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Icy is a hero as I was attacked by a dog

May 10th 2012 2:05 am
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We had an interesting walk yesterday. We were about to be attacked by a dog when Icy broke free from me and faced it off. Scared it literally shittless and he herded it away from us by ROARING. I was out with my MIL who isn't all that steady and in her 70s.

I lost my balance and fell on the cobble stones and she went after Icy (who didn't go more than a few paces from me). A man out with the aggressive dog knocked her over and grabbed Icy's harness. He got pulled around in a circle until he gave him over to my MIL who was closer. He sat on my MIL and kept barking. I crawled across the cobbles to get to them. He calmed down instantly when I got there. My MIL stood up and I told Icy to "stand" and used the harness and him to get back to my feet. The crowd that had gathered seemed shocked that he calmed down instantly and helped me up. I told them that was what I had trained him for. Though I have only had one other fall while being out. The idiots with the dog staid to watch.

I put Icy's neg muzzle on and we walked off. There were a few other dogs in the area including two seeing eye dogs and he ignored them. A few people tried to help us get up but most gawked. Icy didn't touch the other dog or any person involved. He just scared the dog and the owner shittless (which was probably needed). I could have had a much worse fall if the dog had gotten to us. As it is my MIL and I feel kinda battered but no damage.

Scary. I was worried WE would be reported. But the three of us had been to my son's school for a meeting, then went to a supermarket and ate at the cafe. We had even stopped and sat on a bench and waited to my MIL to come out of a shop. It was unexpected and most of the people thought it was Icy who was the aggressor.

A lady came up to me to ask if the other dog had tried to attack and then told me to calm down and Icy was doing his job. He has been moping since we got home. Poor lad. I can't tell him he did good when he shouldn't have broken away from me. But if he did not, I don't know what would have happened.

Everyone seems to agree Icy acted the Hero. I'm proud of him.


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