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Oil Boom Problems Added To The List....

July 1st 2012 4:26 pm
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Hey pals- It is HOT, in the 90's...Not as Hot as alot
of places.Those of you that don't like HOT,dip in a tubbie
or a wading pool....Garden is doing well. We have to
water every 2nd. night with this HEAT. Due to long days
here,we can't start until 7 or 8 p.m. at night. Isn't
dark until after 10. Take a couple hours to water....
Garden has only been in 1 month. Tomatoes are setting.
There is 1 cauliflower starting already.(Surprised us!)
Corn loves heat and potatoes are almost ready to bloom.

Gma had salad made with her 5 kinds of leaf lettuces
and baby swiss chard with white icicle and red radishes.
She added other veggies that she still had on hand
to make what she calls a garbage salad.(1st.produce)
She was Happy! I'm still looking for the potatoes,
she said are in the garden! I didn't find 1 yet!
She said, ALL 40 Hills did come up...were a few
late ones....

3 weeks without a WORKING refrigerator in our kitchen.....
Gma has called all repair places in a 60 mile radius!
A SERVICE CALL...Everyone needs more guys than they
have. No one to hire for extra help!

The oil boom in North Dakota has caused a rapid busy
growth in Bismarck-Mandan. SSSSSSoooo, NO Service
to the country! One place will diagnose the issues
for a flat $35. Then tell us, if it is worth fixing.
We will take it there in the fall. Since it is 8 yrs.
old. The fridges downstairs are 30 plus years old....

Gma is a Crabby Abby from loading 2 coolers everyday.
Running the basement stairs to the fridges for foods.
Around trying to keep the garden watered and weeded
in the heat. As well as keep our house clean,our
laundry done and everyone fed...Still have a dirty CAR!

To make matters worse: Gma has messed up her neck,
shoulders and hip areas. Plus muscular garbage
going on...She had 2 massages and 2 chiropractor
appointments this past week. Doesn't think those
did much good. She's sure the stress of the
fridge and weather are NOT HELPING HER! Medical
peeps think she has a magnesium deficiency.This
is causing her leg cramps and spasms. She eats
all the foods that are high in magnesium. (So
verdict is out on the mag. powder she has to
drink for awhile).

Found out Sears is having a July 4th. Sale. She
drove herself crazy and gave herself headache
by looking and looking at possible purchases.
Now she has an idea of what is within her
price range. Then you will have the taxes
and an extended warranty agreement for future
service. She's hoping to replace her Lemon stove
at same time. It has been a terror since
day 1 and is also 8 yrs. old....

Tomorrow evening they are going shopping...
Since the list is pretty long....The feral cats
are almost out of supplies. Gma cooked meat
for Gpa to mix with their kibbles tonight.
(Better NOT be out of my supply of meatZ!)
She said, she had some extra milk in the house
for the little kitties that are just learning
to drink water. She worries that they will
no stay hydrated. Their Momma is still nursing
them. She looks very giving
everything to her 1st. batch of kitties.
Good thing, she only had 3 babies....

Saturday we spent 3 hours watering our flowers.
Since there is shade around our house, we
could do it in the afternoon. Thunderboomers
came through last night. Only .20 here but .75 just
up the road a couple miles. A few miles east of us,
torrential with hail! Gma says, she'll have a melt-down
if the garden is hailed on!!!!!

I guess,Gma better feed I have strength to
supervise the watering. I WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY 4TH. OF
rather have rain on Friday, when I turn a Big 5...
Does this mean, I can go to school with McKenzie and
Jaxcen now???

Hugs and Kisses, Mazy



June 26th 2012 5:08 pm
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Sitting in our kitchen was a fridge that needs repair.
A month of this and we went to Sears and bought new
appliances. The sale during the 4th of July. Then we
waited for until the 12 for delivery.

Shiny new stainless steel larger refrigerator and a
gas convection stove. Problems should be SOLVED....

The fridge worked fine and were happy there. Except
the steel finish will require a lot more daily cleaning.
We were looking for a better finish that wouldn't chip
like the old appliances.

STOVE-Gpa changed the natural gas jets for the propane.
Followed specks and made adjustments to burners,
broiler and oven. SHOULD HAVE BEEN, GOOD TO GO?

Started the oven to burn factory finish off.....
Never saw an oven go from 0 to 400 degrees so
quickly....Then flames were shooting out the vents
of the oven! Shut everything down......

Around Gpa's haying,he worked on the stove for 3 days.
Called all the numbers on the Sears extended service
warranty. Played automated and human phone tag.
Curse words burnt my little ears! I hid in my cave.

Last Sunday was 100 they went,100 mile
trip to see Sears people.(A day they needed for
other work) They were promised service....Tuesday,
Gma called the store and told them: if, no service
before this Monday 23....

Put them on the delivery list for country...Come and
get both appliances. Gma bought them as a pair,with
5 yrs. of service that was extra cost. If Sears
couldn't provide the service they paid for..then they
would shop somewhere else. The extended warranties
were for the $300 mileage that 1 trip costs. Plus
parts and labor......

If she had to put her limp along stove back in...
She wasn't having a white stove and ivory compactor
and a steel fridge. They couldn't believe it!
It was the value of 3 yearling steers...A lot of money
for Gma to spend. Sales person said, why the fridge?
Gma said, bought as pair....If you can't provide
service for the stove,then how can you service the
fridge? You use the same people for all appliances.

Bright and early Wednesday morning Gma has a call
from a contractor east of her.(Not Bismarck area
and the same number of miles to her house).. He would

She had told them, she wouldn't lose her garden because
of a stove she couldn't use......The guy from Jamestown,
came right away ...he worked on the stove. There was stuff
that needed to be done that wasn't in the information.
There was a tiny bent spring in the stove......This
controlled all the settings in the oven and stove-top.

Gma has used the top now for blanching and freezing
produce. She has baked beer bread with the convection.
Made banana cake with the regular baking. Roasted
a marinated pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes
with roasting convection.Regular bake for stuffed
peppers with carrots and stewed tomatoes. We have
Tested the food warming area in the bottom.
Going to do soft,chewy,bakery style chocolate
chip cookies with convection baking today.

Will have to test all features within 60 days for
our satisfaction money back guarantee. We want to
know everything works as it is suppose to......
We have to try the broiler and the cleaning system
too....The repair guy looked at our old fridge,
told Gpa what 2 small,cheap parts to buy. Told him
how to repair it. He said, it's in GOOD shape,but
you wouldn't want to spend $300 mileage,plus parts,
plus 4 hours labor. Would be more than original
cost. The old fridges in basement are 35+ yrs. old.
They are used for extra grocery,garden produce and

ON TOP of our heavy workload, this was the HEARTBURN
at our HOUSE.....Both Gpa and Gma were very Crabby!
It was HOT HOT and more HOT with the weather....
Both of my peeps are working outside everyday!
I tried to keep a low profile,cuz nobody wanted




June 26th 2012 4:59 pm
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Hi Pals- I often tell you about the major extremes on the
prairie. Weather is a major area of those extremes. Sunday
it was cloudy,windy,and a whole 67. Today it is 95,bright
sunshine,not a cloud in the sky.....but breezy!HOT AS
for the TAR BABY! That's me,TOAST AND ROAST GIRL......

We knew in advance that today was coming....So, last night
after a day of the 80's, we spent 2 hours watering garden.
One very hot day and a dry garden CAN be a total Disaster!

Today we spent the morning watering all the perennials.
Filling the birdbath,cleaning patio furniture. Putting
stakes into the lilies. Tying them up with baler twine
so the wind won't break them off. All the flowers seem to
be ahead of their summer blooming schedule. Not by days but
by weeks....Very strange!Watered our 2 baby trees. Picked
sticks and kitties poops!

Gma sure gets mad at them making litter boxes in her
yard and flowers. They had thousands of acres to poop on.
She only wants this 1 small area around the old homestead

This afternoon, we made cages for part of the tomatoes.
Using old sheep woven fence. We cut down with wire nippers
to build cages. 10 are done and 13 more to make. Everything
Gma had to come up with this year: will be stored to reuse
next year. Will save her alot of Time!

We weeded the potatoes,pulled some radishes and washed
them. Pulled a few weeds here and there. Filled the big
tubs with water for Gma's peppers,cucumbers,squash and beans.
She hasn't been putting sprinkler on them. Well is so cold.

We were thrilled today to find our 1st. 10 tomatoes plants
not just in bloom but setting tomatoes. Everything went in so

I rolled on Gpa's grease gun yesterday and had a bath. Today
Gma was sneaky...She did my nails,eyes and ears. I had a
Greenie for my reward. Gma didn't brush the toophers.....
Since it is my potty and supper time, I'll say farewell
until I chew your paws some more....Sure Hope we don't have
thunderstorm tonight....Hugs and kisses,Mazy


Grandpa Making Hay and Other Happenings.....

June 24th 2012 4:56 pm
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Vegetable garden isn't the only thing going on
around here.... We spent 5 hours to mowed the
entire ranch-yard,house-yard and garden ditch...
All in 1 Shot! So, I know Gma is a little stronger
than she was when spring started.

The only reason this was do-able is because: Gpa
finally with a lot of nagging...sprayed around all
the buildings with weed killer. He also moved alot
of junk! Gma told him, she didn't have time to
police the property every week before mowing.

Gma has had this argument with Gpa about drop
and leave it, everywhere mess for almost 40 yrs.
She says, she's helping him reform or die trying!
Cuz, all that extra lifting isn't good for her.

Being able to complete that chore sooner...
Allowed them to go fishing a couple hours
twice this past week. They need some down time
too...Fishing and sitting in the yard is how
they spend that time. Gma is still reading
before bed....just not as long as before.

Gpa started haying. Says, the hay doesn't look
that good. We've had alot of cool nights and
this stunts the grasses. Right away, he had a
flat tire on the rear of haying tractor. The
BIG guy! Then he broke something in the
head of the rear mowing head of the double
mower. He also had some issues with the
belts in the baler.

We made some fresh blueberry cobbler and a
pan of peanut-butter rice crispy bars. Yep,
they ate them up! So today, we made a big pan
of Lots of Chips cookie bars. Filled a 1/2 gal
jar and froze the rest. While spending the
day doing mega-laundry!

We are doing more and more laundry per week.
Both my peeps working outside so much, there
are many more clothes...Tons of HOT TOWELS
for me to lay in. I don't care, if it is 100
outside, I lay on Big hot plush bath towels....

Gma is jogging into the basement a zillion
times a day. No repairman for the fridge yet!
2 Coolers in the entry have beverages and
condiments in them. 2 old fridges downstairs
have all the meats,dairy and vegetable stuff
in them. She is picking up ice for drinks in
town. Freezes 1 liter bottles for the coolers.

We do have to give our flowers a little time.
As well as the other outside jobs. The cottonwood
is flying like snow! Extra step and patio sweeping.

We still have the usual cleaning of the house.
Except now we are lucky to dust 1 to 2 times
per month. We are keeping up with the vacuuming
and mopping of all the floors. Tons of dishes...
The shopping,errands....Bookwork
and pay the old bills...

Gpa now has 4 bottle calves to feed 2 times
per day. Gma washed the 4 ...1/2 gal bottles
and all that stuff for GPA.

I have 3 batches of kittens at my ranch. The
2 oldest batches, I've been making friends with.
They are curious and come up to me. Yesterday for
the 1st. time, I saw some tiny kitties, come out
from under our garbage building.... I ran over
and sniff and sniff! I yap and yap! Gma calls me
back,I try to Blow Her Off! She goes and gets
her cherry stick....She shakes it and says,
get in the yard! If, I don't... she gives a swat
on the butt...Now how can you swat a Princess?
Anyway, she says the Momma Cat is gonna scratch
my nose, if I tick her off...I run over there
ever chance I get ....Wanting to take another
Look and See!

Gma,I'm just Looking! Is it time to fire up
the grill for our ribeye steaks???? Oh boy!
While she's cooking meat....I can sneak over
and take a peek at the tiny kitties...
Catch ya later pals, almost time for Gma to
feed me.... Outside to snoop!
hugs and kisses,mazy



June 24th 2012 4:14 pm
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Replanted the green and yellow beans...
Put them in a big stock tank with the bell
peppers and squash. Discover while weeding
a big colony of ants...believe the Ants did
the first beans in...

We planted more carrots and hope the 2nd batch
come up better than the 1st time around. Also
put in more parnips. They really took a long
time to start coming up. Hope more will still
come out of the 1st. go round.

We will be planting additional lettuces and radish
to have additional crops of them. Gma pulled some
of the icicle radish to thin and they were plenty
big enough to eat. She also pulled a couple ruby
red radishes.

We lost 1 tomato plant to a cut worm....Are busy making
cages for all the tomato plants. We are using old woven
sheep fence for this. We have to take nippers and cut
it down. Each section makes 2 cages. The nipping is
tough on Gma's hands and wrists. We had 8 done and
she quit cuz her wrists were all done in. It was also
sprinkling. We have 15 more to make.

We weeded 12.5 hours this past week.
We also fertilized our vegetables. We used the water
sprinkler on Saturday after weeding.
We had 3 small rains during the night the past week.
So watering wasn't a daily chore. The fertilizing
took a couple hours. We filled our big tubs with
cold well water to warm in the sunshine.
We have carried alot of water to plants.
Keeps the plants from being shocked....
I think, I heard Gma cuss the Weeds?

The 6 hills of potatoes that Gma thought were
not going to grow... They DID! All but 1 hill
out of 40 has made a good sturdy potato plant.
This next week we should be able to pick lettuces.

Everything SHOT up several inches this past week.
The temperatures were warmer. We had more sunshine,
while the moisture came at night.
The potatoes,tomatoes,cabbage,broccoli and cauliflower
really grew.....Tomatoes are blooming....Gma was thrilled!

The parnips,lettuces,carrots,swiss chard were finally
tall enough that Gma could pull the weeds in between
the plants and not pull the baby plants....
Glad that is done...The 6 rows of corn and
40 hills of potatoes are waiting to be weeded again....

Found out my hooman-sis has a narrow tiller.
Gpa is going to borrow it and see if Gma can run it???
Not her knowledge of machines but her
physical strength. Sis said, 8 yr. old grandson
can run it. She has grass clippings in her rows.
Doesn't need to till anymore this season.

If Gma can handle it..we are going to buy one for her.
If, she can't ...we are still going to buy 1 for Gpa
to do it!!!!!!!

Next year:1. we will put all rows far enough apart for a tiller
2. we will spray for weeds a couple weeks before panting 3. we
will put the fence farther away from the end of the rows 4. we
will work soil up sooner 5. we will plant as soon as weather allows
6. we will add rotted manure to soil and peat moss 7. we have a
list of other veggies we would like to add to the garden.
8. going to check on the cost for a small greenhouse unit
9. changing the type of fence we now have AND Number 10
We WILL NOT let Gpa drag his feet on soil
prep and set up for the garden....

When the garden is a little further along, we will take some
pictures and post them for you to see. Gma is sure happy that
almost all her flowers are well established and little maintenance

I'm No Longer Impressed with this garden project. I tootle over
there and sit,watching Gma....she digs and pulls and picks and
digs and pulls. Dumps buckets of weeds. Fills the big tubs
with water to warm by the sunshine. I sniff in the field by garden.
Puts stuff on for insects(my opportunity to go to the House!)
She doesn't do that often.... So now,I give her my bored,
tired or Hot LOOK....
She says:"TwinkieDinkie, ya wanna go to the house?"
I charge up the big ditch and sit on the driveway....
yipping, "Hurry Up,will ya!" In OTHER WORDS, I bale on her!

So,that's where we are with the garden...
She's been talking about freezing and canning.
I don't know what that is? If, it is connected
to the garden....losing more PlayTime??????
I just know,I'm NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT going to like this!
I don't think, things will slow
down here until winter arrives?????

Telling It, Like It Is: Here On The Prairie, Mazy



June 18th 2012 4:32 pm
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Overall the vegetable garden LOOKS pretty good!

We did have to replant green and yellow beans.
2 reasons: 1) a hard rain right after seeded
and the rain washed the seeds too deep.
2) something ate the tops off the beans we had
probably a gopher or a squirrel?

We are also planting more Carrots. Due to rain
and coming up spotty. Plus we Eat alot of carrots
in a year....Plan to do this tomorrow. 1st. we
have to work an area up to seed. We also need
to work an area up for the 2nd. crop of radish
and assorted lettuces. We will be seeding that
soon.Tomorrow is mowing yard and garden ALL DAY!

Even with hay bales for windbreak on the West and
snow fence on the other 3 sides of the garden....
The High wind days(30-45mph) has burnt some leaves
on our tomato plants. The Better Boy and Heirloom
tomatoes are now blooming. The Early Girl and Beef
Steak tomatoes (raised from seed, now look healthy)
We had to really baby them....WIND has been very
frustrating. We have ice cream pails around started
plants. Will be making wire cages for the tomatoes
soon. Out of sheep fence we took down. we have 25
tomatoes plants.(only because we grew a few from
seeds and they didn't look to healthy going into
the garden)

Radishes both red and white are taking off and so
are the assorted lettuces. The Swiss chard is now up
but not the parnips. The cauliflower,red cabbage
and broccoli plants are really growing now. We have
6 rows of sweet corn. Both early yellow and bi-color
late. 40 hills of Northland Red potatoes. Corn and
potatoes are really shooting up....

We lost 2 squash and 2 sweet colored bell peppers to
some kind of cut worm. The 3 kinds of squash, cucumbers
and cantaloupe look good. The beans from the 2nd planting
are coming up. Due to insect pests....we are sprinkling
Garden Guard on all the vegetable plants.(The Mild
Winter is suppose to give us a Bigger Insect Problem)

We had rain 3 times last week. Rain is always the very
BEST for vegetables. We have been using water warmed by
the sun too...We did this because, our well water is 40
degrees. Give the plants a chance to get started and
a good root system on them. 40 degree water is a Big
shock to young plants. Then we carry the water in cans
and water each plant. The sprinklers will be used when
garden is farther along.

This also helps Gma with the weed situation. Gpa
procrastinated on working soil up.Due to this,there wasn't
time to spray for weeds 1st.,then plant. You must have
enough time that the weed spray will not kill your plants.
He also didn't use a garden tiller to finished working
the soil after the big plow and disc. Therefore,we have
a Ga-zillion weeds to hoe and pull......We also get a
hard crust on the surface of the garden soil. The soil
has chunks in it...this shouldn't be...THIS YEAR, IT IS

As Gma works the soil, it will slowly improve. The weeds
will also improve, as we go along. Dragging his
feet has made Gma alot more work..... He now understands
why, we will do it Gma's way in the future. Raising
vegetables is not the same as raising small grain crops.
Proper soil prep for your type of soil, your area
is a KEY PART to a successful,productive vegetable garden.

Yep, we spend alot of time out there! Saturday we started
cleaning weed out between the little plants. They must be
up far enough you don't pull your vegetables up. Anyway,
Gma can only handle about 3 hours of weeding. (Otherwise
the physical fallout is too huge!)The weeding Never done!

We set up a schedule.... we do big cleaning and laundry 2
times per week. We do yardwork,mowing,veggie garden,flowers
4-5 times per week. We save,1 day for appts. and local errands.
We have daily morning chores and meals,plus the pet care.
By the time we cover all our Bases for the Week....Time to
start over again.....



We do miss Everyone....Gma says, we should have some improved
physical strength by winter. She will have a healthy glow
to her skin....instead of looking like flour sack.... I
think, despite the arthritis and fibromyalgia....Gma is
going to try tubing behind the big boat ... Once upon a time
she was a lifeguard and swimming instructor. The daughter
won't drown her.......cuz,then she'd have to run home to
care for her Dad!

If we are fortune and have all we can eat and put up this
season. We will sell the extra produce to recover some cost
in going back to a full vegetable garden. Time will tell!
Can always have a storm go through and ruin everything.....

Have a Pawsome Week,
Miss You All,
Trying to Look at pics and read diaries
A few and there......
Mazy and Gma K



June 18th 2012 3:33 pm
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Hi there pals...1st. I'd like to say, I hope all Dads,Gpas,
Uncles and Brothers had a Great Day just for the Guys.....
I tried so hard to post on Sunday, before the puter was

I was just reading my entry over and ready to save.... I
bumped a button and Zip it flew into cyberspace! There
wasn't anytime to redo my post. Gpa would have missed his
special time......

Ya'll know how hard my Gpa works....
A cattleman's job is 24/7 and cattle have daily care
needs.Somehow my Gpa HIT THE JACKPOT this Father's Day!
So anyhow, Gpa Never gets a Whole day to do nothing!
He even works when he is SICK! Good thing this hardly
ever happens.

FRIDAY to start the Special Weekend:
They made a trip to Bismarck for their supplies.
They stopped and bought stuff to service the haying
equipment. Gma bought Gpa a bunch of new stuff to
add to his fishing box. Since they both have their
own poles and tackle. They went to his favorite
place,Red Lobster and he had shrimp. Gma's plate
came with dessert...She gave the warm triple chocolate
brownie with vanilla ice cream to Gpa. Rained
during the night Sssssoooo Gpa had a couple extra Z's.

They both did their regular work. Gma in the vegetable
garden....Gpa finished up the installation of the new
rain gutters. Gma told Gpa they were quitting early
and going to Horsehead lake to fish for northern pike.
Gma had redone the line and tackle on poles. Packed up
all the stuff they needed. Took some drinks and snacks.
About 5 off they went to fish...It was a little windy.
Gpa let 6 smaller pike go....catch and release. So
they will grown some more. Gma caught the largest fish.
It was 30.5" and weighed 4 lbs. Gpa kept one that was
25" and weighed 2.5 lbs. Very nice fish...Gma lost 2
big ones,when they broke her line,took the steel leader
and lure. She had fought them towards shore, but they
were putting up a big fight! Gpa lost 2 big ones,too!
They both lost tackle to the pike.......Some cousins
stopped at the lake,visited and fished with them.
They had a beef roast with veggies cooking at home.
Home at 7ish.....Gma cleaned fish. Gpa fed the 4 bottle
calves. Did the stock tanks and all the grain chores.

It was almost 10 when we sat down for the roast
beef supper...I had beef too! Very late when we called
it a day. I was the only 1 who didn't need a tubbie...
Gpa and Gma thought the fishing,watching the water birds
was way better than the wedding they were suppose to
attend. Oops! I don't think, I was suppose to say that?


The wind had settled down, but it was only 70 ish ....
Gpa and Gma met the grown kids,son-in-law and grand-kids
at another lake called Isabel. Troy (son) was home from
Minnesota. Melissa(daughter) and Jaycen had their boat
in the water. Grand-kids McKenzie and Jaxcen were tubing.
The boat was bought last summer. They Never had time to go
and ride in it....They rode around the lake for a couple
hours. Then they went to the Big D for supper. It's a
summertime restaurant by the lake. They had supper and soft
serve ice cream sundaes. Caught up with what everyone has
been doing....Came home,fed those pesty calves. Played
with me after the chores. Gpa enjoyed the quiet of the
evening with Gma,Precious and me,of course!

They decided on Sunday to go visit another lake that
has Walleye pike in it. No one in the family has had
an opportunity to fish for Walleye. Everyone sure likes
to EAT them. They are meeting the grandson and Mom
to visit Alcaline Lake. Melissa is making the picnic
for supper. Cuz, Gpa and Gma have over 40 miles to get
there. The lakes by our house are less than 10 miles

Gpa thought having both His children,grandchildren,wife
with him:Plus a walk across the prairie with me,eating
out twice,the boat ride,fishing,new stuff to fish with,
A NAP and I washed his face with kisses before we
went to bed..... was ALL HE COULD EVER WANT.......
He had the BEST FATHER'S
DAY EVER!!!!!!!



What"s Up Here At The Ponderosa

June 11th 2012 5:00 pm
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Thank you pals for all the pmails,pressies and birthday
wishes for Gma. I totally missed knowing, I was a DDP
until several days after the fact. Kinda Funny it was the
same day as Gma's birthday. This was a nice extra birthday
pressie for Gma and I snagged some extra treats out of the
deal. This was a good thing,since I've been cheated Big
Time by this veggie garden.

No one ask me, if I was willing to give up my dogster
time for Gma to dig in the dirt. Plant stuff,water stuff,
and weed the stuff...Make endless trips to the garden
and spend hours and hours out there. Babying those
plants like they were pups or something real important!

I took a peek at my barkboard....only to discover that
a 100 posts from my pals! How will I possibly ever
catch up with everyone????? I mean really, this outside
work load is just crazy!

We go in and out all day long... We are weeding and watering
our flowers. Picking sticks and babying some new flower
spots. Then we mow and mow and mow some more....We turn
around and it is ready to mow again! Off we truck to
do the garden stuff......

We've had such weather extremes. High winds,nights of
possible frost. A couple pounding rains in 2 wks,followed
by a week without sunshine and real cool temperatures of
60's. Then last week, it was HOT and topped out at 90
on Saturday. A couple thunder-boomers rolled through.
We had Sunday, we couldn't mow again!

It was cool and cloudy,only 65....They went off to the lake
fishing. I stayed home and snuggled,since I don't like big
water. I made sure, I checked out the big northern pike,
they caught. Gma's cousin was staying for supper. He
cleaned the fish for Gma while she cooked supper. We put
6 big bags of fish in our freezer. We are having fresh
fish for supper. Yummy! I like fish of all kinds.....

Today we had winds of 30-45 mph and it was very chilly,
with a 60 for a high. Now it is in the 50's... I was
happy to have hot laundry to lay in. Today was big deep
cleaning day. Of course that ate up a whole day....

This weekend, my human bro is coming back for a friend's
wedding. It is also Father's Day on Sunday. I hope the kids
and grand-kids come I get in on all the FUN too!

We are using our outside grill and patio furniture a lot.
We moved our big metal loveseat swing around to the patio.
So now, we sit in it more... than when it was in front-yard.

We had to call a couple repairmen....Our fridge is doing
funny stuff....not kicking off, when it should. Our central
air has a similar problem. We had to call around to line
up someone to come to the boonies and fix our stuff....

Gma bought herself a birthday cake this year. It was
Chocolate! She said,I wouldn't get my lazy butt out of bed
and make her a she wasn't having a white cake!
You guessed it....NO birthday cake for me! I did manage
some of my own treats....Gpa has been sneaking me a teaspoon
of ice cream on a regular basis.

The next 2 days we have to mow....After that we have rain in
the forecast. Gma hasn't has a chance to wash the other mud
off the car yet. Gma bought another deep freeze....It's for
her the veggies and her baked stuff. Now we have 3 freezers.
Her Aunt was having a household sale,since she moved to an

I better go,as it is time to make supper....I will have more
stories about the garden in my garden Saga.... As soon as
my paws can snag that Gma to help me with the puter.
Everyone have a Pawsome Week! I miss my pals,groups and games...
Did you know it takes until fall to do a garden????????

Gpa moved the cows and calves to the summer pasture. He is
still fixing fence and corral. He is now working on equipment
for making hay. Won't be long and that will start.BTW-Precious
doesn't think much of Gpa and Gma's daily schedule,either!
Not enough lap time for us FURS!!!!!!!We're gonna STRIKE!
Catch ya later,Hugs and Kisses to All, Mazy



May 29th 2012 4:09 pm
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Friday we were out of bed early,raced around the house,
doing a few inside chores and prepping our supper. Late
morning we are outside with dirt,flowerpots and some
annuals for Gma to set into the perennial flower areas.
We planted 9 red geraniums, 2 asparagus ferns,2 large pots
for moss roses. We have 2 pots of flowers the grandchildren
brought Gma for Mother's Day.

Took us until lunch time to do this project. A quick lunch and Gma the
slave driver has us back outside. Now she is weeding in the perennials.
Before I know it,she had a big tub of weeds. 3 hours into the plant work....
I'd had enough! I DEMANDED to go inside.... This Princess was pitching a fit!
It was a cool day and very little sunshine....

Off she went to plant:
I totally ignored her next project!

Friday during the night, the wind came up: the wind blew,heavy
rain, then hail,thunder and lightening! We woke up to water puddles
everywhere. Over an inch in the gauge,even with wind.

We've been hauling the peppers and tomatoes out to harden those.
By evening we haul them back into the cattle room.
5p.m. they issued a FROST OUT WE GO!
Hauled all the flowerpots inside.
Also brought the peppers and tomatoes back inside.

The Sun stayed out all of 30 seconds today. Now more showers.
Gma left the started garden plants covered up all weekend.
It's like they have a little individual greenhouse around
each plant.

Gpa put hay bales on the west side of the garden to act as
a wind break. It's been too WET for him to work the peat moss into
stock tanks. Also too soft for him to put the garden fence up.
The yard is overgrown..while we waited for a lawnmower part that
arrived today.

Couple times this weekend,between showers we picked up sticks.
So we have several tubs of debris for Gpa to haul away.
The cucumbers and cantaloupe seeds planted in the house
came up. They are looking good.......
It will be awhile before they go to the garden.
A few seeds Gma will sow directly into the soil.
So we should have early and late crop.

The rain has messed with my peoples outside plans.
The rain will do the garden more good than hose water.
Now the temperatures have fallen off and are 15-20
degrees below normal. Haul it in, haul it out!!!
I thinks Gma is a CRAZY WOMAN!

I was MOST happy over the weekend...Gma caught up on laundry,
some cleaning and did some baking!
I swooped in and grabbed those crumbs. I caught
up on my Napping and Pulled guard
duty on Memorial Day.

They went to my human sis's house to celebrate
Jaxcen's birthday. Just the 2 sets of grandparents
Sis had Gpa out together her new elliptical unit.
The kids both have moved to bedrooms in the basement.
So sis has been busy painting and decorating those rooms.
They had supper and dessert...It was almost bedtime when
they arrived home. Yep! It was Showering again!

Precious and I both stayed inside the house while
they were away.
We were not naughty and didn't break anything...
Gpa had to feed his 3 bottle calves in the dark.
Gma hauled her plants inside,yet again!

Human sis doesn't bring her plants in...if they freeze,
she will replant...Gma said, she's not going there!
If we keep up all this lifting...............
Pretty soon Gma should have her Summer Muscles .....

We are hoping the showers Blow off tonight! We have
tons of outside stuff to do. Grandson and his Mom
are coming up Friday night.
Jaxcen wants to go try his new birthday fishing pole
and lures.
Gma's Aunt is having a household sale on Saturday.
Only a 1/2 mile to her house.
Gma is expected to put in an appearance. Today we
did as much deep cleaning as we could fit into the day.
While the veggie and flower gardens are on the Back
Burner.....Gpa took me out to Hunt and Snoop!
I was inside for the better part of 3 days.

I am getting an increase in my Treat Allowance....
Mostly, cuz all this outside stuff is cutting
into my play time! I think, grown ups
call this a BRIBE?
Jaxcen is 8 now and he knows this stuff!



May 27th 2012 2:39 pm
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Day 1 of Planting the Garden...
As the Prairie TattleTail,I must say
day of my little doxie life!

We all trucked over to the patch called the garden.
Starting with stakes and twine to mark off our planting
area. Gpa grabbed a shovel and started digging holes.
Oops,this was after Gma said,let's mark the rows with
stakes. Then Gma crawled along with her box of seed
spuds. Laying the spuds with the eyes up,so they can
see where to grow! The ground was dry so,they put some
water in the holes. They spaced the rows about 3 feet
apart and covered the holes. The small box of spuds
EYES WERE STILL UP! This didn't make Gma happy and
I was told to sit down! Next came the two kinds of
sweet corn. An early all yellow variety and a late
bi-color corn.

Once we started,Gma was like a possessed devil!
She felt Gpa had drug his feet in prepping the soil.
Gpa is our professional procrastinator of the family.
She is thinking about the growing season and how
long to harvest veggies. Now that the soil is ready,
if not planted quickly....will have to work it all
up again.

We also planted yellow and green beans,then onions.
Don't plant your potatoes by onions they don't like
each other,so she says. I thought after that we would
quit...clean up and fire up the grill for supper.

Gma decided to plant the purchased tomatoes,broccoli,
cauliflower,red cabbage as they were already
hardened for the garden. Now are we done????????
She goes and get ice cream pails to put around
the started plants for protection from elements.
Nope, she plants purple and orange carrots. I've
retreated to sitting under the edge of the pickup
in the shade. Can we go in now? I've had all the
FUN,I can stand for 1 day.

Gma goes to get them a beverage and I race to the
house. I'm done supervising for the day! I settle
into the soft loveseat for a nap. They mark off
another area for lettuces,radishes,parnips and swiss
chard. Before Gpa can leave, she realizes there isn't
any room for the tomatoes and peppers she started
from seed. So, Gpa marks off another area for her.

We also have two 8 foot stock tank filled with dirt.
They have to have peat moss worked into them. One
is for summer and winter squash,cucumbers and cantaloupe.
The other is for red,green,orange,yellow,purple
sweet bell peppers.

It was only in the high 60's so not too Hot for so
many hours in the open with no shade. Ground was
dry so Gma started watering right away. She cleaned
up her tools,this dirty little doxie and then herself.
We fired up the grill for BBQ'd ribeyes,corn on the cob
and salad.

My old people had ouchies all over the place! Here Gpa
thought he'd get the fence up too.FAT CHANCE!!!!!!
Before bed the weather man is on TV and he is saying
possible Frost in NW North Dakota. They thought he
was full of it! Well didn't freeze here, but did drop
to 35...That was too Close! Gma will now cover the
started plants as needed. Good thing, there is alot
of miles between NW and South Central N.D.

I beat the old folks to bed!!!! Gardening is WORK!
I'm asking for an increase in my treat allowance.
This is doggie slave labor....I want a Union!

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