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I got two Christmassy cards in da post!!!!

December 18th 2012 4:37 am
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Today, I got two Christmassy cards. Mummy is annoyed cos she just got one BOL!

One was from my Nana and Granddad. Nana was laughing cos she hasn't sent any to Mummy yet. Oops! But the other one has me all excited - it's from Scooter, Misty, Cutter and Pepper, aka The Papillon Pack!!!! The envelope had such a lovely design across the back that Mummy had to open it very carefully across the top so as not to disturb the lovely design. Inside was a beautiful, specially designed card for me, Cleo! And if that's not enough, my VERY OWN Mr.Bacon air freshner! I am going to ask Mummy to decorate my bed with that!

Thank you Scooter, Misty, Cutter and Pepper! I LOVE my card!

Lots of love,

Cleo XXX


Charity Begins at Home...

December 16th 2012 1:34 pm
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.....or so the saying goes. My Mummy hasn't heard of that saying anyway, cos it sure isn't being applied in my house!

Tonight, there are two local dog rescue groups doing a sleepover outside our local courthouse and the hoomans peoples and their doggies are dropping over food and money and blankies and stuff. So Mummy and Nana went off today and bought dog food and new blankies for the poor unfortunate dogs. And what about poor unfortunate little me? Did they buy any stuff for me? Even so much as a small packet of rawhide or little bikkies or something? Absolutely NOTHING!

Anyway we went down there and there were lots of peoples with their dogs. I even started off a big barking chain. Showing my solidarity for the poor unfortunate dogs and all. And I met a HUGE dog whose sister is the first dog of Ireland! Yes, his sister lives with the President!!!!

Mummy said I was a great dog for doing my charitable deed and she just gave me some sweeties. At least she didn't give those away!!!


Mummy's hooked to da Bodka Dwip tonight!

December 15th 2012 7:12 pm
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Mummy went out with her friends tonight. I was just checking my facebook page cos I was expecting a message from my good friend Brad Pitt and there she was all over the place, being tagged with this person and that person with her stoopid Santa hat with the pigtails on! I am SO mortified! I will have to take her aside and talk to her about her behaviour. Seriously, it's not on.


I got a Christmassy card in the post!

December 14th 2012 2:59 am
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Pupsies - I am so excited! The postman just came and there was a Christmas card addressed 'specially for me, Cleo, all the way from Topeka in the United States 'cross the 'lantic ocean!!!! It's from my lovely buddies Kenny and Dooli - thank you guys!

Mummy says to tell Kenny, Dooli, Scooter, Misty, Cutter, Pepper and Zaidie that all your cards went in the post yesterday evening so you should all (hopefully) get them before Santa Paws arrives! Mummy had to get some special stamps for your cards to fly 'cross the 'lantic or sumfin.

Anyway, I am SOOOOO excited! My very own card! Usually the only post I get addressed to me is from my vet reminding me I need to get my yucky injectiolins done!


Stoopid photo!

December 13th 2012 2:32 pm
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Do any other pupsies have to put up with this nonsense??? This evening, Mummy went into town and bought stoopid Santa hats for the two of us. At least hers is normal, mine has a big Santa stuck on the front! Anyway she sat us both down in front of the Christmas tree and started taking photographs of the two of us. Needless to say, I am not very happy! So I put on my best pissed off face. Mummy thinks I look like a gangsta rapper or sumfin. Mummy! Don't you DARE put any photos on that interweb thingy! Specially on that book of faces you're addicted to, an' 'specially not my Dogster profile!!!!


I made the nice list! OFFICIALLY from Santa!

December 12th 2012 2:43 pm
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Mummy says she got a text message or e-mail or sumfin directly from Mr Claus himself! And I'm OFFICIALLY on the nice list this year! Phew! I've been so worried that Santa might not bring me another doggie Christmas stocking with my favoutite choc drops an' squeaky toy an' cranberry treats or sumfin' else Christmassy!

Mummy says this early confirmation is because of my dual guard dog duties in both my own house (sorry Mummy, our house) and my holiday home (sorry Nana and Granddad, your house) where I alternate my work duties as required depending on Mummy having to go to that foreign country that is England and stuff. I have been soooooooo busy having to do barking duties around two gardens and also having to accept belly rubs and back rubs and ear tickles in TWO houses! Sheesh! These hoomans really like us to roll over and get our bellies rubbed, don't we? I reckon the extra belly rubbling duties deserve at least an additional pack of choc drops, don't you?

As usual, there are conditions. In order to maintain my Nice List status, I have to maintain my good behaviour (turns over on her back. Mummy, where are you? Can you rub my tummy please?)


My Mummy is back!!!

December 11th 2012 5:54 pm
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My Mummy went off on a plane thing to that England place last Wednesday and came back on Friday, then she left me with Nana and Granddad AGAIN Sunday and she only got back after midnight! I wasn't expecting' her at all, I thought I was just going to bed. Then she arrived and I licked all her face an' stuff. We're back at our house and just going to our beddie byes but it's nearly 2am and Mummy is still up. Is this normal? She had the wine Dwip in and she ain't getting up early cos she got home so late. Fair enough I s'pose. She's off to bed soon and I'm looking forward to snuggles!!!


I was on a mini break!

December 7th 2012 3:07 pm
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Mummy went off to England on Wednesday morning and came back earlier so she dropped me over to Nana and Granddad's where I stayed 3 nights! I had a pawsome time! Lots of walkies and belly rubs and kisses and stuff.

Mummy always packs my Spongebob Squarepants rucksack with everything I need for my mini breaks. Little treats and my Choc drops and other basic provisions. And a cooked chicken in the local store on the way over.

Anyway, Mummy collected me earlier and now I'm at home snoozing under our Christmas tree. I had to have a snooze earlier on Mummy's bed to recouperate after all my guard dog duties in Nana and Granddad's.

Life is tough (turns over on her snuggly blankie to reach for a Choc drop....)


I nearly died but for the hind lick manoeuvre!

December 3rd 2012 5:14 pm
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Seriously! I nearly died! Mummy was workIng from home and we were just heading out for our lunchtime walk when I started choking in the hallway.
Mummy had read an article about how to deal with this so she felt around my mouth to see if amything was stuck in there but she could find nothing. She remembered to lift me up by my back paws in case anything would come out but nothing. By now my cute lil' eyes were flickering and I was passing out! Then Mummy put her arms round my tum tums and pulled real hard and I threw up, and was able to breathe again! Thank you Mummy for reading that article! Hope all other pawrents know what to do too!


Mummy is BARKING!

December 2nd 2012 4:42 am
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Barking mad, that is! I have seen her do some strange things in my time, but this morning she was sitting in front of a mirror plucking whiskers off her face!!!!! Weird or what? I mean, we all know how important our whiskers are, right? We use them in long grass and stuff. And it might just be a weird family thing but I was standing at the top of the stairs in Nana and Granddad's one day and I'm pretty sure Granddad was taking his whiskers off too - he was holding a noisy whirry thing in his hand and rubbing it all over his chin! I did have an opportunity to sniff and lick at his chin later and it felt very smooth. Do any other doggies have weird hooman families like mine? Is there help available?

Which brings me onto a theory I've been developing. I could never understand why neither Mummy, Nana or Granddad were particularly keen on rolling around in the long grass with me, 'specially when it's wet (which in my opinion is the bestest time!) but now I think it's cos they don't have whiskers to guide them through all the dangers lurking in the long grass which we doggies use our whiskers to avoid. These hooman peoples are just big scaredy kitty cats!!!!

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