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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

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Back to the parking lot........

September 7th 2012 7:58 am
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Lone Star was out on the beat with me today. We walked around a packed and busy parking lot for practice. She was so good that I got a compliment from someone who trains Hearing Dogs.

She was totally alert to our surroundings. She even steadied me when I had a stumble when looking both ways on the busy road.

I think I'm going to take her down to my son's school next week for the Parent Teacher Meeting. Then the new teacher and principle can meet her in non-school hours. I had to make it a short run today because of my back from Monday but I feel ok.


Scary time out but got home alright due to my Assistance Dog- in Taining.

September 4th 2012 5:17 am
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I took Lone Star out yesterday for a short walk around the super market right near us. I left without thinking to put by back pack on. Big mistake! I didn't fall (my first fall with Icy was the one time I didn't bring "my ton of bricks") but only because we stopped frequently and I leaned against street light poles. I was fine going into the walk. We walked through a parking lot with lots going on and cars coming and going and people. She was excellent. Looking both ways and not giving undue attention to our surroundings. I was walking and I couldn't understand why I was having problems standing straight. By the time we got out of the parking lot and on our way home around it (next to a fairly busy road) I was having real problems. She was so good at telling that I was not well. She walked slowly and I let her sniff around to places we stopped. She was on edge. By the time we got home I was walking perpendicular. I sat down on the bottom stair and caught my breath and then made it upstairs to my armchair. By the time we were to leave to go to my son's Taikwondo I was able to walk down stairs to the door without a problem. My husband always takes me in my wheel chair as it's to far for me to walk yet. Due to balance and stamina.

Last night I got up and walked to the toilet myself at the Taikwondo place. Hey, I was proud! I held onto the walls but did it on my own.

I am sore today like I was beaten badly yesterday but most of it is centred around my right shoulder where I was walking with the crutch. What does that tell you about walking with an assistance dog vs crutches??

Poor Star is really mopy today. Even my MIL (who doesn't like Lone Star) has noticed and she remarked that maybe she ate something that didn't agree with her. I had to remind her of what happened yesterday and that I think Star is reacting to that and me being in pain. That woman! She just shrugged it off. She was THERE when I came home!!

Anyway, Star is getting a lot of pets today. Next time I will go out WITH my backpack. I told her to remind me.


Didn't have to hold her lead today

August 23rd 2012 7:52 am
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She's learning fast and today I didn't need to hold her lead during the meeting. She knew that a dropped lead meant to stay put. She slept through most of the meeting. Food on the table and not one interested look. Fantastic dog.

I still think Icy must have strapped a cheat sheet to her paw!

We'll both gradually build our stamina up. Today I wanted to keep walking but to walk around my normal exercise/training rout I would have to go through the area where Icy and I were attacked. I'm not psychology ready for it. So I have to map out somewhere else to start walking around.

See the newest photo of her working at: 925.jpg


Lone Star was fab today

August 16th 2012 11:45 am
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She was fab today. Just went to sleep or watched people with her head on my foot. Everyone thinks she's a lovely lady. Even my friend who is alergic to dogs came along to the group today. She sat on the other side of the room but came up to us outside and she wouldn't have if she thought she'd get jumped or licked or touched. Star focused on everything else. I'm actually thinking that she's doing so well that I might try her on the bus soon.


5th time out and Lone Star's second meeting

August 10th 2012 7:55 am
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Star was brilliant yesterday. They even do a relaxation thing at the end of every group and she falls alseep! I think Icy would to but she's getting less fidgety every time we're out. They even had cookies out on the low coffee table and she ignored them. Honestly, it feels like she's an extension of Icy rather than starting from scratch. Didn't need to go out during the 3 hour meeting either. Showed concern over someone crying but didn't leave her place. Everything I could hope for.


2nd trip out with Lone Star

July 26th 2012 12:21 pm
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Successful trip to my councillor and back with Lone Star today as my assistance dog. Her second trip out in the role and very good. :)

I think Icy as trained her well. She was great even on the stairs. Lay still, focused on me, ignored the surroundings inside, watched for cars on the outside. No problems with dogs and no pulling. She's a real treat to be out with.


My first trip out with Lone Star as my Service Dog

July 16th 2012 1:13 pm
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Successful trip with Lone Star. I would say it was more promising than Icy's first trip out.

Lovely trip to the garden and back. We passed lots of people and cars, dogs barking, dogs walking, hoses running water, someone unloading a big truck. We did get stopped a few times for people to meet the "husky". Even when I was sitting on the bench in the garden we had people passing and pointing at Star. The cat treats worked very well. :) She went nuts at the sight of the treats. She also carried her own water, bowls and treats in her pack. She was really very good. My husband has even remarked on how satisfied she looked later. I was told that Icy just went to sleep when we were out but he did tell her off when we got home. LOL


Icy's Gallery Opening

July 6th 2012 4:22 am
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I think Icy will have one more outing on Augst 3rd. Our photo that was taken for charity will be in a gallery opening that night. I think Icy HAS to be there and I don't think Star will be up to riding the bus yet. I'm kind of excited. I'll probably muzzle him till we get there. I can't wait to see the photo!

Lone Star has been over the moon with her new status and Icy seems pleased she's going to be working. I don't know how he will be when she and I go out together but in the house he is very gracious and excepting. She wears his old vest and it fits her a lot better than it ever did him! His coat will always be his.

I will post photos when I have them. I'm excited to start working with her. But we'll be working in the house first to get her used to the equipment and her role. I hope to take her out by the end of July.


Retiring Icy and will train Lone Star

June 26th 2012 9:50 am
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I'm officially retiring Icy as my Service Dog and now I will train Lone Star. The attack a couple months ago has proved to tramatic for me to continue with Icy right now. Star is friendly with other dogs and hopefully will take to it well. I will try Icy's harness on her tomorrow. I think it will fit.


Icy and I had a photo taken for charity yesterday

June 7th 2012 2:32 am
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Icy and I did manage to get our photo taken yesterday by the professional photographer for charity. It rained so hopefully we won't have to reshoot. Icy was such a ham! Seriously, focused on posing. Would get up and literally pose! I was so jealous! Dodges my camera but the minute someone else takes a camera out....BAM. Mr Ham!

Icy is edgy about other dogs again. Mostly telling them to go away. No pulling or aggression. He had to have his neg muzzle on to get to the garden where we met the photographer. On the way home a man with a boxer came out of a doorway. He had his muzzle on but started seeing red. I used the noise I use in the house when someone is bad and that got his attention. I kept walking and making that noise and saying no and after maybe 4 times of it he turned on walked with me on our way. This was a break-through for us. So I have hopes to put this behind us. But I'm not surprised that the dog is worried! He just needs to relearn that most dogs are not interested in us.

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