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Hey who you callin an ant eater ?!?!

its been ages!!!!

April 22nd 2006 6:57 pm
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wow mommy has been slacking on doing my dogster stuff, so ive decided to take matters into my own....paws. I added new pictures becasue ive gotten bigger but also even more adorable... duh!! My life has been so grate i go to the park basically every day and i get lost on purpose so i can run more. i get tospend time with mommy and we roll on the floor and play. sometimes she brings me hotdogs form work for a treat . On other notes momm says im almost 2 and shes thinking about me having babies shes not sure tho she said im such a sweet dog she wants to share my good nature with everyone...whatever that means. well if ne hting exciting happens ill let you guys know!!!!! bye
love lola baby


Brrrrs and GRrrrrrrs

January 23rd 2005 5:08 pm
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BRRRRR! theres a storm commin in! and i dont like it one bit. i got stuck in a snow pile and momma had to run outside in her bare feet to save me ! i was shakin like a leaf but she set me in front of my heater and gave me a treat and put me right to bed. Later that day the evil kitty tiger tried to take my food but i showed her a thng or my dreams that is she got the best of me again but sooner or later i am determined to be the queen of the house !!
after my walk i sttled in , not much of an exciting day but it was good all the same
momma took some pictures of me too so there will be some new ones soon just wait u can see how long my nose has gotten :)



Who are you calling an ant eater?

January 20th 2005 7:09 pm
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wow today was great!! I didnt get to go to the park but I did go for a run . i got sneeky and squeezed out of the door when my aunt was leaving and ran all the way up the street and around the corner . Gramma called me a ant eater, I Think its becasue of my long nose and i like to lick alot , mostly for food but hey im a puppy i need my food. and now its time to take a nap in front of my heater bye
and hey to all my puppy pals!!!!!

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Lola Baby


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