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Missy's Tail of Mishchieve and Mayhem.

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Long Weekend Fun

November 30th 2013 10:01 pm
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I went and helped at a fundraiser for the rescue Mom volunteers for on Black Friday. It was called Santa Paws and there were lots of dogs and people. People were paying to take pictures with us dogs and Mom dressed me up as an Elf and I was a big hit. I took lots of pictures with people for the rescue. Mommy and I were constantly being complimented on how well I was trained because, Mommy would put me in a sit run out of the way show me a treat and I would pose then she would call me to her and give me the treat and leash me back up. All of the other doggies had to stay on their leashes because, they were runners. People were actually asking for me by name it was awesome.

I then got to stay in a hotel with Mom and her friend Shelly and Shelly's dog Tristan. Mom said she couldn't sleep because, I wouldn't shut up...which is true but, there were people fighting above us so I was just doing my job. Now Mom is exhausted and hoping to sleep soon but, I told her she had to update you guys.

I do hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Lots of catching up and Big news!

November 9th 2013 3:53 pm
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Okay so I know we haven't been on much but, for once it's for a good reason. Mom has been busy with Halloween costumes, contest for said costumes, taking us to the park and to the pet store weekly and before that doing a refresher class for my training. We learned Mom and I are really connected like she was having a panic attack and I calmed her down type of connection and the reason why we weren't working well together was because, of my old training. So the new trainer helped me and Mom communicate better. Mom now can read my signals and such and I listen to her better because, she picks them up now.

Well today we went to get CGC certified and sure enough I passed with flying colors but, I had to calm Mom down first. She was on the verge of tears from the anxiety and I couldn't have that. So now I am CGC certified and Mom is sending the paperwork in on Monday but, she is so proud of me.

Monty is doing well...weird but, well. He keeps licking my face. We think it calms him down because, once he is done doing it he falls asleep. He gets a little manic sometimes but, he thankfully calms down. We know it's from his medication but, still it worries Mom.

Sorry to have Missed out on so much and I promise we will be on more often now that things are settling down here.


So not a good summer.

August 17th 2013 5:49 pm
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So you guys knew about my fatty lump in July. We got that removed and then shortly after a new lump showed up on my foot. We didn't worry about that lump cause the vet told us not to. He said it was benign and small and to try to shrink it with an ointment. Well Monty then cut his leg cause he has what Mommy calls old people skin so he was getting his leg cleaned and wrapped daily. He finally healed so Mommy said "You guys get to stay home finally." We don't mind staying home honestly, it's kinda nice we get bye-bye cookies and then we sleep. Plus the cats hate when I am home all day which makes it worth it.

Well the next day was a Saturday and Daddy went to brush me when he found blood. I was bleeding from my girl parts and well guys I shouldn't be bleeding from there cause those were removed when I was 5 1/2 months old. I got a tattoo to prove it too. So Monday Mommy took me to the vet they ran some tests on me and I didn't have a UTI like Mommy was hoping. I was pretty healthy besides the blood thing actually. So the vet said she wanted to put a scope in there and check my girl bits out. She found nothing in there that would cause the bleeding and while I was under Mom had her remove my foot lump. Well she flushed my girly bits just in case she missed something and then called Mommy hoping Mommy would be okay with her cutting me open to explore inside me...Mom said no to that. Well I am on antibiotics and have stopped bleeding for the most part unless I get stressed out then I discharge a fluid but, it isn't blood anymore. So I will be on antibiotics for awhile longer hoping that it fixes it. I have stitches in my foot until next Friday then they come out. Well when they prep my foot for surgery they scrubbed it raw...once the bandage came off it was all bloody so Mommy and Daddy have been cleaning it and making me wear a sock when I go outside.

We have been going to work with Mommy again and probably won't get to stay home by ourselves until my stitches are out. This Tuesday I am starting a refresher class for training because, Mommy and I are going to try to get CGC certified and she said we need the refresher. So at least I have that to look forward to.


Good News!

July 8th 2013 6:19 pm
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My lump was just a fatty lump! Nothing bad was found and I am going to be okay. Mom still has to watch me like a hawk until my stitches are out and I am not allowed to run and play until then but, at least it was just a fatty lump.

Thank you all for the rosettes and positive thoughts.


Update Number 1

July 1st 2013 5:02 pm
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Well Mommy called the vet this morning and made an appointment for me and I went in this afternoon. The vet felt my lump and said it needs to be removed because, it didn't feel like a fatty lump to him and due to it's size and location it is best to remove it and send it off get it checked out. So tomorrow I go back to the vet to get it removed and then Mommy will have to wait a couple of days for the results to come back.

On a plus side I lost 5 lbs putting me at 130 lbs and the vet said I don't feel fat though Mommy disagrees. This surgery also means I get to go to work with Mommy and Daddy for the next two weeks.


Long time no bark.

June 29th 2013 8:33 pm
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I know we haven't been on much because, Mom's been busy at work and such. This nasty heat is making it busier for her so we understand why she is slacking off.

Well today she came home and Daddy informed her that he found a lump on my leg so Mommy is going to call the vet and get it checked out. She cried when she felt it because, she is worried I will be like Monty and have it come back with something bad. Daddy told her to stop that and not worry until she has to. So Monday morning before she leaves for work she is calling the vet in hopes to get me in...which is okay with me because, it means Monty and I get to go to work with Mommy and we love going with Mommy.


Mommy's Rant

May 28th 2013 8:18 pm
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So Mommy was on the book of faces doing her usual thing which usually includes liking pictures and playing candy crush...never seen any real candy out of that game but, whatever. Well she was doing her thing and she saw this picture with a pitbull running and the top of picture's text says "The most public face of the bond you have with your dog." Then the bottom says "The recall is probably the most public face of the bond you have, or don't have, with your dog. A recall-resistant dog is embarrassing because her lack of response shines a light on your relationship problems. Doesn't it feel like your dog just doesn't like you when she won't come when you call? All obedience training is entwined with the bond, but the recall is the heart and soul of the training/bond connection. Want to see what your relationship with your dog is made of? Work the recall and you'll quickly find out"

Now you are probably wondering "Why would this upset your Mommy so much Missy?" Here is the answer. I do not come when called instantly or even on the first call to Mommy or Daddy. Now that doesn't mean that Mommy and Daddy aren't bonded with me or that I don't respect my relationship with them and Mommy and Daddy know that. We have not only went through training from Basic to Advanced and passed with flying colors but, I am willing to do just about anything Mommy asks me to do besides come when called. So Mommy is ranting about this pictures flawless logic. She went on to read all of the comments that others posted thankfully she didn't reply to it cause it only made matters worse. They say that if your dog doesn't come when you call it can mean multiple things your dog doesn't respect you as the leader or you are a lazy owner who didn't teach the basics to your dog. Which I can say is not the case here. I know sit, stay, down, wait, leave it, heel, around, freeze, take a bow, crawl, shake and who knows what else. I just don't do one thing well and again that is coming when called. I like to stop and smell the flowers I am also known to patrol the yard because, that is what I was bred to do. Yes Mommy sits outside for about 2-5 minutes calling me to come in but, that's not because I don't respect her that is because, I have to do what runs through my veins first. I was bred to be independent and that doesn't mean that I am stubborn or stupid it means that genetically I am bred to make decisions that will protect my flock. So when people say "She doesn't respect you because, she doesn't come running when you call her." Kinda makes Mommy want to punch something...wait a minute now I know why she is always smashing the candy. Anyways I just wanted to share Mommy's rant with you guys and let you all know that it's okay if you don't come instantly when called. That doesn't mean you don't love or respect the person calling you it means that you are independent and have a job to do because, remember you can take the dog out of the job but, you can't take the job out of the dog.

Including the picture for your viewing pleasure. 84720164_1355616594_n_zpsac8a232f.png.html


Seriously I should fire her.

March 16th 2013 9:21 pm
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First of all I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes even though my secretary hasn't really been keeping up with Monty's and I's diaries. Though I should be nice and cut her a break because, she did make me cupcakes for my birthday...though she made Monty and I wear birthday hats to eat them so I don't know yet.

Quick updates are in order I guess. Umm...Monty and I have been going to work with Mommy for the last week because, Monty has really frail skin right now and hurt himself the vet said to watch him cause he couldn't do anything for it so watching him means hanging out with Mom, Dad and Grandma at work. That was fun actually cause I get to see a lot of dogs and people...which makes me happy. This morning I got to go with Mommy to the vet to get my shots updated because, they were due and she needed to send a copy of the paperwork to the rescue she has been volunteering with because, her and I will be going to a rescue get together next month. I am excited about seeing all of the other big dogs like me personally. That is also part of the reason why Mommy hasn't been updating as often is because, work has been crazy and her spare time has been going to help rescue runs.

I guess I really can't complain about her not keeping our diaries updated because, she is working hard for us and then helping homeless dogs as well as making me and Chickadee birthday cupcakes. I guess she is a keeper and she did say she will make more time to get onto Dogster for us. So again thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.


Holy cow I am DOTD!

December 9th 2012 2:29 pm
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I feel so special today. I am Dog of the Day and I got to sleep in with Mommy until noon. Then Grandma has company over so I got to say hello to them and Mommy gave me spuds just cause I was cute. It is totally my lucky day.

I want to thank everyone for the congratulations, rosettes and pictures. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.


Mom and Grandma were right.

October 20th 2012 8:58 pm
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So today was Petsmart's in store Halloween contest and well I of course went because, well I love attention. This year I was Dorothy and to be honest when Mom first put on my shoes a week ago I thought she was high because, I hated them and I thought everyone else would too. Mom and Grandma kept telling me Missy the shoes make the costume and sure enough I got use to them and they did make the costume.

I won first place this year and got an awesome reward and won a $10 gift card that Mom let me pick a toy and some treats. So I got myself a Loofa Dog again because, I love them and I picked the red one because, he matched my shoes. I also told Mom I wanted Beggin Strips that were cheese and bacon flavored. I also got an entourage and a stalker all in one day. Mom said I was such a good girl because, my stalker which was a little boy who followed me around for an hour calling me Dorothy and playing with my bows and I didn't misbehave. I sat when he asked me to and laid down when he asked too. Everyone thought he belonged to Mommy and I but, she kept telling them no. Lots of strangers took my picture too. Maybe I will become an internet sensation...okay I doubt but, still a girl can dream.

Everyone loved my outfit and because, I was amazing (That is Mom's words not mine.) I got an In n' Out burger and some fries...totally worth it. Grandma was so proud of her hard work and thought I was adorable. Also the shoes weren't that bad.

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