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December 11th 2012 3:14 pm
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I love my dogs
This is their home
From which I hope
They'll never roam.
They're faithful friends
I love them best
This is their home
You are a guest.
If dogs to you
Are just a peeve
Then by all means
Feel free to leave!!!


Bet You Can't Own Just One!

October 8th 2012 11:42 am
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Bet You Can't Own Just One!

Why own a dog? There's danger you know
You can't own just one, the craving will grow
There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger
While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger.

One dog is so funny, and two are no trouble
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey
The fifth's delightful, the sixth one's a breeze,
You find you can live with a house full with ease.

So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy, but Lord, the hair.
With dogs on the sofa, and dogs on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, It's no bother, you've said,

They're really no trouble, their manners are great,
What's just one more dog, and one more crate?

The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty,
The floor is all footprints, the furniture is dusty,
The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few nose prints, and a little more hair?

So let's keep a puppy, you can always find room,
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom,
There's hardly a limit to the dogs you can add,
The thought of a cutback sure makes you sad.

Each one is so special, so useful, so funny,
The vet, the food bills grow larger, you owe money,
Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other dog folks, who live the same way.

Your lawn has now died, and your shrubs are dead too,
But your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew,
There's dog food and vitamins, and training and shots,
And entries and motels which cost lots.

Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then your favorite dog comes and climbs in your lap,
His look says your special, and you know that you will
Keep all of the critters, in spite of the bill.


A Fall Song

September 17th 2012 2:34 pm
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A Fall Song

by Ellen Robena Field

Golden and red trees
Nod to the soft breeze,
As it whispers, "Winter is near;"
And the brown nuts fall
At the wind's loud call,
For this is the Fall of the year.

Good-by, sweet flowers!
Through bright Summer hours
You have filled our hearts with cheer
We shall miss you so,
And yet you must go,
For this is the Fall of the year.

Now the days grow cold,
As the year grows old,
And the meadows are brown and sere;
Brave robin redbreast
Has gone from his nest,
For this is the Fall of the year.

I do softly pray
At the close of day,
That the little children, so dear,
May as purely grow
As the fleecy snow
That follows the Fall of the year


Sending Gifts

December 23rd 2011 12:38 am
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Oh my got here a very unhappy family.
We tried to send a birthday gift to Prada & guess what it took the zealies & then we couldn't send the gift.
We have wrote to Dogster & hope/pray that they get it sorted out.

HAPPY 10th Birthday Prada & we will make sure you have a special day.
Pei Licks
Benji, Bella & human Mum & Dad


Get to know me

July 23rd 2010 8:52 am
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Hello, If you are reading this pal then you are one lucky pup cause I sent invites to my special furiends to read my diary so that we can get to know each other a little better. Just copy and past this to your diary and change the answers to your answers ok.

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

No I'm a good boy & sleep all night.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

I have never torn anything up. Wow I must be a good boy He He.

3. What is your favorite treat?

Smacko's, gravy bones & Tripe sticks.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

Yes when I'm in the mood.

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

No I was born at home & so happy that I am with my wonderful family.

OK You know what to do, so copy this and fill out your answers and send to 5 friends


The Vets

April 16th 2010 8:09 am
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Oh my what a week it has been. I was at the vets on Wednesday & had my private parts took away yuck yuck ........ I was a very good boy while I was there but when I got home my Mum & Dad was laughing at me because I was swaying all over with the anaesthetic & wouldn't settle until bedtime. Once Mum went to bed I slept in my cage all night. Mum gave us chicken & I ate it all he he I love my food. I whined just a little bit but now I am on the mend. The pain killer really help me.
Also my sister Bella got speyed so I wasn't on my own at the vets. I will keep you all updated & hope you all have a great weekend.
I haven't forgot about all my friends & my beautiful girl Lola ( Love you sweetheart).
Bye for now


For the special Girl in my Life

February 14th 2010 2:09 am
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Love is like a cloud
Love is like a dream
Love is one word
And everything in between
Love is a fairytale come true
I found love when I found you

Lola Happy Valentines Day sweetheart. Thinking of you this day & always.
Your Boy


Hi Everyone I'm back

February 12th 2010 10:46 am
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Hi Everyone,

Oh my what a few months it has been. My human dad hasn't been very well & so my mum had took us off dogster :( but now back on YIPPEE!!!!!!
I have missed all my friends on here & now cause of mum have to start getting pup pals again ha! ha! I have missed all my friends on here & especially Wrinklies & friends Group. Hopefully we can start coming on again & joining in with all the fun. I know we can't come on has often as we use to but will try & get on a bit more.
I have missed my good friends & hopefully Girlfriend Lola so much.
What makes me so happy to come back on today is that it is Mine & my beautiful sister Bella's birthday too so can't ask for much more can I. I'm doing the happy dance.
I will have to go now for a nap with all the excitement of all this & hope that you will be my friend & rest of my family.
Bye for now

Thank-you very much Scooby, Austin & Doodle for my lovely gifts you have sent me. xxxxxxxxxx

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