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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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thank you everyone

February 20th 2011 4:54 pm
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I want to thank my new friends for the new DDP picture.
Forrest and Redford's family , I love the new picture. Its beautiful. And it goes with my St Patrick's day decorations.

I was pleased to wake up being a Diary Pick. I tried to get My momma to let me online earlier to thank everyone but she was being Lazy.

Night everyone!


Evening Report

February 17th 2011 6:19 pm
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Congratulations to all of today's Diary Picks, my friend Petey was one of the chosen five. Great job Petey.

I am just in from the outdoors. The evening piddle was okay but I miss the snow. The air is warm with a gentle breeze. Momma opened the windows to let clean fresh air in the house.

Having the windows opened allowed me to communicate with the neighbors guarding their posts. They told me that no strangers have been seen trying to infiltrate my domain.

I do know lately my pawrents have been watching me when I go out for my nightly piddle. Dad is worried Coyotes might try to snatch one of his fur kids up.

He doesn't want me to be a Coyotes midnight snack. Momma took Rudie & I out at the same time tonight. She sat on the step while we did our business. Afterwards she let Cocoa out so she could check for messages also.

I hope the threat of intruders is gone or if there is a real Coyote we catch him before total infiltration!

Good night sweet friends


New Pictures

February 14th 2011 7:33 pm
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This past weekend Momma and my Aunt dressed me up to get St. Patrick's Day pictures. Momma said it was alright for me to wear green because she is part Irish and I am her son. So does that make me Irish?

I know I'm adopted and my ancestors came from Tibet but momma said it's okay for me to be Irish if I want to be.

Momma helped me post a lot of new pictures of me. My Aunt took close to 20 of me so I will try to get momma to post the others soon. My Aunt took close to 10 of my sister. She looks pretty but I'm the top model of this family.

I wonder if Tyra Banks would let me strut my stuff on the cat walk? Miss J would understand me better. Instead of calling it a "cat walk" I would like to see it called a "dog stroll". I would have to say no to the make-over though because why mess with perfection?

I am one handsome dude!

Good night Dear pups.

PS my brother refused to have more than one new picture taken.


Great Fun

February 14th 2011 10:15 am
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I had a great weekend playing with my best friend Zayne and my new friend Eli. That little Chi (Eli) can use my puppy pad like nobody's business.

We all piled on my Aunt last night while she slept making it a true sleep over.

This morning after we all enjoyed a drink and kibble, we played again. Zayne tried to play Piggy back ride with my sister but she wouldn't hold still. I tried to help him out but I'm a little guy myself so I wasn't much use. Eli didn't want no part of the game.

Can't wait until we can play again together. Next time maybe Mya bug can come too.

Life would be boring without good friends!


A weekend of fun

February 13th 2011 12:38 pm
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My Best est Friend Zayne is here this weekend. His newest Brother Eli (Maggie and Luke's son) is also here. I think I played with Eli more so far.

Eli is enjoying his first weekend of Food , Felony and Fun. I'm trying to teach the little guy to steal things. I demonstrated my techniques by searching my Aunt's overnight bag but she caught me.

I also showed Eli how to steal his own things from his carrier. Hope he finds the joy of hoarding his own treasure pile one day.

Time to go play dress up with Momma.


Private Zayne of the First Crested Battalion reported for- Duty today

February 12th 2011 7:31 pm
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I needed extra reinforcements for support of the Buddha Buddha company so I called in Zayne for help. He's been with the First Crested Battalion since birth.

He only works in the warm climate so I thought he could help me patrol the lower quadrants of my domain. Inside so he can stay nice and warm.

So tonight when he was helping me guard the domain he left his post. I found him in the kitchen, eating. This was not a approved break.

An approved break includes food, fetch and fun. Normally before and after a nap. Guard duty between the approved breaks. Well its nap time.

Night Dear Friends.

PS Zaynes mom brought me a new squeaky toy.


Investigation of Suspect

February 9th 2011 6:24 pm
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Private Tzu Class Rocky reporting for duty. My investigation of the subject is complete.

I have determined the culprit of the recent snowfall to be a nymph by the name of Jack Frost. He delivered the snow and then made it so cold the fresh fallen snow is hard like concrete. I went outdoors earlier to check the quality of the snow.

Its cold on my feet and I'm unable to plow through it with my nose. So the fun quality is low for a little guy like me. I'm part Shih Tzu and love playing in the snow.

I also heard there is a good possibility of a visit from a one, Mr Heat Miser. If he comes he will destroy the snow. I will keep you updated.

Signing off

PS I miss my friends Patch and Jack, hope they are okay!

PSS my friend Zayne will be here in 3 days for a sleep over


Snow Patrol

February 7th 2011 7:05 pm
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I'm back on duty after a great weekend of fetch and belly rubs. Plenty of kisses from mom and hours of getting my hair brushed. I wish there was more quantity but the quality time was awesome.

I resumed my patrol when Momma got up. She needs me close by when she sleeps for protection. She did enter a room or two today without me. I tried to alert her to let her know that I can't protect her if I'm not with her.

Rudie told me to stop crying, he misunderstands my mission to protect her. Tonight Momma is letting me patrol outside, a man named Jack Frost left his calling card, snow.

I don't know what his intentions are but I must investigate the snow.
Time to resume my patrol. Good Night and God Speed


Yay yay the gangs all here

February 6th 2011 10:30 am
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Just enjoying my family today. Sunday is the only day our whole family is here.

Nowhere to go and Nothing to patrol. I like being a guard dog and early alarm system.

I hear things before anyone else does. Shih Tzu have excellent hearing.

It is said in Ancient Tibet, my ancestors were used to guard the much larger Mastiffs, because of our hearing. If a Tzu heard an intruder, it would bark to alert the mastiffs.

Our history is made of ancient legends and myths.

One day I hope to hear more about my maltese ancestors but today I love being Shih Tzu.

I want to thank our new friends keighty and family for my new Diary pick picture.


reporting for duty

February 5th 2011 5:07 pm
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Today my patrol was uneventful. I checked the windows multiple times and searched the cat for contraband. He wasn't hiding anything, but I can't be certain without a full body scan.

He slapped me and said I was violating his rights. Cocoa said I violated her also. She ran past the security checkpoint so I was forced to detain her by biting her front leg.

Momma had to tell me to stand down because Cocoa told on me.

I am now free to enjoy some time off. I plan to get some R & R this weekend in mom's lap. I might keep close to my domain as the intruder came back. I hear it outside saying whoooo.

*signing off*

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