, freezing and more freezing! Cold is when your piddle is frozen before you finish!

I've spent more time inside this past December and January, than I have in my 4 winters of being here on the Prairie. I can't counter surf like Precious, my leggers are too short! I'd sure like to try! Precious and I have been playing chase. As well as, hide n seek about 3 times everyday. Relieves some of the Cabin Fever, we are both suffering from. We spend time scoping bunnies from the back of the loveseat....We both got into Gma's crocheting floss basket. I was running around with a brown ball of floss. Throwing it up in the air! Precious took a red,yellow and green ball of floss out. She unrolled them all over the bedroom... Precious showed me the basket. She started the new Game! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! The basket has been out everyday of my life. I Never got in it,until Precious showed me, those Balls can be un-rolled.... It was so much..... Zoomie Fun!

Four days this week,I sucked it up.... I went out sniffing and hunting. I chased bunnies every day, I was outside. I have a new game for after supper. I dig out all my toys...Yep, living room, kitchen and bedroom stashes...I drag out, every single one of them...I throw them, all over the house! I have Gma get on the floor and play puppy with me. We do hide n seek. My favorite game is: I have the toy..... you get it! Chase me,chase me, chase me.... I forgot, I always go wrestle with Gpa while Gma is making their supper.

CAN Anyone tell me what Green Grass smells like????? I have forgotten! Both ends of the house roof need shoveling off... The potty is leaking on Gma's floor. Gpa did get a couple
fix-it projects done with the last storm. He has been having one headache after another with tractor problems. Somehow, he just keeps plugging along... He's not the crabby type! The snow got so deep in one of the corrals.The calves walked over the top of the 6 ft. high corraling. Then those moo-moo's went back to where their Mommas were. Now they are All mixed up again! Gpa said, leave them together for now. Sorting again with so much snow... could cause us to injury some. I never saw snow drift that deep in the corrals before. I think, they need to buy me a sled to ride on. What ya think,pals????? Mazy needs a snow sled.....?????

Well, it's just about time for Gma to get our supper. I'll be catching up with all of you this weekend. The weather is going to be Nasty,again!!!!!! Any suggestions for new games for Precious and I??????? We're googling on the PC for New Indoor Games.....Huggies and Kissies, Mazy

ps-BTW-Momma Shawna of the Kirk Puppers got to leave the hospital this afternoon. We is Jumpin' for Joy! We know her puppers:Ashton,Lucy,HD,Copper and Haro aaaarrrreeeee So
Happy to Have their Momma home!!!! We just Love Momma Shawna
so much!!! She is our group leader with CDAC...


What's Going On With My Furpals.....

January 10th 2011 7:20 pm
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Hi there, All My Wonderful Furpals! My secretary Gma says, we will Never catch up...My pals have been so Busy, doing things, going places, taking pics, parties and celebrating, birthdays, too....So here is what I decided to do:
A REPORT ON WHAT I'VE READ AND SEEN, as I checked up on all my furiends....

J.J.,Coty,Lotus,Tyler and Tessa had Birthdays....I wish them All many,many more pawtastic birthdays. My Angel Sis, Foxie has a Birthday this week,too...Lots of Great bithday pics to look at and diaries to read.

RebaTME,Georgie,Cody,Fancy Marie,Nina,Izzi,Riley,Teva,Katie,
Lucy and Mrs.Molly Tucker Woggins- All have some pretty fancy party clothes.... Been alot of parties going on ...

Cinnamon Bear, Harley Davidson and Bambi- I saw sporting some Cool new sweaters.... HD, really loved the monkey sweater with a hoodie!

Spanky and Momma Dog have oodles of new pics of their vacation times...Ebony- was caught kissing a photo! Who's that,hunk of a fur, in the pic, Ebony????

Cali Crew-Sugar,Bambi,Peanut,MayBell had SNOW! I don't think they are liken' it, much???? However, Sunny was caught on camera having a ball in his new snowfall....Howard-reported 6" of snow in the forcast...

Sparky,Thunder and DeeJay-posted some of the Coolest black and whites...Jackson- practicing his jumping routine...He doesn't plan for the holidayS to have thicken, his trim waist!

Minister Misty- Has been feeding our spirits with words to nourish our soul. What would we do without her encouraging words?

Ella and Daisy- Have been writing and writing and writing..... So much News to share. Toto and Sophie Claire have been hanging with shake,rattle and bingo.....What's up with that?
MaggieMuShu- Wears glasses??????? She looks ever so, Wise!

Abby-12 wks out from surgery and big pressies in the mail. Looked like the box was full of FUN stuff! Dakota Sioux and Slyvester Maximilian-Pink and lime kettle ball toys..WowZER!!!!
and Popcorn,too???? Jackpot! Maxi BBF-Still a Steelers Football fan....

Ashton-Takes his snoopy dog, everywhere he goes! Now he has Snoopy on his pages....He's just a kid at Heart!
Angel Wrinkles-checked in with Love. Sienna-mange? How could that be???? You are ever so clean and well groomed....Such a very Cool Senior Pupper...
Shayra-new relaxing pic and shared thoughts on life. So Cool!

Bull-boy- a new Angel pic, I spied on your page. Handsome as ever! Missy- has a tummy lining problem...Pills from the fur Doc? OMD! Tummy trouble is no fun...Milo and Maruko- sure missed their Momma. Happy to have her home. Cookie-is having feel good days! Even enjoys some play!

Maizy- updates her pages..The Mickey Mouse Spot! WowZer...That is Pawtastic and One of a kind! You're own personal I.D. spot!She helped us to Hover our 1st. picture. She gave such great instructions....Many Kisses.....

Rex-what a cool cabin on your page. Is that a beer, I saw you with???? Suzy and Baby Ben- We love the beautiful pictures you share in our group. Where do you find them all?

Our furpal, Dayzee who needs our prayers. Her neck has been badly injured. Please keep her in your pawsome prayers.....

As you see, I've been looking at pictures and reading diaries. Picking up p-mails and group mails,too. While trying to stay warm in the frozen north. Ten days of bitter temperatues lay ahead of us. By the weekend, the daytime highs without windchill will be -10 to -20......Snowing here and there....
Gma shoveled today, while I supervised and chased bunnies. It was cold, about 6 above.... and 20 minutes...I needed to get inside. Gotta protect those little doxie toes and floppy ears!

Well pals, this All I know: I'm trying to teach Precious (the cat) to act like a DOG..She's trying to teach me to be a CAT! We are both suffering from some Cabin Fever with such Lovely Weather! We play Chase,alot!!!!! We wrestle,too...But at the end of the day: I sleep in the middle of the Queen size bed and she sleeps in the sunroom! So, she may be the Queen, but the Princess, still Rules!!!!! BTW-now I have to share my vension with her,too! Old Baby will be checking in real soon...She has her own thoughts on January 2011. Something about some, Chinooks?
Whatever, that is?????
Kisses and Huggies, Mazy

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