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I fell and the dogs tried to help...

April 5th 2011 1:52 pm
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I fell today outside with the dogs. I was trying to use the new poop scoop that is supposed to save you bending over. My balance wasn't good enough and I landed on our path. I couldn't hike myself up with the splint on my foot so I took that shoe off. I still couldn't because the ground was to muddy.

So I yelled for help for awhile but our double pained windows kept the noise away. Icy was good and when he head me yell for help me barked and woo woooed with me. Star chased her tail in between sniffing me to see if I was alright. So far I would say Icy is the best with helping me out. Anyway, we all failed to draw attention so I crawled to the steps of our path and hiked myself up using one crutch and the guttering on the building next to ours and got on my feet.

I have all the muddy stuff in the wash and am sitting on my heating pad in a lot of muscular pain but I don't think anything is broken. It's just lucky I have an ample bum. :)

Anyway considering Icy is willing to bring me toys when I ask for them (Star is trying to make a stand against not getting treats for no work) and with his natural instinct to bark when I was calling for help, I am seeing him as the bigger help around the house right now. Though if anyone was there I'm sure Star's chasing her tail would have attracted attention! *lol*

We have plans to put paving slabs over the area in the Summer (hopfully the ground will dry out a bit). My attempt at growing grass failed and the dogs use the path anyway, so I doubt they will mind. Hopfully I'll be walking them by then anyway and they can do their buisness when we're out.

I figure next time I'll leave the door open so the dogs can alert anyione in the house. Even if they just run around and I don't follow, somone will know something is up. We also have two walkie talkies that Dave got before I came home. I figure I'll bring one out with me or failing that, my cell phone.

I still haven't gotten that book I ordered. I will have to check on that.

I think maybe Star has grown a bit taller and her shoulders are bulking out a bit. I think once I start both dogs on some light weights it will really show. Since we have two stair cases in the house I think I might start them carrying weights in here before we go out. Build up some muscles. Dave did a great job of keeping them lean despite their lack of exercise. It shouldn't be hard to get back into it.


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