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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Icy to be Service Doging it at my son's school

October 4th 2011 5:48 pm
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I was officially released from the physio/occupational therapy departments yesterday. I am doing so well that my doctor has left a slot open for me if I need to see him but otherwise I'm to continue my own thing.

My 5 year old's school has oked Icy to come in with me in his service capacity. So I have the freedom to go as I please with my big white boy. We'll try it next week. So pleased! This means so much more freedom for me and I can teach the kids a bit about service dogs. Icy will wear his muzzle to start with.

The school has "No Dogs" signs posted around so I asked permission. They thought it was a great chance to show how to relate to a service dog.

They usually don't let you take photos but maybe they can take one at teacher night on Tuesday. It's nice to be at such progressive school. and I have 6 years with them :) I'm hoping in less time than that he will be a regular dog and I'll be walking both my honeys. *fingers crossed*


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