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November 21st 2012 4:52 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving




Thinkin' Our Bases Are Covered

November 21st 2012 1:58 pm
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I went outside with Gpa. Playin' in the mud and sniffin' stuff....Already knew
I was gettin' a bath. I heard Gpa spell the word at lunch to Gma.
They think, I can't Spell! As much readin' as Gma and I do...of Course, I can Spell!

So yep, I had a bath and the works to be ready for Thanksgiving.
I have a new T-shirt that is pink with dark pink trim. It says:
"this is what Spoiled looks like!" I'm wearin' it tomorrow for
the grand-kids to see. They both should have one too...Since,
Gma has spoiled the whole furmily! They now called with their
own requests for special twists to their cookies and baked stuff.
Can you believe it?????

We finally found the ultimate soft chocolate chip cookie recipe.
This will make Gpa and grandson very happy. The grand-kids wanted
sugar cookies without frosting. Hooman-bro and Gpa wanted with
frostin'. Hooman-sis and kids wanted monster cookies only with
chocolate chips and M&M's. Chocolate chunk cookies for Gpa and
grandson. The peanut-butter blossoms, there were 3 different
requests. Some with Hershey kisses, some with peanut-butter cups
and some with caramel cups. There had to be 2 kinds of pie
to make everyone happy. Pumpkin and Apple. Used some of the
apple pie filling we canned this fall. Made pumpkin and apple
sauce muffins. Son-in-law and Gma are not fussy....Those 2
eat everything and rarely drop anything for ME!!!!

SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO it's late afternoon and the last of the baking
for the Holiday is done. Tons in the freezer but still have
several kinds of cookies to make after T-day to do the holiday
gift boxes. I think, I heard mention of fudge makin' and
caramel corn. I LOVE caramel corn and work real hard to watch
for any droppings'.

The cauliflower,broccoli,celery,carrots,peppers are cleaned
for vegetable tray. The homemade sweet and dill pickles are
in our extra fridge waiting. The turkey breast still has a
little ice in it...So we will finish defrosting with cold
water. Hooman-sis will bring the pan of German dressing.
The baked buns for sandwiches at supper time. Chex mix to
snack on while playing games. Gma has corn and crescent rolls.

We're coolin' a bottle of cranberry twist wine for the big
people. The grand-kids have kid wine.(sparkling grape juice)
Gpa bought snack candies for the grand-kids too! Myself and
Precious are waiting for the turkey! Of course, I save room
for muffins and cookies.

The house is clean and the laundry is washed. Took us the
past 3 days to cover all our bases. We don't think, we forgot
a thing.... I don't know why, we spend so much time
cleaning before a furmily gathering? When everyone leaves
it is all dirty anyway! Gma is obsessive and says, she'll
be on her last breath...the day the kids come home and
the house isn't clean.

This afternoon Gma and I have been counting all of our
blessings. This is a special Thanksgiving because my
hooman-bro has only been with us 1 time for Thanksgiving
since 2000. He lives in the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
He won't be home for Christmas this year. He is working
the day before and the day after. Someone who is married
and has kiddies can be off work. Gma finished all his
holiday goodies to take home with him. If he wants some
caramel corn she will make him some this weekend.

Gma is tired, so we are goin' order a take-out pizza
for supper. Yippy! I get to ride in the car and use
the butt warmers....I love to ride and it's been awhile.
The warm weather allowed Gpa to fish the leaves out
of the rain gutters before the temperatures dip...then
they would have been frozen down again. The weather was
real nice this week 40-50's, but tomorrow we start
coolin' off. Back into the deep freeze! Our snow did all
melt but it is still muddy and icy in places. Sure hope
the switch in weather isn't bringin' the snow back....

I'm wishin' all my pals, a very Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.
Can't wait to hear about all your T-day adventures....
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Zoomin' All Around

November 13th 2012 3:23 pm
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Since the 1st. week of November, we had a STORM! The works!
Frizzle,ice,wind,super cold and then snow! It was a ugly
Weekend and I think, Winter is Here to Stay! We now have about
4" of snow on the ground. Ice has been dropping off the trees
since Saturday....I've about Yapped myself to death! Sounds
like someone throwing Big Rocks on our Roof! I Don't Like It!
Except the only people it kept awake was Gma and Gpa....I slept
at night like a baby...HeHe

We lucked out because Bismarck had 12" of snow. Warmed up to 33
today and most of big chunks of ice have fallen on of the trees.
I did tough it out 30 minutes yesterday,while Gma shoveled
the front steps. Made me a path around the front yard,so my
chest wasn't dragging in the snow. The only thing, I like
about winter is lots of Hot Towels!

Gpa was slipping and sliding on the ice to feed the cattle.
Care for a new set of twin calves on the bottle. Chasing the
cows with the 4 wheeler,every time a gate was opened. Back
to hauling hay today.

Gma and I spent the last few days, baking mini fruit breads.
Cookies and making Jerky. We also made a fuzzy blanket for
Great-Gpa's December birthday. The usually cleaning,laundry
and cooking up a storm.

We also have been trying to figure out Elfster. One of our
pup groups, uses Elfster for their gift exchange. I was so
excited to find out I could search for toys and treats. Make
a Wish List for Christmas. I wonder if, Santa checks these
lists??????????? It was so much FUN to choose toys, that
I don't have.... I'm so Excited! Can't wait to see what
I arrives in the mail this year.

We're busy planning and working on our Thanksgiving....
Since my whole hooman furmily will be with me this year.
More peeps to drop stuff and more crumbs to snatch!
Should be a Fun day....I have so much Fun with those
2 grand-kids,when they are here to play with me. I
wonder who's lap I'm sitting on to play dominoes
and cards????????? Probably Gma's...I'm the only
chance she has to win a round.......

Well pals, time to take the jerky off. Fix my supper!
Be seeing ya later. Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Everyone's Been Busy!

November 6th 2012 3:08 pm
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Progress at our place... YIPPY,SUNSHINE TODAY!Light rain
melted the rest of the snow. YAHOO!!!!! The yard is
greener Now than it was from July on.....We sure needed
the moisture. It is 48 but breezy!

Gpa FINALLY has the WELL FIXED!!!!!! It took new sucker
rods,fittings and 40 ft. of new galvanized pipe. Boy,
is new pipe expensive! It was $8.50 per foot. How he
managed to take it apart and put it back together by
himself ????? We will Never know....

He even had time to haul a load or two of hay bales
home. Now he is mixing milk for the bottle calves.
The new time, means he has to start evening chores
sooner. He has calves to grain and the barn cats to
feed. Dark so EARLY! Gma and I were outside for
some sunshine.

Gma and I baked all morning. Pumpkin and Banana Mini
Breads. Followed by individual brownies. We had
lunch,then washed up all the baking mess. Planned
supper. I offered to dry dishes and pans.

She snuck off, while I was napping in the sunroom.
She finished great nephew's fuzzy bear blanket for
his 6th. birthday in December. When she was done,
I inspected the blanket! Pretty soft and warm, but
bears are not for Divas or Princesses!

She can go ahead and make Great Grandpa's Deer
blanket. Followed by Great Grandma's Horse Blanket.
She can make me a Diva blanket for Christmas.

We opened a bunch of ground meat and broke it all
up. We have it in a refrigerator downstairs. Spices
will go in soon.... Let the cure and spice work a
day....Then time to make Jerky! I LOVE the smell
of jerky drying.......My snout will be Crazy!

We are suppose to have a Blizzard this weekend.
Crazy? They better be wrong! However, cat food is
almost gone again! So they are planning a supply trip
before the next snow! Guess it will be windy all
week. Phooey!!!!!!!!

We have avoided the Election news all day....So guess,
we will clean up and tune in. Figured we have a large
dose of news tonight. We hope everyone went out and voted.
One of those rights, we take for granted many times.
Everyone Have a Pawtastic Week, Hugs Mazy


What Did I Do??????????? Am I In TROUBLE?????????

November 4th 2012 12:09 pm
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I honestly don't know, what I did?????Am I in TROUBLE?
Gma dug into a big closet. She pulled out a huge bag.
Guess what was in the bag?????????? It was full of giant
pieces of velour fabric.

Some pieces are solid in colors like tan,brown and gray.
Others have prints: Bears,Deer and Horses. OMD! I've
Hit the Jackpot! All this fuzzy,wuzzy,big huge blankies
for Me! Did Christmas come early??????????

I was doing my Best to climb inside of this big bag.
I just wanted to sniff,snuggle and burrow right in....
Oh NO! She grabs the bag, takes out 4 big pieces
and hits the laundry room. OMD! Gma is going to warm
these pawsome blankies up for me! What a terrific Momma
I have!

Nope, wrong again! She shoves them in the washer. Gets
them all wet and what for????????? Well later, she throws
them in the dryer. Okay, now we are cooking! She's fixin'
these all up, just for ME!!!!!

Dryer buzzes and I beat her to the dryer. I'm standing
on my hind leggers...Dancin' and beggin' and whinin'!
She pushes me back...What the ?????????? She starts
foldin' those fuzzies into big squares. Lays them on
top of the dryer......She Leaves them there...

OMD! What did I do?????????? Those are Blankies! All
fuzzy blankies belong to me! It's my house and that's
the way it works!

Gma says,Mazy these are NOT blankies yet. I have to cut
them,tie the fronts and backs together. Then they are
lap-a-gans. Okay,so get to cuttin' and tyin'! I
want my New Blankies, right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what? Gma says, they are for her Mom,Dad and
great nephew. 2 have December birthdays and the other
is an extra Christmas. Now my fur-Aunt,Fancy Baby,
the black schnauzer will have a horse one. She has
to share with Great-Gma. Ethan, who will be 6 will
have the bears. He will share with Riley his fur-sis,
who is a boxer. Great-Gpa doesn't have to share at ALL!

I really don't mind them havin' fuzzy blankies too.
I think, while all this tyin' is goin' on, I should
be allowed to lay on said, fuzzies! This didn't
sound like a too promisin' plan....I wonder where
she thinks she can lay this stuff and me not snuggle
into it????????

Let me ask you pals: is this NOT the dirtiest Trick
you've ever heard of??????????? I can tell you, those
things are not leavin' MY HOUSE without my Smell on
them! Also a few little black hairs,just so they
know I helped!!!!!

Consoling myself by laying in the office chair with
1 of McKenzie flannel receivin' baby blankets on me!
This thing is OLD,For Pete's Sake,she is almost 11!
Even has a blue crocheted border on it. The flannel
has Stupid,silly little kittens on it. No, I do NOT
share this blankie with Precious. She has her own
blankies..... Gma says, I'm a spoiled Diva! Do you
think, I'm spoiled????????



November 4th 2012 10:45 am
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OMD, has Winter arrived to stay?????? It has been
snowing off and on since Friday. The temperatures have
been between 28-33. The open prairie has a white blanket
covering it. Right now,it is snowing again. We've only
seen Mr. Sunshine one day this past week. So awful gray
and gloomy.

I've been outside 30 minutes each day. Wasn't my idea!
Gma made me go and have some fresh air...Actually,I
think Gma wanted the fresh air and just made me go along!
I decided awhile back that I was a normal smooth haired
doxie AND I DO NOT LIKE snow,rain,cold and wind! One
reason Gma chose me was SHE DOESN'T LIKE THESE THINGS

I had Grandma thinking, the first 3 plus years that
I was a Crazy Doxie.....Cuz, I was always wanting
to go play in such Weather! She Faithfully bundled up
and took me in and out....All day long! Dressing and
undressing in all the heavy clothes! Alot of other stuff
wasn't being done...Gma even herniated a disc in her
back while allowing me to HUNT bunnies in the hay yard.
She stepped in a hole under the snow....Anyhoo! The coyotes
ATE all my BUNNIES! I have none to hunt now!

SSSSSoooooooooo I try to pester the barn cats all I can!
Some of them run but most of then blow me off...Can't
even give a doxie a Good Game of Chase! Gpa feeds them so
well...They are hanging up by the patio in the morning and
evening ...just Waiting for the Lunch wagon! I guess, they
are doing the mice thing...Cuz, I can't even sniff out a
batch to play with....

Anyway this weekend Gpa worked on his well. Now knows
what he needs to fix it. Threaded cupplers for the
sucker rods and 40 ft. of new well pipe. Some sections
had rusted through. So couldn't pump water.Also well
is narrowed down to nothing from built up minerals.
Store wasn't open by the time he knew what he needed.
Off to buy the stuff on Monday after all the cattle
are fed. I bet,right about now, Gpa wishes he had
fixed the well over the summer. Ya think???????
Since Friday,He's had to shovel the feed bunks
before he can grain the calves. As if, he needed
another extra chore.....

Gma did Big housecleaning. Some baking and we had
a Huge Flop! Rarely happens! Gma was making soft
sour cream chocolate chip cookies. Oopsie! Gma
picked up the wrong kind of sour cream. Note to
Bakers! Fat-free sour cream does NOT work! The
cookies had 2 troubles. 1st. wouldn't bake out.
Turned oven up and they baked. Looked good!
What we salvaged taste good! They stuck to the
pans and crumbled some.....Who cares? They had
nasty chocolate so I can snag any! How dare
they have cookies I can't share!


Times That Change?????????????

November 1st 2012 3:18 pm
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We're still choppin' away at our fall work list.
Just seems like the End Will Never Come! We've been
busy prayin' for all the pups and purrs up and down
the Eastern part of the United States. Sandy really
was a big bad ugly storm. We checked with Great-Gma
and Great-Gpa in Indiana. They had very high winds,
cold and rainy. Everyone is safe and sound!

I had to supervise Gma yesterday from the back of
the couch,through the living room window. Her helper
was sick and she worked all alone. I went out with a
heavy winter sweater but it was Cold! Took forever
to warm up! Gma froze her fingers through her gloves.
She is so tired of the leaf chasing,she was working
from 9-12 and quitting. Spent the afternoon cleaning
the car interior. This was after a BIG ride, with
both of them. They went and got their Flu shots!
Sure glad my shots are done! Then Gma took Gpa to get
his truck from the body shop. He finally had his
windshield,tailgate,mirror,door locks all changed.

Gma and I emptied the pantry of all the stuff that
wasn't FOOD. Reorganized,left only the open cleaning
stuff there. Hauled everything else to the basement.
We cleaned a good part of the basement. Not done yet!
Hauled OUT all kinds of stuff you shouldn't have saved
and did......I guess, I helped de-clutter the place!
Boy did I have FUN snooping in all kinds of stuff!

We peeled the last of the apples and have them in
the dryers. Still have the jelly to make. Gma made
some bars yesterday and we ate them all up! We are
making sour cream chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.
Gma has started baking and freezing for the Holidays.

Hopefully,1 more day in the yard and will be done.
Garage hasn't been addressed yet. I think our
helper can do it next week. Gma can finish the basement
project. Gma's neck and shoulder are giving her
fits! The neck has kept a constant headache for
2 days now. She goes for massage tomorrow and this
should help. The Bone and Joint Clinic changed her
appointment to Nov. 15th. She sure hopes they can do
something for her bad shoulder.(Really hoping to
avoid surgery)

Since November is here...We have to start making jerky
for Great-Gpa. We have 2 blankets to make out of velour
before Christmas for Gma's folks. We think our grand-
daughter,McKenzie will come and help Gma with the blankets.

Today was Bio-spot day.....I was caught off guard! I hate
that stuff! I HATE FLEAS even more!!!!!Precious didn't
sneak away either......Gpa surprised her!

Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are just around the
corner! Where oh where did, 2012 go????????????????
So much to do and so very little time!!!!!!!!!
Sure enjoyed peeking at all the Weenie Costumes.
Catching up with everyone's special days....

Gma said, a new Time this weekend....I don't
understand? I thought there was only 1 kind of Time?
Eatin',sleepin',playin',workin' and trouble time!
Speakin' of Eatin' is my Supper TIME!


Grandpa's Dilemma

October 28th 2012 2:13 pm
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Cold and snow flurries here......Oh Boy, Gpa has a
BIG MESS!!! He brought all the cows and calves home from
the summer pasture yesterday. Of course, it took all day!
Some were ready to come because of the cold and flurries.
Others had to play games with Gpa....

Now all the cattle are home and pretty close to house.
They have pastures here and several corrals. Gpa has
been hauling bales to them everyday. Since it is still
dry here. The open grazing isn't enough food for them.

Grandpa's BIG Problem is Water for the cattle... The well
in the front corral needs to be worked on. We still
pump water with old fashioned pump-jacks into large
stock tanks. Most neighbors have submersible pumps and
water hydrants. Our place isn't that modern...

So Gpa was using 200 ft. of garden hose to reach the
corral from the hydrant at the house yard. The cold
weather froze the hoses. Frozen hoses won't work to
fill the big tank.

Gpa thought he'd drag all that hose through the house.
Put it, in our 1 bathtub and shower unit to defrost.
The hose was covered with grass clippings,leaves and dirt.
Would be drug through 4 rooms to reach the bathroom.
Gma didn't like this idea!

Gpa decided to put the space heater on the hoses in the
cattle room. The space heater wouldn't work! Now what?
The cattle have to have water.....

Gma brought heavy plastic and put on the sunroom floor.
Then got 2 big oil filled electric heaters out of the attic.
Plugged them in, set the thermostats for 90. Took awhile
but the hoses are defrosted....

Now Gpa is filling the tank. This takes 2 hours when dry.
Then he has to drag the hoses in, to drain them, so they
won't freeze up again.

We have the clean up mess in the sunroom. Put everything
away and clean up the grass debris. Gma told Gpa he had
to clean up the mess he made! Gma knows, she'll have to
Help. If not, they will be dragging that mess all over
the house.

The reason Gma is upset with Gpa is: He knew All Summer,
he had to work on this well. He put it off! Thank goodness,
there are 2 other wells for the cattle. If all, were
trying to drink from this 1 large tank....there'd be alot
of pushing and shoving going on. Maybe some cattle would
be injured....So much for Gma having a little extra
down time.

He's trying to haul bales on the days the weather allows.
He went and picked up some free standing corral that was
built for him. This will replace the area where the collapsed
heifer shed was removed. He hasn't had time to set those
corral panels up. Always something around here! He is having
mechanical problems with a couple tractors to add to
the heartburn.

Well on the upside, he will have his pickup back in a
couple days. There will be a new windshield and new tail
gate on his truck. Finally those repairs are done....
Gma says, any advice for handling her procrastinating Gpa?
She has a very lllllllooooooooonnnnnnggggggggggg fuse!
I think, she is about to blow sky an oil
gusher! Oh Boy! Where's my raincoat? I think, I might
need it!

Okay Gma, calm down....Let's go Zoomin' around and see
what our pals have been doing! I know, you'll feel much
better real soon! I reach over and give Gma big wet kisses
all over her face.....Catch ya later,Mazy


Last Of October

October 28th 2012 2:04 pm
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Mazy here reportin' in. The weather hasn't been nice for
a week now. We've had drizzles,cold,gray,cloudy,breezy
and snow flurries ALL weekend. SO NOPE we haven't finished
our leaf chasing project!

We did manage to make our pasta sauce. Now have 19 pts.
No TOMATOES in our freezer! We did dry another batch of
apples. We cleaned,chopped and froze apples. They are
for our muffins,bread and oatmeal cookies. We baked,
all day one day this past week. Gma was testing 3 new
cookies recipes. Looking for a couple new ones to add
to the favorites for Holiday Gift Boxes.

Wednesday, we took everything but the treadmill,washer
and dryer out of the laundry room. Thursday, my human
sis and Gma painted. Gma did the brush work and Melissa
did all the rolling. The rolling is real tough on Gma's
shoulders. Looks really nice but was a very long day
for us Furs! There is no door on the laundry room....
Precious and I had to spend the day with only the
kitchen,entry and sun-room as our turf...We were NOT
Happy about this! You'll Never guess what the wall
color is called???? DILL PICKLE! I kid you not!

Really isn't the color of Gma's pickles.... It is a
bright, light green. All the woodwork is a peach
oil based enamel. Gma didn't want to repaint the woodwork.
Brighter and cheery for winter days....Pulls lots
more light into the 1 large window.

Gma put everything back,except the wall stuff. Since
it was so cold, she's giving it a week before she
hangs the wall stuff. Gpa has to install the new
small fan and light combo. The other one is 30+ years
with 2 speeds burnt out and 1 light socket is bad.

Friday Gma left me to hold down the fort. She went to
have her furry mop redone. Followed by a massage to regroup.
Left the crock-pot filled with roast beef and vegetables
for supper.

My Nose has been teased by pasta sauce,drying apples,
yummy cookies and apple pies baking. Plus homemade
clam chowder simmering and biscuits baking. Tonight
having yellow rice and grilled chicken breasts.
I know she defrosted an extra piece for Precious and
I to share over the next few days.

Gma brought a few more apples home. She plans to dry
them for human bro. Maybe freeze a few for baking.
We tried the canned apple pie filling yesterday. We
made little pies the size of potpies. Perfect for just
2 hoomans.....

We did the usually weekly cleaning and laundry. We caught
up on snail mail. Made a long list for supply run. Gma
has a toopher for dentist to repair. Barn kitties are
out of food AGAIN! Gma even cooked some meat out of the
freezer for them.....So Monday, I'm on guard duty....

Gma did all my grooming today. I was really good UNTIL
she started brushing my toophers! I was a Naughty Girl!
I was do a Growly! Gma brushed anyway and let me finish
with a mini dental bone. She said behave or she'd brush
them everyday!

Precious and I have been playing the house. Gma and I
did walk to mailbox yesterday. It was only 28,cloudy,
spittin' snow....She said, we needed a little fresh
air. It's only a 1/2 mile to the box. We were both
ready to come inside......

Suppose to be in high 40's with sunshine by Wednesday.
We HOPE so.......We still need 1 long day to chase
and clean up leaves. We're gearing up to start making
jerky. Baking and freezing for the Holidays.

By the weekend, venison beasty season will be open!
They need 2 beasties this year. I can't go along!
Too much noise with the rifles. Too much walking...
Once they have their beasties, we have to de-bone
it. Package the steak. Cut up all the rest for
sausage and jerky making. Can you imagine? Some
of the beasty is for the kitties! Who said, I
wanted to share?????????

Gma,Precious and I took a badly needed NAP late on
Saturday. The Cold weather was really doing Gma

Gotta go, catch ya later. Hugs and Kisses, Mazy



October 23rd 2012 4:02 pm
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My hoomans did the Funniest thing on Saturday. They quit working at noon.
Dressed in good clothes and told me to keep an eye on the place.
They left my kibbles and a busy-bone. Gma gave me a beggin' strip as she
walked out the door. Oh Boy! This means they are gonna be gone awhile.......

Saturday is was cloudy,gray and drizzles. So I settled down and took a few naps.
Watched some shows on Disney cartoons. Guarded my busy-bone.
Ever once in awhile I'd give it a lick or two. I Never eat
my busy-bone while they are gone.

We always play a game of hide-in-seek with it,when they return.
I just love playing that game. I spent some time doodling
my daily snout sketch on the living room window. I sat
on the heat vent ... I rearranged the afghans on a couple

Then You Know What???? The day was over and it was pitch black outside.
Still No Gma and Gpa......I decided to snuggle in
and take another nap.
Finally, I saw the car out the window....they were home
and it was bedtime! They were gone 10 hours.
They Never do that!

I was so happy they were Home. Now,I could play with my
busy-bone and then devour it! Gma put my sweater on and
took me out to potty. I don't know why???????I couldn't
hold it any longer and used my potty station in the bathroom.
I'd done both my jobs...I just wanted to play
hide-in-seek with Gma.

Gma said, Mazy girl, we went to a 50th. anniversary party.We were
there for a couple hours. We saw Jaxcen and McKenzie. What? You were
with the grand-kids and didn't take me?????? It was their
other Gma and Gpa's anniversary. After that, we went
to the Hunter's Club.
You went out Hunting and didn't take me?????? I am a Hound!
Do you understand that hounds hunt???????????

What kind of hunting do you do in those good clothes????I was
so confused....Well, it was the name of a very fancy restaurant.
Gpa had a birthday gift certificate from the kids to use.
We brought you something,Gma said. Let's see it! It better be good!
Leaving me all alone .....

Gpa brought a doggie bag home to me. WowZer! Inside the bag
was filet migon....Gpa has filet and shrimp. He tried and
he couldn't eat it all. So he brought the rest home to
me....Gma had the largest grilled sea scallops she has
ever eaten. Gma ate her seafood. She said, she wasn't
leaving any of those on her plate.

The Pup bag was the BEST! Melted in your mouth...I'm pretty fussy,
this is a beef ranch. We raise the critters to pay our bills.
Anyway, there was enough for me to have steak after my kibbles
for 3 days. Tonight, Precious and I are having grilled chicken
breast. I think they are having baked boneless pork loin chops.

As long as they bring me a bag with 5 star stuff in it....I'm
okay with them going back to the Hunter's Club again.
Just not right away! I know, I have to stand guard soon.
Gma has to go back to the dentist and have a toopher fixed.

I expect either a new toy or a bag with yummy stuff
in it........Sounds like a fair wage for protecting
their stuff! Don't ya think?????

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