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So Sad

March 7th 2011 8:08 pm
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Guess everyone knows now, I'm not the brave little guy they think I am. The gun going pow pow pow made me nervous.

I was so scared even though I was safe inside with my family.

Now momma is worried I will forever be scared of loud noises.


Lets help change the Law

March 6th 2011 6:02 pm
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My family started a group to share information about Nitro's Law and upcoming legislation in Ohio.

Even if you don't live in Ohio, we would love for you to join the group. Non residents can help with the pet postcard project.

If you live in another state and have similar problems with the laws to protect companions. Please share the information with us. Maybe we can help your state also.

We are trying to make everyone aware, to let others what's being done and what we can do to make a difference in a dog or cats life.

If we can help protect one dog or cat by changing the laws it would be worth it.

Right now the information in the group is about Nitro's Law. We would like to eventually add a fun section, games or easy craft ideals for variety.

The first project is the Pet postcard project for nitro's Law. The price is just 1 stamp and just a few minutes to help change the law. or_nitros_law-18351


New Bling

March 5th 2011 6:32 pm
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I got my very own necklace. Momma and my aunt made me a necklace it is blue and orange. It matches my new shirt my aunt brought me to wear. My shirt also has a skull and crossbones on it.

I look so handsome in it. I had so much fun playing with my cousins this weekend, Mya is grouchy but lovable. I loves her but since were cousins we can only be friends.

I loves her but she loves biting me! I have a feeling our relationship is one sided.

Oh well...


so excited my bestie is coming over for a sleepover.

March 3rd 2011 9:49 pm
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My best friend Zayne will be here tomorrow morning to spend the day with me and we are having a sleep over.

Our moms plan to do some crafts this weekend. They plan on making Doggy Jewelry for the girls and working on the picture postcards to support Nitro's law. Instructions about the postcard project xan be found on Cocoas and Rudie's page.

My human Aunt will also bring one of my Chihuahua cousins. Hopefully its Mya Bug or Daphne. Maybe it will be Axel! We all get along so more overnight guest means more fun!

Night Night


Total infiltration...a spy

March 2nd 2011 6:41 pm
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My paranoia finally paid off... I caught a spy. Yes its true.

Earlier today Momma opened the windows to let fresh air in. During my patrol of the lower quadrants and window, a strange intruder appeared.

I gave him a warning bark, and it alerted my brother and sister. We all yelled at him , telling him to go home but he wasn't listening. I growled and barked, this time momma looked outside.

He smiled innocently at Mom, a sneaky smile. She told him to leave and he went home. I know he left messages, we will read tomorrow.

Back to my patrol. Goodnight and godspeed!


Oh no my yard was breached...intruder

February 28th 2011 7:14 am
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Yesterday on my patrol of the outdoors, intruders were breaching the perimeters. Mom let Rudie and I outside, off the leash!

While I checked my Aunts tires for messages and left a few of my own, an overweight black lab appeared.

She was a tall, beautiful girl but kind of heavy. I heard rumor her owner had her fixed so she must of let herself go.

After sniffing her, I yelled at her to tell her I wasn't interested. I like tall chicks but she was too tall. I yelled to tell her to leave my yard.

She just stood there staring at me, smiling. I was still yelling when Mom snatched me up and took us inside.

Dad took her back home next door. She lives next door with an older lady and sometimes slips away from her. She's an older dog herself.

Afterwards we spent a quiet evening together until the storms started. We all hid but I got over my fear quick! How was your weekend?


Ways to terrorize Cocoa

February 23rd 2011 2:46 pm
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No Cooper, Cocoa does not like to be terrorized.

My first way to terrorize my sister is chasing her off the furniture. I wait until she's comfortable and ready to fall asleep & then I start barking and growling at her until she moves to let me have that spot.

I wait until she gets comfortable again and make her move again.

I don't really want the place on the furniture but don't want her to have it either. But I can do this for hours.

Another way to terrorize her is to bite on her legs. But this normally gets me into trouble. But its fun to hang on while she tries to walk.

Sisters can be fun.


A day in my life..a typical day

February 21st 2011 5:51 pm
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* BEEP BEEP BEEP* (the sound of dads alarm going off, 6:30 a.m.)

Grabs a squeaky toy and follows dad to the bathroom. If he happens to sit down there is no reason why he can't play fetch with me.

7:00- My first trip outside to piddle, followed by Rudie and Cocoa. I go out again after Cocoa to piddle where Rudie did.

7:20 plays fetch with dad while he gets dressed for work. Steals dad's socks and hides.

7:45 Dad leaves for work. I go back to bed with momma.

7:55 I'm lonely so time to wake mom up. Cleans moms ear when she turns her head I lick her mouth. She's awake *licks her cheek*

8:00 Convince Momma dad did not put me out by crying at the door. Mom puts me out again!

8:10-9:00 plays fetch, eats and drinks. Rudie and I go out again.

9:10 Sleeps on Mom's lap until 11:00

11:00 repeat of 7 A.M. Followed by some more food and fetch

12:00 P.M.-1:00 Terrorize Cocoa and check the tables out for things to steal. At 1 Rudie and I go out again.

1:15-4 nap time near or on Momma . After nap repeat of 7 all 3 go out.

4:15-6 terrorize Cocoa, fetch and nap. At 6 Rudie and I go out again. Fetch afterwards.

7:00 P.M. Dads home from work so time for belly rubs and fetch.

After Fetch I go outside again and then check Dogster before eating dinner.
9:00 all three out again and bedtime.
11:00 All 3 out again, laptime.

This is what my typical day is like. Fetch and Terrorizing Cocoa.


thank you everyone

February 20th 2011 4:54 pm
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I want to thank my new friends for the new DDP picture.
Forrest and Redford's family , I love the new picture. Its beautiful. And it goes with my St Patrick's day decorations.

I was pleased to wake up being a Diary Pick. I tried to get My momma to let me online earlier to thank everyone but she was being Lazy.

Night everyone!


Evening Report

February 17th 2011 6:19 pm
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Congratulations to all of today's Diary Picks, my friend Petey was one of the chosen five. Great job Petey.

I am just in from the outdoors. The evening piddle was okay but I miss the snow. The air is warm with a gentle breeze. Momma opened the windows to let clean fresh air in the house.

Having the windows opened allowed me to communicate with the neighbors guarding their posts. They told me that no strangers have been seen trying to infiltrate my domain.

I do know lately my pawrents have been watching me when I go out for my nightly piddle. Dad is worried Coyotes might try to snatch one of his fur kids up.

He doesn't want me to be a Coyotes midnight snack. Momma took Rudie & I out at the same time tonight. She sat on the step while we did our business. Afterwards she let Cocoa out so she could check for messages also.

I hope the threat of intruders is gone or if there is a real Coyote we catch him before total infiltration!

Good night sweet friends

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