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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

I had to put Star down....

December 8th 2012 5:34 am
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Star has to be put down on 06/12/12 because of something that wasted her away within a month. Our vet didn't know the reason but it was clear that it was time. It was so shockingly fast. She was working up until close to the end.

She will always be remembered by me and I hope this Diary has been a help to others.

When it gets warmer outside I will start retraining Icy. I doubt he'll ever be an Assistance Dog again, I am hoping I won't need him, but I want to be able to walk him like a regular pet. I may continue his Diary on his page. I still want to get him and I in as a unit to do Therapy Dog work. I want to be sure his fear of other dogs is under control enough that we can do this.

I am heart broken right now and have no plans at the moment for another dog. Icy seems alright with being alone and we grieve together.


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