I found my home!

January 23rd 2010 3:55 pm
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I was a self-sufficient guy out for a walk one day when I saw this family out in their back yard. They seemed to be having so much fun, I had to squeeze through the fence and join in. Then Mom discovered me and said "Who is this? Do you guys have a new little friend?" A week or so later when Mom finally took me in and introduced me to the older guy in the family, a yorkiepoo, and to Dad, I was scarred and started off back down the street the first chance I got. But the family down the street said I didn't belong to them and Mom had about cried when I left. The rest is history.

I'm a survivor with good social skills so I learned to get along with ALL of my new family. I became one of Dad's favorites and went to visit him a lot when he was in the nursing home for a while. All the residents and nurses there liked when I visited and some of them held me and said I would be a good service dog. I liked all their attention and gave them lots of hugs too.

Needless to say, now my family doesn't know how they ever got along without me. I am their huggie bear. I like to be a "squirmy worm", marking my scent all over whoever holds me.


I'm an Alpha Male in the family

September 25th 2013 2:33 pm
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When I first arrived at my new family I was coughing some but stopped when I began eating good food. But about a year ago I began coughing again and our Dr. said my trachea was collapsing (because I was overweight) and I had a heart murmur but I was heartworm free. So Mom began giving me spironolactone to make me shed water weight. I take about 15 mg./day most of it in the mornings. Mom says I get along best with Blue Buffalo healthy weight and Wellness healthy weight. She recently bought some Science Diet light but it must have more salt in it than it used to because it makes me cough more.

Anyway this morning, Sonic, our nephew, began challenging me for the right to eat first and it didn't take long for me to pin him down even though I don't have any front teeth to grab with. (Sonic and I used to get in some knock down drag outs before we were both neutered.) Mom just said, "Bad, bad, bad--you guys need to eat your supper and be nice". Our other nephew, Pinto, who lives with us is an alpha male also because we are about the same age but he likes to stay in his downstairs carrier most of the day because he has to eat K/D for his kidney failure so we we don't cross paths much. Anthony likes to challenge Pinto but knows that he has to eventually give in and be respectful. So even with my mitral valve prolapse or whatever it is, I'm still the alpha male!

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