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October 23rd 2012 4:02 pm
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My hoomans did the Funniest thing on Saturday. They quit working at noon.
Dressed in good clothes and told me to keep an eye on the place.
They left my kibbles and a busy-bone. Gma gave me a beggin' strip as she
walked out the door. Oh Boy! This means they are gonna be gone awhile.......

Saturday is was cloudy,gray and drizzles. So I settled down and took a few naps.
Watched some shows on Disney cartoons. Guarded my busy-bone.
Ever once in awhile I'd give it a lick or two. I Never eat
my busy-bone while they are gone.

We always play a game of hide-in-seek with it,when they return.
I just love playing that game. I spent some time doodling
my daily snout sketch on the living room window. I sat
on the heat vent ... I rearranged the afghans on a couple

Then You Know What???? The day was over and it was pitch black outside.
Still No Gma and Gpa......I decided to snuggle in
and take another nap.
Finally, I saw the car out the window....they were home
and it was bedtime! They were gone 10 hours.
They Never do that!

I was so happy they were Home. Now,I could play with my
busy-bone and then devour it! Gma put my sweater on and
took me out to potty. I don't know why???????I couldn't
hold it any longer and used my potty station in the bathroom.
I'd done both my jobs...I just wanted to play
hide-in-seek with Gma.

Gma said, Mazy girl, we went to a 50th. anniversary party.We were
there for a couple hours. We saw Jaxcen and McKenzie. What? You were
with the grand-kids and didn't take me?????? It was their
other Gma and Gpa's anniversary. After that, we went
to the Hunter's Club.
You went out Hunting and didn't take me?????? I am a Hound!
Do you understand that hounds hunt???????????

What kind of hunting do you do in those good clothes????I was
so confused....Well, it was the name of a very fancy restaurant.
Gpa had a birthday gift certificate from the kids to use.
We brought you something,Gma said. Let's see it! It better be good!
Leaving me all alone .....

Gpa brought a doggie bag home to me. WowZer! Inside the bag
was filet migon....Gpa has filet and shrimp. He tried and
he couldn't eat it all. So he brought the rest home to
me....Gma had the largest grilled sea scallops she has
ever eaten. Gma ate her seafood. She said, she wasn't
leaving any of those on her plate.

The Pup bag was the BEST! Melted in your mouth...I'm pretty fussy,
this is a beef ranch. We raise the critters to pay our bills.
Anyway, there was enough for me to have steak after my kibbles
for 3 days. Tonight, Precious and I are having grilled chicken
breast. I think they are having baked boneless pork loin chops.

As long as they bring me a bag with 5 star stuff in it....I'm
okay with them going back to the Hunter's Club again.
Just not right away! I know, I have to stand guard soon.
Gma has to go back to the dentist and have a toopher fixed.

I expect either a new toy or a bag with yummy stuff
in it........Sounds like a fair wage for protecting
their stuff! Don't ya think?????


Scoopin' The Poop!

October 16th 2012 3:41 pm
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Howdy Pals- October is half over...The work load shows no signs
of slowing down!

Last week we spent alot of time working with apples and potatoes.
We made apple butter,apple pie filling,baked caramel apple slices
and sauce. We dried apples for my hooman bro,who just loves them!
I like the sauce....Gma is going to use it in my homemade oatmeal
puppy cookies. I know they will be Delish! We made a big pan
of low calorie apple bread pudding with multi-grain bread and
skim milk. You never knew, Gma zap the fatten stuff out of there!
She also baked monkey pull apart bread for Gpa. He was kinda
tight with the sharing!

This canning stuff takes mega big blocks of TIME. You wash the jars,
wash the fruit or vegetables,then you: cook and add this and that:
As the day evaporates, you shove it into jars
and then: you put it
in the big canner and time it. It boils away......
Out comes sealed jars to cool on the counter.
I'm allowed to Help, but not Precious.
Kitchen Rules are: NEVER Under Gma's Footsies!!!!!!!!!!!
Silly CAT throws herself on the rug,right in front of Gma's kitchen
sink. She won't move! So hehe,she has to sit in the sun room...
I lay in the toasty kitchen watching,sniffing and snatching
anything that hits the floor!

Since Gma had late season potato blight in the garden: the potatoes
will not be solid keepers. After all that hoeing,weeding and
watering.....Gma is not going to throw stuff in the trash can!
Then she ran some in the slicer: for augratin,scalloped or
fried. The other big batch, she shredded and made 50 hash brown
patties. Off to the freezer with all those taters! Gpa loves
hash browns! He will have them often,now that all the work is
done. Just throw them in pan and brown them and chow down!

Gpa did move the freezer bought at a yard sale into the basement
on Sunday. Gma's cousin came by and helped out. So now we have
3 large deep freezers. Gma told Gpa she needs to get started
on baking for the holiday boxes. She had nowhere to put it!
The other freezers are full of meats and vegetables. She also
needs the space for when we hunt....The whole house needs a
fresh supply of venison. The season is only a couple weeks away.
We freeze our fish fillets in water. This uses alot of extra space.
The fish keep a much longer time.

Gpa is still fixin' corrals and fences. Tryin' to gather
and move hay bales home. We are still havin' so many high
wind and red flag days. Those days stop all 3 of those projects.
Very Dry and No Rain....Just the little moisture from the
3 little skiffs of snow. All this wind has scattered our leaves
and sticks EVERYWHERE! It's a Huge Mess!!!!!!!!NOPE,they
don't blow away..... We have to clean them ALL up and haul
them away! Sunday both Gpa and Gma worked on the yard a
few hours. Gpa hauled a bunch away...Monday Gma had her helper,
so they worked about 3.5 hours. They raked and loaded
60 big tubs into the stock trailer. Gpa will pitch them
off with a big grain shovel. We only had time to do a few
areas. Things were Looking better,when we Quit!

We Looked out today,the yard doesn't look like we have
even started! The leaves just keep a comin'! The next
2 days are high wind and fire days. The ground will be
totally plastered once again! There is a chance of rain
for tonight and tomorrow. It was 77 Monday and 67 today.
Going to the 40-50's for the rest of the week....

Of course, I've continued to toast and inspect laundry.
Sample anything, I can snag or con my peeps out of...I do
the I'm starving, dark chocolate eye roll, that No One can
resist! Despite the workload,they save time for ME!
Gpa takes a daily walk with me. I work outside with both...
Gma and I play in the house. After supper dishes,we snuggle
in her rockin' chair. A book,moist heat-pad, blanket and me!
How can I beat a deal like that??????????

Don't say it! I know, I'm a Spoiled little doxie! Yep,I am!
I like it that way! Time for a supply run and the dentist!
Going to be a ugly day! I'll be inside where it is warm and
toasty! Supply Run=Guard Duty=Rewards=New Toys!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to use some of the next 2 days to Sniff Out
ALL my Pals...So I can catch up on what's up!
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Reportin' On Our Corner Of The Prairie

October 7th 2012 10:13 am
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Interesting week around here...We had real RAIN,then snow. Not once but twice.
We woke up to a white covering Saturday,but melted off,when it hit 48.

The only fall jobs we managed this week were to clean and inventory
2 freezers. Now, I really wanted to Help with this. I thought, I could snag
a package of meat and haul it off for snacking. Nope! Gma wouldn't
let me go to the basement where the meatz freezer is... I thought,
she was crazy when she took all the vegetables out of the freezer in
the sunroom. Threw them on the floor,mixed them up and put them back!
What's was up with that? She said, she didn't want to unload the freezer
every time she needed the vegetable she was serving us.

The flower pots we cleaned up and hauled into the sunroom before
the cold nights of 20 are blooming their butts off! After we had to strip alot
of foliage due to the hail on them in August. Once again,
the red geraniums are very pretty. The asparagus ferns are recovering
from the barn kitties curling up and sleeping in the pots.
Really smashed and broken up.
If we can keep them alive all winter,
they will go back outside in the spring.

Gpa was dragging telephone poles around with the tractor and a chain.
He cut them off and used them for poles in the corral,where the
old heifer shed collapsed and was removed. Now he can fill that
area in with corral. Keeping the calves from wandering where
they shouldn't go! A bunch of calves were out, 1 calf got too close
to Gma AND I went into protect mode....I yapped and barked and ran
the calf away.... WHILE Gma screamed Mazy Stand! She said, that
500 pound calf would Kick me and hurt me! I didn't think, the calf Looked so Tough!
I DID Stop the pursuit as I was told too!

Gpa had a birthday this week. He had roasted pork,mashed potatoes,
broccoli, baked Italian bread,baked apples and cake(not chocolate)
I had some spuds,roast,apples and cake...I thought his birthday
supper was Delish! Gpa turned 6 and 2! He made out like a Bandit!
He has a new vermin rifle,gift cards for new fishing stuff,
some for his favorite restaurants and some money for whatever he wants.
I'll be 6 in July...I sure Hopes my 6 is a Jackpot birthday.
Can I start making my list of pressies now???????????

Last weekend it was in the 80's and the temperatures fell this week
all the way to 20. They went fishing and caught 12 pikes. Gma
said, 8 more packages of fish to the freezer and they could have
fish, twice a month all year long. Gma caught herself in rocks
and water grasses and lost 4 full sets of tackle. When they go fishing
without the grand kids, Gpa said, I can go and see what happens....
He thinks, I'll stick real close to them. Not sniff and follow the
many deer tracks at the lake. Gma isn't so sure about that. A doxie
follows their snout! I guess, if I don't behave,I'll have to be on
a very long leash or sit in the pick-up and wait. I'm not a swimmer
like Angel Foxie was.....No fear of me trying to swim off by myself!

We have a Ga-Zillion sticks and leaves on the ground. Need to start
cleaning them up. Gma has been dragging her paws on this,since her
shoulder and hip are giving her fits. They won't clean themselves up,
so we have to get going on this. We have 1 young gal to help but it is a huge job.
Gpa has the garden cleaned off and all dug up for next year.
He has to add cattle poop to the garden. He took the fence
down so we can make it larger. We need enough room to run a tiller
between all the rows. This will reduce the weeding chore for Gma.

Kenzie played her last basketball game this week. They lost this time.
They played well, but the ball just wouldn't go into the hoop. It
rolled around and fell off.....The other gals could shoot anything and it went in...
Kenzie has started her new quilt for 4-H. She sure
does a nice job! Maybe, she will make me a tiny quilt? Jax's has
been fishing,golfing and helping his Daddy harvest the last of the sunflowers.

Friday Gma's ice maker and water dispenser on the new fridge were
finally repaired. Only been down for 2 months......Yesterday, this
very nice lady came to my house and fixed a rock chip on Gma's
windshield. She fussed over me and held me and I sure liked her!
Last year, this same day we had 2 other chips fixed. Isn't that weird?

I spent alot of time sitting on the heat vent in the kitchen with all
the cold weather this week. I wore my sweater when I went outside.
I didn't spend much time out there...I wasn't impressed with the
colder temperatures. Neither was Gma! It is suppose to warm up
this next week. We sure hope so.....The weather tore up Gma's
shoulder and hip so badly. She couldn't work in the yard or do
the canning. We did the regular stuff to keep the place in the loop.
We played with my stuffies alot.

I'm spending time today catching up with what all my pals
have been up to. Maybe, I can zoom around to some of my groups?
Precious is demanding some Puter time too.... FAT CAT
has to WAIT! I moved into this furmily before she did...I have
Have a Blessed Week Everyone,Mazy


I Didn't Miss Out This Time....

October 2nd 2012 3:57 pm
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OMD! What a surprise! While Gma was workin', Precious
and I ran into the puter room and was messin' around!
We logged into the mails and discovered almost all the
mail was for us Furs!

Well, we started readin' doggie and kittie mails.....
Notes and messages from ssssssssoooooooooo many pals!
WOWZER! Balloons were being sent from EVERYWHERE!
Precious and I LOVE to play with balloons..Especially
like to chase and pop them....

Back to my story........ Gma wouldn't take a break
So we dug for her book of pass'em words and we surfed
to the net without her! Ruff! Meow! We didn't think
it was so hard to find our pawsome site! Now... we
had to hurry and find out what all the Balloons
were about????? We were so confused!Where did all
come from and why????

bunches of balloons to catch up with all our PALS!
Thank You HQ! WE LOVED IT! This time, cause we broke
the house rules of NO PUTER without Gma we didn't miss

I think MOST of us FURS are on a Fur Allowance,so we
only have so many GaZealies to pass around.... We try
to use them for Furs birthdays,sick days, specials days
like DOTD or CATD or DOTW or DDP's....Especially for
those furmilies that are hurtin' from sayin' good-bye
to a Beloved Fur. Sometimes, the hoomans and their furs
just need a quick, HOWDY,I miss you greetin'!

The Ponderosa Angels Foxie and Baby got together at the
Bridge with all the dogster and catster angels and they
gave their Balloons and Pirate Flags to the pup and purr
furs that Never knew what a kind hooman was! They never
had a home,food,toys,blankets and treats....There was
a Big party at the bridge for all those Furs who didn't
have forever homes while they were in our world.
Those furs were so happy and excited to be treated
very very special.......They played,rolled,romped,
ran,barked and meowed...while there were treats of
every kind for everyone.........So thank you pals for
remember the ones,that watch and wait for the day
when our furmilies will join us. Our packs will be
all together again.....
This was an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
We Love You All, Mazy


Rootin',Diggin',Smashin',Slicin' and OTHER JUNK!

September 28th 2012 3:17 pm
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Well grandma has been home 2 weeks Today....We've been
runnin' from project to project. You always have the usual
stuff around home to take care of. The cleanin',laundrin',
cookin' and shoppin' were the EASY JOBS!

We All went to the garden to find those rootin' vegetables.
We harvested the spuds,carrots,parsnips and onions. The
ground was ssssssssssssooooooooo HARD,like cement! We used
a shovel,potato fork and even an axe!!!! It took the better
part of a Whole Day! I even tried helpin' by diggin' in
the ground. It was so hard, I Quit and went to carryin'
small spuds away. Then I got in trouble for chewin' on
spuds! In my defense, it was lunchtime and I was hungry!
The axe Gpa had to use to loosen the parsnips.

Gpa had to sit and rest every 3 or 4 hills. Gma dug a
couple and that took care of her....Neither of them have
ever seen the prairie ground this hard!

Well the slicin' was about savin' the spuds that had
damage on them. Gma sliced,blanched,bagged and froze
all of those.Boy,did that make a BIG mess to clean up!
This took a whole day......

Gma made the vegetable relish and canned it. She used
green tomatoes,carrots,red cabbage,onion and peppers.
This really turned out Great! 2 batches

A friend brought us Apples... So we washed and peeled.
Cooked them into sauce and smashed it through the food
processor. We now have applesauce.(Took another day)
Gma peeled 100 apples! 2 batches .... The set up and
clean up of these projects eats up alot of time.

We have 3 bags of apples left. We made a big pan of
Danish Apple Bars today. We are going to make another
batch of applesauce. Dry some apple slices for the
kids. Apples cookin' makes the house smell so good!
I love applesauce....Gma puts it in my little home
made treats too.

Yesterday, we baked all day! We made 4 batches of
cookies. Chocolate Chunk,Pumpkin Spice,Frosted Sugar
and Peanut-butter Blossoms. Fresh cookies! Grandson
isn't going to catch Gma low on cookies this visit!
I really like the pumpkin cookie......

Gma and Gpa are taking Jaxcen and his Mom fishin' this
weekend. 2 lakes only 10 miles away. McKenzie will be
absent this time. She has a big slumber party. Jaxcen
and his Mom are staying over. REAL PLAYTIME FOR GMA
AND GPA.......It was 80 today and 80's for Saturday.

Gma has a basketball game tomorrow. McKenzie is the
center of her team. She scored 14 pts. last week in her game.
They played against Gpa's community and beat them in
overtime. Score was 23-19.

Gpa bought some corn with high moisture. (Saved money)
He's been shovelin' and augarin' the corn back and forth
into wooden grain wagons. This helps dry the corn out.
He will use it as feed for the calves. He has been
buildin' corral and wind breaks. I've been ever so
helpful, as I follow along.

Gpa took the garden fence down. As we will make it
larger next year. So, we can run a tiller through all
the rows. Will really save Gma alot of weeding hours.
Gpa is going to build the soil up with rotten manure.
Run the digger and plow through. Work everything up,
then spray for our fungus and pesty insects.
He admitted he made alot of extra work by not working
the ground the way Gma said, it needed to be.Raising
vegetables is not like small grain crops.

Gma still has 3 buckets of tomatoes in the freezer to
thaw and make into pasta sauce. After that the canning
for this year will be done. It has been a very long
busy growing season for them both.

The leaves are fallin' and we are waitin' until most
are on the ground. We have help to rake and haul them.
Better than Gma tryin' to rake a couple hours,several
times per week. Gpa is still walkin' with me, so Gma
can do her big projects. After supper,Gma plays with
me. We end our day,by settlin' in the rocker and readin'.

We did find time to wash all our blankets and such
before the seasons change. We washed woodwork and I
played in the scrub pail. I was bored! We mended a
few stuffies....New squeakies and just like New!

BTW- We are still fighting with defective items.
The ice maker on the new fridge is broken. The
new cell phone is going back. (Actually 2 bad
phones!) So Gma and Gpa have had to play automated
phone tag on these things. Ugh! Good thing, I'm
here to defuse their frustration and lower their
blood pressure. I go into the clown mode after
these lengthy phone tags,they are forced to play.

Here's what we are doing on the Ponderosa...Gpa
hasn't hauled any bales home. Hoping for rain!
Very dry and a fire risk...Since weather is nice,
holding off as long as we can.

Gonna Zip around and see what is new with all my
pals... We're all WELL just busier than busy!
Catch ya later,
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy

This may be the 1st. year, Gma EVER embraces
winter and settling into a quiet time.



September 28th 2012 2:33 pm
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We'd like to thank our pals for the notes and prayers
sent to us about Gma's Daddy. We appreciate the support
so very much. We promised to report on how things are
with his heart.

Great-Grandpa had 2 heart caths. in September. The 1st.
procedure told us that: 3 of the arteries with bypasses
done in 2001 are open. This was good news! We also knew
that the 4th. artery did have blockages.

They can only give so much dye and keep you under so long.
A 2nd. procedure was done last week. The results were
disappointing. The surgeon tried and tried to open the
artery. Then they had planned to put stents in to keep
it open.

They couldn't open the blocked artery. His situation is
being managed with medications. A new medication was
added that improves his circulation and blood pressure.
So he isn't so cold and exhausted. We've been told
this is all that can be done for him. He is too frail
to undergo another open heart surgery. His heart
is just wearing out.

Thank you once again for all the support. It is very
difficult being a 1000 miles away. We try to touch
bases a couple times each week. Checking to see how
things are going.


A Big Ponderosa Pack Thank You To Fellow Pirate Pals

September 28th 2012 2:15 pm
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The Ponderosa Pack would like to thank all our pals who sent us
greetings for Pirate Day...What a Pawsome Surprise! Everyone was so
kind to remember us.

We Can't believe that Precious and I missed the whole thing!
All the cool games and cruisin' around and seein' what was goin' on.
I'm sure Precious and I were ALL tied up keepin' Gpa and Gma
on track with their work. They should of had more than 2 children,
maybe they'd still have some helpers around here??? I'd have
other hoomans to play games with.

Angels Baby and Foxie told us, they had a Pirate Day at the bridge.
They had a COOL game called walk the plank! Everyone lined up to
take a turn. NO pokes with the swords to make the pups and purrs
jump off the plank.

Below waited a huge pool,filled with every possible kind of treat!
Meatz,cheese,bones,fish and sea foods too......They had a Pawtastic
Time and told us, they were Sorry we missed all the FUN!
Angels Foxie and Baby thank you for remembering them with
greetings and flags.

I better Zip,as I promised an update on Gma's Daddy. I want to
share what we've been up to around here. Gma has been home
2 wks. today....Things have been just Crazy!


Surprises 4 Me!

September 16th 2012 3:58 pm
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Friday,Grandpa up and disappeared mid-morning...
He didn't take me along! Left me high and dry,standing
guard duty! How could he??? I had faithfully listened
while keeping him out of trouble....

Sure felt like he was gone Forever! What a surprise
when he came home....Grocery bags to dig in. The car
was all scrubbed and polished. He said, it was all
ready for winter. He had been at the garage for service.
I made sure I left some footie prints on the black
leather show him who is BOSS around here!

He opened the door,carrying a little red suitcase! It
was just like Grandma's bag! I peeked around the corner
and there she was! Grandma was Home! I was so Happy!

I ran to and from the car,jumping on the seats,while
they unloaded all the supplies. I washed Grandma's face
and covered her with big,sloppy kisses. She loved on
me awhile. Then I went off to eat my busy-bone, I kept
hid from Precious all day.

Grandma put grocery away,threw her suitcase on the bed.
Took me outside to potty. Gave me some bite size treats.
Fed me supper and played with me some more. Grandpa went
off to feed the bottle calves and the barn kitties.

Grandma was so tired from not sleeping well. Being up at
3 a.m. She popped a fresh pizza into the oven and made
a salad. After supper,she opened her suitcase....I had
to help her with her stuff. I ran up my pup stairs....
Started sniffing in her stuff....Oh my, what do we have

There in the corner, I found a plastic bag. TOYS,new collar
and a couple leases for me.... My new toys are just Pawsome!
A small rubber piggy that is blue with pinks dots. A green
rubber rooster. They make the best squeaking sounds. They
are just the size of my mouth. Allowing me to Zoom around
faster than ever before....I'm now like greased lightening!

I've played with Petunia Piggy and Ricky Rooster ALL
weekend. Grandma has been pretty generous with the treats.
She really missed both of us. She brought Gpa a box of
chocolate and vanilla caramels. She had all kinds of pup
treats stashed in the car for me.

I know it is grooming time .... I only rolled in greasy
stuff 1 time, while she was gone. She hasn't given me a bath.
She washed my face. We've put off the ears,teeth and nails
for a couple days. Yippy! I really don't care for that stuff
but you know how that is....

I Earned my pay while Gma was gone....Gpa and I took down
the rest of a barn that the wind had destroyed. We worked
on a couple tractors. We fixed some windbreak and corral.

We fed the bottle calves and the barn kitties. We paid the
bills and picked up the mail. Gpa sprayed for bugs again.
We went to pasture and filled the stock tanks everyday. We
called people to come and take ripe tomatoes. We turned
tomatoes daily. We washed Gpa's clothes....Gpa forgot
to let me lay on them. He didn't know his jeans were still
damp! Oops! Gma had to dry them some more. We kept the
dishes done,picked up his newspapers. I rode on his lap
and he let me steer the pickup.... Gma doesn't let me
ride on her lap while driving!

It was Hot and Windy..So windy,Gpa couldn't stack or haul
hay bales. The risk for prairie fires was too great.
The day Gma came home it was in the 80's. Saturday it was
93 and today it is 53...We ARE FREEZING!!!!! Still
NO RAIN and stuff is so very dry....The high winds have
left so now Gpa can stack and haul hay.

I missed all my pals so very much....I Tried but never
did figure out how to by pass Gma's lock down on the puter!
HeHe! Gma didn't have access to a she couldn't
visit doggie pawrents,either!

I found about 300 group mails and 80 posts from pals.
I did zoom around and try and look at those. There is No
Way for me to respond to each of them....

Still putting our house in order. Remember the canning
project? Well, we ground up veggies for relish. We are
cooking and canning tomorrow. I think after that, it is
more salsa. Digging all the root veggies from the garden.
The ground is so hard,Gpa will have to dig them. Gma will
pick them up and prep for storage.

Next report I'll share how Gma's Daddy is doing
kisses and hugs, mazy


She Flipped A Cog!!!!!!!!!!

September 4th 2012 4:21 pm
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Well, she's been getting me outta bed extra early
for a good week now. What is going on???????????
Now this morning, she threw clothes all over the bed.
Threw that little red bag on the bed. Packed it with
clothes and shoes. Then little plastic bags filled
with small sized lotions and potions. Zip bags with
snack bars,candies and her book.

I just saw her put a bag of my mini bones in her
bag. Am I going somewhere?????? Since when does
she EAT mini bones???? I thought, I had to stay
and keep Grandpa out of TROUBLE?

The strangest thing of ALL was: she took all
the cheese and deli meatz out of the fridge
drawer AND she put the big fridge shelf and
drawer on the table. Why is she taking that?
Thank God, she left the cheese in another spot
for me! I think Grand ma Flipped a Cog!!!!!

Let me think on it.....Hummmmmm,Maybe I can
figure out what is going on around here????
All I know, is the last time the red bag came
out...she went away! I found her down at
Kenzie and Jax's house. Is she babysitting
again?????? They have a great indoor Zoomy
court for me to Run and Run and Run!

I don't think so......Cuz, she left Grandpa
All these Lists of To-Do's taped on the
kitchen cabinet. Car servicing to winterize.
Stuff for the garden to buy. How to run
the new wash machine. His list of meals
and snacks. Extra treat jars filled for
me.... I sure Hope I get to ride to the
pasture everyday, like I did before....
That was so Pawsome!

I heard her say, she was locking down
the puter! Gpa doesn't even know where
the ON switch is ...on my Fun Time machine.
Means I can't sneak in here and chit chat
with my pals or play puter games. I'm
pretty good at Jewel Quest. I could play
with the phone recorder. People are
always leaving me messages...since, I'm
the Boss and they are the slaves!

OMD! They are going to eat supper early!
Something BIG is really going on....
Gpa came from the field early tonight.
My supper is early too! WowZer! Does
this mean, bedtime treats? I Hope So!

Little Pete said, summer is almost over.
I'm suppose to play Frisbee with him.
I'm bringing the prairie steaks and ice cream
to give us energy...So, I better figure
out how to get past Grandma's puter lock?
Little Pete, "Don't start without me!
I'm coming! I have a ball to play with too!"

Catch Ya Later,
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


OMD! Can U Believe It?

September 2nd 2012 7:55 am
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Since I scampered into the office and hit the PC,
we've started September. Yesterday, we had 100 with
53 MPH HOT south winds. It was awful! Burning the
already dry trees and pastures. We are in a RED FLAG
warning for Fire Risk....

Glad we pulled all the tomatoes and brought to the
sunroom. They are ripening very quickly there.
Gma did find the steel canner. We did 4 batches
of salsa. Gma froze 4 batches. Gave a batch to
friends. Taking some to a Labor Day BBQ today.

Even so, Gma had to scald,skin and freeze two
1 gal ice cream pails of tomatoes on Saturday.
She will make salsa out of them later. Taking
a big platter of sliced tomatoes to the BBQ.
The tomatoes weighed anywhere from 1/4 lb. to
3 lbs. each. There would have been many more
if the weather hadn't been so stupid. After
the hail,Gma quit watering garden. We had to
freeze the last of the squash. Marinate last
cucumbers. Pulled 4 small cantaloupe.

Gpa has the task of watching and turning over
200 tomatoes. They are on card tables....
The cat food flats are good for something
besides leaving shoes in them. We ate at
least 30 lbs. and gave away that or more.

Gma is going to try and hold a bucket of very
green ones in a fridge to make a relish. It
has green tomatoes,carrots,onions,cabbage and
zucchini. If the tomatoes don't hold then,
there is always next year. Since we have
everything for this 5 star recipe in our
garden. Gpa has a list of people to call
when tomatoes need to go...

Finished the window and door scrubbing. We
deep cleaned the whole house. Just do up
all the laundry and packing left.....

Gma's sister called and said,activate the
voice mail in that new phone. So we went to
do that and YEP, more Heartburn! The phone
will not hold a charge and it gets HOT while
trying to charge it. Good thing, Gma still
has the old tiny candy-bar phone. She is
traveling with that. Has contacted the company
by e-mail. We will see what happens?????

The ice maker in new fridge....Power surge did
take the water valve out. This tiny piece
tells fridge to let water into maker and stop
so doesn't over run. Sears is shipping 1 to
Gpa to put on. So we don't have to wait for
a month to see a service person. They also
are giving us a new shelf and drawer for
the fridge. Gpa has to stop after Gma gets
on the plane and pick it up. Gma has been
making block ice for drinks.

Gma said, "God is stretching her patience for
something much Bigger than all the purchasing
Heartburn." HeHe! I think she is starting to
LOOK Canary Yellow from the LEMON MAGNET SHE
is dragging around on her! Gpa has been having
similar issues with his ranch stuff...Where is
the Pride in production of products???????

Neighbor is having a BBQ today. They are so
glad to have a break and decompress...
We shed some tears as another pal suddenly
went to Rainbow Bridge. Our dear pal,Jake.
We said prayers for his human and fur family.
I'll stay home and keep Precious in line.
Gotta go...Hugs and Kisses to All my Pals!

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