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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Yippy...We Know Who Is Top Dog Around Here

December 5th 2012 3:25 pm
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The holiday mail pours in daily. Many days the postman
has to drive to my door. The mail won't fit in the box!
Is that COOL or what?

Here's how it is unfolding....As of today, Gma and Gpa have
1 piece of mail! HeHe! I have a Basket FULL! Also,
some really Pawsome photos of pals too.....

I still have bunches of days for more mail to arrive....
Great-Gma called and she chatted on the phone with me.
Yep, I listen while she talks to me. She told me, I
have a box coming for me! Fancy Baby didn't steal my
pressies and hide them in her house. Great-Gpa didn't
EAT them either.

So must be a Pawsome box that mine must be shipped
by itself???? I can hardly wait! Only 20 more days
until Santa Paws comes down my chimney!

Tonight I'm on guard duty....Been 10 days since they
ran for the BARN KITTIES...So they will do all their
other business too. Gma will not cook tonight. I
think she said, Red Lobster here I come???

I love the special treats left for me when I have to
guard the place. I always save that busy-bone until
they come home. We have to play hide-in-seek with it,
1st., before I eat it. I hide it and Gma finds it!
Instead of the other way we do with my

I had to have all the grooming done today. Nails too!
Uck! Done for awhile....yeah! I had a homemade
sweet potato/applesauce-oatmeal bone for a treat
when done. We made 80 of those yesterday....

Tomorrow, Gma starts packing boxes to ship across
the country. A bunch of those bones are hitting the
mail. I hope the postman doesn't sniff them out?
He might eat them before they reach my Secret Santa

Somehow this weekend Gma has to make the last cut and
tie blanket,a gift for Great-Gma. She hasn't done the
caramel corn or the chex mix. She makes roasters full
of those to give away...Crazy hun? That's her thing
around the holidays...She says, she'd rather make stuff
than decorate the whole place like my hooman-sis does.

Better run, about time to take up my position...the
security outlook is from the back of the loveseat....

Have a Happy,Blessed Christmas and Holiday Season,
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



December 2nd 2012 10:19 am
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My pal Buddy, just a baby of 8 mos. was a DDP on 12/1
Today he is TOP DOG! He is DOG OF THE DAY! WOWZER!
So very happy for him. The poor fella has been fighting
an infection for quite sometime. He takes his pills so
nicely. Loves his new forever home. As well as loves the
cold and snow. A Good thing,since he lives north of us
in Canada. His ID is:1266398 check this boy out!
Did I mention he is very handsome,too...Lots of thick
pawsome black hair...

Now, I really hate to mention this piece of news. My
kitty fur-sis, Precious was CAT OF THE DAY ON 12/1/12
Her no. is:1157407 if you want to take a look at the
so called QUEEN OF THE PONDEROSA. She is sometimes
the BIGGEST PILL, I've ever known! Sometimes, she is
SWEET and NICE to me...

I never know which Precious is going to be??? Only
unpredictable with me! Is this a cat thingy??????
She likes to tease me and starts to play....then,
just as I'm getting started she is done! Now I ask?
What kind of sick game is that????????????

Since she was COTD...she is prancing around here
with her tail held up high. Not to mention, if her
nose was any higher in the air, she'd drown if it
rained! Giving me dirty looks...because she has
1 upped me....

Wonder how long I'll have to put up with her TUDE?
Any advice puppers with kitty-sibs???????????
I mean, I lived here 1st., I took her into my house,
when someone dumped her in the country. I even
share my nightly meat nibbles with her. I share my
blankets,furniture and Gma's bed too....The ONLY
hair makes Gma's nose itch and then she sneezes.
Yippy! For sneezes and cat hair....

She was not a street or barn kitty. She was de-clawed,
shots and had been fixed too.... We think, she belonged
to an old timer. We think, someone in the family didn't
want to mess with they drove to the country
and threw her out.

What could we do???????? She was eating with the barn
kitties but: she wasn't used to sleeping outside. Some
of the kitties were Mean to her. How could she protect
herself without the claws? She started out sleeping in
the cattle room which is attached to the house.

Well it's warmer than outside but not heated like the house.
Then came 3 really hard bad winters. Gma relented....
Said, she's an older cat, she needs to sleep inside.
Didn't take long to go from the sun room to the WHOLE
house. Gma said, only because she has pawsome manners!

Only thing that gets her in trouble is if she tries to
counter surf.... Then she is in the doghouse with Gma...
My legs are too short or I'm sure I'd try surfing the
kitchen counters too! When I was a baby,I'd jump on a
footstool and to a chair. Then I'd jump from the chair
to the big long dresser. I'd walk around the stuff
and never knock anything off. I put my baby toopher
marks on Gma's new glasses. Right on the new bi-focal
part.....Left on said dresser.....I was only 3 mos.

Off to paw on Christmas mail. I heard, we are trying to
use the new electric ceramic stove top to do fudge...
OMD! Wish us luck....Gma is a little nervous! So
different than the LP of the past 4 decades.

Catch Ya Later, Mazy



November 30th 2012 6:47 pm
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I don't know what's going on, with all the boxes.
The mailman is driving into our ranch to deliver packages
too Big for the mailbox. This makes the 4 times this week.

Yesterday and today he came to the house. I was napping
and didn't hear him. Can you believe it??? I hear a mouse
miles away, when he burps!

Yesterday Gma put 2 big boxes on the bench in the entry.
She didn't open them or let me open them,either! Believe me,
when I say, I was really trying! How come some peeps use
so much tape it's like breaking into Fort Knox??????

Last night, she opens 1 box..It was the new electric broom.
The other one lost a wheel on Tday. Nothing there for me.
This morning she opened the real big one. It was from my
Great-Gma. Oh boy! Gma's box! She sends such good stuff!
I'm sure to have hit the jackpot here........

So I'm walking on my hind paws and dancin'.A couple whines
thrown in there for good measure. Gma sits the box on the
floor.Begins to unpack it!

Well,I tell ya, that CAN'T be a box from Great-Gma!
My Gma always remembers me! There wasn't 1 single thing
in there for me. There were all these nice long sleeve
T-shirts,couple short sleeve ones and 2 sweatshirts.
Two pairs of shoes,clips for snack bags,2 LED flashlights.
Two boxes of chocolates 1 for each Gma and Gpa. Ten
novels for Gma. Two large fancy lotions. No BoBo's,No
treats,NO sweaters,No quilts, No toys,No nothin'!
Beleive me, you should have seen my FACE... You should
have seen my FACE....I looked stunned! I just couldn't
believe she forgot me! I even crawled into the box
to double check...Nope,nothin'!

I actually went over in the kitchen corner and sat
down for a big doxie pout! Gma said, I was pitiful!
Gpa couldn't believe the LOOK I gave them both...
Gma said, look at her, she is truly upset!

The mailman came back today with another box. It
wasn't for me...It's the mug Gma had made with my
pictures on it. It is ME ME ME 9 of ME'S but not
for ME! Does that makes sense?????? Even the mailman
doesn't carry any treats to give me. What is wrong
with this picture????

Gpa throws 3 big boxes in Gma's car and she took
them off to town. She said, she had to get started
on mailing the holiday packages. There would be
several more next week: if, we paw out the fudge
and caramel corn this weekend.

We still have to make 1 more blanket (Great-Gma's)
Maybe I should make her wait until spring, when she
has a birthday or somethin'?

I've had time to think on this situation....
I think, I need to call Great-Gma and chat!
Cuz, either she didn't get everything packed
or Fancy Baby (Black Schnauzer also my Auntie)
took the stuff back out and kept it herself?

I mean Great-Gma and I are tight! I mean she
chats with me on the phone recorder. She talks
to me on the phone too! I know, my Gma doesn't
have dog-timers, either....Maybe Great-Gpa ate my
treats! He eats anything...Maybe there's another
box in the mail??????

I guess, I'd better start laying on the fat pillow
bed in the entry watching for the mailman. He
always arrives at lunchtime...... Maybe that was
why I didn't hear him???? Could I have been eating?
I'll let ya know, what I sniff out on this deal...

Better get back to my p-mails,groups and zooming through
my bark board. So much to do, so little time before
bed...Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Pumpkin Peanutbutter Oatmeal Pup Cookie Recipe

November 29th 2012 6:59 am
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Yummy,yummy Holidays are coming and I have
homemade Pup Biscuits... Going to leave Santa Paws
some too! Maybe the reindeer like cookies?????
Trying to get on that nice list and off the
naughty list before Christmas.

Morning pals.... Tell those Mommas and Gmas to
get the apron,hotpads,flour and such. Then beat
it to the kitchen. You know the place with all
the Food!

Cuz ALL puppers deserve homemade biscuits for the Holidays!

So here is an easy recipe that Gma invented....
Can make many different kinds with just some swaps
.......these are pretty low fat and I like them
better than the high fat ones.



1 c quick oatmeal
1 1/2 c flour
2T. honey(if you don't have use molasses,little pancake syrup or brown sugar)
1/2 c pumpkin
3-4 T. peanutbutter
1/4 c skim milk (whatever milk you have on hand)

Mix up and dough was soft. so then sprinkle a little flour at a time on the dough. when dough is like a very soft play dough divide into 2 balls. flour your pastry sheet and roll out like a pie crust or cookies. cut with the cookie cutter (ours was 3" x 1 1/4" bone shaped) No cutter,don't worry roll into balls and flatten with fingers. we rolled the dough to about 1/4" thick.
We have a convection electric oven so temperature and baking time may vary by what you bake in.

Baked at 375 for 15 min. turned over and baked 10 more min. Turn oven off and leave in oven until oven is cold. This will harden them so they will keep.

Gma says:
Mazy has put her personal seal of approval on these.
She LOVES them!


4 Paws Are Better Than 2 Paws!

November 28th 2012 3:41 pm
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I can't believe it! All said boxes and packages in this
house are MINE! I claim them all! Now some of them are
total duds...The last big box that arrived here was a
new dirt devil,heavy duty hand vac. Now I realize, it is
used for doxie and kitty hair among other things. I was
truly disappointed.

Now today, FEDEX came to my Ponderosa. One package was my
personal Christmas Card with 9 of my pictures on it.WowZer!
Did this turn out Pawtastically! I look like a Celeb, I

Box No.2.....I was sure I sniffed out toys and treats!
I'm postive that box is mine! Well, Gma said,"outta the
way Twinkie Dinkie!" Off she went to her big pantry and
put the box in there. She didn't even open it! She wouldn't
let me see who it was from,either.......

Adding insult to injury, she got out the box from yesterday.
This box was almost Full of toys and treats but she wouldn't
let me test them for quality. How dare she!

The same box comes out of the basement stairwell where it
was resting on a hook. She opens it, gets out zipper bags
Fills those with pupper cookies we baked yesterday....
Well,I NEVER! I thought all those pupper cookies were for

Nope, Gma said, "if I ate those 2 whole bags of pupper
cookies...I'd be as Big as a Barn!" How dare she say, I'd
get FAT! She tells me this is my box to send to my
Secret Santa Pal in one of my groups.

Okay, I'll help wrap it.... I have 4 paws and you have
2 paws..... So while we are taping the box, I try to sneak
something out of the box. Dang! Didn't quite make it!

I did make sure to walk on this box. Lick the box and a
few other things. SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO when it reaches my
Christmas Pal, they will know what a prairie gal smells

I did try to pull the tape off when Gma wasn't looking.
I also jumped onto a dining room chair and stood over
the box. Now, I sure hope Santa Paws and the Elves
weren't watching. I'd hate to be on the naughty list
just before Christmas. After all, I have a very lengthy
Wish List. I'm a Princess remember? Princess are always
somewhat spoiled....

Just so you know I'm not pulling your paws....Gma was
quick and zapped a couple pics of my mischief. Please
don't tell Santa Paws there is evidence of my naughtiness.

Mazy Readying Her Secret Santa Box

Mazy Checking The Secret Santa Pal Box Before The Mailing


BUSY with Important Dogster Stuff

November 27th 2012 11:22 am
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We've been busy baking pupster bone shaped cookies.
Gma found a bone shaped cutter at Target. We have several
pup cookies recipes we like. We decided to try the recipe
on the card. The batch made 57 and the cutter is 3" x 1 1/4"

The recipe had oil,water,eggs,peanut-butter,flour,oatmeal and
cornmeal. The cookies turned out GREAT and I think they
are yummy! Gma thought the recipe is pretty high FAT(in her

Since the stuff was out..She invented a recipe of her own.
She used honey,peanut-butter,pumpkin,oatmeal,flour and skim
milk. They are still hardening in the oven....So my seal of
approval is still not on them.

Anywho! She bought 2 cookie cutters...So my Secret Santa Pal
will have one in their Christmas box. Along with some recipes.
After the cookie baking, we ran outside real fast. I took care
of business. No wind so feels pretty nice. No sunshine either.

Gma dug a shoe box out from under her bed. Then she went to
the basement and came back with a bag. This bag had toys and
treats in it. I thought OMD, it must be my BIRTHDAY! WELL, THAT
CAN'T BE...I have birthday close to July 4th.

Here I am scratching my ear and wondering what she is up too!
I started dancing and the doxie yodeling. I wanted that box
put on the floor for me to check it out. Gma said, "NO" these
are the things I told you I bought your Secret Pup. Almost
time to ready the box and mail it! WE NEED TO KNOW IF,
everything will fit.

If we were mailing all that stuff away?
I could put some doxie slobber on it 1st....
then I wanted to pick a toy out of the secret stash....
I danced and danced and yodeled up a storm....
So,Gma reached in a bag and gave me a round blue BAT.

It's really cool looking and was on sale after Halloweenie.
It's fuzzy but round like a ball. The face is all sewed on.
The squeaker wasn't padded well......So when I let her have it
I need a new squeakie in it.

Funny how some squeakers last Forever and others a couple
minutes. I may be little but I play hard. We made a
Christmas card of me at Shutterfly. They are on their way
to us already. Gma has never done this before. There software
was so easy to use. We were able to put 9 pictures on 1 card.
We sure hope it looks Pawsome when it comes.

Now we have to dig and find all those pup pal addresses.
I think, I sniffed them in the office....Better go look!
Time for some lunch....Soon the biscuits will be cooling
on the counter for wrapping.

I think, Gma is going to throw me out of the office. She
mentioned Great-Gma's horse blanket....She needs to lay
the material out and mark for cutting. She won't let
me help! She said, "I'd mess the project up!" I said,
ONLY A LITTLE!!!! LET ME HELP!!!!! So what if, it turns
out a triangle instead of a rectangle. Do you think
Fancy Baby will care, as she sneaks it away from Great-Gma?

She'll probably share, cuz they sleep in the same bed.
Like me, she takes what she wants and Gma has what's
left over for sleeping room and covers.

Catch ya later,Mazy


Boy It's Now Quiet Here

November 23rd 2012 6:41 pm
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Big T-day has come and gone...The turkey was delish!
We froze a couple packages to eat later. We have some in
the fridge. Precious and I had turkey breast tonight. It
was just as yummy as it was yesterday....Gma had a big
tossed salad with turkey and cheese on it.

I was so happy over the turkey,I let Gma capture pic of
me in my SPOILED T-SHIRT. It's up for ya'll to see. We
had an Alberta Clipper, it was so windy and cold. We
were really happy Thanksgiving was at my house. Today
was still real cold, but wind has left. High 20 Low 8

The grand-kids played stuffies with me. I waited patiently
in my bed by the stove for everyone to eat. Gma gave me
my turkey. I was warm and I settled into my
bed with a fuzzy blanket and napped.

The hoomans played pinochle,farkle,bunco,dominoes and a
new game called Pass the Pigs. Yep, there are 2 little
rubber piggies, smaller than a quarter. You throw them
like dice. How they land gives you a score for the round.
I wanted to jump on the table,have a better Look at
said piggies.....Gma read my mind, tightened her
grip on me...So, I settled on her lap and snoozed until
suppertime. I topped the day off with some cheese and
a nibble of pumpkin pie.

Gma and I slept in,we were pooped! We spent the day
putting our house back in order. We made a Christmas
card picture at Shutterfly. So an order was placed..
Gma did up a mug with my pictures on it. She ordered
that for herself. She said, the Black Friday Weekend
has great deals out there. Good Thing! Our electric
broom broke last night....Ordered a new 1 before bed.

I think we are cooking the turkey carcass tomorrow.
I heard her say, turkey rice and veggie soup on the
way. I think, she's planning on making Great-Gma's
velour horse blanket too. Loaded up my hooman-bro
with 2 grocery bags of assorted cookies, mini-fruit
breads,dried apples and jerky. Gma told him,when
he makes his caramels...she expects a package in
the mail. Gma doesn't do caramels too hard on her
hands. Any who,okay Mom, you've got it. He
brought her dark chocolate cherries....I think, he
want to stay on the list for goodies!My kisses are
better than chocolate cherries!Almost my turn
for the new pup cookies made with a little bone
cookie cutter. Sending some to my Secret Christmas
Pal. (I have to test the recipe first!)

Waiting to see, what happened at everyone's house!
My pal Dodger, thinks we should all get together
and go on a scavenger hunt of garbage cans around
the country. Find all those turkey carcasses that
were pitched. I thought a turkey scavenger hunt
was just a pawsome idea! Dodger, I'll be headed
to your house, as soon as I can sneak away
from Gma! Time for bed.....Nightie,nightie!

Hugs and Kisses, Mazy



November 21st 2012 4:52 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving




Thinkin' Our Bases Are Covered

November 21st 2012 1:58 pm
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I went outside with Gpa. Playin' in the mud and sniffin' stuff....Already knew
I was gettin' a bath. I heard Gpa spell the word at lunch to Gma.
They think, I can't Spell! As much readin' as Gma and I do...of Course, I can Spell!

So yep, I had a bath and the works to be ready for Thanksgiving.
I have a new T-shirt that is pink with dark pink trim. It says:
"this is what Spoiled looks like!" I'm wearin' it tomorrow for
the grand-kids to see. They both should have one too...Since,
Gma has spoiled the whole furmily! They now called with their
own requests for special twists to their cookies and baked stuff.
Can you believe it?????

We finally found the ultimate soft chocolate chip cookie recipe.
This will make Gpa and grandson very happy. The grand-kids wanted
sugar cookies without frosting. Hooman-bro and Gpa wanted with
frostin'. Hooman-sis and kids wanted monster cookies only with
chocolate chips and M&M's. Chocolate chunk cookies for Gpa and
grandson. The peanut-butter blossoms, there were 3 different
requests. Some with Hershey kisses, some with peanut-butter cups
and some with caramel cups. There had to be 2 kinds of pie
to make everyone happy. Pumpkin and Apple. Used some of the
apple pie filling we canned this fall. Made pumpkin and apple
sauce muffins. Son-in-law and Gma are not fussy....Those 2
eat everything and rarely drop anything for ME!!!!

SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO it's late afternoon and the last of the baking
for the Holiday is done. Tons in the freezer but still have
several kinds of cookies to make after T-day to do the holiday
gift boxes. I think, I heard mention of fudge makin' and
caramel corn. I LOVE caramel corn and work real hard to watch
for any droppings'.

The cauliflower,broccoli,celery,carrots,peppers are cleaned
for vegetable tray. The homemade sweet and dill pickles are
in our extra fridge waiting. The turkey breast still has a
little ice in it...So we will finish defrosting with cold
water. Hooman-sis will bring the pan of German dressing.
The baked buns for sandwiches at supper time. Chex mix to
snack on while playing games. Gma has corn and crescent rolls.

We're coolin' a bottle of cranberry twist wine for the big
people. The grand-kids have kid wine.(sparkling grape juice)
Gpa bought snack candies for the grand-kids too! Myself and
Precious are waiting for the turkey! Of course, I save room
for muffins and cookies.

The house is clean and the laundry is washed. Took us the
past 3 days to cover all our bases. We don't think, we forgot
a thing.... I don't know why, we spend so much time
cleaning before a furmily gathering? When everyone leaves
it is all dirty anyway! Gma is obsessive and says, she'll
be on her last breath...the day the kids come home and
the house isn't clean.

This afternoon Gma and I have been counting all of our
blessings. This is a special Thanksgiving because my
hooman-bro has only been with us 1 time for Thanksgiving
since 2000. He lives in the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
He won't be home for Christmas this year. He is working
the day before and the day after. Someone who is married
and has kiddies can be off work. Gma finished all his
holiday goodies to take home with him. If he wants some
caramel corn she will make him some this weekend.

Gma is tired, so we are goin' order a take-out pizza
for supper. Yippy! I get to ride in the car and use
the butt warmers....I love to ride and it's been awhile.
The warm weather allowed Gpa to fish the leaves out
of the rain gutters before the temperatures dip...then
they would have been frozen down again. The weather was
real nice this week 40-50's, but tomorrow we start
coolin' off. Back into the deep freeze! Our snow did all
melt but it is still muddy and icy in places. Sure hope
the switch in weather isn't bringin' the snow back....

I'm wishin' all my pals, a very Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.
Can't wait to hear about all your T-day adventures....
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Zoomin' All Around

November 13th 2012 3:23 pm
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Since the 1st. week of November, we had a STORM! The works!
Frizzle,ice,wind,super cold and then snow! It was a ugly
Weekend and I think, Winter is Here to Stay! We now have about
4" of snow on the ground. Ice has been dropping off the trees
since Saturday....I've about Yapped myself to death! Sounds
like someone throwing Big Rocks on our Roof! I Don't Like It!
Except the only people it kept awake was Gma and Gpa....I slept
at night like a baby...HeHe

We lucked out because Bismarck had 12" of snow. Warmed up to 33
today and most of big chunks of ice have fallen on of the trees.
I did tough it out 30 minutes yesterday,while Gma shoveled
the front steps. Made me a path around the front yard,so my
chest wasn't dragging in the snow. The only thing, I like
about winter is lots of Hot Towels!

Gpa was slipping and sliding on the ice to feed the cattle.
Care for a new set of twin calves on the bottle. Chasing the
cows with the 4 wheeler,every time a gate was opened. Back
to hauling hay today.

Gma and I spent the last few days, baking mini fruit breads.
Cookies and making Jerky. We also made a fuzzy blanket for
Great-Gpa's December birthday. The usually cleaning,laundry
and cooking up a storm.

We also have been trying to figure out Elfster. One of our
pup groups, uses Elfster for their gift exchange. I was so
excited to find out I could search for toys and treats. Make
a Wish List for Christmas. I wonder if, Santa checks these
lists??????????? It was so much FUN to choose toys, that
I don't have.... I'm so Excited! Can't wait to see what
I arrives in the mail this year.

We're busy planning and working on our Thanksgiving....
Since my whole hooman furmily will be with me this year.
More peeps to drop stuff and more crumbs to snatch!
Should be a Fun day....I have so much Fun with those
2 grand-kids,when they are here to play with me. I
wonder who's lap I'm sitting on to play dominoes
and cards????????? Probably Gma's...I'm the only
chance she has to win a round.......

Well pals, time to take the jerky off. Fix my supper!
Be seeing ya later. Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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