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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Star has been spayed

December 13th 2010 7:36 am
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Star was spayed on Thursday the 9th. She is doing well and her stitches look good today. A little blood this morning but just a tiny drop and I've kept her earth-bound all day and resting (no small feat!).

The physios now say that they feel I will get all my mobility back and I may not need Star's help for long. But in my experience she should help give me the confidence I need to trust myself in crowds and stuff! Her gear is apparently on it's way through UPS International Priority. I need to check when it is due to arrive! I'm excited! I figure I'll have Icy wear his pack in the house too so he doesn't feel left out. Maybe he'll want to join in with his pack on! He does love that pack....

I'm not used to fear but I was afraid after the physio told me that on Friday. When you wake up and can't move or talk you have to be ready for a life in a wheel chair. I've been working and fighting but in the back of my mind I was ready for the worst. To hear that it will probably not happen (assuming I don't have a fall) was a lot to take in. I've been focusing on little goals but to hear that they all add up to me being able to walk my son to school was amazing.


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