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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

I fell for the first time while out with Icy

October 1st 2011 11:58 am
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I fell on Wednesday when out with Icy on my own. I was stupid and over extended how far I could go and had a hard time getting home. Dave and Jason helped but it was Icy that got me through. We were on a incline and I turned around to see what Icy was whining about. It was a dog coming up behind us on a lead. Anyway, a lot of people wanted to help but I told them I had to learn to do it on my own. So eventually I got on my knees and told Icy "up". He stood like a rock and I used my crutch and his harness to get up. Now this is something I had been meaning to practice with him but hadn't yet. He's so amazing with everything but other dogs. So I guess from now till he stops loosing his top when he sees another dog near us, he'll wear his hated muzzle. I figure I can take it off in buildings. He'll learn. It's all instinct. Dave couldn't believe it. He wondered how we could walk at all. Its like a haze clouds his brain. I'll give it to Dave though, he trusts me to keep at it. Anne for once is all behind me.

The local Dog Warden stopped his van to speak to us personally. He was nice but police officerish. This was before the incident in the park. Anyway, I'm sure he'd heard about a tall woman with a big white husky service dog. He wanted to know the breed and who I was training with. At least now I know that you can train your own dog legally. Wanted to know his age. He said maybe he'd check up on our progress. Like I said, nice. There can't be any complaints about us. He's been excellent apart from barking at a few dogs.

I still stand by my decision. If it had been Star out with me, I would have worried I would hurt her by using her to stand up with. Icy is all muscle and a big guy. He just shrugged it off. We had a few more practices with it on the way home as I had to rest a lot.

I'm taking Icy to our usual Monday meeting.


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