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Every day is Sophie's Day

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August 20th 2012 5:52 am
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I want to thank all you pups for the birthday thingys you sent me. They were better than the ones momma and dadda got me. I got left alone with Sammie all day while they took big sister to fly away somewhere..Then I got a tugger toy from the brown truck guy. Sammie broke it in about 2 seconds.

Sammie steals all my stuff and gets away with it. Stupid pubbybutt!!



June 17th 2012 6:32 am
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Well my little pubbybutt sisfur is here at my furever home. She very cute so she get'n all da snuggles and hugs. I've been stuck out in the shed.I gets some Ole Roy every week or month. gotta drink out of a mud puddle.

She chews on my toys.Steals my treatsies, potties in my spots. I might as well be at da pound or in a gang somewheres. Sammies got the wents hipnotized by da cuteness.

Da only thing i can do iz flatten dat pubby when were play'n.I iz still da boss dog here, dat cuteness will stop once she chews up some junk.She waz chew'n dadda's shoes last night. He waz even wearing da shoes!!!

Well, I gotta go out and pull the plow and chop down a twee. I hope i gets time to bark again.Dogster got billing fleas!!!



May 3rd 2012 10:57 am
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I was on da couch when dad talked to the thingy that makes the weird noise and then he talks to it. I could tell it was mom because he said "Hello Babe". Well then I heard the "P" word I've been worried about fur a while. The I heard him say iz der any little girl pups? Then I heard him say will just go have a look at them.

If he looks that means another Schnauzer is going to be with us. Do you pups think it will want my treats and toys?? What about my snuggle time.Will i loose sum of dat good stuff???

Sophie iz very worried at dis time. I might like a pups to do zoomies and rastle with.Hmm..


Sophie the Westie girl

April 17th 2012 10:06 am
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Poor little Sophie the Westie went to the Rainbow bridge last night. She was poisoned by a toad.This is so unfair.


POP Needed real soon!!

April 16th 2012 9:49 am
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Dis Westie pups in Florida 216450461705997.Needs Da POP....She licked sum nutso toad and iz noe very sick!!! He could die!!! That iz not a good thing. If you got the Book of Faces go help him out.

Him iz almost as cute as Z-pup!!


blame it on dad

February 15th 2012 3:16 pm
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My dad has Dyslexia and is not good at writing very good. I've got lots of stuffs about my nice life here in Oh-Hi-Oh,but dad is not to good at putting it in my words. Dad is not a stupid dad,Him did not know about the Dyslexia thing till him was to old to do much about it.He is going to be 63 on Friday.!!!! He would like to know if any pups momma or dadda know how he can be a better writer and speller. Then he can type fur me a lot better.

Dad loves all pups but loves the Terriers the most. Him's eyes leaked when Ernie-George went to da bridge. Dat Z-pups makes him laugh alot.Him loves Sophie the most.Sophie loves him.

If any pups or peepoles know how to fix bad writing and spelling my Dogster diary could be lots better.


Groomer Kidnapping!!!

August 31st 2011 5:44 am
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Help me pups...Dad scooped me up and took me to da groomers this day!!! Come and bust me out.I know the loop thingy is comming!!!! "HELP"


Thanks pups

August 19th 2011 6:44 am
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Thanks for the nice birthday treats you gave me for my birthday. I got sum treats and junk from da peepoles and got some real fudz from momma and dad.

Big sister is going off to Ohio Northern University real soon..I'm going to miss her a bunch!!!

I hope Dogster don't mess up...


Save Me !!!

July 7th 2011 6:07 am
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I was just curling up for my first morning nap, When!!!! Dad grabbed me and took me to the groomer lady!!!!!

My cute little head is in the loop thingy now,Some one save me,Please!!!!!!!!!


Urka Gurka

April 21st 2011 7:58 am
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Got up this morning did my normal stuff. Outside fur my first bark at noth'n..Had my pee,snooped the yard stuff. I came in and used my powers of cutness to get sum kind of flakes with milk from the peepoles..Had a bite of dads muffun thingy wit peanut butter stuff...Good day to start off.

Then I had a nice bowl of canned Blue Buffalo Chicken Dinner.I get da canned because I do not like da dry. I went 3 days with no foods when da dad tried to get tuff with Sophies.Him loosed dat one.Went out again for a poop and a bark,came back in and got a Greenie..Dems good.

I then got on dads lap while he did the book of faces thingy. Nice Schnooze.Well, the sun ball came out and it warmed up so i went out for a full inspection of my yard. While I was sniffing I found some bugs in da grass and just had to eat a few. I came back into da house and dad gave me a Three Dog Bakery Apple and Oatmeal treat.Very yummy it was pups.

Well a few minutes or days later I, Sophies did the gigunta Urka-Gurka on da floor in da kitchen. Now i don't fell to good and gotta Schnooze sum more.Do you pups think it were da bugs I ate??Or da Three Dog Bakery Apple and Oatmeal treat. Maybe I was just too stuffed with foods and bugs,I don't know.Well i gotta go sleep this off.Later pups..

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