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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

The other day....Star helped me stand!

January 24th 2011 6:35 pm
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My physio progress has been so good that they think I will be fully capable of going out on my own. So now I have decided to train both dogs to help me around the house. Icy is great indoors but he had a real aggression problem when I first adopted him that made me edgy about using him as any kind of Service Dog. Star is young and getting there.

She still has the urge to help even though she doesn't know how yet (I bought that book "Pack Mates" but I'm waiting for it arrive). A few days ago I fell and my husband was trying to get me standing so I could sit on our bed. Star lept onto the bed and put her paws on my shoulders to support me. When I sat down she moved off. I'm dead serious. My husband attributes it to be bid for attention but she wasn't excited, just worried. Icy just thought "let the man sort it out". Though when I was on the floor both of them would have helped if they knew how.

So I think that is going well. I think I have managed to re-bond with them well. My plan is to have the two dogs wearing packs in the house. Icy loves his pack and Star's should be here any day now. I can start them off caring some light stuff in their packs. Before I got ill I had Icy up to 10lbs distributed between sides of his pack. We'll slowly work back to that. It will give them a little more purpose and exercise while I am getting able to walk them.

As I said before I will start by walking them one at a time around the house, then the garden, and then down the sidewalk to our park. It's not far but it will be a lot of work. The park has a sidewalk I can walk on while the dog is on the grass. I'll take them one at a time first; and maybe take my husband along with Icy as I don't know if he will go back on his training. We had gotten to the point where he no longer looked at other dogs. It took over a year but it was much better than him lunging at a distant dog. I doubt he'd do that with me now but better be safe than sorry. Both dogs are very attentive to how stable I am and what I need. As I am to them


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