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Boxing with a Boxer.. the world through angels eyes.

WOW....I am a DDP today!!!

February 6th 2013 6:26 am
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Mom was so thrilled to find out I was a DDP today. Thank you for the congrats everyone. Hope everyone is having a woof-tasic day.

Today I am not doing a whole lot. Most the day I get to lay around and enjoy staying warm during these cold days. It has been snowing a lot the last few days,so when I would go outside I would get covered in snow. I tryed to keep it off me by jumping and biting the snow flakes as they fall but it didn't seem to help. I will say trying to bite them was a lot of fun. Mom has caugh me pushing the snow around with my snow and even taking big bites of it off the ground.

Last night mom let me out and she came outside too. There was so much snow it was crazy and I started to bark and paw at it. Mom just laughted at me, but I really did want to get the snow. All I ended up doing was getting mouth fulls of snow.

Well, I am off to take a nap. Hope all our pup pals have a great day.



Snow Flakes!

February 3rd 2013 9:13 am
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It has been snowing here for 4 days now and I love it!... I keep bugging to go out side cause I just want to jump and play and catch the snow flakes. I could sit for hours outside just biting at the snow flakes. Mom says I'm such a silly girl but really it's alot of fun. Maybe if mom sat outside and tryed it she would have just as much fun. The other thing I love to do in the snow is run real fast and watch the snow fly around me... I even try to bite at that snow. Mom just laughs at me, Ha! we will see who is laughing once I am able to show her that I can catch the snow that flys around me while running. All my kitty brothers and sister hate the snow. They whine and cry about wanting sunshine and summer, but they are missing out on all the fun that winter and snow can bring!.. What fun things do my doggy pals do in the snow?




February 25th 2011 10:00 pm
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Ok I admit, I am more a summer dog.. playing in the water.. rolling in the grass.. chasing bugs..etc.. but I will say that running after snow flakes and jumping up to get them can be just as fun.. not much for the cold part of it but the flakes are fun.. Mom just uploaded a new video of me playing in the snow.. She thought it was too cute. Anyone eles like playing in the snow? and what do you like to do?



Another Kitty?

August 30th 2010 11:03 pm
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ok, I think my mom has gone nuts-o now. We just had our two boarder kittys go home and then about a week ago, mom walks in the door with a new kitten. Mom said she couldn't leave him all alone at the trade center and he had a hurt eye, so she wanted to help him. She got him his meds and he's all better now.. Well now what am I going to do???.. My new kitty brother's name is oliver and we get along great. Mom keeps telling me to be carful because I want to play with him but since I am so much bigger then him I could hurt him.

The last few days he has been sitting on the top of my crate when I go to bed for the night. He like to hang his paws down and tease me. I will lick his paws and make him ran around the top. Mom says it's really funny how we play together and she thinks we will be life long pals. That's great and all mom, but I though you were going to look for a boy box friend for me. Mom and dad want to find me a "boyfriend" so when we grow up we can have puppies cause mom and dad love me so much and think I am a great boxer and they both think I would be a great momma and have great puppies.

So whats the deal mom? You go out and look for a boy boxer and get a kitten instead BOL...Ya I think my mom has gone nuts-o. Oh well maybe later I will get a "boyfriend"

Puppy wiggles,


In trouble again

July 29th 2010 1:12 am
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OK.. I seem to keep getting into trouble... I don't understand it all but somehow when I act like the puppy I am, I get yelled at. Yesterday I was in the house when mom and the boys were outside working on the yard, when the oldest boy came in and found me covered in fluff. I was having a great time, see what happened was i got into this mood, where I wanted to play but no one was around. So I didn't go into the little boys room and take toys, I took the couch pillow and had fun. I throw it in the air and chased after it and just had a great time. After a little while this white fluff flew out of it and it was like winter in the house. After that I just had fun playing with the fluff, that is until the oldest boy came into the house and saw me. He was so mad and he yelled at me. I was so sad, I didn't know what to do. Mom was also upset and now I can't be in the house without someone eles.

It just seems I can't win, when I get into trouble over something I don't do it anymore and try to find something eles to do. Then it seems I get into trouble for that too.. :( Maybe some day I will get it right.


It been a while

July 15th 2010 9:54 pm
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Hi all,

Sorry we haven't been on much. Mom has been real busy with landscaping and all that. I have been doing my part by picking up dirt clumps and throwing them in the air BOL.... I also like to wait till mom is very busy with something and then take her plants and run with them. I like to get her to chase me BOL....I think it's so funny. Mom doesn't think it's that funny but I love it :) Hope everyone is having a great summer



The Hose

June 18th 2010 11:30 pm
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All right all my pup friends.. how many of you play with the hose??? Today Mom was watering the plants in the backyard and I started to get into the plants,so Mom got me with the hose BOL... To mom's surpise I started to play with it... I would chase it all around the backyard, jump into the the water and try to bit it. I made mom laugh so hard... Now mom knows what my favorit summer activity will be. Water play.. HEHE.. so it looks like I will have alot of water bitting fun!!!! Hope everyone has a great summer, I know I will!



A little about me.

April 30th 2010 9:05 pm
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Hi everyone,

I am the newest memeber of my family. I came from a litter of 10 puppies! Can you believe that. That means I had to deal with 9 brothers and sisters. Oh my dog! all the bitting and whinning. My doggie mom got so overwhelmed by us that by the time we were 4 weeks old she didn't want anything to do with us. Can you blame her? She had ten of us to deal with. A few weeks ago I got to see my doggie mom and dad and a few of my sibblings. They are still crazy like always. I really didn't want much to do with them cause they wanted to bite my ears and push me over and I wanted nothing to do with that. I liked seeing my doggie mom, she was happy to see me too. She gave me all kinds of kisses and wanted to cuddle with me. Everyone says I am the fairest of the litter and look just like my doggie mom. When we all turn 1, everyone is getting together for a picture! How fun is that. They are saying that they will have my doggie mom and dad stand behind us and all ten of us get to lay down and look at the camera. I Can't wait! My human mommy can't wait either, she wants to frame it and share it on here with everyone. Well I am off to bed now. Need my rest so I can run and play tomorrow.

Happy wiggles,


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