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Crazy,Crazy Week!

January 6th 2013 12:18 pm
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Things have been NUTS at our house! Gma, running
for physical therapy and Dr. appts. Supply run for
the tribe of feral CATS! They drive me Crazy, acting
like the patio and yard belongs to them! Sitting
by windows and teasing me, while I'm inside. How
dare they, treat royalty like this?????????

All this Jazz,Cuts into my ME time! Playing,snacking,
snuggling....Plus all the dogster time I can steal
to try and keep up with my pals. I like knowing what
is going on at your Ponderosa!My dogster playtime
has been suffering due to January busyness! Crazy,
I tell you! We are suppose to rest in January!
By March with any luck, we will be working outside
once again...

This week when they did Doc and supply run....they
came home unloaded it all. Gma was putting it all
away,while Gpa was doing cattle chores. I was of
course checking every bag to see what they bought!
Can you believe it....No toys or treats for me????
Well I guess, I'm still breaking in the Christmas
loot! Back to my story....Phone rings and Gma talks.

Gpa comes in and Gma says, we have to go help
butcher. They just got home, off they go and leave
me again! When they return it is almost bedtime!
Then, they bring meats in the house. Pours it
out on pans, still a little warm. Can't freeze that
way...It would sour...Gpa puts the pans in the cold
cattle room until morning.

Over the course of the weekend, Gma packages and
freezes a bunch of meat. Several packages have my
name on them. I have venison beast for this 2013.
OMD! I'm so happy! I love the turkey and chicken
breast bites.... But,I've always had venison bites
for most nights.(Of course, I have to eat my dry
kibbles first) Venison is my Favorite!

Yesterday, Gma cooks up a big roaster full of
beast that was still on the bones. Gpa gave it
to the barn kitties with their kibbles and
canned meats. I never have bones,but who said,
the feral cats can have meatz from the house?
Gma did cook a small piece of just venison for
Precious and myself to share. I was just tortured
while those pawsome smells went through my
kitchen....ALL afternoon!!!!It all turned out Good!
Supper was yummy!

The end of January, they will be making sausage
with their friends. They make about 60 pounds
for our house. The projects takes a very long day.
Since 4 families are making in the same day.
They do up about 250 lbs....that's alot of sausage!
We have tons more to share but not today...
We are racing from project to project trying
to catch up around here.

We Hope all our pals are doing well? Settling
into the new year?????? Can anyone tell me
why,me standing on Gma's chest while she does
her stretchy stuff for PT, isn't COOL?
They just added strengthening exercises....
My 11-12 lbs. on her chest is plenty of
resistance! I make her giggle, as I try
to kiss her face....I even tried to french
kiss her...... Just wondering?????

Hugs and Kisses to All,Mazy


2013 Has Arrived........I MISSED IT!

January 2nd 2013 4:08 pm
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Everyone tells me we started a new year!
Can't prove it by me... This house missed the
whole thing! We had all gotten up very early
on New Year's Eve Day.

It was Gma's fault,we missed New Year's Eve.
She woke up with cramps in her leg and foot.
She couldn't stop them,so she stayed up. It
was only 5 a.m. Then She put the coffee on
and that is Gpa's job. He smelled the coffee
and he got up! He thought he over slept.....

They both left the warm bed and I got cooled
off. So I got up too. It was still dark outside.
For some stupid reason,Gma took me out to
potty!Then I was even colder...She was not
with the program. She hadn't heated a towel
for me.....

I came back in, jumped into my new furry bed.
Snuggled down under my blanket. It was a cold
day of only teens. No sunshine to brighten
the day. I toasted up as soon as she turned
the oven on to bake fresh bread. I ate and
took a nap. I was cheated out of about 4 hrs.
of sleep. A gal just can't have enough beauty
sleep. Can she????????

We stayed busy all day. This is what we do when
she has a bad night. We had a nice supper and
cleaned up the mess. Played with my new toys.
Snuggled under the warming blanket and used
the heat-pad too.

By 11p.m. my people were totally SHOT! That's
how I missed seeing the ball drop and all
the party stuff. It was all Gma's fault!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
Sometimes, it is tough living with old

New Year's Day, the morning was frosty,foggy
and very overcast. It cleared off about 1 p.m.
The sun even came out. Gma and Gpa went off
without me! How dare they????Gma said, Gpa
needed a break from the Moo-moo's not Me!

They left me treats,then I took up my post
guarding the property. They returned after
dark. We had a light lunch for supper. This
means they ate somewhere while they were gone.
Before I knew it, it was bedtime once again.

This morning Gma and I slept in. It was Pawsome!
Left us racing the rest of the day to catch up.
Gpa worked some calves. The temperature was 31,
so the vaccine doesn't freeze. Gma made a big
pot of bean soup for supper. We washed all
the scatter rugs....I had 2 loads of Hot rugs
to lay in.

We went outside for 30 minutes. I ran around
while Gma shoveled snow off the patio and steps.
Gpa had went off to town.Here it is supper time.
I guess, I'd better go eat. Gpa is in from
feeding the cattle and the 2 calves without
a Momma Moo.

I'm going to be real bored the next 2 days.
Gma had medical appointments and Gpa has to
take her to the capitol city. Friday she
uses 1/2 day to do physical therapy, a massage,
and local errands. Boy! Are they gonna pay
for me being left with just Precious (the cat)
so much this week.

I Hope everyone's New Year's was more exciting
than mine was. I was all dressed up and nowhere
to go.....Hugs and kisses,mazy



December 29th 2012 3:00 pm
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Only a couple days until the New Year Arrives.
2012 was just One Big Blur, as it Zoomed right past
us! We don't know, where it disappeared??? We just
blinked, a couple times and the year is almost gone!

We are wishing all our pals a very Happy New Year!
We pray God's Blessing on all of You....May the
New Year bring you good health,peace,joy and tons
of love.

I have to share a special gift Gma received from
Great-Grandma. A card filled with old Kodak prints
of Angel Foxie when she was a puppy. Gma thought
this camera does tons of stuff the old one didn't.
She took pictures of the prints. Then she loaded
them into the puter. Placed them on Foxie's page.
Her number is:1150235. If you have time, take a
peek..... Grandma said those old prints were so
very special to her. Now they are on Foxie's page

She was one cute pup! Gma says with energy to burn!
Gma says, I can do almost anything Foxie could do.
Except I can't track deer for 5 miles in 1 outing.
I don't like to swim the lake as she did. Tubbie
is fine but the big lake scares me....I've learned
how to play ALL of Foxie games,except I don't
play softball. I'm too short and I can't carry
a softball in my mouth....HeHe,I play soccer and
she didn't....

Warmed up today and was 27 and sunny! Nice break
in the weather. I was outside about 10 minutes.
Running and playing in the snow. It was enough
and my paws were getting cold. So I came in
to play at dogster.
Well I'd better run,Hugs,Mazy


Patootie Picture Games

December 27th 2012 12:30 pm
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We are trying to work with the new camera. Takes
great pics. We are having trouble figuring out the
software features to edit,put in albums,e-mail to
furiends. Some areas of the program, are clear as
MUD! It will take awhile....January is a month for
regrouping. As well as projects we haven't done.

Hopefully before the growing season returns and
we head outside for 85% of our days...We will have
it all figured out....I'm playing games with Gma
while she tries to take practice pics. I flip and
flop... Throwing my patootie to the camera! I
think, it is so very funny...Gma gets tired and
stops shooting pics. Then I go lay down so very
nice...a perfect pose. Before she can return,
I jump down and scamper off. I'm having a blast
with this new game.....Then she calls me Dinkie
Stinkie... instead of her Twinkie Dinkie!

I was ssssssssssssssoooooooooooo very good for
so very long....Santa Paws delivered plenty of
new stuffies and treats for me. Now after all
the cold and not being outside much. I really
have excess mischief to make....I see the camera
gotta run.......Zoom, I'm outta here! hugs,mazy


Santa Paws,Carrots,Cookies,Reindeer and Pressies....

December 27th 2012 12:14 pm
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Santa Paws came leaving me treats and a new toy Owl.
Great-grandma's box came and brought me a Reindeer, a
Snowman and a Kitty. Kitty has squeakies in all 4 paws!
I had 3 Secret Santas.... So I have lots of treats
stashed away for this next year. A new pink BoBo,
a Chipmunk and a Fish. The Fish gurgles like it is
in water. Ever so funny....

I can't pick a favorite, I just run from toy to toy
while we play. I also have a new sweater and collar
from Santa Paws. I have a new quilted hoodie jacket
from a pal. (I've filled out a little) So I have to
exchange for another size. I love all my pressies...

Christmas Dinner was just Gpa,Gma,Precious and myself.
Roasted chicken,baked sweet potatoes,fruit salad,
crackers with crab salad,chex mix,nuts,caramel
corn, cookies and candies.... Some white wine...
I loved my chicken,sweet potato and some cookie!
They played with me,snuggled,took pictures,read
a little,called furmily and CRASHED EARLY!

We've been having flurries with little sunshine for
weather. It was very cold the 23-24th. Warmed up
on Christmas Day. (Teens) I don't know how Santa
flies in the sub-zero. It was -11 Christmas Eve.
He found my house,ate some cookies and took
garden carrots for the reindeer. I'm sure, I
heard reindeer stomping on my roof! I woke
up and heard bells too!

I hope all my pals had a Wonderful Christmas.
We pray for everyone an abundance of peace,joy,
love and plenty of furiends....May You All Be
Blessed and Have a Happy 2013.

kisses and huggies,Mazy


Crazy People, Up Before The Sun....

December 23rd 2012 6:43 am
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OMD,Gma was up at 6 and Gpa was right behind her.
Is someone sick???? Gma doesn't get up at 6!!! Well the
bed didn't take long to cool off. I got up,ran to the
kitchen to sit on the heat vent. The furnace had was
running to warm the house up. I laid right down on the
vent. I was truly in Heaven!

Gma said, Gpa did she stop in the bathroom? NOPE!!!!!
Well before I could get all Toasty...she snatched me
up,threw a sweater on me. Hustled me outside! I thought
I'd die! It was 5 with a cold northeast wind....
I did a extra large dump,cuz I'm not going back out
there! I thought, I froze my paws and nose in less than
2 minutes.

Thank goodness for indoor potty stations! The older
I get the more I like my indoors potties! Why take me
out in that miserable COLD? I guess, Gma wants me to
remember when the weather is nice, I go outside...
Really Gma?????? DUH! I'm a smart doxie,I know that!

I want to say, I haven't seen them using the old
Outhouse! So why SHOULD I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE????????

It was Pawsome to find out that I am one of the DDP's.
Cooper sent me a beautiful picture for my page. Thank
You sweet pal. Thank you HQ, we are honored.

Today is the last day for wrapping pressies. I still
haven't gotten to Peek much. I know they are here!
My Secret Santa,Buddy from Canada who sent me a supply
Begging Strips,Mini Busy Bones, Squeakers to repair
Stuffies and a bright pink BoBo. I named my BoBo,
Miss Penelope. My virtual Secret Santa,Bonzer from
way far north in Alaska. Spoiled me Rotten for a week,
prettied up my page with Christmas pressies. You
boys are the BEST! Maybe,I need a big, strong boyfriend?

I've been having so much FUN around dogster:playing
Christmas games,looking and reading at pals pages.
Sending greetings....Even let Precious have the PC
awhile in keeping with the Christmas Spirit. Actually
we have 2 big PC's but Gma says,she can't help us
both at the same time. She isn't as FAST as
days gone by. Whatever that means? Sure it has to
do with this 40th. Christmas together????
My snail mail beat Gma and Gpa by 3 to 1....HeHe!
I think Gma is going to put them up, try to take
picture of the display. Practice for the new camera.

We make our caramel corn today for the grandkids.
I'm sticking in the kitchen.......Hoping Gma has
fumble fingers! You know I have a Sweet Tooth!
The caramel corn is so yummy!

I'll be in and out over the next few days. I want
to Wish All The PuPs and KiTtIeS a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Big Kisses,Mazy



December 21st 2012 7:19 am
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Gma has Lost almost the whole day.....trying to figure out the new camera....It's on auto mode for now! She never thought about the new software for loading the Pics into the PC and all that jazz!

1 King size headache later ... and hours and hours of messing around.
We have pics put into this thread........ We apologize for size....
Don't know how to adjust the size yet.......

It's going to be a LONG TIME before Gma knows the ins and outs of this camera......As well as the photo editing program.....We are happy that they are connected to Shutterfly...We know how to do prints and cards through them. New techy stuff always throws us for a LOOP!

Leaving a couple pics below for you to see.....Also a copy of my Christmas Card....

I spent the day running around playing with my new BOBO that is bright pink from my Secret Santa. I also spent about 30 minutes playing with the wrapping paper. I think, I need a NAP too....

Tomorrow Gma will have to squeeze into the day...all the stuff she didn't do today.......Come here Gma, I'll kiss your headache away.
Good thing, Gma made up the big pan of lasagna before we worked with the camera and software......Or Gpa would be eating a sandwich for supper! He is out working in the Cold...Warmer today than it has been. it is in the 20's with sunshine.....


Opening Secret Santa Box

Pink Christmas BoBo Secret Santa

Testing New Camera


OMD! Camera Went Phooey!

December 15th 2012 9:59 am
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OMD, whatever will we do?????
Gma's 11 yr. old digital camera went Phooey!
We knew we needed new batteries for it.
We were having a hard time finding a replacement.
It was a Fancy camera way back when....
The store told us to run an eraser on the batteries
and the connections in the camera. SO WE DID!

Until then, we could take a handful of pictures before the
limited charge was depleted.....Now the camera will
turn on but not extend the lens or allow us to take
a picture....

What a BAD time for this to Happen! Since the camera is
needed for pictures when I open my Secret Santa
box of goodies. Take pictures of ME ME and ME......
When I open what Santa Paws brought me this year.
Whatever will we do???????? Big Problem!

Just so happens that Gpa out of the blue before the camera issue
had said,"Gma, I'll buy you a thingy like Kenzie or a new camera
for Christmas." (Gma was surprised cuz, they haven't given gifts
to each other at Christmas for years.) They gift to charities

OMD,Gma must have been a Very Good Girl! The Kenzie thingy
choice is a Electronic Tablet. Kenzie has a Kindle Fire but
there are other types out there. So Gma was looking at those
and comparing. Found out she has to buy a WI-FI router,plus
case and extra charger for rapid charge.

After seeing the competition...she is undecided as to what
she wants.... SO NOW that camera has went phooey! Choice is
made! Gma will ride the community bus into the capitol
city this week and find a new camera....Gpa saved the day!
He didn't even know he needed too! Gpa has always been
Gma's Cowboy to the rescue! He's been doing it for 40 yrs.

Better be running....We has a very long list of chores
to do...Gma had a bad night, so we have started late...
Very sunny and all frosty on everything today. Temps.
will be in the 20's. I was able to run out without a
sweater...I did the doxie Super Duper,not waste Time
Zoom to potty.....

Merry Christmas! hugs and kisses,Mazy



December 13th 2012 10:38 am
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Well we started out by sleeping in, as Gma had a rough night.
Sleeping in any day is Good for a Doxie! I hate to crawl
out of those toasty blankets.

We changed our plans....Baking wasn't going to fit. Decided
to do all the laundry. This was going pretty good and
it was lunchtime. Okay, I can always eat! Still good!

Gma said, Gpa you better put the new Osmosis water machine
in. You can't do it, if we are baking.... That's when
everything went downhill! I was good all afternoon
and stayed out of the way. This should have been easy,
a 1,2 and 3 new one in....Nope! They always have to change
1 little thing...So there went the afternoon.

We won't even bore you with the mess or all the time
to set up the new unit. Needless to say, when Gma and I
could sneak outside.... it was cooling off and not as
nice as earlier in the day. We weren't out long. My
paws were just too cold!

The mail had come.....I had cards from several pals.
Even received custom made cards.....SSSOOO pretty!
I had a surprise package too. A mini-skinz stuffie
looks like a chipmunk...I grabbed that out of the
envelope and I was zooming and squeaking all over
the house. It's so cute! I love it! Thank you pal
you know who you are.....

I have a fox skinz here for a long time. Gma thinks
the company has a great idea....Just 1 flaw....
They don't pad up the squeakers, so the squeakers
are toast in maybe 5 minutes. When Gma does surgery
she will pad up the squeakers.The replacements will
last....I'm laying in the office chair with my
head on top of my little chipmunk keeping him
safe from the stuffie thief! So my down the drain day
turned out pretty good after all....


I ran out of Christmas picture cards.... A pal had taken
a picture of my card and it turned out great. So we
loaded it here for other pals to see. Next year
we must order alot more picture cards. Gma said,
we can put all 4 furs on 1 card to share......
Dogster and Catster mail is the FUN mail around here!
They have about a dozen cards but I have 3 times
that many!

Better run...Gma said, she's making Gpa's taco
bake for supper. Time for my supper while she makes
dishes to wash up....I sure don't know why,she
won't let me do the dishes? I volunteer all the

Catch ya later,Mazy
Merry Christmas



December 13th 2012 10:03 am
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Well pals, I've been busy supervising Christmas mail.
While racing to the mail daily to look for my pups mail.
As well as looking for more packages....Some days are

All of my cards have went out. Gma is still working
on long distance and local friends. My pups mail
took priority since I'm the reigning Princess.

I've been doing my very BEST to Be a Nice Little
Doxie every single day...I don't want Coal in my
snowman stocking! What would I do with it???? The
furnace burns LP fuel....I mean, you can't EAT it
and I don't think it would make a good toy!

I have 1 little thing that is getting me into a
little TROUBLE! I'm so curious and there are:
2 big bags of stuff in the pantry! Gma says,
those things are for the Grand-kids....I took
a peek and there is stuff in there those kids
just plain don't want! Who does that leave????
Just me! Every time she goes in for food supplies
I race in and poke my snout into the bags....
Trying to see and sniff out some details!
She shoos me right out of there......

I know for sure, my Secret Santa box is in
there. Our group can't open them until
Dec. 23rd. I can hardly wait to see who
my pal was????????? There was some online
shopping going on...Gma pulled the dirtiest
trick! There was a button to push to TEST
squeakie sounds on stuffies! I blew out
of the office chair AND was looking every
where for the toy...Here the squeak was
coming through the PC speakers! I mean
really, how unfair is that? Did she order
stuff for me or some other fur?????????

Good thing there have been goodies to do. We've
had 1 nice weather day in the last week. Yesterday it
was 32. We were out about 20 minutes. Gma and I went
out to sniff around. Even so,Gma's hands were freezing
through her gloves. My little paws were doing fine.
All the other little paws were freezing in
less than 3 minutes.

I've been zooming around to my groups. Playing
some Christmas games. It is sssssooooooo much
FUN! I've been having a little more doggie time.
Whatever, will I do,when stuff starts to grow
again???? I mean, she made the garden area
even larger for 2013.... She's a crazy woman!
I best not worry about it just yet...Alot can
change in 4-5 months. Especially around the


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