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The world through a puppy's eyes!

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Looks like I got away with it again!

December 19th 2011 2:06 pm
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update on my second collision with tree......

this morning i wuz still quiet and have rested nearly all day, still no sign of swelling and i am letting mum massage me and do stretching exercises and have enjoyed my massages and am letting her pull my leg forwards without snatching it back so mum can only assume there is no lasting damage and me is just bruised. Later this afternoon i started to bug my Sadie to play so must be feeling better, mum wouldn't let me play either too rough or to long. I have been putting weight on it all day and with no yelps so..............looks like me has got away with it again!

me shoulda been a cat BOL

a very lucky lil girl yet again xx


I'm injured - again!

December 18th 2011 12:39 pm
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mum does not believe this! only two weeks after me half ripped my toe nail off me has hurt myself again........wrapped meself around a newly planted tree whilst running at full pelt and not watching where i was going:/ the noise that came out of me was truly frightening - mum thought me had broken something - my right front leg was hanging. Mum is not sure if it's shoulder or lower leg, me is now putting weight on it but me yelps if I turns funny. Mum will see how I is tomorrow...

me is having two hourly doses of arnica tonight and it don't look like there is any swellin so far. will update yous tomorrow

yours furever - a silly lil girl x


A full days extra training

March 26th 2011 4:02 pm
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Well today I been agility training all day! We gots there fur 10am and didn't gets home until around 3.30pm - lonnnnng day! I been working on listening to mum more *snickers* when i felt like it that is BOL. I did do my upright weaves pretty good and mum says i'm a dab hand on ma contacts;) i quite irratic in my jumping and directionals but that will come. Soon it wuz time fur a lunch break so i wuz put back in the car fur a snooze zzzzzzz. Then we wents a little walk to clear me head for the next round.

We trained some more then the trainer joined two of the courses together to make a full course, that wuz my downfall you see, i wuz pretty tired by this time and so wuz mum and i just switched off and did my own thing and when mum realised she wuz getting frustrated with me we called it quits afore it gots into a slanging match between us!

All in all we had a fab day and i learnt so much more. Both mum and me crashed out when we gots home BOL.

Mum admits she asked just a little too much of me so she has made a mental note not to fill me brain with too much too soon..........thankyou mum xx

The Fearless One!


My First Annual Vet's Check

January 28th 2011 12:36 pm
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I had to go to the Vetman this morning for my first booster and a kennel cough vaccine. Unfortunately, me had to have the full monty:( but have been assured next time me will get the minimum me needs:)

Me was very good on the whole but wuz a wiggle butt so mum had to calm me down so the Vetman could do his job - no me wasn't scared me just wanted to kiss him BOL. He couldn't stop laughing at me hehe.

He checked my teeth, my eyes and ears, my feet, my butt and then went to put that cold thing behind my chest - i backed away from that coz i didn't know what it was but he stopped and showed me; i had a sniff and gave him the go ahead:D

Then before i knew what was going on it was all over, mum reminded him i needed my kennel cough vaccine so he wents to get that and when he came back i was so pleased to see him i rolled over on my back with legs in air...........perfect position he said and dropped it up ma nose!

He then offered me a treat which i hesitated at first only for a split second and took it off him:D

I then went into another room to get weighed and weighed in at 15.4kg, he said that was a perfect weight. Mum asked if she kept me between 15 and 16kg once I start to muscle up would that be a good weight, the Vetman said.............perfect and was pleased i hadn't gotten fat since he did my Spay:D

Tis not so bad visiting the Vetman;)

The Fearless One


I passed my Test:D

January 20th 2011 4:03 pm
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woohoo I had my pre-Agility Test tonight at my Obedience Class and I passed with flying colours *doing happy dance* I stayed focused on mum whilst my bestest buddy Sola and her mum were intentionally trying to distract me and the other three that were in the class. She wuz even trying to distract me on a recall BOL but I ran straight to mum:D

I am now officially in Agility Training *snickers* even though I started a few weeks ago BOL

The Fearless One


WOW one year already!

January 20th 2011 10:59 am
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Can you believe it - I been with my fambly for a whole year today! How time flies!

The Fearless One;)


My Agility Training

January 17th 2011 3:55 pm
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I have been pestering mum to write me a diary for ages on how I am doing and she finally found some time woohoo!

I not long back from only my fourth session and tonight I did really really good:D

I am jumping medium height already and tonight mum increased two of the jumps up to large height which is what I will be competing at come the day. She sneeked the last two of a four in a rows jumps up. I came to the third jump and went over but clipped the pole and it fell; I jumped higher on the last one and cleared it then the funny thing was I went back to look at the pole on the ground BOL.

Mum decided to let me off lead and not even hold my harness on the A Frame and Dog Walk, we have been practising the "go touch" command a lot and tonight I was confident enough to go it alone with amazing results! Mum gave me the command and I went straight up the A Frame and down the other side and sat two on two off on the yellow bit and touched my nose on the "touch pad" I heard the click and mum came and placed a my treat on the pad *doing happy dance*. I did the same on the Dog Walk too.........mum was ever so impressed with me but told me to slow down a bit on the Dog Walk coz I could fall off if I not careful!

I am on upright weaves now and am glued to the end of mum's fingers coz that's where my treat is BOL.

The only thing left for me to learn is something they call a seesaw mmmmm *scratches head*

I really enjoying this Agility stuff:D

The Fearless One


Today is my 1st Birthday!

November 23rd 2010 1:09 pm
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I've had a lovely birthday today playing with lots of pups in the park and my Sadie, of course:D I have taken a shine to a young Golden Retriever named Bailey - he is one seriously nutty pup BOL - mum says we are a match in heaven!

Mum gotted me a snazzy fleece harness to help with my training in Agility which I went to for the first time last night. I have been lots of times before to watch Sadie but I actually got to go on some equipment woohoo - i made mincemeat of the small jumps and jumped four in a line with a right turn at the end which i did in one go:D mum took me over one at a time on the lead firstly and that was fun but when she allowed me off lead it was amazing fun; i got to have a go at a baby A Frame and mum had a hold of my harness and tried to guide me up but i flew up and almost took off at the top BOL, then i tried to rush down the other side but mum wouldn't let me and when i got to the bottom mum said wait and i remember being in this position at home so i sat with a perfect two on two off:D impressive hey what! then i spotted my favourite item.........the tunnel:D she sat me two jumps before the tunnel, walked ahead of me and called me and away i went - jump, jump, tunnnelllll out the other end and over another jump weeeeeee what fun *doing happy dance* I then had a go at open weaves on lead at first with another trainer in the middle of the first six, i spotted the treat in Auntie Chris' hand; mum said go weave and i ran like a bat out of hell for the treat BOL *making mum run on the other end of the lead!* Auntie Chris said to unclip me which was much better, she then went to the end of the twelve mum said weave and off i went to get my treat hehehe.

I was a bit noisy when i wasn't working myself watching the other doggies doing their stuff but at least when it was my turn I was quiet coz I wuz concentrating on mum BOL

I had so much fun and can't wait to do it all again next week :D:D:D

Miss Meesha


OH BOY - I'm in the Dog House (again)

November 15th 2010 11:58 am
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All I will say is Oh Dear!!


Sadie to my rescue!

November 6th 2010 9:26 am
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Well we is not long back from our wooded walk near our home and I would like to thank my Sadie for looking out for me and putting herself before me *hugs*

We were running and playing when we met five dogs loose with their owner. One, a rather overweight Black Lab male who thought he was King! Sadie was just stood by mum whilst their owner and her had a bit of a chat but I was saying hello to all and sundry when the Lab decided he didn't like me and gave chase with his hackles up ........I ran off with tail between my legs and he was closing on me when out of the blue I saw Sadie catching us up at some speed and passing him then blocking him from me. He stopped instantly; Sadie and him got sniffing one another and his hackles were still up but so were my Sadies *shock* - he backed off and walked away with his tail between his legs *phew*

Sadie - you are my HERO coz he would've eaten me alive!


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