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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Out with my husband Dave, Lone Star and Icy

August 31st 2011 8:37 am
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My husband Dave and I took the dogs to the memorial garden. I walked Icy and he walked Star. There were lots of people and cars about. Even some loading into stores. Icy was great and we worked on "ignore", "working" & "release". It was great practice with Star yapping behind him. He's the King of Cool. Not one woof out of him and very focused.

We even had to get off the sidewalk twice for buggies and an old lady in one of the motor things. They both sat very well. Dave gave no commands but Star did everything I said. I was pleased. And with Icy and I in the lead it puts her in her place more. They both got a workout. Star is carrying 1 kg of weight in her pack and Icy has 3 kg. Icy's new harness is on its way from the States. It will make my life easier as my back is sore! But it was very good.

We will take them out again on Friday. I had planned on taking Icy to TESCO on Thursday but we are not up to that yet. We'll keep with this Monday meeting, Wednesday and Friday out with Dave and Star for awhile I think. I am also spending more time downstairs. I want to always be down here when Jason comes home from school. It doesn't sound like much but its a lot of work for me. :)


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